National Small College Rugby Organization LLC: Policies & Procedures

NSCRO Player Eligibility Policy

Revised Policy dated August 2013 in effect starting September 1, 2013

Player Eligibility PolicyPlayer Eligibility Policy

NSCRO Team Eligibility Policy

Team Eligibility PolicyTeam Eligibility Policy

NSCRO Regulations for Playoff Matches

Regulations Effective March 2014. Use for NSCRO 15s playoffs. See NSCRO 7s Regulations for 7s playoffs.

NSCRO Playoff RegulationsNSCRO Playoff Regulations

NSCRO Field Prep & Sideline Policy

Field Preparation & Sideline PolicyField Preparation & Sideline Policy

NSCRO Lightning Policy

For use. It may be superseded by field owner's Policy.

NSCRO Lightning PolicyNSCRO Lightning Policy

Sample Emergency Action Plan

An EAP must be prepared for all NSCRO events.

Sample Emergency Action PlanSample Emergency Action Plan

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