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Corporate Sponsorship:

Through the years we have aimed to provide quality programs at an affordable price, and have been successful in doing so as well as making small improvements to the various fields we use and keeping the equipment/uniforms up to code/date.  Part of the proceeds from registration fees is set aside in a Scholarship Fund for families who find the registration fees are to be a financial strain.    We are continually seeking Corporate Sponsorship to help defray many of the costs involved in running our programs effectively that the registration fees do not cover.  Many of these costs are itemized in the Vision Plan table below.  We would welcome the opportunity to work with any companies interested in sponsoring our youth programs for the children of North Hampton.    By providing sponsorship, you not only reach the North Hampton families, but also surrounding communities as we open up enrollment to non-residents to help fill the programs.  This is a great advertising tool without any long term commitments on your part.  We will include a link to your company website on our website (www.nhyaonline.com ), provide logos on uniforms and other recognition through signage where appropriate. Any contributions made are tax deductible.

NHYA Vision Plan

Even with the well-rounded schedule of programs currently available, there is so much more we would like to offer to our youth but have just not had enough funds to move ahead.  Because of this, we have created a Vision Plan to organize and prioritize our goals for NHYA.  The NHYA Vision Plan is to continue to improve and build quality programs for the youth of North Hampton by providing proper facilities to house these programs.


We have broken down our “wish list” to put our Vision Plan on track for now and into the future:

Opportunities for Corporate Sponsorship Estimated Cost: 
Knowles Field          

Add play field for ages 4-6 at Knowles Field  -

      involves filling in back parking lot with loam/grass.
Can be shared across multiple donors, on a time and materials basis

Build new concession stand to located in center of

       two existing fields and one proposed new field        
Can be shared across multiple donors, on a time and materials basis

Renovate existing concession stand that lies in the

      very back of fields to turn it into storage
Can be shared across multiple donors, on a time and materials basis

Improve condition of front parking lot at Knowles

Can be shared across multiple donors, on a time and materials basis

Add scoreboard for use with various sports

Can be shared across multiple donors, on a time and materials basis

Renovate and restore Sting (soccer) kickboard          

Can be shared across multiple donors, on a time and materials basis
Dearborn Park  

Cut down trees behind and level large area behind home plate on smaller field located furthest from tennis courts/playground                             

Can be shared across multiple donors, on a time and materials basis

Extend fence on either side of existing fence (currently behind home plate) to appropriate length for teams to sit behind on smaller field located furthest from tennis courts/playground         

Can be shared across multiple donors, on a time and materials basis

Add seating for teams  on smaller field located furthest from tennis courts/playground

Can be shared across multiple donors, on a time and materials basis
Uniform Sponsorship  

Baseball, basketball and K-2 soccer team sponsorship  - Uniforms are replaced each season

 $200 per team

Sting Soccer team sponsorship – uniforms are reused over a period of many years

 $500 per team (or contributions towards Knowles/Dearborn improvements)




Volunteers Needed

NORTH HAMPTON – The North Hampton Youth Association is looking for volunteers to join the NHYA board.  For those unaware of what exactly the NHYA does, it is a nonprofit organization that organizes and oversees all of the town’s youth sports leagues and any related business matters and administrative work. It is run completely by volunteers from the community, meaning there are no paid staff members, and the focus is on programs designed for pre-K (age 4) through sixth-grade students.     Anyone with interest in learning more or contributing to the NHYA Board of Directors in another way, is encouraged to contact a Lisa Martin, President, at lisa.martin@libertyiu.com.


NHYA Statement on EEE Virus in North HamptonWe take these findings by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services seriously and have carefully considered a variety of options, including canceling the fall soccer season altogether. We have come to the conclusion if the necessary precautions are taken – meaning doing everything we can to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes that transmit EEE – the children of North Hampton can continue playing soccer this fall in a safe and enjoyable environment.  It is important to note children should continue playing at the discretion of their parents. The NHYA is neither encouraging nor discouraging anyone from participating in soccer; rather we are making you aware of the current situation and recommending you do what is best for your family. Among the precautions we can all take, according to information posted online by the State of N.H. DHHS, are:

  • If possible, stay inside between dusk and dark, when mosquitoes are most active.
  • When outside between dusk and dark, wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts.
  • Use an insect repellent with DEET according to manufacturer's directions when outside.
  • Put screens on windows and make sure they do not have holes.
  • Eliminate standing water from your property.
 Based on this information, we have adjusted the timeframes within which games and practices can be held. That includes all North Hampton Sting games played under the umbrella of the New Hampshire Seacoast Youth Soccer League. No games or practices will be held prior to 9 a.m., and no games or practices will take place after 6 p.m.  The K-2 soccer program starting time on Saturday mornings has been pushed back to 10 a.m., and activities will continue at Knowles Field. Based on the information we received from Dragon Mosquito Control, there is no benefit to switching play to another field such as Dearborn Park. The entire Seacoast area and the town of North Hampton are equally at risk, so again, we must take precautions regardless of where we are.  A 4-year-old soccer program will not be offered this fall since there were no available time slots based on the readjusted schedules for Sting and K-2. We apologize for any inconveniences or disappointment this may cause, but we feel it is in the best interests of our children’s safety. Additionally, Dragon Mosquito Control has been spraying Knowles Field every two weeks and will now do so every week.  We encourage parents to discuss this issue with your children, and continue playing at your own discretion. But whether your child is playing soccer or not, we also encourage you to take the necessary precautions to avoid exposure to EEE.   We are not the authority on this subject, so for more information on EEE prevention, please visit the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services website at www.dhhs.nh.gov, or call the DHHS information line at 1-866-273-6453.   Thank you for your attention to this matter. If we work together, we can continue to make the fields of North Hampton safe for our children.   Sincerely,   North Hampton Youth Association