National Small College Rugby Organization LLC: Latest News: NSCRO is Now Small College Rugby....Division 3 reference is removed.

Friday, August 17
NSCRO is Now Small College Rugby....Division 3 reference is removed.

The National Small College Rugby Organization (NSCRO) continues to develop and improve as an Organization. For this coming year, we have nearly 200 men's and 80 women's teams participating in our playoff system. NSCRO recognizes that the needs of Small Colleges are different from the larger schools that participate in USA Rugby's Divisions 1-A, 1-AA and 2. Thus we continue to move forward with Policies specifically written to foster the growth and development of Small College rugby.

As part of NSCRO's development, we are no longer referring to our playoff eligible teams or National Playoffs / Championships as Division 3. We are calling it simply Small College rugby. One of the key goals of NSCRO's Policies is to establish a "level playing field" for small colleges to compete against schools with similar resources, especially in terms of student enrollment. To refer to Small College rugby clubs as Division 3 does not fully recognize their level of play, commitment to the sport and accomplishments both on and off the pitch, especially in the eye of the general public.

While there are some NSCRO playoff eligible small colleges that are capable of competing against Division 1 and 2 teams, few can sustain this level of play season after season. NSCRO absolutely encourages all colleges, regardless of their size, to play at the highest level possible. Many clubs that have found success in the NSCRO playoffs have moved up to Division 2 and we applaud them for doing so.

Therefore, we would like all Conferences and Unions to likewise eliminate the term Division 3 from their league information (schedule, standings, communications, etc.) and use the term Small College (or NSCRO Small College).