Northridge City Little League: Welcome

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Welcome to the official website of the Northridge City Little League!

Wednesday, October 1
Picture Day is Sunday, October 5

There has been a slight update to the previously published schedule.

Farm A Royal & Black have moved to the 8:10 & 8:20 AM time slots to have pictures before their game

Picture Time Division Team
7:30 AM Major Red
7:40 AM Major Royal
7:50 AM Major Gold
8:00 AM Major Ash
8:10 AM Farm A Royal
8:20 AM Farm A Black
8:30 AM    
8:40 AM Senior Red
8:50 AM Senior Orange
9:00 AM    
9:10 AM    
9:20 AM    
9:30 AM    
9:40 AM    
9:50 AM T-Ball Red
10:00 AM T-Ball Royal
10:10 AM Coast Red
10:20 AM Coast Gold
10:30 AM    
10:40 AM    
10:50 AM Coast Ash
11:00 AM Coast Royal
11:10 AM Senior Ash
11:20 AM Senior Royal
11:30 AM    
11:40 AM Farm A Red
11:50 AM Farm A Gold
12:00 PM Minor Gold
12:10 PM Minor Red
12:20 PM Minor Ash
12:30 PM Minor Royal
12:40 PM Farm A Ash
12:50 PM Farm A Orange

Parking is always at a Premium


Please remember that we will tow cars that are illegally parked. Every year we have to tow some cars before people believe us and start parking correctly.

It will cost you $200-$300 to get your car back! Please tell relatives and friends who also attend your child's games.

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Northridge City Little League is located at 18755 Devonshire Street, between Wilbur Ave. and Reseda Blvd.