National Small College Rugby Organization LLC: Latest News: NSCRO's Challenge Cup is Coming in 2014-15

Thursday, March 20
NSCRO's Challenge Cup is Coming in 2014-15

NSCRO's Challenge Cup has been met with an enthusiastic response coast-to-coast. The feedback to my email of March 6 resulted in some good changes and also identified what needed to be clarified. The final Challenge Cup document "handout" is found below. The Challenge Cup is solely for men's clubs.

An important goal of NSCRO is to both create and help facilitate better rugby through a well-balanced competition among small colleges in both local, regional and national settings. We believe the Challenge Cup could help with this and bring benefits to many small colleges. This is an ideal way for you to enhance competition and satisfaction for both well-established and developing teams.

We also recognize that all new ventures are a "work in progress". NSCRO has always worked closely with its members in making improvements for small college rugby. We are all in this together!

We do not expect every one of the current 25 Unions/Conferences in NSCRO to participate in the Challenge Cup. Participation is completely optional. Each organization must work with their clubs and determine what is best for them. For those that do want to participate, NSCRO will work closely, as needed, to determine the best league structure to enable to make this happen. Unions/Conferences that elect not to participate in the Challenge Cup will remain “as is” in the National Championship pathway.

Once we determine the playoff system for the Challenge Cup and its expected cost to NSCRO, we will increase the Participation Fee to only those Unions/Conferences who are participating and not to those who do not. For budgeting purposes by Unions/Conferences and their clubs, you can plan on a $25 per club increase. We are also looking at other sources of funding.

Our plan is for the Challenge Cup playoff format is to mirror the format and locations of the National Championship playoffs for Championship pathway teams.

As Fall planning for leagues is underway or about to be, NSCRO will need to know whether or not your Union/Conference and its clubs want the opportunity to participate in the Challenge Cup playoff system. Once we know who's in, we can begin to plan a playoff system with those participating. We recognize that a few Unions/Conferences that currently run only Winter/Spring leagues don't plan that far in advance, but we still need to know if your clubs want to support this or not. NSCRO must approve a club’s inclusion in the Challenge Cup. Guidelines for determining which clubs will be considered by NSCRO for the Challenge Cup are identified in the attachment. Please advise NSCRO by May 1, 2014 whether or not your Union/Conference will participate and provide us your final (or at least preliminary) league structure identifying brackets and delineating which teams are in which pathway.

This is very I truly believe this could a positive step forward for many small college rugby programs. Don't let you deserving teams miss out on another great NSCRO competition.

With you.

Steve Cohen
NSCRO President

Handout: The NSCRO Challenge Cup