National Small College Rugby Organization LLC: NSCRO 7s: National 7s Championship - Opportunity, Obligations and Inspiration

Monday, May 13
National 7s Championship - Opportunity, Obligations and Inspiration

Competing for a National Championship is exciting and it requires supreme effort and focus.

Competition presents opportunities:
* Working as a cohesive unit with players, staff, administrators and supporters.
* Driving beyond your perceived limits.
* Learning how much you can do individually and collectively.
* Putting out the best product you can produce.
* Being seen by a larger audience.
* Winning a Championship.
To claim you’re the best is only a small part of what you playing for.

Competition presents obligations:
* Friends and Family.
* School Administrators.
* Financial Supporters - current and potential.
* Governing Bodies.
* Event Sponsors and Hosts.
* Media.
There are many audiences; some easily seen, some not so, all are important.

Competition provides inspiration:
* Prove to yourself what you can do.
* Prove to your supporters what you can do.
* Prove to your doubters and competitors what you can do.
* Look the part on and off the field - take pride in your image and actions.
* Embrace the challenges.
* Seize the moment.
Show what you are capable of and you can walk away proud regardless of the score.

The 2013 NSCRO 7s Championship is the first of what we hope will be a long relationship with USA Sevens and the national media.

          Conduct yourselves in a dignified manner.

          Be on time.

          Make sure your Kit matches on the field.

          Look sharp off the field.

The teams participating are the tip of a very large pyramid.

We collectively represent not only our teams, but our universities and our sport. Use participation in this event as leverage to improve the situation with your school, if not this year then down the road. The paramount thing though, is that the University has to be happy with how they are represented.

Prove that although NSCRO schools are small in size, they are big on effort and class.

We have been preparing for the NSCRO 7s Championship for some time and as the 7s Commissioner, I have been and will continue to be demanding in our requirements of the participating teams and protective of the NSCRO image Steve Cohen has created and that we all are contributing too now.

Do as much as you are capable of.

Please share this with your team, supporters and administration.

Best of luck in your preparations!

Howard Kent