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National Semi-Pro Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
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National Semi-Pro Baseball Hall of Fame and Musem
Tim Turpin
4609 Saybrook Drive
Evansville, Indiana
  Semi-Pro Teams Past and Present  

Thursday, July 28
Class of 2014 National Semi-Pro Baseball Hall of Fame

2014 Hall of Fame Inductees  Click on the Link above to view all 2014 Inductees

Hank Aaron ...

Wednesday, January 29
Semi-Pro Yards Parks

Bosse-Field Built in 1915  Evansville, IN Home to the US Baseball Congress Semi-Pro World Series 1996 - 2003

Capaha Park  Cape Girardeau, MO  Home to the Cape Girardeau, MO Capahas since 1894

Derby City Field Louisville, KY  Home to the NABF World Series  1975 - 2011 

Lawrence Dumont Stadium  Home of the NBC World Series 

Highland Park CFD Stadium  Home to the Kokomo CFD Saints

Riverside Park  Dawson Springs, KY Home to the Trade Water Pirates 

Ruxer Field Jasper, IN  Home to the Jasper, IN Reds

Wednesday, November 4
Semi-Pro Teams past & present

Abilene, TX  Abilene Sports

Abington, MA Royals 

Acton, MA Merchants 

Ada, MN Athletics
Addison, IL Braves (Chicago Suburban Baseball League)
Adel, GA
Adrian, MN A's

Akron, OH Acme Ash

Akron, OH Airmatic Valve 

Akron, OH Akron Insulating 

Akron, OH Alex Redl Golf Shop

Akron, OH Army-Navy #273 

Akron, OH Atlantic Foundry

Akron, OH Azar Denholm Realty 

Akron, OH Bittinger Tire 

Akron, OH Black & Deckers 

Akron, OH Blatz Beer 

Akron, OH Bolin Oil 

Akron, OH Borden Autos

Akron, OH Boxbaum Salvage 

Akron, OH Browns Farm Teams

Akron, OH C & P Sales 

Akron, OH Canton Road Furniture

Akron, OH Clark Excavating

Akron, OH Custom Trophies 

Akron, OH Dairy Queen  

Akron, OH Diesel

Akron, OH Eaton Sports Pride

Akron, OH Erhart Kramer 

Akron, OH Evans A.C. 

Akron, OH Farber Clothes 

Akron, OH Dr. Ferguson

Akron, OH Farewell Billards 

Akron, OH Field Falcons

Akron, OH Flexi Grip

Akron, OH Gabby's Nine 

Akron, OH General Tire 

Akron, OH Goodrich  Local #5

Akron, OH Good Year Wingfoots

Akron, OH Gordon Drug Aces 

Akron, OH Guards

Akron, OH Hoover Department Store 

Akron, OH Howe Construction  

Akron, OH Jackrabbit Bus Lines

Akron, OH Jays 

Akron, OH Joes All Stars

Akron, OH John Brown's Windy Bar 

Akron, OH Killians Celtics

Akron, OH Koerber Beer 

Akron, OH Krispy Kreme 

Akron, OH Krumroy Markets 

Akron, OH Lakemoore Army - Navy 

Akron, OH Lakemoore Night Club 

Akron, OH Legends

Akron, OH Lustig Shoes

Akron, OH Mains Post VFW #1070

Akron, OH Majestic Radios 

Akron, OH Mayflower Hotel

Akron, OH Milton Service 

Akron, OH Moore Wrestlers

Akron, OH New Haven Cafe 

Akron, OH Nino's Lounge 

Akron, OH Norka Plating 

Akron, OH North Akron Merchants 

Akron, OH Oakwood Bar 

Akron, OH Ohio Box Board 

Akron, OH Old Dutch Beer

Akron, OH Paparella Construction 

Akron, OH Penn Drake Oil 

Akron, Pfeifle Undertakers 

Akron, OH Philco

Akron, OH Pioneers

Akron, OH Pirates 

Akron, OH POC Beer 

Akron, OH Police 

Akron, OH Politicians 

Akron, OH Pure Milk 

Akron, OH Rasnick Majestics 

Akron, OH Red Peppers Steak House 

Akron, OH Revenna Eagles

Akron, OH Royal Vagabonds 

Akron, OH Sacred Heart 

Akron, OH Schneider Red Hots 

Akron, OH Scott and Paige Billards 

Akron, OH Sieberling Tire

Akron, OH Semier Taveren 

Akron, OH Slovene Center 

Akron, OH Smiths Sheriffs

Akron, OH Snyder Lumber 


Akron , OH Souvenir Beer

Akron, OH Sporting Goods 

Akron, OH St. Hedwig 

Akron, OH St. Martha 

Akron, OH State Road Merchants

Akron, OH Stembridge AC 

Akron, OH Sterling Maibachs 

Akron, OH Talmedge Kramer Hardware

Akron, OH Three Steps Cafe 

Akron, OH Tigers 

Akron, OH  Tiny's Orphans

Akron, OH Tranmonte Black Labels

Akron, OH Triner Sports 

Akron, OH Union Foods 

Akron, OH Wadsworth A.C.

Akron, OH Wadsworth Merchants 

Akron, OH Wayne Knoll Farms 

Akron, OH Weather Seal 

Akron, OH West Cheverolet

Akron, OH Wooster Lines Coach 

Akron, OH Yankee Juniors 

Akron, OH Yellow Cabs

Akron, OH Zoff Heating 

Albany, NY Anaconda- Kaye

Albany, NY Apex Printing (Albany Twilight League)
Albany, NY Athletics (Albany Twilight League)

Albany, NY Beverwyck A.C.

Albany, NY Black Sox

Albany, NY Colonie A.C.

Albany, NY County Sheriffs

Albany, NY Davies A.C.

Albany, NY Durite Laundry

Albany, NY Elks

Albany, NY Finkle Jewelers (Albany Twilight League)

Albany, NY Grand Slam

Albany, NY Graves & Rodgers

Albany, NY Haymakers

Albany, NY Knights of Columbus

Albany, NY Kral's A.C.

Albany, NY Lefty's

Albany, NY McEnaneys

Albany, NY Mike's/Nebas (Albany Twilight League)

Albany, NY Mike's Subs

Albany, NY Modern Laundry

Albany, NY Neba's

Albany, NY New York Centrals

Albany, NY Oppenheim Auxillary

Albany, NY Oppenheim VFW Post

Albany, NY Packers

Albany, NY Ridgefields

Albany, NY Roxy's Cleaners (Albany Twilight League)

Albany, NY Schaeffer Brewers

Albany, NY Schuylers

Albany, NY Senators

Albany, NY Sons of Italy (Albany Twilight League)

Albany, NY Top Hats

Albany, NY Troy Haymakers

Albertsville, MN Villians
Albion, IL Braves (Southern Indiana Semi-Pro League)
Alexandria, MN Black Sox

Amenia, NY Monarchs 

Amsbury, MA Reds

Alpine, TX Cowboys
Anoka, MN Bucs
Aplus Plumbing / Pachel's Bakery Hamden, CT
Appleton, MN A's
Arlington, MN A's
Ashby, MN A's
Ashton Valley, PA (DELCO League)
Atlanta, GA Buckhead Tabor Pontiac
Atlanta, GA US Ordnance
Atlanta, GA Yankees
Atwater, CA Packers
Atwater, MN Chuckers
Aurora, IL Marcley Oilers (Chicago Suburban Baseball League)
Austin, MN Blue Sox
Austin, MN Grey Hounds
Austin, TX Gold Sox
Avon, MN Lakers
Baltimore, MD Bombers
Baltimore, MD Bobcats
Battle Creek, MI Benke Bud
Battle Creek, MI Clark's Equipment
Battle Creek, MI Clark Truck Tractors

Battle Creek, MI Ferarri's

Battle Creek, MI Stylists 

Battle Creek, MI Hall Drugs
Battle Creek, MI Kellogs
Battle Creek, MI Post
Beckley, WV Bash         
Beecher, IL Muskies (Chicago Suburban Baseball League)
Belle Plane, MN Tigers

Belleville, IL Collegians 

Bellingham, WA Bells
Bemidji,MN Blue OX
Benson, MN Chiefs

Bergan County League (NJ)   (1944 - 1966)

Allendale Legion 

Clinton Dodgers 

Edgewater A.C.

Emerson - Westwood Merchants

Garfield Benignos 

Glen Rock A.C.  

Hackensack Troast 

Harrington Park Legion

New Milford Carlsen's Roofers

Oradell Penner Agency 

Passaic Comets 

Paterson Phillies 

Patsy O'Shea's 

Bertha, MN Blazers
Bethalto, IL Eagles (Coal Belt League)

Bethleham, CT Plowboys 

Beverly, MA Recs

BF Sharp, NJ 

Bicknell, IN (Deer Trail League), (Lincoln Land League)
Bigler, PA Buccos (Federation League)
Big Lake, MN White Caps
Bird Island, MN Bull Frogs
Birdseye, IN (Deer Trail League)
Birmingham, AL Acipos
Birmingham, AL Budweiser
Birmingham, AL Jordan Park
Birmingham, AL Paper Company
Birmingham, AL Sloss by Products
Birmingham, AL Stockman Valve and Fitting Co.
Bismark, ND Corwin Churchill

Bistany, MA Bombers 

Blackwood, NJ Muffa Farm 

Blaine, MN Fushion
Bloomington, MN Bandits
Blue Earth, MN Pirates
Blue Island, IL Aviators
Blue Island, IL A's/ Jays
Blue Mountain League (PA) Allentown Orioles

Blue Mountain League (PA) Banko’s Orioles

Blue Mountain League (PA) Bath

Blue Mountain League (PA) Bethlehem Cardinals

Blue Mountain League (PA) Bethlehem Red Sox

Blue Mountain League (PA) Beth Leon Blue Jays

Blue Mountain League (PA) Bicentennial Stars

Blue Mountain League (PA) Catasauqua Black Sox

Blue Mountain League (PA) East Bangor

Blue Mountain League (PA) Hellertown Royals

Blue Mountain League (PA) Limeport Dodgers

Blue Mountain League (PA) Martin’s Creek Creekers

Blue Mountain League (PA) Nazareth

Blue Mountain League (PA) North Hampton Giants

Blue Mountain League (PA) Phillipsburg Reliance

Blue Mountain League (PA) Portland Apollos

Blue Mountain League (PA) Starters Orioles

Blue Mountain League (PA) Stroh’s Orioles

Blue Mountain League (PA) Tatmy Indians

Blue Mountain League (PA) Washington Bombers

Blue Mountain League (PA) West Bangor

Blue Mountain League (PA) Wind Gap

Bluffton, MN Braves
Boonsboro, MD Pirates (Blue Ridge Adult League)

Boston, MA Andre Chiefs (Inner City League)

Boston, MA Augustine's A's (Inner City League)

Boston, MA Hosmer Chiefs (Inner City League) 

Boston, MA Lexington Blue Sox 

Boston Park League (MA) ADSL

Boston Park League (MA) Agawam A.A.

Boston Park League (MA) AVI Nelson

Boston Park League (MA) Boston Elks

Boston Park League (MA) Carlson Club

Boston Park League (MA) Charlestown Hawks

Boston Park League (MA) Conley Club

Boston Park League (MA) Craven Club

Boston Park League (MA) Crownbumers

Boston Park League (MA) Dick Casey Club

Boston Park League (MA) Franklin Club

Boston Park League (MA) Grossman Marketing

Boston Park League (MA) Hal Crosby Club

Boston Park League (MA) Herb Connoly Club

Boston Park League (MA) Hines

Boston Park League (MA) Hyde Park Sports

Boston Park League (MA) Jordan Marsh

Boston Park League (MA) Kane Cheverolet

Boston Park League (MA) Kelley Club

Boston Park League (MA) Larkin Club

Boston Park League (MA) Mahoney Club

Boston Park League (MA) Mass. Envelope

Boston Park League (MA) Navy Yard AA

Boston Park League (MA) Padres

Boston Park League (MA) Palmer Club

Boston Park League (MA) Roslindale Town Team

Boston Park League (MA) Roslindale Wolfs

Boston Park League (MA) Serra Club

Boston Park League (MA) Stockyard

Boston Park League (MA) St. Augustine’s

Boston Park League (MA) St. Paul’s

Boston Park League (MA) St. Thomas J.P.

Boston Park League (MA) Supreme Saints

Boston Park League (MA) Triple D’s

Boston Park League (MA) Towne Club

Boston Park League (MA) Veteran’s Administation

Boston Park League (MA) Woolf Club

Branchville, IN Job Corp (Lincoln Land League)

Braintree, MA White Sox

Brandon / Evansville, MN Blue Dogs
Branson, MO Sluggers
Brazil, IN Eagles
Breckenridge, MN Dalers
Bridgeport, CT Bellows

Brighton, MA BLack Sox 

Brimfield, OH 

Bristol, CT Greeners

Bristol, CT Merchants

Bristol, PA Windsor Pharmacy

Brockton, MA Citgo 

Brooklyn, NY Bonnies (Westchester Baseball Association)
Brooklyn, IL Ronnies (Coal Belt League)
Brookville, PA Grays (Federation League)

Bronx, NY Cavaliers

Brownton, MN Bruins
Brunswick, MD Orioles (Blue Ridge Adult League)
Buckman, MN Billy Goats
Buffalo, MN Bull Dogs
Buffalo, NY Aircraft
Buffalo, NY Cardinals
Buffalo, NY Eldredge Club
Buffalo, NY Leibs (MUNY LEAGUE)
Buffalo, NY Murray's Diesel (MUNY League)
Buffalo, NY Orchard Park Sox (MUNY League)
Buffalo, NY Simon Pures
Buffalo, NY Sloan Bruins (MUNY League)
Buffalo, NY Voyaeurs
Buffalo, NY West Herr
Buford, GA Bona Allens
Burbank, CA Lock Heads

Burlington, CT Hunters

Burlington County  League (NJ)  1898 to 1951

 Burlington County  League  (NJ)  Beverly A.A.   

 Burlington County  League (NJ)  Bordentown Shamrocks

 Burlington County  League  (NJ) Burlington A.A. 

 Burlington County  League  (NJ)  Chesterfield

 Burlington County  League (NJ)  Delanco A. A.

 Burlington County  League (NJ)  Florence R. D. Wood 

 Burlington County  League (NJ)  Maple Shade Acres

Burlington County  League  (NJ) Medford Olympics 

 Burlington County  League (NJ) Mount Holly 

 Burlington County League  (NJ)  Pal River 

 Burlington County  League (NJ) Pemberton Huskers

 Burlington County League (NJ)  Riverside A.A.

Burlington County League (NJ) Riverside A.C.

Burlington County  League (NJ) Riverside Field Club

Burlington County League (NJ) Roebling A.A.

Burnsville, MN Bobcats
Buyomene, Puerto Rico Vacarros
Byron, CT Athletic Club
Camp Attebury, IN
Camp Campbell, KY

Camp Kilmer, NJ Eagles 

Camp Lee, VA Travelers
Camp Lejeune, NC Marines
Camp Livingston, LA
Camp McCoy, WI
Camp Wheeler, GA Spokes
Canby, MN Knights
Cannelton, IN Merchants 1961 - 1966
Cannon Falls, MN Bears

Canton, CT Crushers

Canton, MA Cubs 

Canton, OH Abbott Electric (Canton Class A League)

Canton, OH North Canton Hoover 

Canton, OH Pizza Oven (Canton Class A League)
Canton, OH Stallions             1988 - Present
Cape Girardeau, MO Capahas 1894 - present
Carbondale, IL Monons
Carlisle, PA Indians (West Shore Twilight League)
Carlisle, PA Knights (West Short Twilight League)
Carlos, MN Cougars
Carmichael, CA Fireman
Carroll, MD Blue Sox
Carroll, MD Spartans

Carrolton, OH

Carver, MN Black Sox
Casa Grande, AZ Apcos
Casa Grande, AZ Cotten Kings
Cass Lake, MN Reds

Cecil County, MD Braves

Celestine, IN Saints
Central Penn Orioles (West Shore Twilight League)
Chambersburg, PA Maroons (West Shore Twilight League)
Champlin, MN Logators
Chanhaussen, MN Red Birds
Channute, KS Merchants
Charleston, MO River Dawgs
Chaska, MN Cubs
Chaska, MN Hitdawg

Cheltonham, PA 
Cherokee, OK Chiefs
Cheser, PA (DELCO League)
Chicago, IL AHEPA
Chicago, IL Butler Brothers
Chicago, IL Clippers
Chicago, IL Clout (Sky Scraper League)
Chicago, IL Devils (Sky Scraper League)
Chicago, IL Expos
Chicago, IL Gunthers
Chicago, IL Hornets
Chicago, IL National Electric Chiefs
Chicago, IL Prairie Gravel (Chicago Suburban Baseball League)
Chicago, IL Logan Squares
Chicago, IL Palmer House
Chicago, IL Puerto Rican Congress
Chicago, IL West End
Chicago, IL Wildcats (Chicago Suburban Baseball League)
Chicago, IL Yaqis
Chicago Heights, IL Clippers
Chisago Lakes, MN Bulldogs
Chittenden, VT Expos
Chokio, MN Coyotes
Cincinnati, OH Blue Note Stogies (Cincinnati Recreation Commission)
Cincinnati, OH Cheviot (Cincinnati Recreation Commission)
Cincinnati, OH Chiefs (Cincinnati Recreation Commission)
Cincinnati, OH CoBalts (Cincinnati Recreation Commission)

Cincinnati, OH Cobras 

Cincinnati, OH Comellos
Cincinnati, OH Coors
Cincinnati, OH Crist Church
Cincinnati, OH Ehrmatrouts
Cincinnati, OH Glendales
Cincinnati, OH Hill Toppers (Cincinnati Recreation Commission)
Cincinnati, OH Lakers
Cincinnati, OH Midland Scouts
Cincinnati, OH Montgomery Inn (Cincinnati Recreation Commission)
Cincinnati, OH New Era's

Cincinnati, OH Orioles

Cincinnati, OH Pleasant Ridge

Cincinnat, OH Pirates 

Cincinnati, OH Redding Taxi (Cincinnati Recreation Commission)
Cincinnati, OH Siedler Tailors
Cincinnati, OH Waits Realty

Cinnaminson, NJ Cardon Auto Parts 

Cinnaminson, NJ Liquors 

Cinnaminson, NJ  Midwest Emery 

Chrisney, IN (Lincoln Land League) 1958 -59
Clear Lake, MN Lakers
Clarkstown, NY Tigers (Westchester Baseball Association)
Cleveland, MN Condors
Cleveland, MN Spiders
Cleveland, OH Bartunic Clothes
Cleveland, OH Bauer Meats
Cleveland, OH Black Wolves
Cleveland, OH Collingwood Shale Brick
Cleveland, OH Favorite Knits
Cleveland, OH Ferry Cap and Screw
Cleveland, OH Fisher Foods
Cleveland, OH Kiesch 12th Ward
Cleveland, OH Mosquitoes
Cleveland, OH Nature Stone Bulls
Cleveland, OH Roseblumes
Cleveland, OH Schroeders
Cleveland, OH Slade Decorating
Cleveland, OH Spartans
Cleveland, OH Telling Strollers
Cleveland, OH White Auto
Clifton, NJ Canes

Clifton, NJ Curtiss-Wright Corporation 

Clinton, MA 76ers 

Clinton, MN Cards
Cobb County, GA Reds
Cokato, MN Kings
Cold Spring, MN Rockies
Cold Spring, MN Springers
Cold Water, MI Deans Family Farm Realty

Cold Water, MI  Max Larsen Ford

College Station, TX Cardinals
Cologne, MN Hollanders
Colorado Sox
Columbia, TN Curve
Columbia, TN Maulers
Columbus, OH State Hospital
Continental Diamond, MN Diamond Cutters
Coon Ripids, MN Red Birds
Corrinth, MS Cobras
Covington, VA Premiers
Crawfordsville, IN Eagles
Crestwood, IL Panthers (Chicago Suburban Baseball League)
Crookston, MN Reds

Culver City, CA  

Cumberland, PA Dodgers (West Shore Twilight League)
Cumberland Valley, PA (West Shore Twilight League)

Cuyahoga Falls, OH Majestics

Cuyahoga Falls, OH Moose

Cuyuna, MN Range Miners
Dallas, TX Aubie A's (Dallas Amateur Baseball Association)
Dallas, TX CiCi Royals (Dallas Amateur Baseball Association)
Dallas, TX Phillies
Dallas, TX Sharps Hardware (Dallas Amateur Baseball Association)
Dallas, TX Sox
Dassel-Cokato, MN Saints
Dawson, MN Drakes
Dayton, OH ACME Pattern Tool
Dayton, OH Bailey Realty
Dayton, OH Blatz
Dayton, OH Bobbles
Dayton, OH Cassis Packing
Dayton, OH Delco Products
Dayton, OH Dodgers
Dayton, OH Frigidares
Dayton, OH Jolt Cola
Dayton, OH HH Morgan
Dayton, OH Parkmoor
Dayton, OH Shoyers
Dayton, OH Wood Peckers
Demopolis, AL Braves
Dearborn, MI Advanced Dry Wall
Dearborn, MI Fords
Dearborn, MI Scenic Garden
Delano, MN Athletics
Denning, WA Loggers
Dent, MN Wildcats
Denver, CO Bears
Denver, CO Browns
Denver, CO Lighthouse
Denver, CO Raiders
Derby, KS Twins
Derby, IN (Lincoln Land League) 1955 - 57
Des Moines, IA Demons
Des Plains, IL Chiefs
Detroit Lakes, MN Angels
Detroit, MI Ales Lagar
Detroit, MI Alytaus
Detroit, MI Andrews Motors
Detroit, MI Auto Club
Detroit, MI Checker Cab
Detroit, MI Coca Cola
Detroit, MI Dossios Pepsi
Detroit, MI Farmer Jacks Markets
Detroit, MI Grand Trunk RR
Detroit, MI Heintz Men's Wear
Detroit, MI ITM
Detroit, MI Jet Box 1969 to Present
Detroit, MI John H. Ivory Co.
Detroit, MI Kennedy Clothes
Detroit, MI Larcos
Detroit, MI Metro Tigers
Detroit, MI Pepsi Botteling
Detroit, MI Risdon Creamery
Detroit, MI Stan Long Pontiac         
Dexter, IN Ramblers (Lincoln Land League) 1955 - 57
Dillsburg, PA Wolfpack (West Shore Twilight League)
Ditney Hills, IN Miners
Dodge City, KS Athletics
Drain, OR Black Sox
DuBois, IN Grays/Alumni's (Deer Trail League)
Dubois/ Haysville, IN (Lincoln Land League)
Dubouis, PA Rockets (Federation League)
Duluth, MN Dukes
Duluth, MN Xpress
Dumont, MN Saints
Duncan, OK Cementers
Duncan, OK Haliburtons
Dundas, MN Dukes
Du Quoin, IL Tribe
Durant, OK Bryco Construction
Eagan, MN Bandits
Earl C. Clemments Job Corp (Morganfield, KY)
East Bethel, MN Bandits

East Bridgewater, MA Royals

East Chicago, IN Hit Man
East Chicago, IN Sheet & Tube
East Grand Forks, MN Heaters

East Hartford, CT Merchants

East Orange, NJ Soverels 

East St. Louis, IL Colt 45's
Easton, MA Huskies
Eau Claire, WI Cavaliers
Eden Valley, MN Hawks
Edina, MN ESOX
Edmond, OK Jetta Mudcats
Eldorado, KS Coors
Eldorado, KS Oilers
Elgin, IL Athletics
Elkin, NC Chatham Blanketeers
Elk City, OK Oaks
Elk River, MN Pioneers
Elko, MN Express
Elrosa, MN Saints

Elyrain, OH Mustangs

EmbroidMe, MN Blue's

Emerson-Westwood, NJ Merchants

Enid, OK Cardinals
Enid, OK Champlins
Enid, OK Eason Oilers
Enid, OK Enidairs
Enola, PA Express (West Shore Twilight League)

Essex County / Newark New Jersey League

Essex County, NJ Caldwell Generals

Essex County, NJ Verona Twins

Essex County, NJ Bloomfield

Essex County, NJ Montclair

Essex County, NJ South Orange Giants

Essex County, NJ Kearny Kards

Essex County, NJ Maplewood Maples

Essex County, NJ Harrison Blue Tide

Essex County, NJ Nutley Colonels

Essex County, NJ East Orange Browns

Essex County, NJ East Orange Soverels

Essex County, NJ Belleville Orioles

Essex County, NJ Caldwell Generals

Essex County, NJ West Orange Athletics

Essex County, NJ South Orange Colts

Essex County, NJ Belleville Bruins

Essex County, NJ Union Rockets

Essex County, NJ Irvington A’s

Essex County, NJ Parsippany Tomahawks

Essex County, NJ Livingston Eagles

Essex County, NJ Crescent Yankees

Essex County, NJ South Orange Orioles

Essex County, NJ Kenilworth Cubs

Essig, MN Bluejays
Etna Spring, PA Chalfonts
Eureka, CA Humboldt Crabs
Evansville, IN All Stars
Evansville, IN Mud Cats            1991
Evansville, IN Outlaws             1990 - 2007
Evansville, IN Sealbacks
Evansville, IN Sunbeam Bakers ( I-K & Double I League)
Evansville, IN Tigers

Ewing Township, NJ 

Fairfax, AL Martex Towells
Fairfax, MN Cardinals
Fairfield, CT Sounders
Fairmont, MN Martins
Faribault, MN Lakers
Farming, MN Flames
Fayetteville, AR Merchants
Fayetteville, PA AA's (West Shore Twilight League)
Ferdinand, IN Cardinals (Southern Indiana Semi-Pro League)
Ferdinand, IN Pirates
Fergus Falls, MN Hurricanes
Fertile, MN Bees
Flensburg, MN Falcons
Flint, MI Bishop Contractors
Flint, MI Goggins Gold
Flint, MI Halo/ Foutch   
Flint, MI Kelly Homes   
Flint, MI Pfeiffers Beer      
Flint, MI Sausage
Foley, MN Lumberjacks

Forest City, OH

Forest Lake, MN Brewers
Fort Ripley, MN Rebels

Framingham, MA A's

Frazee, MN Flames
Frederick, MD Flying Dogs
Freeport, MN Black Sox
Ft. Campbell, KY Angels

Ft. Custer, MI  

Ft. Dix, NJ All Stars 

Ft. Dodge, IA Merchants
Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. Hill Toppers
Ft. Meyer, VA Military, Colonials
Ft. Ord, CA Warriors
Ft. Wayne, IN Allen Diary
Ft. Wayne, IN Capeharts
Ft. Wayne, IN Crumback/ Symonds
Ft. Wayne, IN Dairymen
Ft. Wayne, IN GE Club
Ft. Wayne, IN Jackers
Ft. Wayne, IN La Margarita
Ft. Wayne, IN Mc Comb Construction
Ft. Wayne, IN Shady Nook
Ft. Wayne, IN Vans
Ft. Worth, TX Jays
Garyville, LA Giants
Gaylord, MN Islanders
Gentryville, IN Pirates (Lincoln Land League) 1958 - 75
Germantown, TN Brewers
Gibbon, MN Reds

Glassboro, NJ Ciconte'S Pizza 

Glencoe, MN Brewers

Glenridge, NJ AC

Glenridge, NJ Tydols
Glenview, IL Woodchucks
Glenville, GA
Glen Burne, MD
Golden, CO Coors
Goodland, KS Tigers
Grandview, IN Greyhounds (Lincoln Land League) 1955 - 63
Grand Rapids, MI Little Ceasars
Grand Rapids, MI Slag Boom and Die Stamping
Grand Rapids, MI Sullivans
Grand Rapids, MN Indians
Granite Falls, MN Kilowatts
Graysville, AL Dixie Sporting Goods
Green Bay, WI Billies
Green Isle,MN Irish
Greensboro,NC Ord-Hawks
Greensboro,NC Raineys
Greensboro,NC Tech Hawks
Greenville,TN Magnavox
Greenwald, MN Cubs
Hackensack, NJ Troast / Ridgefield Park, NJ Orioles
Hadley, MN Buttermakers
Hagerstown, MD Braves
Halstead, KS Cowboys
Hamburg, MN Hawks
Hamel, MN Hawks
Hampton, MN Cardinals
Hancock, MN Orphans
Hanska, MN Lakers
Harlan, KY Legionaires
Harrisburg, IL Jim's Country Fresh Meats

Hartford, CT Moriarty, Newman , Foss Insurance

Hartford, CT  Society, Peoples United

Hartselle, AL Expos
Hastings, MN Hawks
Hattiesburg, MS Black Sox
Hayfield, MN Heat
Haysville, IN Cubs
Henderson, KY Generals
Henderson, MN Tigers
Henning, MN Giants
Heron Lake, MN Lakers
Hibbing, MN Miners
Highland Park, MN
Hinckley, MN Knights
Holden, MO Chiefs
Holdingford, MN Express
Holland, IN Dutchmen (Deer Trail League) (Lincoln Land League)
Holland, MI Polynesian Pools
Hollandale, MS Hahn Hi-Boys
Hollandale, MS Master Mowers
Hollywood, CA Painters
Homewood, IL Aurelios
Honolulu, HI Islanders
Hopkins, MN Berries
Houston, TX Apollos
Houston, TX Fed Mart
Houston, TX Grand Prize
Houston, TX Mechanics Laundry Supply Co.
Houston, TX NW Wildcats
Houma, LA Southland Dodge Hogs
Howard Lake, MN Orphans

Hunterdon County League (NJ)  (1945 - 1961)

Asbury Cubs

Dills Corner Red Sox

Lambertville Indians

Neshanic Indians 

New Hope Eagles 

Whitehouse A.A.  

Huntersville, MN HorseFlies
Huntington, WV Bobby's Bar & Grill
Huntington, WV Dan's Sports
Huntingburg, IN Babies
Huntingburg, IN Merchants (Lincoln Land League) 1968 - 72
Huntsville, AL Packers
Hutchinson, MN Huskies
Indiana Indians / Munster, IN
Indianapolis, IN Giants

Indianapolis, IN Keystone Athletic Club

Indianapolis, IN Mallory
Indianapolis, IN Mavericks
Indianapolis, IN Reds
Indianapolis, IN Stallions
Ireland, IN Cubs (Deer Trail League)
Ireland, IN Merchants (Deer Trail League) (Lincoln Land League)
Isanti, MN Redbirds
Jackson, MN Bulls
Jackson, MS Braves
Jackson, MS Greys
Jackson, MS Superior Bolt
Jacksonville, FL Carpenters
Jacksonville, FL Terminals
Jasper, IN Blues
Jasper, IN Reds                   1893 - Present
Jasper, TX Steers

Jersey City, NJ  A.J. Wilsons

Jersey Shore, NJ  

Johnstown, PA Moose Club
Johnstown, PA Roxbury Club
Jones Coutny, GA Red Sox
Jordan, MN Brewers
Kalamazoo, MI Sutherland Paper Co.
Kankakee, IL Chiefs
Kankakee IL Angels
Kasson, MN Coyotes
Kato, MN Cubs
Kearns, UT Eagles
Kensington, MN Norsemen

Kent, OH Twin Coach

Kentucky Lumber Kings
Kimball, MN Express

Kingston, NH Night Owls

Kokomo, IN CFD Saints
Kokomo, IN Highlanders
Knoxville, TN Tribe

Kurtz, NJ All Stars

Lafayette, IN Red Sox
LaGrange, GA Callaway Mills
Lake City, MN Serpents
Lake County, OH Knights
Lake Crystal, MN Nine
Lake Henry, MN Lakers
Lakefield, MN Horn Frogs
Lakeville, MN Athletics
Lakewood, OH Barry Buick
Lamar, IN (Lincoln Land League) 1955 - 60
Lamberton, MN Long Sox
Lancaster, SC Red Robes
Laport, IN A's
Lastrop, MN Lakers

Lawrencevile, IL Havolines

Lebanon, IN Merchants
Lenoir, NC Chiefs
Le Sueur, MN Braves
Leavenworth, MN Orioles
Leech Lake, MN Walleyes
Levittown, NY
Levittown, PA Windsor Pharmacy
Lexington, IL Snipes
Lincoln, NE Wings
Linden, NJ Athletic Association
Lisban Falls, MA Wormmbo Mills Indians
Litchfield, MN Blues
Lockbourne, OH
Lockport, NY Fibres
Lombard, IL Orioles
Long Island, NY Brewers (Long Island Stan Musial League)
Long Island, NY Storm    (Long Island Stan Musial League)
Long Praire, MN Predators
Longsdale, MN Aces
Loogootee, IN
Lorain, OH National Tube

Lorain, OH Wolf Dry Goods

Loretto, MN Larks
Los Alamitos, CA Air Raiders
Los Angelas, CA Charter Oaks
Loudin, VA Rangers
Louisville, KY Angels (Derby City League)
Louisville, KY Diamonds (Derby City League)
Louisville, KY FOP
Louisville, KY Knights of Columbus
Louisville, KY River Rats (Derby City League)
Louisville, KY Stallions (Double I League, Derby City League)
Louisville, KY Star Dry Wall (Derby City League)
Loysville, PA Black Bears (West Shore Twilight League)
Lubbock, TX Hubbers

Lunenburg, MA Phillies  

Lutcher, LA Cardinals
Luttle Chute, WI Badgers
Luverne, MN Redbirds
Luxemburg, MN Brewers
Lynchburg, VA Craddock- Terry

Lynn, MA   A's ,Players, Brick Yard Legends 

Lyon's Pub, MN Warriors
Madison, MN Mallards
Madison, WI Anchor Savings and Loan
Madison, WI A's
Madison, WI Shoe Box
Maitland, FL Braves

Manistee, MI Saints

Manchester, MA Marlins 

Mankato, MN Mets
Manteeno / Beecher, IL Muskies
Maple Lake, MN Lakers
Maple Park, IL A's
Maple Plain, MN Diamond Devils

Marblehead, MA Yachtsmen

Mariah Hill, IN Yankees (Deer Trail League) (Lincoln Land League)
Marshall, MN A's
Martin County, MN Foxes
Martinsburg, VA Blue Sox

Massiolon, OH Agathons

Mayer, MN Blazers
Mc Clean, IL Baseball Club
Mechanicsburg, PA Cardinals
Meire Grove, MN Grovers
Memphis, TN Blues
Memphis, TN 4th Ferris Group
Memphis, TN Kittle Pontiac
Memphis, TN Motesi Super Market
Memphis, TN Red Birds
Memphis, TN Royals                   1985 - 2012

Meridian, CT Merchants

Mesa, AZ Athletics

Metropolitan  League (NJ)    1967 -  1999

Bergenfield Mets 

Bergenfield On Decks 

Bergenfield Teamsters 

Clinton Phillies 

Emerson - Westwood Merchants 

Fairlawn Merchants 

Hackensack Troast 

Lyndhurst Teamsters

Moonachie Braves 

Ridgefield Park Orioles 

Saddlebrook Colonials 

Teaneck Merchants 

Wayne Athletics 

Metro, MN Knights
Metro, MN Merchants

Miamisburgh, OH

Michigan Area Braves 

Middlesboro, KY 

Middletown, PA DELCO
Midlothian, IL White Sox
Mid Missouri Crawdads
Midway, MN Snurdbirds
Mid West City, OK Cardinals
Meisville, MN Mudhens
Milford, CT Hunters
Mill Basin, NY Mariners (Westchester Baseball Association)
Millerville, MN Millers
Milroy, MN Irish
Milstadt, IL VFW (MontClaire League)
Milwaukee, WI Angels
Milwaukee, WI Falks
Milwaukee, WI Heils
Milwaukee, WI Raatz
Minneapolis, MN Angles
Minneapolis, MN Blue Sox
Minneapolis, MN Cobras
Minneapolis, MN Duffs      
Minneapolis, MN Lakers
Minneapolis, MN Patriots
Minneapolis, MN River Rats
Minnesota Mud Hens
Minnesota Lake Royals
Minnetonka, MN Millers
Montevideo, MN Spartans
Montgomery, MN Mallards
Monticello, MN Polecats
Montrose-Waverly, MN Stingers
Moorhead, MN Brewers
Moorhead, MN Bulldogs
Moorhead, MN Expos
Moorhead, MN Mets
Mora, MN Blue Devils
Morris, MN Eagles
Morristown, MN Morries
Mound, MN Mallards
Mountain Lake, MN Lakers
Mt. Carmel, IL Indians      
Mt. Carmel, IL Miners (Southern IN Semi-Pro League) (Double I League)

Mt. Greenwood, IL Brewers 

Mt. Holly, PA Brewers (West Shore Twilight League)
Mt. Pleasant, TX Cubs
Mt. Vernon, NY Hawks (Westchester Baseball Association)
Mt. Vernon, WA Milkmaids
Muscatine, IA Red Sox
Narberth, PA (DELCO League)
Nashville, TN Blazers
Nashville, TN Twitty City Stixx
Nassau, BA Islanders
Natrona, PA Dunn-Bart

Naugutuck, CT Dogs

Newburyport, MA Nationals

Newington, CT Capitols 

Newville, PA Cardinals (West Shore Twilight League)

New Brunswick, NJ Meiroca Sporting Goods 

New Brunswick, NJ Schwartz AA

New Brunswick, NJ Wood Brook Farms

New Cumberland, PA (West Shore Twilight League)
New Holstein, WI Athletic Club

New Jersey State Prison Officers 

New London, CT Diesels
New Orleans, LA Athletics
New Orleans, LA Supplymen
New Rochelle, NY Robins (Westchester Baseball Association)
New York, NY Carolina Stars
New York, NY Equitable Life
New York, NY Latin Flavor (Westchester Baseball Association)
New York, NY Monarchs
New York, NY Titans (Westchester Baseball Association)

North Philadelphia, PA  Travelers 

North Platte, NE Plainsmen
NW Indiana Patriots (Schearville, IN)
Northrup, CA Bombers
Norman, OK Jaycees
Norristown, PA A's
Northbrook, IL

North Jersey Majors Met League (2000 - 2011)

Bergen Cardinals

Bloomfield Twins

Creekskill Cardinals

Hackensack Troast

Moonachie Braves

Ridgefield Park Orioles

North Pittsburgh, PA Baseball Club

Norton, MA Knights 

Novato, CA Knicks

North Reading, MA A's 

North Shore, MA Phillies

North Shore, MA Storm 

Oak Forest, IL Shooters (Chicago Suburban Baseball League)
Oakland City, IN (Deer Trail League)
Oakland City, IN Shockers
Ocala, FL Athletics
Ocala, FL Oranges
Oden, IN White Sox
Ogala, NE Indians
Omaha, NE Thomases

Orange, NJ Triangles

Orlando, FL Braves
Orlando, FL AAF
Orlando, FL Storm
Oswego, IL Cats ( Chicago Suburban Baseball League)
Otwell, IN Merchants
Oviedo, FL Juice
Owensboro, KY Blues
Owensboro, KY Giants
Owensboro, KY River Rats (Double I League)
Paducah, KY Chiefs (Coal Belt League)
Palm Beach, FL Bulldogs

Parsippany, NJ Tomahawks

Paterson, NJ Phillies 

Paterson, NJ Uncle Sams Blue Jays

Paterson, NJ Wright Aeronautical Corporation 

Payette, Idaho 

Paynesville, MN Pirates
Pea Ridge, NC Eagles

Peabody, MA Whips, Elks, Champions  

Pearl Lake, MN Lakers
Pelham, NY Mets (Westchester Baseball Association)
Pelican, MN Rapids

PEN DEL League (PA) Cayuga A.A.

PEN DEL League (PA) Crispin

PEN DEL League (PA) Franford Tigers

PEN DEL League (PA) Glenside Hawks

PEN DEL League (PA) Jenkintown


PEN DEL League (PA) Magnolia

PEN DEL League (PA) Narberth

PEN DEL League (PA) Rachuba

PEN DEL League (PA) R J M Bucks

PEN DEL League (PA) Roxborough Pole Cats

PEN DEL League (PA) Suburban Stars

PEN DEL League (PA) Upper Moreland A’s

PEN DEL League (PA) Upper Moreland Brewers

PEN DEL League (PA) Whelan Radio

Pensacola, FL Reds
Perham, MN Pirates

Peoria, IL Caterpiller Tractors (PSML) Peoria Sunday Morning League
Perdue, MD Chicks
Perry County, IN (Lincoln Land League) 1972 - 74
Perry County, IN Pirates (Southern Indiana Semi-Pro League)

Perth-Amboy, NJ Johnny Kovacs Association 

Petersburg, IN Merchants (Deer Trail League)
Petrolla, PA Petrolla Oils
PHD, MN Mudhens

Pheonix, AZ International Life Insurance
Pheonix, AZ Stewart Motors
Pheonix, AZ Thunderbirds

Philadelphia, PA Belfield A.C.

Philadelphia, PA Lawncrest 

Philadelphia, PA Stars

Philadelphia, PA Suburban Stars 

Pier, MN Bulldogs

Pine Bluff, AR Braves
Pine Island, MN Pioneers

Pipesstone, MN A's

Pittsburgh, PA Crafton-Ingram
Pittsburgh, PA Immaculant Heart
Pittsburgh, PA Lawrenceville Tigers
Pittsburgh, PA St. John's Lefty's
Pittsburgh, PA Wilkinsburg

Pittsgrove, NJ Tri-State Titans 

Plainfield, IN Patriots
Plainview-Elgin-Millville, MN Bucks (PEM BUCKS)

Plato, MN Bluejays

Plymouth, MA Town Team 

Ponchatoula, LA Athletics

Pontiac, MI Cardinals

Pontiac, MI Coaches Corner

Pontiac, MI Cubs
Pontiac, MI GMC Truck Division

Pontiac, MI Gale

Pontiac, MI Lynch 

Pontiac, MI Parkers

Pontiac, MI Raiders

Pontiac, MI Richtor Rosin Orioles 

Pontiac, MI Southern Motors

Portersville, IN Reds
Portland, IN Rockets
Portland, OR Archer Blowes
Portland, OR Boilermakers
Portland, OR Premier Gears
Portland, OR Gilbert Furniture
Princess Anne, MD (East Shore Baseball League)
Prior Lake, MN Jays

Prior Lake, MN Mudcats

Providence, RI Fire Safes
Pueblo, CO Chieftins
Quad City, IA 76ers
Quantico, VA Marines
Quamba, MN Cubs

Qunicy, MA Sheriffs 

Raliegh, NC Blood Donors

Rancocas Valley League (NJ / PA)  Bordentown Koeing Oilers

Rancocas Valley League (N/PA)  


Rancocas Valley League (NJ / PA)  Pemberton Huskers

 Rancocas Valley League (NJ / PA)  Riverside Bombers

 Rancocas Valley League (NJ / PA)  Trenton  Elco Foods

 Rancocas Valley League (NJ / PA)  Vincetown Merchants

 Rancocas Valley League (NJ / PA)  Vorhees Dunhill

Randolph, MN Cubs

Randolph, MN Railcats

Rapid City, SD Macy's Diesels 

Raymond, MN Rockets 


Reading, MA Braves 

Red Bank, NJ Tire 

Red Eye, MN Country Boys

Red Oak, IA Red Sox
Red Wing, MN Aces
Redwood Falls, MN Redbirds

Regal, MN Eagles

Richmond, MN Royals

Rising Sun, MD 

Riverton, IL Athletic Club
Roanoke Rapids, NC Owls
Rochester, IL Red Wings
Rochester, MN Roadrunners

Rochester, MN Royals

Rockford, MN River Bandits

Rockingham County (VA) League Bridgewater

Rockingham County (VA) League Briery Branch

Rockingham County (VA) League Broadway

Rockingham County (VA) League Clover Hill

Rockingham County (VA) League Clover Hill Bucks

Rockingham County (VA) League Dayton

Rockingham County (VA) League Elkton Blue Sox

Rockingham County (VA) League Fishersville

Rockingham County (VA) League Grottoes

Rockingham County (VA) League Harrison

Rockingham County (VA) League Kreezletown

Rockingham County (VA) League Linville

Rockingham County (VA) League Montazuma Braves

Rockingham County (VA) League Mount Crawford

Rockingham County (VA) League Ottobine

Rockingham County (VA) League Spring Creek

Rockingham County (VA) League Twin County

Rockingham County (VA) League Waynesboro

Rockingham County (VA) League Weyers Cave

Rockland, MA A.C. 

Rockland, MA Cardinals

Rockland, MA Royals 

Rockport, IN Bandits
Rockport, IN Fair Team
Rockport, IN Hoosiers
Rockport, IN Jaycees (Lincoln Land League)
Rockport, IN Kiwanis (I-K League)
Rockport, IN Merchants
Rock City, NC Red Sox
Rogers, MN Red Devils

Roscoe, MN Rangers

Roseau, MN Royals Rosen, MN Express

Rosetown, MN A's

Rossiter, PA Miners (Federation League)
Royal Oak, MI Al Rogers
Royalton, MN River Dogs

Rum River, MN Bandits

Sacramento, CA Cardinals
Sacred Heart, MN Saints

Salem, MA Witches

Salem County, NJ All Stars 

Saline County, IL Monarchs
San Antonio, TX Garza
Sanford, NC Spinners
Santa Maria, CA Indians
San Diego, CA Barona Stars
San Diego, CA Marines
San Diego, CA Navy Sky Raiders
San Diego, CA Waves
San Francisco, CA Seals
San Fernando, CA Dodgers
San Luis Obispo, CA Blues
Sartell, MN Muskies

Sartell, MN Stone Poneys

Sauk Centre, MN Titans

Sauk Rapids, MN Cyclones

Sauk Rapids, MN Jimmy's

Savage, MN Outlaws

Schnellville, IN Tigers
Scobey, MT Plainsmen
Searles, MN Grizzlies

Seattle, Tacoma, WA Studs
Sebeka, MN Stingers

Seguin, TX SMI Steelers
Shakopee, MN Coyotes

Shakopee, MN Indians

Sharpsburg, OH Speed
Sherman Field, KS Flyers
Shippensburg, PA Stars (West Shore Twilight League)
Shoals, IN Gypsums

Shrewsbury, MA Dirt Dogs

Sinton, TX Plymouth Oilers
Silverton, OR Lumbermen
Silverton, OR Red Sox
Slater, SC 96
Sleepy Eye, MN Indians

Smart Sets, South Carolina 

Smithfield, NC Leafs
Sobieski, MN Skis

Somerville, MA Alibrandi's

South Amboy, NJ AA

South Amboy, NJ Briggs Cheverolet
South Bend, IN AC's
South Bend, IN Indians
South Bend, IN Senators

South Central, MA Express 

Southern Indiana Cardinals (Double I League)
Sparta, IL
Springdale, PA
Springfield, MA Westinghouse
Springfield, MN Tigers

Springfield, MO Generals
Springfield, OH Giants
Springfield, OH Pabst Royals
Springfield, OH Post Printing
Springfield, OH Reco Pabst
Spring Hill, MN Chargers

St. Anthonys, MN Hogs

St. Augusta, MN Gussies

St. Benedict, MN Saints

St. Boniventure, MN Saints

St. Cloud, MN Saints
St. Croix, IN Saints (Lincoln Land League) 1962 - 68
St. Francis, MN Saints

St. Henry, IN Indians (Deer Trail League) (Lincoln Land League)
St. James, MN A's

St. Joseph,MI Aucos
St. Joseph, MN Joes

St. Louis, MO. Golden Spikes
St. Louis, MO Naturals
St. Louis, MO O'B Clarks
St. Louis, MO Pointers
St. Louis, MO Printers
St. Louis, MO Wildcats (Coal Belt League)
St. Louis Park, MN

St. Martin, MN Martins

St. Mathias, MN Devils

St. Meinrad, IN Saints (Deer Trail League) Lincoln Land League)
St. Michael, MN Saints

St. Nicholas, MN Nicks

St. Patrick, MN Irish

St. Paul, MN Capitals

St. Paul, MN Hops

St. Paul, MN  JJ Kohn  

St. Paul, MN River Pirates

St. Paul, MN Shamrocks

St. Paul, MN Sport & Spine Diesel

St. Paul, MN Stockman's Irish
St. Paul's, MN Finest

St. Peter, MN Saints

St. Petersburg, FL Pelicans 

St. Phillips, IN Athletic Club
St. Stephen, MN Steves

St. Wendel, IN Athletics (Double I League, Southern Indiana Semi-Pro League)
St. Wendel, IN Swing (Double I League)
St. Wendel, MN Saints

Stamford, CT Conetta Bren Den
Stamford, CT White Sox (Westchester Baseball Association)
Staples, MN Lumberbats

Starbuck, MN Stars

Stark, MN Longhorns

Stendal, IN Aces
Stewartville-Racine, MN Sharks

Stillwater, OK Loggers

Stillwater, OK Boomers
Struthers, OH Civics

Sunset Park, OH 

Swampscott, MA St. John's, Sox 

Swanville, MN Swans

Sykesville, MD Bulldogs (Mid Maryland League)
Sykesville, PA Senators (Federation League)
Tacoma, WA Johnson Paints
Tacoma, WA Stanly's Shoeman
Taladega, AL Bemistons
Talbotten, GA Tigers
Tallassee, AL Mills
Tampa, FL Elite
Tampa, FL Gibsonton
Tennyson, IN Tigers (Deer Trail League) (Lincoln Land League)
Terre Haute, IN Hulman Stars
Terre Haute, IN Plumbers & Steam Fitters

Terryville, CT Black Sox  

Thief River Falls, MN Thieves

Thomaston Threshers 

Thomasville, AL Travelers
Thomasville, AL Ramlers
Thurmont, MD Titans (Mid Maryland League)
Toledo, OH All American Coach

Toledo, OH Oak Knoll Builders

Toledo, OH VFW POST 5536
Tracy, MN Express Trade Water, KY Pirates

Trenton, NJ Albrights 

Trenton, NJ DeLorenzo Paper Stock 

Trenton, NJ O'Donnells 

Trenton, NJ PAL 

Trenton, NJ S & H Indians

Trenton, NJ Trio Sports Shop 

Tribury, CT Twisters

Tri City, MN Shark

Tri County, MN Tremor

Tri-County League, NJ Alpha S.I.M.

Tri-County League, NJ Asbury Cubs

Tri-County League, NJ Belvidere

Tri-County League, NJ Blairstown Lions

Tri-County League, NJ Califon

Tri-County League, NJ Clinton A.A.

Tri-County League, NJ Easton (PA) Jr. Order of Fleas

Tri-County League, NJ Flemington

Tri-County League, NJ Glen Gardner Rainbows

Tri-County League, NJ Glendon (PA)

Tri-County League, NJ Green Brook

Tri-County League, NJ Hackettstown Williams Hibler

Tri-County League, NJ Hampton

Tri-County League, NJ High Bridge Hill Toppers

Tri-County League, NJ High Bridge Steelers

Tri-County League, NJ Lambertville Colonels

Tri-County League, NJ Lambertsville Indians

Tri-County League, NJ Lambertville Top Rocks

Tri-County League, NJ Milford

Tri-County League, NJ Nazareth (PA) Barons

Tri-County League, NJ Netcong

Tri-County League, NJ Newton Nash Ambassadors

Tri-County League, NJ Newton Texaco Fire Chiefs

Tri-County League, NJ North Plainfield

Tri-County League, NJ Oxford

Tri-County League, NJ Phillipsburg Collegians

Tri-County League, NJ Phillipsburg Firemen

Tri-County League, NJ Phillipsburg Flames

Tri-County League, NJ Phillipsburg Lincolns

Tri-County League, NJ Phillipsburg Madisons

Tri-County League, NJ Phillipsburg Sanco Cubs

Tri-County League, NJ Phillipsburg Scholastics

Tri-County League, NJ Phillipsburg Slovaks

Tri-County League, NJ Piscataway

Tri-County League, NJ Plainfield Essel’s

Tri County League, NJ Plainfield LePore's

Tri-County League, NJ Port Mary Milkmen

Tri-County League, NJ Quakertown

Tri-County League, NJ Regal Ridge Papermakers

Tri-County League, NJ South Plainfield

Tri-County League, NJ Spotswood

Tri-County League, NJ Stroudsburg (PA) Strouds

Tri-County League, NJ Washington Bombers

Tri-County League, NJ Whitehouse A.A.

Tri-County League, NJ Whitehouse Royal Blues

Tri-County League, NJ Wilson (PA) St. Jane A.C.

Troy, In Merchants/Trojans (Lincoln Land League) 1955 - 67
Tucson, AZ AAF Mustangs
Tucson, AZ Merchants
Twin City, MN Saints

Twin Ports, MN North Stars

Union Hill, MN Bulldogs

Upsala, MN Blue Jays

Upper Darby, PA (DELCO)
Urbank-Parkers Prairie, MN Bombers

Valdosta, GA Red Sox
Valley Center, KS Diamond Dawgs
Valmeyer, IL Lakers
Vandergrift, PA Carnege Steel
Vergus, MN Loons

Verndale, MN Bison

Veseli, MN Warriors

Victoria, MN Vics

Vineland, NJ Garton's Riggings 

Vernon, CT Orioles  

Vincennes, IN Maroons
Vincennes, IN 9

Vincetown, NJ Merchants

Waco TX Dons
Waconia, MN Lakers

Wadena-Deer Creek, MN Shockers

Walkersville, MD Patriots (Mid Maryland League)

Wanamingo, MN Jacks

Warrick County, IN Storm (Double I League)

Warroad, MN Muskies

Waseca, MN Braves

Washington, D.C. Black Sox  

Washington, IN Grays (Lincoln Land League)

Waterloo, IL Buds/Millers

Waterbury, CT Brass City Brew

Watertown, CT Blaze 

Watertown, MN Red Devils

Watertown, SD Park Grant Co.
Waterloo, IN
Waterville, MN Indians

Watkins, MN Clippers

Wayne, PA (DELCO League)
Webster, MN Sox

Wells, MN Wildcats

Westchester, NY Hawks (Westchester Baseball Association)

Westford, MA Willows 

West Franfort, IL Pirates
West Point, MS Packers
Western, KY Rattlers

Westville, NJ A.C. 

Weymouth, MA Elks 

Weymouth, MA Town Team 

Wheaton, MN Walleyes

Wistler, AL Stars 

White Bear, MN Township

Wichita, KS Beachcraft Flyers
Wichita, KS Boeing Bombers
Wichita, KS Cessna Bobcats
Wichita, KS Coleman
Wichita, KS Dreamliners
Wichita, KS Glassman
Wichita, KS Kountry Tyme Cubs
Wichita, KS Service Glass
Wichita, KS Sluggers
Wichita, KS Stearman's
Wichita, KS Twins
Wichita, KS Weller Indians
Willmar, MN Rails

Willmont, MN Cardinals

Wilmiington, DE Colonial Wallace 

Wilmington, DE Destroyers

Wilmington, DE Glidea's Raiders 

Wilmington, DE Parkway 

Windom, MN Pirates

Winoma, MN Chiefs

Winstead, MN Wildcats

Wilson, NC Tobbs
Windsor, VT Camcos
Winfield,MD Nightmare (Mid Maryland League)
Winslow, IN Legion (Deer Trail League)
Wolf Lake, MN Wolf Pack

Woonsocket, MA Jets 

Woonsocket, Rhode Island 

Worcester, MA Norton Abraisives

Worcester, MA Pirates

Worcester, MA Ronnies 

Worthington, MN Cubs

Wyoming, MI Colts

Yawkey League Franchises (Boston, MA area)

Al Thomas Athletics

Allston Eagles

Am / PM Knights 

Avi Nelson Club 

Beacon Hill Dodgers

Boston Padres


Brighton Black Sox 

Brighton Braves

Brighton Mariners 

Brighton Minuteman

Brighton Twins

Cambridge Bucs 

Cambridge Spinners 

Cambridge Yankees

Charlestown Townies 

Chelsea Cyclones 

Chelsea Nationals

East Boston Bluefish

East Boston Blue Sox 

East Boston Bombers 

East Boston Knights

Forest Hills Force

Harbor Point Dodgers

Henry's Baseball Club

Hyde Park Kings

Hyde Park Rangers

Jamica Plain Shamrocks 

Lincoln Astros 

Lincoln Black Sox

Mahon Cable 

Malden Bulldogs

Mc Kay Club Beacons 

Medford Maddogs

Ned Kelly's 


Quincy Sheriffs 

Revere Rockies

Roslindale Bluefish 

Roxbury Marlins

Roxbury Mets 

Savin Hill Dodgers 

Savin Hill Hornets

South Boston N.A.G.E. 

South Boston Saints 

South End Astros 

Somerville Alibrandis

Someville Highlanders 

Stoneham Sabers

T's Pub Mariners

Waltham Cubs 

Waltham Yankees

Watertown OPG Mariners 

West Roxbury Devils 

West Roxbury Nationals

Westwood AM / PM Angels 

Winter Hill Cyclones




Youngstown, OH McKelvey's
Youngstown, OH Miller Brewing
Youngstown, OH Roth Brothers Construction
Youngstown, OH State Stanilaus
Youngstown, OH Tamburro's AC
Youngstown, OH Trolio's Zumbrota, MN Tigers

Andy Maught
Friday, December 5
Brunswick Star loses life in car wreck.
The NASPBA is sad to learn former Brunswick, MD Oriole Andy Maught lost his life in a car accident this week. Maught who was the MVP of the 2004 NABF Major Division World Series, which propelled the Orioles to their 1ST National Title and to National Powerhouse Status, was selected as a 2nd Team NSPBA All American this past season. Andy's #8 will be retired this year by the Orioles who plan to dedicate the coming season in his memory.  Andy was a feared hitter and played several positions for the Orioles.  For more information or to sign the Orioles guestbook click on the link above. Andy will be inducted into the NASPBA Hall of Fame this May with the rest of the 2009 Class.

Sunday, August 14
Former Semi-Pro National Champions

Click on Link to see Former AABC,NBC,NABF,USBC NSPBA (Wood) ASPBA (Metal) & CABA National Champions

Thursday, January 30
How to take your Team from Average to Greatness!

Wednesday, February 26
Other Semi-Pro News and Articles listed below

Tuesday, June 19
2007 will be last season for Indiana Outlaws Semi-Pro Baseball Club
Indiana Outlaws Owner Tim Turpin announced monday that the Indiana Outlaws Semi-Pro Team will cease operations at the end of 2007. For more information click on the link above.

Wednesday, March 26
Things I've learned as a Player / Coach
In 13 years as a Player / Coach like "time it self" lot of things have changed. I still enjoy playing the great game of Baseball as much as I do Coaching. Here is my list of Top 10 Changes as both a Veteran Player and a Seasoned Coach for your entertainment.

Turp's Top 10 lessons I've learned as a Veteran Player

#1 Hitting Curveballs has become easier
#2 Soccer Socks are more feasible than Stir-ups
#3 90 ft Bases seem lot longer
#4 There are no more triples or inside the park HR's
#5 I'm too impatient to Walk anymore
#6 Pre-Game Stretching does help
#7 Pinch Runners do come in handy
#8 I can still hit a good 85 mph fastball
#9 HR's come when you least expect them
#10 The DH is my favorite position

Turp's 10 Coaching Philosophies that have changed

#1 College Kids hate taking pitches
#2 The Sand Lot has been cleared and now has a convience store on it.
#3 No-body knows how to sacrifice bunt anymore
#4 Taking a pre-game infield is a waste of time this day and age.
#5 College Pitchers are lying when they tell you they can still go
#6 Good & Umpire don't belong in the same sentence
#7 Still can't play the Game with-out them
#8 The Back-Hand has taken over the Middle Infielder
#9 College Players have excuses we never even dream of saying
#10 "Winning Never Sucks"

Would like to expand this with more thoughts from other Players & Coaches please email any additions to

National Semi-Pro Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
National Semi-Pro Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
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"How can you think and hit at the same time?" - Yogi Berra
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