National Small College Rugby Organization LLC: Latest News: Show Your Small College Rugby Pride - The NSCRO Store is Open

Show Your Small College Rugby Pride - The NSCRO Store is Open

The NSCRO Apparel Store at is open.

Brad Kilpatrick, World Rugby Shop's Manager of Rugby says that “World Rugby Shop continues to be a proud partner of NSCRO and the work with small college rugby to help it prosper. With the addition of the NSCRO store, supporters of the small college rugby will be able to not only represent NSCRO and its brand, but also support the organization financially at the same time. A portion of every sale goes to NSCRO directly to help the organization continue and grow. World Rugby Shop is delighted to be a part of that process."

Steve Cohen, NSCRO President, said that "NSCRO is pleased to expand its partnership with World Rugby Shop as part of its continued growth and success."

The NSCRO Store is found on line at Check it out and order your NSCRO apparel today!

You can also click on the Headline above for direct link to the NSCRO Store.

See below for link to the NSCRO Store flier that can be printed and shared via emailed to yourrugby friends.

Your support of NSCRO and small college rugby is appreciated.

Handout: NSCRO Apparel Store Flier