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Saturday, March 14
Good Job Cubs!

This was a good game. Here are some of the highlights:

In the 2nd inning, Shane got the 1st hit with 2 outs on the board. Brandon came up to bat and brought in Shane to tie the game.

3rd inning: Ryan did a great force out play at 3rd base (way to go!). Griffin got an in-the-park homerun that brought in 3 runs (2RBIs and himself). Shane got a triple with 1 RBI. 

6th inning: Shane did a fabulous pop-fly catch to make the second out.

The Cubs did a great job offensively and defensively. 

I have to say our biggest Cheer leader is Myles. Whenever he is in the digout he cheers on his team mates.

You Rock Myles. 


Monday, March 9
Way to go Cubs!

Congradulations to all the Cubs players. You are off to a great start. Keep up the good work.

Monday, March 16
6th inning offense

Todays game kept the fans on their toes.

1st inning: Will caught a great pop-fly for the 2nd out. Brandon got hit by a bat while playing catcher but was a team player and stayed in the game. 

2inning: Shane got an in-th-park homerun. He also got another one in the 6th inning.

6th inning: Ryan lead the team off with a hit. Followed by Will and Michael. Adam got a hit to advance the runner to 2nd base. Alec and Evan both got strong hits. Kailey got a hit with 1 RBI, Brandon got a hit with 2 RBIs, Hamza got his 1st hit ever in a baseball game (way to go!), Michael was on fire both catching and hitting the ball (keep up the good work). 

The Cubs played tough. The kept the Phillies to only 8 runs and we scored lots of runs in the 6th (I lost count).

Let's keep up the good work Cubs!

Saturday, March 21
Staying Strong

Today was a great game. Cubs worked hard. The offensive hightlight was Hamza (someone who has only played for 3 weeks) got 3 triples. Also, everyone continuing to hit the ball even when we had two outs within the inning. Defensive highlight was Adam at first base and getting the ball into the pitcher.

The score showed the Cubs staying strong. Way to make the game close, 21-19.