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Monday, November 26
The NSCRO Difference

Little did I know back in 2002 when I started the East Coast D3 Collegiate Championship of the positive impact it would eventually have on the lives of those involved. This past year the interest level in NSCRO has gone through the roof. In the last week we had 10,000 hits on our website. This year we’ve had 70,000 hits. Putting this in perspective, the previous year we had 9,000 hits total. What has NSCRO done to deserve such interest? Glad you ask…so let me share with you the story of Wayne State College of Nebraska. The school has about 1200 men and 1400 women enrolled in undergraduate studies. It is truly a small college. It is not Wayne State University of Michigan as people often mistake them for.

Darrin Barner is the founder and head coach of the Wayne State College (WSC) of Nebraska Men's and Women's Rugby Club. On the weekend Nov. 17-18, after a 23-hour bus ride to Cherry Hill, New Jersey just 2 days earlier, his women's club dug deep and stood tall in barely winning their NSCRO National Championship semifinal match vs. Wheaton College with an end of match goal line stand. The following day they powered their way past Roger Williams University to win the Small College National Championship.

The "handout" below is an email Darrin wrote to USA Rugby's College Directors Rich Cortez and Tam Breckenridge in reply to their congratulations for WSC winning the NSCRO Small College National Championship. It hits the target when one wants to understand what "The NSCRO Difference" is. Have a read and share with your friends, the players on your club, and anyone who wants to know about what this difference is to small colleges like Wayne State College of Nebraska.

Wayne Rugby Park
Darrin Barner, Founder of Wayne Rugby Park
Handout: The NSCRO Difference