Northridge City Little League: Important Information

Here, you'll find all sorts of useful documents that you can download right to your pc or mac. 

FIELD MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES - The responsibility for taking care of the fields ultimately falls on the teams in the league.  CLICK HERE for information about field maintenance procedures.



General Info
 If your child is 12 years old, he or she will play in the Majors Division unless a waiver is signed.  Some 12 year olds may not have the skills necessary to play in the Majors.  Please ask the Major/Minor player agent, Dave Seigel, if you are concerned. Click here for the waiver request form to allow 12 year olds to participate in the Minors division.  
 How is age determination made for eligibility to play in Little League baseball?  Click here for the Little League Age Chart for 2009.  

Volunteer Info

TEAM VOLUNTEERS - Ever wonder what are the responsibilities of the team volunteers? 

CLICK HERE for information.