National Small College Rugby Organization LLC: Latest News: 2013-14 Fall Men's Rankings Top 30

Sunday, December 8
2013-14 Fall Men's Rankings Top 30

Below you will find the Fall 2013 Rankings for the NSCRO Small College Men's Top 30.

The rankings only include NSCRO playoff eligible teams who participated in Fall league play and do not reflect those teams who begin or play most of their league play in the Winter/Spring season. This includes the Florida Union, Georgia Union, Southern, Deep South Conference, Northern California Conference and Gold Coast Conference (formerly Southern California Union).

The rankings and won-loss record shown are based on the Fall 2013 Union / Conference league and playoff results, associated strength of schedule and the NSCRO playoff results to date.

The Dixie and Lonestar Conferences and the Eastern Rockies RFU have fairly equally split Fall and Winter/Spring league seasons and have been included in these rankings.  

The basis for these rankings included input from Union/Conference Collegiate Directors and various coaches.

There are presently 218 Men’s Small Colleges who are NSCRO playoff eligible for the 2013-14 competitive season. 

Handout: 2013-14 Final Men's Rankings Top 40