National Small College Rugby Organization LLC: Latest News: NSCRO Revised Player Eligibility Policy - Effective Sept. 1, 2013

Thursday, August 8
NSCRO Revised Player Eligibility Policy - Effective Sept. 1, 2013

After a careful and extensive review of our Player Eligibility Policy, NSCRO is pleased to release its revised Policy. We have made some important changes to best reflect the needs of small colleges and foster their growth and development. The Policy provides each student-athlete with up to 7 years of eligibility to play collegiate rugby for 5 years. The Policy allows for certain documented exceptions and an appeals procedure for situations that deserve to be considered.

See Handout below for direct link to the revised Policy.

It is of critical importance that everyone fully understands this Policy and the "Responsibility" to insure it is enforced. Let me restate this section from the Policy:
"It is the responsibility of the governing Conference/Union to insure student-athlete compliance of this Policy for matches directly under their control. Compliance verification shall be performed in both semesters and before the spring quarter and after the winter quarter, as applicable, of the school year (starting in August or September).
Eligibility at all NSCRO Playoff Matches shall be verified for compliance by an appointed Representative and shall be done in accordance with NSCRO’s “Regulations for Playoff Matches”.
Each Conference/Union and member club is deemed to have full knowledge of the content of this Policy.
Each Conference/Union and member club must ensure that it complies with this Policy and must further ensure that it takes appropriate action to inform each and every one of its members of the terms of this Policy and the obligation to comply with the same.
A Conference/Union may not impose any more stringent regulations than identified by this Policy."

Please pay careful attention to this....the Enforcement requirement for Conferences/Unions that went into effect for league matches played this past Winter/Spring is now in full effect. It will be new to those who play in their league solely in the Fall. In my planning email of April 4, I advised about this requirement.

Policy Compliance - Enforcement
"Compliance with this Policy at all Qualifying Matches played under the jurisdiction of the Conference/Union shall be enforced by said Conference/Union with the use of the NSCRO “Player Eligibility Verification (PEV) Form” and any other related Conference/Union documents*. The Conference/Union must establish a “Game Day Protocol” to insure compliance accordingly."

* Refer to Policy Regulation 1 and others with "Exceptions" that require such documentation if applicable to the student-athlete. This documentation is to "part of" the PEV Form ready for inspection as part of the Game Day Protocol. 

To support preparation of the Game Day Protocol, we have issued an NSCRO Best Practice Guide for a "Game Day Eligibility Verification Procedure" along with a "Match Roster" that works with this Procedure and PEV Form. Feel free to use both documents in establishing your specific Procedure. If you have any questions or need assistance in establishing your own Procedure, please contact Allan Wilson at

All Policies and Forms can be found in the "Documents" section of this website as well as in the below links:
Player Eligibility Policy:
PEV Form and Match Roster:
Best Practice for "Game Day Eligibility Verification Procedure":

We ALL want the same thing. Matches played competitively by student-athletes who are eligible to participate.

Together we will continue to raise the standards of Small College Rugby!

Steve Cohen, NSCRO President

Handout: NSCRO Player Eligibility Policy