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 Is committed to the baseball and life education of all our players, parents, and volunteers. We welcome your input for our organization through your volunteer service. 

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Sunday, October 26
Spring ball it's just around the corner

Spring early registration!!!  

 NPALL will held on November 15th from 10am-200pm at the Atwater Park as early registration for the upcoming spring season of 2015. This registration will get you a discount of $10.00 of the regular cost of registration. The cost will be $70.00 for Tball and Rookie, and $80.00 for minors through Senior division, this discount is for this date only! After this registration the cost of the program will be $80.00 for Tball and Rookie age groups, and $90.00 for Minors through Senior division. On registration will also be a $50.00 fundraiser fee per household  added on to your registration. The fundraising fee is one time fee as always if you have multiple children. This year sad but true we will discontinue the spaghetti dinner! We will be giving each player that registers 5 discount cards with a value of $10.00, if you sell them you get your money back!!! This discount cards can be used on local restaurant's and other businesses.

For more iinformation you can contac the GM of the appropriate age division your child is in, all board email addresses are located on the biard tap on you left hand side.

The age groups are as fallow 4- 6 year olds TBall 7-8 year olds Rookies 9-12 Minors/ Majors 13-14 year olds Juniors 15-16 year olds Seniors

Sunday, October 26
Interested in Coaching?


Coaches Interviews


Great volunteers are the secret to a successful league. NPALL has always had the fortune of a large number of great volunteers. The new spring season is rapidly approching and we are looking foward to meet with all the volunters interested in coaching. If you are planing to coach a team during spring ball 2015, please reach out to the appropriate GM for the age group you would like to coach. Notify them of you intentions. Interview will take place on Sturday December 27, 2014 at Atwater Park times to fallow. 


Junior/Senior Division – Tank Duffey –

Majors – Dave Santimauro –

Minors – Kevin Lesslie –

Rookies – Joe Maurer –

TBall – James Christmas –

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