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Wednesday, March 27
What NSCRO Means to the University of Southern Indiana

Kurt Murrell, Coach of University of Southern Indiana RFC sent me the following:

"First of all, congratulations on the recognition and partnership with USA Rugby. That is great news.

Last year, we did our team no favors, in the Spring, by playing a weak schedule and not reporting our results. We took a different path this year, and put a challenging schedule together, but I'm still not sure how to report results. This past weekend, we met Michigan State University, in tournament play, and won 16 - 10. A significant accomplishment for us, but will go unrecognized. We've also scheduled 2 other D1 teams this season, Purdue and Ball State.

The NSCRO set up has enabled our Club to achieve a higher level of legitimacy, with the University, to the extent that they have provided additional funding, transportation and occasional hotel accommodations.

This has contributed to our recruiting efforts and performance."

This is not the first time I've heard how NSCRO has helped a rugby team to develop, especially in the eyes of their school administration leading to better recognition and support. It gladdens my heart to know that NSCRO can do this.

With you,

Steve Cohen
NSCRO President

2012 USI Indiana Champ
USI - 2012 Indiana RFU Small College Champion