National Small College Rugby Organization LLC: Latest News: Fairmont State University Rugby Club Team Holds Annual Bone Marrow Drive

Thursday, October 17
Fairmont State University Rugby Club Team Holds Annual Bone Marrow Drive

Posted Oct. 15, 2013 at
By Kelsey Pape, Marion and Taylor County Reporter

FAIRMONT, WV - More than 200 students participated in Fairmont State and Pierpont Community and Technical College's Bone Marrow registration drive in 2012.

One of those students ended up being a match and may have saved a life.

The Fairmont State University Rugby Club team hosted another drive on Tuesday. Those who participated were able to register as donors by completing a form for the "Be the Match" registry.

Just a few minutes could change someone's life. "It's important to me because we lost my father from blood cancer waiting for a match," said April Pierson, Fairmont State Senior and 'Be the Match' volunteer,

"It's important to the rugby team because a former player of the rugby team needed a bone marrow transplant because of blood cancer. It's really important to us."

Students received a packet containing Q-tips and used them to swab the inside of their cheeks.

The packaged swabs will be processed and matched with leukemia and blood cancer patients in need of bone marrow donations.

If a match is identified, the donor will be contacted.

"The process is really simple. You go in and its just like you've donated blood. They take your blood, filter the bone marrow, then put your blood back," Pierson said. "A normal person regenerates their blood marrow in four to six weeks and they are good to go." 

According to FSU's Head Coach, Dr. Gregory Noone, "this was our third year doing this drive. We have registered 619 people in the National Bone Marrow Registry in the past three years and have provided two matches." 

NSCRO 'tips its hat' to the student-athletes of the FSU Rugby Club who are showing that collegiate rugby is more than just about a contact sport played on a large patch of dirt and can provide an important service to their community.