NJSBUA - New Jersey Baseball Umpires Association Inc.: Honorary Members

NJSBUA Honorary Members
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Honorary Members are not participating members of this Association but rather honorees of NJSBUA who are recognized for their outstanding achievements or contributions.

Arthur Augauer Arthur Lape
Raymond Beam

William A. MacDonald

Alexander Buncher           Frank Makowsky
Dusty Bogges John Mott
John M. Bodine Milton Nichols
Howard Bollerman Harry Nowick
Anthony Ciardi Arthur Passarella
J. Walter Coffee Carl J. Perina
Ed "Ted" Cooper Ralph "Babe" Pinelli
Peter Cortese Scoty Robb
Shag Crawford Frank Scanlon
Robert Crelin John Shannon
J. L. Fish Harry Shatel
Frank Garrity Wm. "Chuck" Soladare 
G. R. Griffin Tom Sorber
Barney Finn Albert "Dolly" Stark
Al Foreman William J. Stewart
Nick Frannicola Angelo Trumbstore
Fred Hunt Andrew Vola
Peter Karl  Harry Woods