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USA Sevens CRC Event News

Which college has the most supportive rugby fans?
USA Sevens is in search of the college with the most supportive fans in rugby! Last year, Life University fans showed up in a big way to support their school. 2013 is the year to show how much your school Loves Rugby, so spread the word and show up strong!

Stay at one of the Official CRC Hotels
USA Sevens has secured 8 hotel partners exclusively for rugby fans coming to Philadelphia for the CRC. Our travel partners include hotels for the men's teams, women's teams, National Small College Rugby Organization teams, and SRO teams.

Watch the latest CRC TV ad airing on NBC 
USA Sevens and NBC are committed to growing the sport of rugby. The best way to grow the support is through increased awareness, which is why we invested in creating and airing a commercial on NBC to support the 2013 Collegiate Rugby Championship. We are encouraging you to share it with as many people as possible via email, Twitter and Facebook.

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