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Wednesday, October 3
Fundraising: Moving Your Rugby Club Forward in the Right Direction

I have been involved with collegiate rugby administration for over 20 years and have learned a "few" things. One is that almost everyone who puts on a rugby jersey and steps onto the field of play does so with a strong commitment to perform at their best. College clubs likewise want to play in competitive leagues at the highest level they can sustain. Clubs that strive to be as successful, do so both on and off the field of play. Off the field being responsible ambassadors of the sport of rugby is not only important for college clubs but it is also a key to rugby's growth and acceptance by the general public. These efforts support rugby as a great competitive sport and not merely an excuse for young adults to demonstrate poor behavior and judgment. With the 2016 Summer Olympics Games set to showcase rugby, college clubs must endeavor to become a model for the the strong future of rugby is in our hands.

To insure that your club can develop and improve or let alone just play the game, there is a significant financial cost to cover expenses. These include league fees, USA Rugby CIPP dues, tournament entry fees, field preparation, equipment, kits, travel and more. More often than not, travel cost is the big one, especially if your club wants to participate in tournaments, take an overseas tour or qualifies for the national playoffs. Where does all this money come from? Player dues are not nearly enough. Some schools provide financial support - some more than others and some not at all. You may get some donations from parents and alumni. But how many times can you ask them. The best source is fundraising. Not just a one-time fundraising sale of some goods, but rather the sale of a quality product that people will continue to purchase after your first sale to them.

NSCRO would like to help your club reach its goals. Please see the Handout below provided by Diane Hughes who is the founder of Earth Friendly Coffee. Earth Friendly Coffee is a company committed to helping the rainforest and the Mayan coffee farmers of Guatemala. The farmers grow chemical free, organic and shade grown coffee beans.Earth Friendly Coffee has a proven track record of success with many types of organizations and clubs, including college rugby, in providing a way to raise money. In addition to just making money, you will be using a funding vehicle that demonstrates rugby's commitment to our environment, to sustainability, and to an equal economic playing field for indigenous people. How is this possible you ask? Read about it at This is a win-win for all.

If you would like a first-hand testimonial about the company and the ability of a college rugby club to make money selling their products, please contact Rich Cortez who is the head coach of the University of Wyoming. He would be glad to share with you his club's experience with Earth Friendly Coffee. He can be contacted at

Please call Diane toll-free for more information 1-866-807-6089.

With you....Steve Cohen

Handout: Earth Friendly Coffee Flyer