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The Frank Sayre Award
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An umpire must maintain an atmosphere of impartiality. With this in mind, Frank Sayre gave the NJSBUA a sense of direction. His 45 years of service steered its membership constantly in the directions that the impartiality of umpiring stand for - integrity and consistency. And within this atmosphere, a baseball game played at any level will be decided through competitive play and good sportsmanship. To many, the NJSBUA was Frank Sayre's life work.

The "Frank Sayre Award" recognizes a high school baseball team from the area that our association serves: Union, Essex, Morris Sussex and parts of Passaic and Somerset Counties. The team selected best represents the "Spirit of Competition and Exemplary Sportsmanship" reflecting Frank Sayre's dedication to the game of baseball.

Frank Sayre served the NJSBUA from 1948 to 1995. He was our President in 1962. In that time, the NJSBUA emerged as the largest baseball officiating organization in New Jersey. His dedication to the NJSBUA merited him as one of the initial recipeients of our Hall of Fame ( Jack Schrumpf Award ), along with J. Walter Coffee, Carl Newman, Barry Finn, George Swoyer and Harry De Lorenzo, in 1977. Frank was eleved to the Union County Baseball Hall of fame in 1992. He was elected to the Cranford Sports Hall of fame as an Official in 2000.

 The 2016 Frank Sayre Award goes to the

Morristown-Beard School

Past Frank Sayre Award Recipients

 1995  Seton Hall Prep School
 1996  Bloomfield High School
 1997  Randolph High School
 1998  Seton Hall Prep School
 1999  Cranford High School
 2000  Mendham High School
 2001  Newton High School
 2002  Nutley High School
 2003  Hanover Park High School
 2004  Morristown High School
 2005  Wallkill Valley High School
 2006  Newark East Side High School
 2007  The Delbarton School
 2008  Millburn High School
 2009  Scotch Plains -  Fanwood High School
 2010  Columbia High School
  2011  Westfield High School
 2012  Madison High School
  2013  Jonathon Dayton Regional High School
 2014  Cedar Grove High School
  2015  Mount Olive High School