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Tuesday, August 27

NLYBS Frequently Asked Questions:


What are the league divisions?

Beginner T-Ball is primarily for 4 and 5 year olds. The players will only hit from a tee. They will not be pitched to by the coach. Beginner T-Ball is for first time players and players who are not able to consistently hit the ball off the tee within three attempts. All players will hit and field every inning. Advanced T-Ball is primarily for 5 and 6 year olds. The players receive 3 pitches from the coach. If there isn't a hit from these three pitches, the tee will be used.

Advanced T-Ball is recommended for returning players who consistently put the ball into play either from a coach's pitch or off the tee and who can exhibit some of the following skills: running to the bases in the correct order, throwing the ball to first base, able to protect themselves from batted ball, etc. All players will hit and field every inning. Beginning and Advanced T-Ball play on Tuesdays and Fridays from 5:30-6:30. As a result, parents may find it difficult to have children on both beginning and advanced t-ball teams. If you find yourself in this situation, you may want to play one child up or down so they can be on the same team.


Rookie Baseball and Softball are primarily for 7 and 8 year olds. Each batter is allowed to swing at 4 pitches from the coach pitching. If the player has swung at none of the four pitches they are out. If the player has swung at some of the four pitches but has not put the ball into play, then the player is allowed to hit off a batting tee. Players are allowed to slide, but not to steal. Within the constraints of safety, coaches are required to have all players play infield and outfield positions during the course of a game. An inning consists of 5 runs or 5 outs. Rookie baseball and softball is recommended for players who have mastered the following skills: 1. Catch a ball thrown to them from approximately 10 feet without fear of the ball. 2. Hold and swing a bat properly without being afraid of the ball being pitched to them. 3. Play an infield position and be aware of where the ball is at all times. 4. Understand the order to run bases and that they must be on base in order to be safe from being tagged out and basic rules of the game (i.e., safe/out). 5. Be able to consistently swing and make contact with a ball from the tee without hitting the tee itself. 6. Be able to stop, or at least be able to protect themselves with their glove from, a batted and/or thrown ball while positioned at one of the infield positions.

Junior Baseball and Softball are primarily for 9 and 10 year olds. Players are allowed to pitch one inning in a game. Once the pitcher has pitched 4 called balls, the batters coach then pitches 3 balls and the batter must hit or strike out. Players are allowed to steal one base per batter. No player shall sit out more than 2 innings per game, except in case of injury. Junior teams also play Coralville and Solon Recreation Department teams. They will also participate in the NLYBS tournament at the end of the season (June 23-27).

Senior Baseball and Softball are primarily for 11, 12, and 13 year olds. Players may pitch two innings per game. No player shall sit out more than 2 innings per game, except in case of injury. Senior teams also play Coralville and Solon Recreation Department teams. They will also participate in the NLYBS tournament at the end of the season (June 23-27).

When does the season begin and end? The season starts with Field Enhancement on Saturday, March 29th at the Penn Meadows complex. Practice will begin the week after field enhancement. Games will begin the week of April 28th and end around June 20th. The junior and senior leagues will have season ending tournaments that last week of June, with June 27th as the last potential day for games. We always end the season before July 4th.

How are practice times determined and when does practice begin? Practice times are chosen by the coaches during the coaches meeting that is held on the same day as field enhancement. The teams with the most participation during field enhancement are given first choice of practice times. Your child’s coach is a volunteer and will sign up for practices based on their schedule. Practice times are posted on the NLYBS website the weekend field enhancement. Coaches may also call or email you with the practice times. Practice starts the week after the coaches meeting.

When will I know what team my child is on? The coaches and parents are emailed a roster of the team’s players prior to Field Enhancement day. Coaches may also contact you to let you know the team you are on and remind you about field enhancement. After the coaches meeting, they may contact you via E-mail or phone with the practice schedule. If they don’t, please check the website.

I have heard from one of my children’s coaches, but not the other child’s. When will I hear from them? All of our coaches are volunteers and will contact you as soon as possible after the coaches meeting that will be held on the same day as field enhancement.

How do I move my child into an older league? Our registration site is designed to overlap the birthdates for each league so that children at the maximum age for a league have the choice to pick to stay in one league or to play up. Commissioners appreciate it is you also let them know that you are playing your child up in the “Notes” field during registration.

What is involved in being a coach? Our league focuses on recreation and having fun playing baseball and softball. For our T-ball and Rookie leagues, we need a lot of coaches. Their main goal is to keep the team organized and be the point of contact for NLYBS for any issues that come up. You DO NOT have to have a coaching background to volunteer.  

 For our Junior and Senior leagues, the coaches are going to need to understand the rules and their players. They usually have two practice times each week and the kids begin pitching to each other. There is just a little more involvement needed from the coaches in the higher league. The Coaches meeting is designed to go over all the rules for the league to make sure everyone is on the same page so that conflicts do not come up.

Why is it important for NLYBS to have my e-mail? For our volunteer coaches this becomes the fastest and easiest way to get important information out such as rosters and schedules. For parents, the e-mail allows the league to distribute updates and information about the league. It is important for NLYBS and the coaches to have more than one way to reach you. If your email or phone number changes during the season or after registration, please contact

Why can’t I request what team my child plays on? With 900 children playing ball, it is impossible to fill all requests. Children placed on the same team as a request is purely coincidental. There is no exception to this rule in Jr. and Sr. ball leagues. Siblings in the same league will be placed on the same team unless a parent requests us not to. Please let commissioners know that players are siblings in the “Notes” field during registration especially if they do not share the same last name.

On what nights do the ball games occur? Depending on the number of teams our goal is to have T-ball and Rookie games on Tues. and Fri. nights. Beginner and Advanced T-ball play at 5:30 and Rookie plays at 6:45. Junior & Senior ballgames are usually on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday at 6 p.m. Each team will be scheduled up to 12 games. In addition, the Junior and Senior leagues will play season ending tournaments. I have an older child (14 years and up)/spouse that would like to umpire. How do they sign up? Please contact Danny John at

What is the registration money used for? NLYBS provides all the equipment needed for our league not counting gloves and shoes. We have to buy helmets, bats, catching equipment, baseballs and softballs. We also provide shirts and hats for all players and coaches. At the end of the season, we then provide medals and trophies for all teams. There are also supplies needed to maintain the fields like bases, pitching mounds and chalk. We also replace the lime on the fields. We do pay our umpires and someone to line the fields. As we are able to save up income we have constructed new diamonds that cost $30,000 to $35,000. Our next proposed capital improvement goal is to build a new concession stand with better restrooms and a better location for our 8 fields at Penn Meadows. We do solicit sponsors to help offset the costs.

How do I become a sponsor of my child’s team? If your business or workplace is interested in sponsoring a team, please go to the handouts page on the NLYBS website or contact and a form will be sent to your business with information. This is a great way to show your child that you are interested in what they are doing.

I don’t want to be on the board, but do you need help behind the scenes? If so, how do I become a volunteer? We are always looking for volunteers to help us with the season activities. To find out what is available, please e-mail or call NLYBS at 248-1283.

What if I decide after volunteering that I would like to become a board member? Each year we have a General Assembly meeting in September. Please see the by-laws at: for more information.  


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