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What is the difference between Division 1 and Division 3?
Division 1 plays at a higher level of competition than Division 3. Division 1 teams are made up of the top 15-16 players all in the same age group, and therefore are referred to as "age pure". Division 3 teams are formed of players in two age groups. For example, a U14 Division 3 team is made up of players in the U13 and U14 age groups. Division 3 teams will typically have a higher turnover rate year to year. While the goal for both Division 1 and Division 3 is to develop player's skills and abilities, the D. 3 program places extra emphasis on skill development, with the additional goal of advancing D. 3 players on to D. 1 teams at some point. The D. 3 teams serve as a player pool, from which players may be advanced to D. 1 as situations require. Many D. 1 and 3 teams play year round. The number of training sessions, league matches, tournaments and out of town trips varies from team to team but is roughly the same for D. 1 and D. 3 teams.

What does the NVSC fee cover?
The NVSC fee ($300) pays for tournament entry fees, referees (3 certified per game), District dues, trainers, training equipment, NVSC administration and the base NYSL fee requirement; Typically the NYSL fee pays for balls, fields and equipment, pictures, insurance and NYSL administration. . (Note: the NVSC Board of Directors is made up of volunteers who are not paid for their services)

Is there some other way to pay the fee? Some funding through BINGO is available. Teams working BINGO may choose to use their funds to scholarship individuals. How many tryouts do I need to attend?
Tryout attendance is mandatory. Please attend all posted tryouts for your age group. If you are unable to attend a tryout, please contact the Tryout Coordinator for your age group.

How and when will I be contacted following tryouts to find out what team I am on?
Each player will receive a telephone call from a Coach, Trainer or Age Group Coordinator. If you do not hear from someone by June 1st, please email the Div. 1 and Div. 3

Can I play for a team in a different age group?
The only justification for playing "up" (in an older age group) is talent and ability. If a player is no longer being challenged at their age group, then moving the player up an age group will provide the challenge the player needs to continue developing their skills.
This is to be determined by the NVSC Director of Coaching.

Team Formation

When do I find out if I made the team?
After your age group's last open tryout, you will be contacted to tell you whether you have made the Club player pool for you age group. Players who don't make the pool will be assigned to NYSL Division 4/Rec program.

What is the player pool?
The pool is a group of players in the same age range, who will be divided into 2 or more teams, with some players assigned to Class 1 and some to Class 3. When do I find out what team I'm on?

Usually there are extra "invitation only" tryouts sessions scheduled after the open tryouts to make sure the teams are being correctly formed. When that process is complete, you will get a phone call from a coach or coordinator with your team assignment.

If I don't make the player pool and am assigned to NYSL Class 4/Rec, does that mean I have no chance of playing on a Club team this season?
No. Sometimes players move away or decide not to play for the Club. In that case we go back and call up the next player on the list to complete the roster.

What if I have more questions?
Please contact us.

Player and Parent Commitment

The Napa Valley Soccer Club currently has two primary fundraising events. The Wine Country Classic Tournaments (one for Division 1, one for Division 3). These events help us to keep the annual fee down. We rely on your support to make these events a success. Your team must provide volunteers for the Wine Country Classic tournaments. Attending all practices, games, team meetings, team fundraising events and tournaments is vital to a successful season.