North Smithfield Little League: NSLL News: Equipment Requirements & Recommendations

Monday, February 10
Equipment Requirements & Recommendations

It is very important for the safety and skill development of our players that each be using the right equipment on and off the field. The Little League organization provides detailed guidelines on what is required and recommended. We urge you to become familiar with these, particularly those that relate to the player's equipment that you purchase for your player(s).

The full list of guidline documents can be found in the Little League Equipment & Merchandise section of their web site.

The most frequent questions, and potential purchase mistakes, are in regards to the players' bats. A player's bat MUST be Little League certified for the current basball year. Prior certification does not guarantee continued certification. We strongly recommend you consult the official Little League list of certified bats prior to purchasing one. The current list of certified bats is found on the Equipment & Merchandise page, also. The list is updated as new bats are tested, so you may need to check back or inquire with the manufacturer and/or Little League if you don't see a new model year bat on the list.

And of course, if you have any questions regarding equipment please contact your player's NSLL coach or contact the NSLL Equipment Director