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Saturday, July 14
Rugby Players from South Africa

WSAS Sport and Academic Services based in South Africa one of the world’s greatest rugby playing nations can assist colleges, universities and rugby clubs to identify and recruit suitable players to help strengthen your rosters and develop the game in the USA. South Africa has an abundance of great rugby players and is played at a very high level at majority of high schools throughout the country, there are many exceptional rugby players who would be very interested in coming to the USA to play rugby, study and enjoy the benefits of gaining international experience at both a sporting, personal and educational level.

We have access to all the top rugby schools and in most cases can put together a professional portfolio of talented players including a YouTube video of them in action, a comprehensive resume and full details of their academics. We also have SAT tutors available which can assist our students to make sure they have a strong chance of gaining admission. We also publish an annual magazine going to all rugby schools in South Africa which will allow us to promote your college , university or club to the South African Market.

Please contact National Marketing Director Mr. Justin Holmes for further information, email: or Tel: 2782 607 4009 or view our website at

Two of the top rugby programs in the country - Kutztown University and Arkansas State University - have both used WSAS's services to great success.

Please download handout shown below for WSAS information.

NOTE: This information is provided solely for your consideration by NSCRO.

Handout: Players from South Africa