NJSBUA - New Jersey Baseball Umpires Association Inc.: Interpreters Corner

2013 Softball Note:

From Andy Pecora
Here are some helpful hints to understand the DP/ FLEX:   
1. The use of the DP/FLEX is optional.
2. There are still only NINE hitters.
3. FLEX is listed in the tenth(10) position in the batting order and does NOT bat.
4. DP Must always bat in the same position in the batting order.
5. A starter and a sub may NOT be in the game at the same time.
6. DP may be substituted for by:
          a) FLEX
          b) Legal sub
      In either case the DP has left the game;there are now 9 players
          c) If DP is replaced by a legal sub,the DP position remains in the game
   7. Any player may reenter once. (Starting player or substitute)
   8. If the DP is replaced by the FLEX, there are now nine players in the game. Game may end with 9 players. (GAME MAY STILL END WITH  EIGHT)
   9. If DP reenters or a substitute as DP,if FLEX was batting, FLEX may:                    

            a) Return to tenth (10) position and play defense.
            b) Leave the game if the DP plays defense for the FLEX.

10. DP may play defense, if the DP plays defensefor a playerOTHER than the FLEX, this player may bat but NOT play defense. She has NOT left the game.

11. If the DP plays defense for the FLEX or the FLEX bats for the DP she must report to the umpire. Also add:
                     A. DP can never be on defense only
                     B. FLEX can never be on offense only
                     C. DP and FLEX can never be on offense at the same time.
                     D. DP and FLEX can play defense at the same time.