NJSBUA - New Jersey Baseball Umpires Association Inc.: Disqualification Procedure

Disqualification Procedures



PRELIMINARY NOTE: An NJSIAA rules modification identifies six (6) "NO WARNING" types of taunting/baiting conduct that require immediate ejection. These are verbal, written or physical conduct related to race, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or religion. In other words, if any denigrating remarks or actions relate to a person's race, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or religion, the infraction is flagrant and requires immediate ejection from the game. And, like all single, stand-alone infractions of Bench and Conduct rules deemed "major," a DQ report is required.

! DO remember that disqualification by reason of "cumulative" infractions of "Bench and Field Conduct" rules is NOT subject to reporting requirements: only prepare a Disqualification Form for an infraction which, standing alone would be cause for immediate disqualification.

! DO make explanation to both coaches, quickly and decisively and then get the ball back into play.

! DO at the time of calling the flagrant infraction, instruct the official scorer to note the flagrant disqualifying infraction in the official score book.

! DO, after calling a flagrant infraction on a head coach, enforce NJSIAA Guidelines strictly: Ascertain the availability of another coach or qualified faculty member who can assume responsibility for the team. If the administrator or representative is able to designate such a person, the disqualified coach should be removed from the immediate area. Should the administrator or representative be unable to make this designation, the disqualified coach should be assigned to an area where the coach can observe the game and be available to protect the safety and welfare of the team. If the disqualified coach uses this privilege to communicate with the team or is again guilty of an unsportsmanlike act, the game shall be terminated. Send a DQ/Termination report to Mr. David Klein, as per "AFTER THE GAME" insturctions below.

! DO follow specific end of game procedures as outlined in the Umpires' Manual. Professionalism is the key at all times.

! DON'T threaten a player or coach with impending suspension.

! DON'T engage in any discussion with anyone concerning prior actions of the player or coach involved.

! DON'T make any statements to anyone as to the consequences of the disqualification (i.e., "you know your player will be suspended for the next two games," etc.).

! DON'T send a disqualified student athlete to the locker room or any other location. He or she must remain on the bench under the supervision of the coach.

! DON'T render any interpretations of the NJSIAA rule at any time. Enforce the rules.

! DON'T attempt to police suspensions in subsequent games.

! DON'T remain on the field after the game to make any notations in the scorebook. While NJSIAA regulations prescribe making notations in the scorebooks at the conclusion of the game, "if conditions permit." In our game, "conditions do not permit." Umpires are to leave the field together immediately after their responsibilities have been completed.


1. Report all disqualifications by telephone only to: Mr. David Klein at 973-338-9065 before 10:00 p.m. on day of game or no later than between the hours of 8:00-10:00 a.m. the following morning.

2. Print or scan the DQ Report form contained in the link below. Complete the Report as per the guidelines below, sign and email or fax ONLY to David Klein at davidrklein@webtv.net -- or fax 973-338-7469.

3. As per the instructions above, Do NOT call the school to report the DQ. The school will be notified on your behalf by the NJSBUA.

4. Do not discuss the DQ or the game circumstances with anyone other than your assigner (if required) and an authorized representative of NJSBUA.