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Welcome to the Nest.

The home of the New Jersey Blue Jayz mens baseball team and your 2011 SPRING and 2005 / 2008 / 2009 Fall Champions

08/21/11 - Live it!  Feel it!  love it!  CHAMPIONS!    At Aproxamently 1:30 today, your Jersey City Blue Jayz won the deciding championship game 3 vs. the Monmouth Nomads in deciding fasion with a 16-3 win.   The Jayz captured their first ever spring championship with a powerful 4-1 run through the playoffs after an up and down 14-6 season.  The Jayz did enter hot though winning their final 7 games which obviously paved their way on their outstanding playoff run.

12/12/09 - In the snow and through the cold (28 degress) Your Blue Jayz are proud to announce that they are the 2009 Fall Champions!  The first ever back to back championships in franchise history.  Dropping game 1 and down in game 2, they came back to win an exciting series!  Big Shout-Out to Sammy the Bull who caught 22 innings over the weekend.       This season and championship is dedicated to our brother Jesus and his family!

11/22/08 - The Jayz ended their undefeated playoff run with a 11-2 win and a sweep of the championship series over the Monmouth Cyclones.   The Jayz flew through the playoffs in dominating fashion and all around team baseball to secure their 2nd fall championship in the past 4 years!

07/27/08 - The Jayz are pleased to announce that for their second time in team history, there has been a No Hitter.  on Sunday, July 27th, Adalpho Santos (Rookie) took the mound for the last time in the regular season and ended with one of the best performances in team history only allowing 1 bb while striking out 5 in a 5 inning shortten No Hit baseball game to take the win over the North Bergen Bad Boys.

04/05/08 - The Jayz are looking forward to a very strong 2008 campaign.  The Jayz have lost some valuable talent, but also made some big off season moves to build on some of their week spots.   The Jayz also look forward to their first ever  Stadium game which will be held at the Somerset Patriots stadium on May 31st vs. the Pirates.

12/29/06 -- The Jayz are proud to announce for the first time in franchise history, the League MVP belongs to their own blue bird, Steve Corba.  Team leader with 15 RBIs, 12 hits and third with 11runs scored, Corba was constantly coming up big ending his season with a .387 avg and a .474 avg for his career.  Corba also lead the whole league in RBIs, was second in TB's and third in Hits.

12/22/06 -- Mark Kreishcer was anounced as the Spring 2006 Cy Young award winner.   This is Marks first and the Blue Jayz fourth award in franchise history

09/14/06 -- Opening day for the Fall 2006 season is right around the corner! The Jayz look to defend their single A crown in a return trip to AA where they will reunite with long time rivals. In the off-season, the Jayz were able to sign two veteran free agents in Mark Glover and Sweat Lou Silva. They are also excited to finally see the breakout of rookie Omar Salgado. Get your tickets now as the Jayz come in with high expectations for this fall season!!

06/18/06 -- Jesus Cordero tied the Blue Jayz record with 5 SB's in one game against the Blazers. This is the second time he has reached this mark.

06/27/06 -- The Blue Jayz are pleased to announce their FIRST ever No Hitter in Franchise History. Blue Jayz rookie pitcher Mark Kreischer pitched a CG (7innings) No NO against a strong Yellow Jacket lineup, ending the night with 10K's, no balls hit into the outfield and retiring the last 7 batters!

Blue Jayz Leading Birdz:

Blue Jayz Season Record Holders

Name Stat Record Season
S.Balady         AB 72 S 05
D.Salmanowitz    R 40 S 05
A.Ortega         H 31 S 06
Lockwd/Ortega    2B 7 S 04 - S 06
A.Lockwood       3B 7 S 03
A.Ortega         HR 4 S 03
J.Cannon         RBI 31 S 03
A.Ortega         TB 54 S 03
D.Salm/A.Ortega  BB 21 S 03
J.Cordero        SB 23 S 06
M.Williams       OBP 0.648 S 05
A.Ortega         SLG 0.931 S 03
M.Williams       AVG 0.513 F 05

Blue Jayz Single Game Hitting Record Holders
Name Stat Record


D.Salmanowitz / J. Jessup AB 8

 FP 03 / F09 

J.Cordero      R 4

S 03 - FP 03 - S 04

S.Salmanowitz  R 4

    S 03 

J. Jessup  H 5

    F 09 

Howdy     H 5

       F 09 







 B. Santucci     BB 5

F 09      

A.Ortega       HR 2

      S 03 

J.Cannon       RBI 7

      S 03 

J.Cordero      SB 5

      S 04 - S 06 

 S Balady  SB  5

               S 08



Blue Jayz Season Pitching Record Holders 




M. Williams  



S 05
M. Kreischer



F 05
M. Williams  



S 03
M. Williams  



S 03
M. Williams  



S 02 - S 04
M. Williams  



S 05
M. Kreischer   



S 06
M. Kreischer



S 06
M. Kreischer



S 06
M. Williams  



F 05

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