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Tuesday, May 27


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Next game is Friday 5/30 @5:00pm, field 7. 
Last game is Sunday June 1st @4:00pm, field 7.
Look forward to seeing everyone there. GO BRAVES GO!

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T-Ball Braves 2008 Schedule
Snack Schedule
Date Day Time Home Team Visiting Team Field Snack
8-Mar-08 Saturday 8:00 AM Opening Day   1  
9-Mar-08 Sunday 12:00 PM Braves Cardinals 2 Luke
14-Mar-08 Friday 5:00 PM Cardinals Braves 1 Brandon
16-Mar-08 Sunday 4:00 PM Nationals Braves 7 Adan
18-Mar-08 Tuesday 5:00 PM Braves Nationals 7 Jason
21-Mar-08 Friday   Easter      
22-Mar-08 Saturday   Easter      
23-Mar-08 Sunday   Easter      
25-Mar-08 Tuesday 5:00 PM Braves Dodgers 7 Natalie
30-Mar-08 Sunday 2:00 PM Braves Brewers 2 Jeremiah
4-Apr-08 Friday 5:00 PM Brewers Braves 7 Graham
6-Apr-08 Sunday 2:00 PM Braves Mets 2 Daniel
11-Apr-08 Friday 5:00 PM Mets Braves 1 Isaiah
13-Apr-08 Sunday 4:00 PM Dodgers Braves 7 Devyn
18-Apr-08 Friday 5:00 PM Braves Dodgers 7 Shane
19-Apr-08 Saturday   Passover      
21-Apr-08 Monday   Passover      
22-Apr-08 Tuesday   Passover      
23-Apr-08 Wednesday   Passover      
24-Apr-08 Thursday   Passover      
25-Apr-08 Friday   Passover      
27-Apr-08 Sunday 12:00 PM Mets Braves 2 Renee
29-Apr-08 Tuesday 5:00 PM Braves Mets 7 Malik
4-May-08 Sunday 12:00 PM Brewers Braves 2 Johnnie
6-May-08 Tuesday 5:00 PM Braves Brewers 7 Hollestelle (snack) / Simpson (drink)
11-May-08 Sunday   Mother's Day      
16-May-08 Friday 5:00 PM Nationals Braves 7 Casteneda (snack) / Cerda (drink)
18-May-08 Sunday 2:00 PM Braves Nationals 2 Chung (snack) / Dansker (drink)
23-May-08 Friday 5:00 PM Braves Cardinals 1 Hosken (snack) / Hwang (drink)
24-May-08 Saturday   Memorial Day      
25-May-08 Sunday   Memorial Day      
26-May-08 Monday   Memorial Day      
30-May-08 Friday 5:00 PM Dodgers Braves 7 Matalana (snack) / Petruzates (drink)
1-Jun-08 Sunday 4:00 PM Cardinals Braves 7 Radin (snack) / Rubanowitz (drink)