National Small College Rugby Organization LLC: Latest News: NSCRO Establishes Standard for League Standings

Friday, August 16
NSCRO Establishes Standard for League Standings

NSCRO is pleased to release the attached Standard for League Standards. As stated
"NSCRO’s Standards are established for use by Conferences and Unions as a fair and consistent way for all teams competing for a league Championship and an opportunity to compete in the NSCRO Playoffs."

As most of you know last season (2012-13) NSCRO - for the first time - provided complete League Standings and Results by Region in a detailed spreadsheet issued weekly. We posted them on our website. NSCRO did this solely as a service to small college players, coaches and fans. These spreadsheets were done manually based upon input received by NSCRO from Conferences/Unions and sometimes when not received...I dug them out of the Conference/Union website. You can easily imagine that the effort on our end was labor intensive. There was also challenges for many Conferences/Unions in getting the clubs to submit match reports in a timely manner, if at all. So what do we do to ease the burden in getting this done. Read further.

First of all let me announce that the NSCRO website - which is quite basic and managed solely by me - is being replaced by a professionally designed website with lots of new features and intuitive navigation. Our goal is to have this up and running in early September. The web address of will remain the same. This currently takes you to which is the destination address that is changing.

One of the wonderful features of the new website will be the "automatic" loading of match results to establish the League Standings when a Conference/Union enters its leagues' match results. Naturally how this will work will be explained when it is up and running. Of course the Standings and Results shown on the NSCRO website will only be as accurate and complete if your Conference/Union posts the results. The posting is to be done by an assigned Conference/Union Official and not by a club with just their result.

While handling all of the results reported to NSCRO and adjusting the individual league standings, I realized almost everyone was using the same standards for League Points. We believe that this system should be standardized for all Small College leagues and ask your cooperation in doing so. It will also allow our online League Standings table to determine the league points and standings correctly.

So what NSCRO is requesting is that everyone (100%) awards league points as follows:
4 points for a win;
2 points for a tie;
1 bonus point for scoring four or more tries in a match;
1 bonus point for losing by seven points or fewer;
No points for a loss by eight points or more (notwithstanding 1 bonus point for scoring 4 tries or more);
A forfeited game will earn the winning side 4 points for a win plus a bonus point based on a score of 28-0;

I am confident everyone can, if not already done so, adopt this standard for awarding league points.

As you will read further under "Final League Standings - Tie-Breaker Rules", we show:
"Points differential is determined by taking the points scored and deducting the points conceded. Regardless of actual point totals scored in regular season matches, a maximum differential of 28 points will be allowed in determining league standings."

I know some of you already have a max points differential limit but perhaps not with the limit of 28 points. 28 points was selected as it matches the scoring differential allowed for a forfeit. We ask you to switch to 28.

If you are not using a limit, it is a wise idea to do so as it will discourage teams from running up a score just to pad their league standings position. Without this limit, I've seen teams (first-hand as I am a referee) needing to win a match by a large differential, "beat up" a weaker team solely to this end and physically and needlessly overpower them for full 80 minutes. Sometimes the losing side gets angry at this beating, their players get needlessly injured as well as frustrated, which can lead to unsportsmanlike behavior. This is not what anyone wants. By creating this limit we proactively discourage such actions. By having a "limit" it encourages a winning side once they have a "comfortable" lead to replace their starters, giving the replacement players more opportunity to play and learn and results in a better rugby experience for all.

We also realize that some Conferences/Unions award or penalize teams for Administrative matters and we are allowing flexibility for this by providing "League Administrative Points" to be added or deducted per Conference/Union rules. The Match Report form we will have will allow you to add or deduct such points without identifying the specific reasons.
For example:
Failure to report match results within 48 hours of match = loss of 1 pt
Forfeiting Match = loss of 1 pt

As I requested above, we really need everyone's cooperation in this regard by adopting this Standard in full.

Thanks for your support in making Small College Rugby a great experience for all!

Steve Cohen NSCRO President

Handout: Standard for League Standings