National Small College Rugby Organization LLC: Latest News: USA Rugby is Looking for College All-American Players

Monday, March 18
USA Rugby is Looking for College All-American Players

USA Rugby seeks your assistance with identification of prospective players to attend the College All-American combine camp. This assembly will be held at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, May 9-12, culminating with a game at Glendale on May 12th.

The College All-American staff seeks the top All Stars that, in your estimation, fit within the following category: College Player (no), All Stars (top .5%), and International Player (top 0.01%).
     example #1 - A 5'10", 170 pound prop (even though he dominates in domestic college rugby) is not what we are looking for; he would need to be at a minimum 5'11”, 250lb and can run all day.
     example #2 – A center that runs a 5.6 sec 40 Meter sprint (even though he dominates in domestic college rugby) is not what we are looking for; at a minimum he would need to run a 5.2 sec 40m sprint

The projected cost per player will be about $1,000.00, depending on there flight cost (we are working on lowering the cost). We are asking the player's team and the team's conferences to help underwrite the players attendance, if possible.

In regards to what we are looking for in an All-American, to keep it as simple as possible: Athleticism, Skill (or commitment and ability to develop skills), Positive Character and Attitude, and Commitment and Drive to Improve/Be the Best they can be. Please be selective in the players you nominate. Only 30 All-Americans will be chosen out of the entire country, so please do your best to filter through to nominate the best of the best from your region/conference.

Attitude: Are they coachable, motivated and driven to become their best as a player, and one of the best players in the country?

Athletic Ability: Are they big enough, strong enough, fit enough, and fast enough to compete at the highest level and do they work diligently and maximizing their athletic talent through physical development?

Skill and Knowledge: Do they have the necessary skills and game understanding to play their position at the highest level, and are they a student of the game looking to develop and improve in these areas to the best of their ability?

To nominate, and provide details about, a player whose information will go straight to the All-American staff and me, please use the following online nomination form:

Please feel free to contact me directly ( / 720.508.8022 ) with any questions.

Thank you for your assistance. Best of luck the rest of the 2013 season!

Luke Gross
High Performance Player Development Manager | USA Rugby