National Small College Rugby Organization LLC: Latest News: NSCRO and Rhino Rugby USA - Dedicated to Improving Collegiate Rugby

Rhino Rugby
Saturday, February 8
NSCRO and Rhino Rugby USA - Dedicated to Improving Collegiate Rugby

NSCRO is pleased to announce that as part of our mission to help facilitate the improvement of the skills and caliber of playing and coaching small college rugby, it has established a relationship with Rhino Rugby USA. Rhino is a leading manufacturer and supplier of essential rugby equipment that are designed to safely and properly train players in key aspects of today's game. Rhino will provide NSCRO's Small College rugby clubs not only with access to purchase such equipment at a discount but also access to their extensive collection of online coaching videos.

NSCRO supports the growth and development of small college rugby to nearly 300 men's and women's clubs through its National Playoff System by providing clubs a meaningful goal to attain as they work hard in bettering themselves as both rugby players and young adults. NSCRO is recognized by USA Rugby as an independent organization and receives support from USA Rugby in meeting our goals.

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See the below Handout for an information sheet with full details on this exciting opportunity for NSCRO teams.

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Handout: Rhino Rugby and NSCRO