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Sunday, October 26
Wildcat Soccer Report 10-25-14: Wildcats fall to Winfield 4-2 on Penalty Kicks

A magical season has come to an end for your hometown Nitro High School Wildcats (12-5-3). The Cats suffered a 4-2 defeat at the hands of the Winfield Generals (16-2-4) on the Generals’ home field earlier today. The game went into two overtimes with the winner being determined by penalty kicks (PKs).

The Cats traveled to Putnam County for a 3:00 pm kick under partly sunny skies and mild temperatures. A tremendous group of fans followed their beloved Cats down Old Route 35 to watch one whale of a game. About 40 members of the student body made the trip. Conner Meikle and Nathan Payne led a group of band members that arrived at halftime after they had just finished a band competition in Charleston. Thanks guys! There were at least 150+ other Nitro fans in the stands!

The Cats took the first half kick and the teams battled evenly for the first 24 minutes. Then with 16:29 left in the first period, the Cats committed a very questionable foul inside the penalty box when a Winfield forward dribbled in the box and tried to go around one of our defenders. The Winfield forward fell and the center ref called a foul. The result was a PK. Winfield’s #17, Jesse Richmond stepped forward to take the kick and he put it in the left corner of the Wildcat goal. That’s how the first half would end; 1-0 Winfield.

The Generals took the second half kick attacking from left to right as you view the field from the stands. The teams continued to battle evenly for the next 27 minutes when Wildcat junior Jeremy Young took a shot from just outside the penalty box and to the left of the Winfield goal. The ball struck a General defender in the hand and a handball foul was called. Enter junior Dylan “Rico Suave” Cavender to take the free kick. Dylan lined the ball up from about 20 yards out. There were seven Winfield defenders between him and the goal. When the ref blew the whistle Dylan struck the ball. It launched over Winfield’s three man wall and above four other defenders, including the keeper, and swished right under the top cross bar. Goal Nitro, score tied at 1-1.

The Cats played like we have not seen them play for the next 13 minutes. Fueled by a desire to win and adrenaline supplied by loud and enthusiastic fans, our boys fought like Wildcats! The Nitro offense applied pressure to the Winfield goal on three occasions in the last three minutes of the second half and had a couple of opportunities to score.

The first was when Senior co-captain Chase Kirk shot a hard low liner goalward from about 30 yards out. The General keeper dove to his right and made a nice save. The ball bounced out and senior co-captain Alec Miller battled a Winfield defender for the put back. The ball sailed just left of the goal.

The second opportunity came with just 15 seconds remaining in regulation. Senior co-captain Austin Headband McKitrick was up near midfield about 5 yards from the midstripe. He sent a beautiful pass to freshman Seth Jordan who was perfectly positioned between defenders about 24 yards from the goal. Seth received and settled the pass and drove to the 18 yard line where he shot a high liner that soared just over the cross bar. The score at the end of the second period was 1 – 1.

In sectional and tournament play, if the game is tied at the end of regulation time, then two 10 minute sudden death periods are played. The next goal wins. If the game is still tied at the end of the second overtime period, then PKs are taken. Each team is given the opportunity to take up to 5 PKs. The team with the most scores after the 5 opportunities wins the game.

Our boys, as well as the Generals, played their hearts out for twenty more minutes. Both overtime periods were scoreless and each squad was dead dog tired. Each squad had shots on goal in the OTs and both goalies did an outstanding job. The crowd was electric, so much so they could have powered a locomotive!

At the end of the second OT period, the refs had both teams line up at the midstripe. Coach Eich selected the Cat’s shooters; Miller, Cavender, Kirk and Headband would all come forward. Defending for the Cats would be none other than junior Chris Klocke. There can be no more pressure on a keeper than defending against a PK after double overtime has expired.
Winfield’s first shooter shot a hard grounder towards the left corner of the net. Chris dove to his right just missing the deflection. Score 1-0 Winfield on PKs.

The Animal stepped up for the Wildcats and sent a liner above the Winfield keeper. Score 1-1.

The next Winfield kicker sent another low grounder to the left corner of the net, just beyond Chris’ outstretched arms. Score 2-1 Winfield on PKs.
Dylan Cavender was next for the Cats and the General goalie dove to his left in anticipation. Rico sent the ball to the center of the net untouched. Score 2-2.

Next up for the Generals was #10, Vlad Johns. Johns sent a third low grounder into the left corner of the net and scored what would ultimately be the winning goal. Score 3-2 Winfield.

Senior Chase Kirk was next in line for the Cats. Chase positioned the ball and eyed the keeper. When the ref blew the whistle Chase sent a hard, low grounder, towards the left corner of the goal. The ball went just wide of the left post. Score remained 3-2 Winfield.

Winfield’s #14, Austin Miller took their next kick. Miller sent a liner into the left corner of the net. Score 4-2 Winfield. And all the pressure switched to the next Wildcat striker. If we don’t score, the game is over.

Up next for the Wildcats was senior co-captain Austin Headband McKitrick. Austin set the ball and when the whistle blew he sent a liner towards the left corner of the goal. Winfield’s keeper, Douglas, dove to his right and swallowed the ball in his chest. And in that instant, the Cat’s magical season ended.

The Winfield fans and players erupted with cheers and laughter and charged the field, jumping, clapping and celebrating their team’s hard fought victory.

The Wildcat fans were deafly silent. I saw no dry eyes. I saw hugs of consolation, tears of sadness and looks of disappointment.
Final score was 4-2 Winfield on PKs.

Saturday night has now turned to Sunday morning as I try and finish this report. The sun is up and the house is quiet. It’s another beautiful October morning; the Sunday Morning Gospel Jubilee is playing on the radio. All the details of the game are somehow just a blur.

It was indeed a season of memories. One where the Cats tripled the number of wins they had last year. This season the Cats returned to the Region 4 Section 1 championship for the first time in several years. This season saw Ryne Eich, a young, new head coach and John Eich, assistant coach, and Ryne’s dad, guide and teach the team how to be winners. We even had a third coach, Jimbo Jordan, that brought a winning tradition to the team along with several fantastic freshmen. I think we can safely say that we had more fans attend games this season than we have in any of the past four seasons. We have new bleachers; new player shelters and the dangerous concrete sidelines are gone. Indeed many memories have been made this year for the players, coaches and their families.

My final commentary for the game is that the Cats gave it everything they had. The players played and coaches coached. The fans cheered. Our young team went up against a senior laden squad. It was reported that our opponent had 12 seniors on their team. As a whole, they were bigger, stronger and faster. However, as we’ve seen before, that didn’t keep our Cats from competing. And compete they did! From the opening kick, to the final save, and every pass, block, throw-in and header in between, the Cats competed! In another David vs Goliath match the Cats competed.

So you may ask, how does a smaller, younger team compete when the odds are stacked against them. I’ll tell you how, it’s with heart. It’s with the heart of a senior co-captain that is sprinting down the field against a defender that’s 50 pounds heavier and hitting him all along the way. It’s with the heart of freshman striker that takes the ball into the den of the beast and fearlessly shoots. And, it’s with the heart of a junior keeper that lays everything he has out on the line, sacrificing his body to keep the other team from scoring.

It was clear that same heart beat in each and every one of the Wildcats this afternoon. You could see it in the tears that ran down the cheeks of a senior defender, a senior sweeper and a senior midfielder. Each young man knowing he had played his last high school game as he slowly and reluctantly walked off the field.

When I saw my son’s face and the obvious pain he was in, I shed a few tears myself. But I couldn’t help but to also be happy for him. I was happy and proud of the young 18 year old standing in front of me for I knew right then and there that IT meant something to him. That he had passion for the game, for his school and for his band of brothers that he has played this sport called soccer with. To know that passion is living, and while life is hurting for the next little bit, it will be all the more satisfying as he journeys into manhood. The same is true for all of our seniors.

As the season comes to an end so does the Wildcat Soccer Report. I’m going to miss working on the field with Kirk, Kahn, Bowden and Waugh. I’m going to miss filming the games from the little perch that Nate and I call home for a couple hours once or twice a week from August to October. I’m going to miss going to practice and watching my son grow up, and I’m certainly going to miss the games. I’m even going to miss my buddy Doug Miller. As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end and certainly my involvement with NHS soccer has been a good thing for me.

As I was leaving the field after the game, I knelt down to see my granddaughter who was oblivious to the goings on around her. I’m not sure but I thought I saw her wink. I couldn’t help but think that maybe in 15 years or so, we’ll fire back up the computer and if Facebook is still around we’ll restart the Wildcat Soccer Report. So long everybody, and remember,,,,,,

Let’s go Cats! From your reporter John Jarrett

Friday, October 24
Wildcat Soccer Report 10-22-14: Wildcats humble Hurricane 6 - 0! by John Jarrett

Wow! That’s about all this humble writer can simply say is wow! Our hometown Wildcats (12-4-3) took on the Hurricane Redskins (8-11-2) for a second time Wednesday evening at Nitro City Park. And for a second time the Cats came out on top, and this time they left no doubt who the better team was! In front of about 200 fans, including several loud, rambunctious and happy members of the NHS student body, the Cats skinned the “Skins” 6-0! A few of the students who came to cheer on their beloved Wildcats were: Jennifer Pauley, Preston Cain, Olivia Darby, Bethany Davis, Claire Hemme, Josh Jarrett, Tanner Mann, Conner Meikle (including mom and dad Tom and Sybil), Nathan Payne, Haley Sapp, Garrett Volk (including his mom and sister), the Morris sisters, and Tyler Whited. Many of the NHS Girls’ soccer squad stayed after their practice to cheer for their favorite boys team!

The game started at 5:00 pm under grey but dry skies. It was cool, about 54 degrees. There was an unspoken tension in the air for the adults. Indeed Coach John Eich was reported to be so focused that he couldn’t talk. But the boys were loose and ready. General McKitrick was there to win, but he was going to have fun in process.

The Cats got the first half kick defending the goal on the pavilion end of the field. The Skins defended the river end. For the first 30 minutes, Hurricane was the aggressor and consistently challenged the Cat’s defense. Soon-to-be All-State Keeper Chris Klocke was the dominate player for the Cats during the Redskin assault. Chris made 5 saves during the first half; some certainly were destined for the net but all were turned away. In the span of about 90 seconds, two minutes into the game, Hurricane had a free kick from 25 yards out, a throw in deep in the right corner of Nitro territory and two corner kicks from the right side. Whew! Again, the Nitro defense was immovable, like a stone wall!
Hurricane’s defenders were all positioned at the mid-stripe or on the Nitro side. This strategy helped keep pressure on the Nitro defense for the first ¾ of the first half. The Cats managed only three balls that went across midfield into Hurricane’s field of play.

With 13:40 left in the first half the tide began to change. The Wildcat offense took control. Senior co-captains Chase Kirk and Alec Miller along with freshman Seth Jordan and support from the rest of the entire Wildcat team made themselves a force to be reckoned with. The Cats took three shots on goal in the next three minutes including one from the human sparkplug himself, freshman Dom Fazzolari. Dom made a beautiful cross field shot from 20 yards out on the right side of the field and just missed pay dirt by a few inches.

For the next 8 minutes the ball spent 90% of the time on the Hurricane side of the field with freshman keeper Dalton Burch getting the workout of his life! Finally, with 4:37 left to play in the first half, the Redskin keeper’s armor was pierced. Junior Dylan Cavender took the ball to just inside the mid-stripe in the center of the field and sent it forward to three, white clad, NHS strikers that were on their horses headed toward the Redskin goal. Burch, facing down the three bull rushing Cats: Miller, Waugh and Jordan, charged toward the ball and kicked it back out to midfield in a desperation effort of self-defense. Unfortunately for him, Captain Kirk was there waiting like a big cat ready to pounce on its prey. Chase controlled the ball dribbled forward two strides and from 40 yards out, smashed it right back toward Burch and the Redskin goal. Burch was helpless in his attempt to reach backward for the block and the ball landed squarely in the back center of the net. Gooooooal! Score 1-0 Nitro.

There was no question that this first goal deflated the Redskins. It was almost like a switch turned their offense off. The Cat’s second goal was a dagger in the heart of the Redskins. With just under a minute to play, junior Mat Kahn took a throw-in on Hurricane’s side of the field just in front of the press box. Mat launched a beautiful toss to Chase Kirk who was in the center of the field about 30 yards from the goal. Chase had one touch and sent a relatively soft grounder toward the goal. The Redskin keeper knelt down on one knee to stop the ball but inadvertently rose up before he secured it and the ball kept rolling under his knee and into the back of the net. Score 2-0 Nitro. And that’s how the first half would end.

Hurricane took the second half kick attacking the river end of the field. About one minute later, a handball call on Nitro’s Chase Jarrett gave the Redskins about their last serious opportunity to score. Hurricane’s Loren Meadows took the free kick and it sailed toward Chris Klocke. Chris jumped high and caught the ball just in front of the goal. Chris would make one more dramatic save when Meadows, Hurricane’s leading scorer, would take one more shot with 27:54 remaining in the game. The Redskin striker took a shot about 23 yards out and Chris dove to his right and fully extended to stop the ball.

With 24:11 remaining the Cats would get their 3rd score. The Redskin offense had the ball about 25 yards out and in the center of the field when senior co-captain Chase Jarrett stepped forward and picked the ball off from Hurricane’s #22, Avery Meadows. Chase sent the ball to Seth Jordan just short of midfield. Seth passed to Alec Miller who out ran Hurricane’s entire defense and was left one on one with the Redskin keeper. The freshman Burch was no match for Alec. The Animal sent the ball to the right of Burch and into the left corner of the net. Score 3-0 Wildcats.

Score number four came 6 minutes later. With 18:00 left to play, sophomore Joseph “Photo Bomb” Humphrey took a throw-in deep in Hurricane territory on the left side of field. Alex Miller battled 4 Redskin defenders just beyond the penalty box and the ball popped out to Captain Kirk about 23 yards out from the goal. The Captain wound up and sent a rocket directly at the Hurricane goal. Burch dove to his right and made a nice save, but the ball bounced out to Nitro’s Jordan to the left of the goal. Seth sent the ball right back to the goal and Burch made another nice save by diving this time to his left. The ball bounced out to the right of the goal to a perfectly positioned Derek Waugh. “The Wall” immediately sent the ball into the net, just beyond the reach of Burch. Score 4-0 Wildcats with 17:56 left in the second period.

Two minutes later, Alec Miller was in the middle of a scrum in front of the Redskin goal. Alec sent a shot to the left corner of the net and Burch dove to deflect it. But who did the deflection go to, none other than Nitro’s Seth Jordan who promptly but the ball in the net. Score 5-0 Wildcats and the lights were almost out on Hurricane’s season.

After Nitro’s 5th score, Coach Eich sent Sophomore Christian Legg into goal for the Cats and our super hero Chris Klocke left the field to a nice ovation from the home team fans.

The final Wildcat score came with 6:00 minutes to play. Senior Alec Miller and freshman Dom Fazzolari were applying pressure in the center of the field inside the Hurricane penalty box. Alec charged toward the goal and forced Burch, for what seemed like the 100th time, to come out of the goal and to try and stop the attack. The ball bounced back out to the 18 yard line and Dom sent a shot goalward. A Redskin defender hit the ball with his hand which kept it from going in the net. A handball call was made resulting in a penalty kick for the Cats.
Seniors Kirk and Miller, along with half the other players on the team started chanting “Jarrett, Jarrett, Jarrett”. You may recall from the last Wildcat Soccer Report that Chase Jarrett had yet to score in his 4 year career at NHS. Coach Eich obliged his players’ request and what had become a continuing chant from the student section in the stands for “Jarrett”. Dom sat the ball down at the penalty kick spot and junior Jeremy Young smacked Chase on the back for encouragement. The ref provided instruction to the keeper and to Jarrett and then raised his hand. When the whistle blew the stands became anxiously quiet, almost like time had paused for a moment. Chase immediately charged the ball and sent it into the left center of the net just below a diving block attempt from Burch. The fans erupted with hoots, hollers and cheers for the senior co-captain making his first score in four years of high school soccer. His teammates surrounded him jumping, smiling and high-fiving! It was a wonderful sight for this writer to see. When Chase returned to the Nitro side of the field, he was given a great big bear hug by his General and fellow senior, co-captain Austin McKitrick. How appropriate it was for the senior to score in the waning minutes of the last game he will ever play on his home field. I don’t think Hollywood could have scripted it any better.

Just after the score, Coach Ryne Eich began substituting for his seniors. Hector Gallardo and Holden Wibberg would come in and Alec Miller and Chase Jarrett would trot off the Nitro City Park field in uniform for the very last time. The lone senior starter to remain on the field to the end was Austin McKitrick.
In the last seconds of the game, Hurricane took one final shot on goal. Christian was there to preserve the shutout for the Cats. His mom would later comment that if he didn’t make that save she would have kicked his,,,, well, you can guess.

I hate to sound repetitive, but tonight’s game was another complete team effort. The offense started slow and so the defense picked it up and scored yet another shutout. This is the 7th shutout of the season for Klocke, General Headband McKitrick and his rebel defense of Jarrett, Humphrey and Click. Then for the last 50 minutes of the game, the Wildcat offense maintained complete control of the ball, limiting the Redskins to just two shots on goal, neither of which were a serious threat to score.

Finally, I must give a great, great, great big shout out to NITRO NATION and the student body for coming to the game and supporting the Cats! Several of the players said it made a huge difference having their friends there and cheering for them. We also had VP McClanahan and AD Pritchard attend. Brian Oxley, Nitro’s Police Chief was there as well. And also a shout out to Missy Jordan and Tom Bowden for the balloons and cool poster by Jim Busby of Cardinal Photographics we had of the boys on the bleachers. At least I was told Tom furnished the poster, if this is not correct let me know and I’ll post a correction.

This victory is the Cat’s first sectional win in several years. The Cats travel to Putnam County this coming Saturday to take on the Winfield Generals (15-1-4) at 3:00 pm at Winfield High School. This matchup will be a real battle for the Cats. However, our team is playing as well as it has all year, with precision passing, relentless follow ups and a stonewall defense. You students don’t know how much it means to the players to have you cheer for them. It helps raise their play significantly; we’re going to need you there to pull off this upset victory! Please come out and support your hometown Wildcats, they will appreciate you being there!

Let’s go Cats!

Tuesday, October 21
Wildcat Soccer Report 10-18-14: Wildcats Pounce on Point Pleasant 2 - 0!

Your home team Wildcats traveled to Mason County and battled the Point Pleasant Black Knights on Saturday. The teams lined up for a 1:00 pm start under grey skies. Yours truly was unable to attend but Commander Kahn did a fine job recording the stats and passing them along to me.

Review of the stat sheet reveals that the Wildcats had an incredibly balanced attack. The Wildcat defense was obviously strong. General McKitrick and his rebel defense, with sophomore Derek Waugh filling in for senior Chase Jarrett, allowed only one shot on goal! Frankly, that is almost unheard of!

And while the defense kept the Big Blacks from menacing Chris Klocke, the offense must have worn out Point Pleasant’s keeper Chase Walker. Wildcat strikers recorded 22 shots on goal; I believe that is the most we’ve seen all season! Junior Jeremy Young led all Wildcats with 5 shots on goal. Senior co-captain Chase Kirk had 4 and Alec Miller, Dylan Cavender, Seth Jordan and Dom Fazzolari each had 3. Sophomore Chris Bowden rounded out the shots with 1.

Captain Kirk got the scoring started on an assist from the Animal Miller in the first half. In the second half, Seth Jordan (who we really need a nickname for!) scored on an assist from Rico Suave Cavender.

According to defensive back Sam Click, the game turned rough in the second half with the Big Blacks committing several fouls and several would-be fouls going uncalled. In fact, Coach Eich said that he had to pull several of the starters as a defensive move for Wednesday night’s game against Hurricane. He said that the last thing he wanted was a penalty card or someone getting hurt by extracurricular activities.

Speaking of Hurricane, the Redskins return to Nitro City Park for the first round sectional game tomorrow, Wednesday evening, at 5:00 pm. Let’s have a great crowd to come out and support the boys’ soccer team as they battle to advance to the state tournament. We sure could use you there!

We’re delighted to report that the girls team won their game tonight against Point Pleasant, congratulations ladies!

We hope to see you all tomorrow at the soccer field!

Let’s go Cats! By Reporter John Jarrett

Tuesday, October 21
Wildcat Soccer Report 10-16-14: Wildcats make mush of Huskies, Win 6-1!

There were “big goings on” Thursday afternoon at Nitro City Park, not the least of which was the last regular season home field soccer game for this year’s Nitro High School boys soccer team! The action included dedication of the new field improvements before the game, senior recognition at half time and Nitro and Hoover battling like cats and dogs for 80 minutes.

The festivities started at 4:30 pm with the Pride of Nitro High School Marching Band entering the park and boldly playing the Wildcat fight song at midfield. The weather was cool and cloudy with a little drizzle, however, that was no deterrent to the 150 or so fans that attended.

Under the direction of Mr. Rich Brooks, Band Director, and Conner Meikle, Drum Major, the Wildcat band performed masterfully! This writer was truly honored to be the MC for the pregame dedication. The event started with the Rev. Gary Nelson of Cross Lanes United Methodist Church addressing the boys’ soccer team and the fans with words of inspiration and encouragement. Our high school has experienced three tragedies in the last three months and Gary did a terrific job uplifting everyone in attendance.

The afternoon continued with a presentation to Nitro Mayor Dave Casebolt. On behalf of the NHS Soccer Boosters Club, Evelyn Klocke, president of the Boosters and John Jarrett presented Mayor Casebolt with a commemorative plaque. Also present for the city were councilmen Bill Javins and John Montgomery and Police Chief Brian Oxley. For those that were unable to attend, the plaque inscription is below:

“This plaque is presented in
to the
for OUTSTANDING support of the
and in the furtherance of

Without the City’s support,
the new scoreboard, player shelters and improved lighting
would not have been possible.

Dave Casebolt – Mayor
Rita Cox - Recorder
Lori Elkins, Bill Javins, John Montgomery
Bill Racer, Andy Shamblin, Brenda Tyler
Al Walls

A. J. Hill – Facilities Director, Brian Oxley – Police Chief

Presented by:
Nitro High School Soccer Boosters Club
during pregame dedication ceremonies of the
Nitro High School Boys Soccer Game
Senior night for the boys and girls soccer teams
October 16, 2014”

The Boosters next recognized the NHS Administration, past and present. Athletic Director Steve Pritchard, Vice Principal Drew McClanahan, Principal Jason Redman and past Principal Dianne Smith were all asked to come forward. There, they received a small token of the Soccer Club’s appreciation for their efforts in improving the quality of play and playing conditions for our boys and girls. This writer understands that Dianne Smith and Coach Pritchard lead the way in discussions with the City to allow use of the City Park field. Several years ago, soccer team parents were asked and volunteered to help install the sod for the soccer field. Four years ago I worked with Dianne and Steve in preparing budgets for what it would cost to build a field next to the high school. And then in 2012, the high school secured use of the City Park Field. Principal Redman has allowed the “old – too small” band bleachers to be used by the soccer club as our “brand new aluminum bleachers”, where most of the folks attending Thursday’s ceremony were seated. And Vice Principal McClanahan has attended several girls and a few boys’ games and is a watchful and caring eye on our kids during the day.

It has been a great pleasure for me to work with both the City and High School administrations over the past four years. It just goes to show you what can be achieved when folks are open minded and work together. I’d also like to give a big shout out to all the “Work Crew Members” that have helped over the past 13 or 14 months in making the field improvements. My childhood buddy and fellow soccer dad, Mack Kirk, Wildcat Alum Nate Kahn, also known as the Voice of Wildcat Soccer, Dana Waugh and Tom Bowden. These four guys were at all the events and work parties and their efforts should be recognized. If it weren’t for them then the improvements would have cost significantly more money or would not have happened at all. Also helping out the cause this year were Doug, Julie and Aris Miller, Mr. Philpot, RJ Humphrey, John Wibberg, Jeff Hale, and Coaches Eich, Eich and Jordan. Boys’ soccer players Chase Jarrett, Mat Kahn and Christian Legg even pitched in. If I’ve accidently left you off, please let me know and accept my apologies in advance.

Now, on to the game recap. First we’d like to thank the Herbert Hoover team, coaches and fans for making the trip from Falling Rock down to Nitro and enjoying our dedication and senior recognition ceremonies. The game kicked off at 5:00 pm under grey but dry skies. In a classy and traditional move by the Wildcat Coaches, all six of the Nitro seniors started the game, including Holden Wibberg and Hector Geraldo. It meant a lot to this writer and their parents I’m sure, to see them out there.

The Huskies took the first half kickoff defending the river side goal and attacking the pavilion end of the field. They had possession for 4 seconds when the Cat’s defense stole the ball. Two minutes later, senior co-captain Chase Kirk took the first shot on goal. It would be that kind of night for the Huskies.

The Cat’s first score came after 12:55 had come off the clock. Chase Kirk took another shot on goal about 25 yards out and slightly left of center. The strongest right leg on the team sent a bullet toward the Huskie goal. The ball hit the top cross bar and bounced straight down and then out to the right of the goal about 4 yards out. Mat Kahn was in position at the right place at the right time and sent the ball back into the right corner of the net! Score 1-0 Nitro.

With 7:51 remaining in the first half, senior co-captain Alec Miller took the ball and bolted like lightning down the right side of the field deep into the corner, the Husky defender was struggling to keep up. Alec sent a beautiful cross pass towards the center of the field about 3 yards in front of the goal. The ball seemed to have radar accuracy as it traveled right to Chase Kirk who barely deflected it to freshman Seth Jordan on the left side of the goal. Seth tapped the ball in for the Wildcat’s second score, 2-0 Wildcats!                                                                                                                                            
Five minutes and fifty seconds later the Cat’s would add their 3rd goal. Sophomore Derek “The Wall” Waugh took a corner kick on the right side and sent a grounder to freshman Dom Fazzolari. Dom beat the defender to the ball about 5 yards out and just right of the goal. Dom shot the ball goal ward where it bounced off of the Huskie keeper, Brett Strickland and right to Alec Miller. The Animal sent the ball immediately back into the net; score 3-0 Wildcats!

That’s how the first period ended. Halftime was full of wonderful memories and accomplishments of our boys and girls seniors. Commander Kahn was superlative in his presentation of the senior bio’s, even if we had a little trouble locating Captain Kirk’s. And our fearless leader and president of the boosters, Ms. Evelyn Klocke did a terrific job arranging and coordinating the event.

Three young ladies and six young men were escorted by their families, friends and coaches, across the field and were recognized. For the boys, it was the last time they would make that journey during a regular season game. Those seniors recognized were: Taylor Burdette, Savanah Miller and Ashley Stevens from the girls squad and Hector Gallardo, Chase Jarrett, Chase Kirk, Austin McKitrick, Alec Miller, and Holden Wibberg from the boys squad.

The second period started with the Cats taking the ball and charging toward the goal on the river end of the field. Alec Miller had the ball at the 18 yard line just left of center when he took a left footed backward pass to Captain Kirk. Chase was about 22 yards out and with 5 defenders between him and the goal; two to his left and three to his right. He dribbled two steps to his right and fired. The ball sailed through the air and landed squarely in the right corner of the net just beyond Strickland’s reach. Chase threaded that shot like a camel through the eye of a needle, it was beautiful and Alex picked up his second assist of the night! Score 4-0 Wildcats.
On the ensuing kick, Coach Eich moved senior Chase Jarrett up to a forward position. I believe the strategy was to try and get Jarrett an opportunity to score a goal as he has yet to do so in his four year career at NHS. Shortly after, General Austin Headband McKitrick was moved forward to allow him an opportunity to score. Austin, who started his career as a forward for the Cats his freshman year, was moved to defensive sweeper early last year. The move turned out to be terrific for the team and for Headband. The Cats defense has been excellent this year and Austin is certainly one of the best defenders we’ve seen.

The Cats got their 5th goal when sophomore Chris Bowden received the ball from Derek Waugh and drove to the front left corner of the Husky penalty box. Chris passed to Alec Miller about 5 yards out and bam, the Wildcats scored again! 5-0 Wildcats. The Animal recorded his second goal of the game. It was about this point that seniors Holden Wibberg and Hector Geraldo returned to the field of play.

The sixth and final goal for the Wildcats came with 14:15 remaining in the game. Chase Kirk sent a nice pass from his own side of the mid-stripe, straight down the field to a waiting Headband McKitrick. Austin kicked the ball over the Hoover keeper for his first goal of the season! Well done Austin and the rest of the Wildcat team. Senior Chase Jarrett would go scoreless, but not for lack of effort on his or his teammates part. Coach John Eich reported that he hadn’t seen Kirk hustle so much as he did trying to get his buddies a score!

At the 10:00 minute mark, Coach Ryne Eich called for the substitution of senior Alec Miller. One minute later Austin McKitrick would leave the field in his last regular season game. With 7:30 remaining freshman Mason Hale entered the game for Chase Kirk. Right behind him, junior Matt Lawrence entered the game for Chase Jarrett. Four senior captain’s careers had come to a regular season end.

Hoover would go on to score their lone goal with 1 minute remaining in the game against the Cat’s JV squad. Final score 6-1 Wildcats!

Folks, the Wildcats (11-3-4 (Cats beat Point Pleasant Saturday 10/18)) continue their season in do or die fashion next Wednesday, October 22nd when they re-host the Hurricane Redskins. The game kicks off at 5:00 pm at Nitro City Park soccer field. Please come out and cheer for your hometown Cats as they make their run in the state playoffs. We hope to see you there!

Let’s go Cats! From Reporter John Jarrett

Wildcat Soccer Report – 10-13-14: No luck for the Irish in Nitro, Wildcats win 3-0!

Your hometown Nitro Wildcat Boys Soccer Team (9-4-3) welcomed the Fighting Irish of Huntington St. Joseph this evening to Nitro City Park. About 75 fans attended the game and cheered for their favorite team in the brand new (to us anyway) aluminum bleachers that were installed this past weekend. A warm and sunny 80° afternoon greeted everyone at field. Two of the Wildcat Soccer Report's biggest fans were in attendance this evening; thanks to Dian LaBarbara and a lovely grandma of one our players who lives in Beckley for coming out. Young lady, please reply to this post and remind me of your name and your grandson’s name.

Tonight’s game started like it was a slow motion event. If you can think of Ace Ventura in the Pet Detective scene where he visits the nutty farm and performs in slow motion, well, that’s about how this game felt, except, it wasn’t very entertaining. Coach John Eich reported prior to the game that the only feedback he was getting from his team during warm ups is that “it’s toooo----oo hot”. He was concerned and as it turns out, rightfully so. The normally “movement happy” Cats stood in place for about the first 30 minutes. However, they did dominate the time of possession, if there were such as stat, and kept the ball on the Irish side of the field.

The Irish took the first half kickoff at straight up 5:00 pm, defending the southwest facing goal on the pavilion side of the field. Thirty minutes later, after the ball had spent most of the time in St Joe territory, Freshman Dom Fazzolari took a throw-in deep on the right side of the field. Dom’s pass was to #5 sophomore Joseph Humphrey who was just left of center about 20 yards from the goal. Joseph made a beautiful swing pass across the field to #10 fellow sophomore Derek Waugh. “The Wall” then passed the ball back toward the middle and Humphrey deflected the ball to senior co-captain Chase Kirk. Captain Kirk charged to his right and shot a low liner which was headed directly to the left corner of the net. St. Joes’ keeper, Phoenix Huron, dove to his right and deflected the ball to a perfectly positioned Seth Jordan. Seth tapped it back in the left side of the goal. Score 1-0 Nitro with 11:07 to play in the first half.

The 2nd Wildcat score came with just over three minutes to play in the second half. St. Joe’s #27 Ryan Webb was battling Nitro’s Ben Douglas just shy of the center stripe on the press box side of the field. Senior co-captain Chase Jarrett charged toward the ball and picked it off from Webb. Douglas recovered the ball and sent a beautiful cross field pass to Jordan. Seth beat his defender to the ball 25 yards out and dribbled inside the penalty box, just left of the Irish goal. Seth drove about 18 yards forward and sent a left footed kick into the upper left portion of the net beyond the outstretched arms of the Irish keeper. Score 2-0 Nitro. This was a beautiful play and a demonstration of how well the Wildcat offense can work when it passes the ball. Not only was Jordan open on the play, but senior co-captain Alec Miller was also open on the right side of the goal, giving Douglas at least two options to choose from. That’s how the first half would end.

The Cats took the 2nd half kickoff charging toward the Irish goal with sun in their face and backs to the pavilion. 8:33 into the period, Alec Miller was fouled about 25 yards out and to the right of the Irish goal. Coach Eich called on junior Dylan Cavender to take the free kick. “Rico” spotted the ball and when the ref blew the whistle, he sent a laser guided missile just inside the right post. The ball looked like it hit high gear about 10 yards out and was in the net before St. Joe’s keeper could react. 3-0 Wildcats! This goal was Dylan’s second in as many games via free kick. Way to go Rico! The score was set up by hustle play from #13 Alec “the Animal” Miller. Alec’s speed and ability to control the ball at a high speed is an absolute killer weapon for the Wildcats. The Irish defender who fouled him had no chance to keep up as Alec charged toward pay dirt.

Tonight’s performance was another complete team effort. The offense, while stagnant at the beginning of the game, put it together and made it happen. The “O” side of the ball took 20 shots on goal and 3 corner kicks. They forced the Irish keeper to make 8 saves. General McKitrick’s defense scored its 2nd straight shutout and 6th for the season. Austin had another terrific game and Coach Eich paid him tribute by substituting for him at the end of the game to a nice ovation from the home team fans. The rebel defense only allowed 3 shots on goal and junior keeper Chris Klocke had another fine, albeit ho-um evening recording three saves, none of which had a serious threat of entering the goal. Thanks to my booth partner Nate Kahn for keeping the stats.

Our next game is this coming Thursday, October 16th. It will be an emotional night for 5 Wildcat seniors, probably more so for their parents. The game kicks off at 5:00 pm at Nitro City Park. Pregame ceremonies begin at 4:30 with the Pride of Nitro High School Marching band performing the fight song and national anthem. The new field improvements will be dedicated at 4:45 pm. Senior recognition will be at half time. Both the boys and girls teams will be recognized. Please come out and support your home team Wildcats if you can!

And don’t forget, the Cats will play their first home sectional game in quite some time on Wednesday, October 22nd at 5:00 pm. The Redskins from Hurricane will return to Nitro City Park with revenge on their minds as the Cats beat them 5-3 just two weeks ago.

Let’s go Cats! from your reporter John Jarrett

Wildcat Soccer Report – 10-09-14: Wildcats destroy Knights 5-0!

Your hometown Nitro Wildcat Boys Soccer Team (8-4-3) hosted the Cabell Midland Knights on Thursday evening. It was the MSAC tournament which helps determine seeding for the sectional tournament. About 70 people attended the game. It was cloudy and cool and the team’s first game after the previous two had been cancelled due to inclement weather.

The scoring started 8 minutes into the game when #8 Mat Kahn took a throw-in about 10 yards on the CM side of the field on the press box side. Mat passed to senior co-captain Alec Miller who darted down the left sideline toward the coffin corner. Alec made a perfect cross pass in front of the Knight goal and #7 freshman Seth Jordan was right there to tap the ball into the net. The ball got a little help from a Hurricane defender who actually kicked the ball in the goal, but the home team sideline officials (yours truly and Commander Kahn) credited the score to Seth. It’s not the last we would hear from the freshman phenom. Score 1-0 Wildcats.

The second Wildcat score also came with 8 minutes coming off the clock, except this time in the second half. Seth Jordan took the ball from just inside CM territory in the center of the field. Seth passed downfield about 8 yards to Dylan “Rico Suave” Cavender about halfway and just slightly right of the goal. Rico sent the ball toward the right front corner of the penalty box where #6 Ben Douglas sprinted hard up field and made a beautiful cross to Seth. Jordan hustled and had pushed forward from his initial position and was about 4 yards out on the left side of the net. Seth sent the ball into the left corner of the goal just above the Knight Keeper’s outstretched right leg. Score 2-0 Wildcats.

Score #3 came with 6:29 remaining in the game. The dynamic duo of Alec Miller and Seth Jordan reconnected. Alec took the ball 10 yards on the Nitro (river) side of the field streaked up the right battling three Knights the entire way. Alec was knocked down (no call) about 30 yards from the end line on the right side, got up and got back to the ball before the Knights could get to it. He charged toward the center of the field and made a beautiful left footed pass to Seth Jordan about 6 yards away. Seth drove hard up field and to the right of the goal. He shot just inside the penalty box and the ball soared over the Knight keeper. 3-0 Wildcats, and the visiting team was deflated.

The fourth score came with 2:07 remaining when #23 freshman Dom Fazzolari was fouled hard 25 yards out from the Knight goal. Dylan Cavender took the free kick from straight away. The ball soared above CM’s three man wall and found its way to the bottom of the left goal post. It ricocheted all the way across the goal and landed in the back right corner of the net. Score 4-0 Wildcats.

The final score of the evening came when senior co-captain Austin “Headband” McKitrick cleared the ball from 20 yards in front of the Wildcat goal. Headband used that awesome left leg and foot to send the ball straight down field about 25 yards in front of the CM goal. None other than senior Alec Miller was there to head the ball goalward on the high bounce. The Knight keeper had come out to challenge Alec and lost. Alec’s header went direct to Dom who punched the ball into the empty net. 5-0 Wildcats!

Tonight Nitro’s offense came alive. Freshman Seth Jordan recorded his second hat trick (3 goals) of the season! Alec Miller had several assists and a cast of Wildcat forwards and midfielders kept pressure on the Knights all night long. Kahn, Douglas, Cavender were all strong. Mat Kahn played with more spirit this game than we have seen in previous contests. Douglas is toughening up and covering both sides of the field like a seasoned mid-fielder should. The Wildcats passing continues to open up golden opportunities for the team. It was a beautiful game to watch for the home team.

The defense returned to early season form with its 5th shutout of the season! General Headband McKitrick and his rebel defense were solid. Jarrett, Click and Humphrey played the entire game. There were one or two deep breaths for the home squad and their fans, but a goose egg was the final result.

Chris Klocke, Chris Klocke, Chris Klocke!! What else can we said about this All-State junior keeper? Frankly if the young man does not earn All-State honors it will be a travesty! Early in the first half while the game was still undecided, the Cats were called for a handball inside the penalty box. The ball was in the middle of the penalty box and was sent about 4 yards out and left of center. A Knight striker wound up and sent a liner into the scrum where it hit off Austin’s hand while he was attempting to block the shot with his body. It was clearly unintentional, but a handball call no less. CM’s #9 John Kuhn lined up for the PK. When the referee blew the whistle, Kuhn sent the ball low and hard toward the left corner of the goal. Chris, with ice water in his veins, looked the Knight in the eye and dove to his right; securing the ball in his chest and thwarting the potential score. It was one the most outstanding plays we’ve seen this season. The importance of this defensive stand cannot be understated, the game was still in flux and there was a lot of time remaining; we were still early in the first half. Chris did an outstanding job all night and had two saves.

Come out and join us Monday evening at Nitro City Park as the Cats take on St. Joes of Huntington. The game kicks at 5:00 pm. Please come out and support your hometown Nitro Wildcats. We have new stands and new player shelters for everyone to enjoy! We hope to see you there.

Let’s go Cats! From your reporter John Jarrett

Wildcat Soccer Report – 10-02-14: Wildcats and Eagles Claw to 1-1 tie.

Your hometown Nitro Wildcat Boys Soccer Team (7-4-3) traveled to Schoenbaum Stadium at Coonskin Park in Charleston this past Thursday to take on the Black Eagles of South Charleston (4-8-2). It was senior night for the South Charleston squad and about 80 people attended the game. It was cool and crisp at the 8:15 kickoff.

South Charleston started the scoring at the 20:22 minute mark when #2, Mitchell Foster scored from 20 yards out just right of center. Foster took a short pass from a teammate that was 4 yards inside the penalty box and sent a rocket into the upper left corner of the Wildcat net just beyond junior keeper Chris Klocke’s outstretched arms. The Cats had 8 players inside the box leaving Mitchell open 2 yards beyond the box. By the time the Wildcat defenders reacted, the ball was sailing past them.

The Cats thought they scored at the 17:45 mark in the first half when senior co-captain Chase Kirk took a free kick from 5 yards beyond the penalty box all the way on the left side. When the ref blew the whistle Chase sent a laser guided missile over the Black Eagle 3 man wall that curved into the upper left corner of the SC net. It was spectacular! The only problem is the ref called it an indirect foul which meant the ball had to touch another player before it could enter the net off of the free kick. The result,,,, no goal for the Wildcats.

Exactly 12 minutes later the Cats would get their real goal. Deliberate and accurate passing by the midfield and forwards allowed freshman Seth Jordan to receive the ball in the center of the field about 20 yards from the SC goal. Seth sent the ball past two defenders to junior Dylan Cavender who was attacking from the right side. Dylan received the pass about 12 yards out and to the right of the goal catching SC’s keeper off guard. Dylan shot a grounder into the lower right section of the goal just behind the Black Eagle keeper. Score 1-1.

That’s how the night ended.

The Cats are scheduled for a three game home stand this week. They host the Princeton Tigers Monday evening 10/6. On Tuesday the Spring Valley Timberwolves come to Nitro City Park. And on Thursday the Cats battle the Knights of Cabell Midland for the 2nd time this season in the MSAC game. Kickoff is scheduled for 5:00 pm for all three games. Please come out and support your hometown Wildcats. We hope to see you there!

Let’s go Cats!

Wildcat Soccer Report – 09-30-14: Nitro beats Hurricane 5-3!

Your hometown Nitro Wildcat Boys Soccer Team (7-4-2) hosted the Hurricane Redskins (4-8-2) at another sun drenched soccer field at Nitro City Park Tuesday evening. The Cats took the opening kick at 5:00 pm with about 75 fans in attendance.

The Cats and Redskins battled evenly for the first 10 minutes of the game. Then at the 10:30 mark (29:30 remaining in the first period) senior co-captain Austin “Headband” McKitrick lined up for a goal kick from the Nitro side. Headband, with that mighty left foot, drove a rocket right to junior Dylan Cavender 5 yards short of midfield. Cavender, AKA “Rico Suave” by our #1 home team announcer, promptly head flicked the ball 3 yards beyond midfield to freshman sensation Seth Jordan. Jordan streaked (with his uniform still on) to the ball and battled Hurricane’s #37, Elijah Shultz straight downfield toward the Hurricane goal. Seth put a move on Shultz that would make Deon Sanders proud, and while still on the run used his left foot to send the ball past the outstretched left leg of the Redskins’ keeper, Dalton Burke. Score 1-0 Wildcats.

Nitro’s second score came about 5 minutes later when senior co-captain Alec Miller sprinted down field after a long kick from senior co-captain Chase Kirk. Kirk redirected a loose ball that was 10 yards on the Nitro side of the field. Chase sent a high arcing shot over the Redskin defenders and the race was on between Miller and Shultz. Shultz headed the ball back to his keeper but Alec got to it first and sent the ball flying toward the Redskin goal. The ball ricocheted off the right post to a charging Seth Jordan who never let up on the play. With Hurricane’s goalie and Shultz both racing back to defend, Seth used his right foot to send the ball high into the right side of net just beyond the keeper’s outstretched arms. Score 2-0 Wildcats. The goal was produced from hustle, nothing but hustle from #13 and #7 on the Wildcat side. If Seth would have let up, and not followed Alec and the play down field, he would not have received the ricochet nor would he have been in position to make the shot.

Hurricane would not die after getting down 2-0. The Redskins got their first goal on a controversial no-call for off sides. The Redskins 31, Jonathan Lovejoy, was 3 yards beyond the Nitro back line when the ball was passed to him from midfield. Wildcat keeper Chris Klocke charged the oncoming Redskin striker but Lovejoy was able to put the ball in the right side of the net. Score 2-1 Nitro.

One minute later, Alec Miller scored from 5 yards out on a beautiful left footed assist from freshman Dom Fazzolari. Score 3-1 Nitro with 13:48 to play in the first half.

The Redskins battled back and scored their second goal from 25 yards out in the center of the field. Hurricane’s #10, Gabriel Bevoqua shot the ball past a ducking Wildcat defender into the upper right corner of the Nitro goal. Score 3-2 Wildcats.

Then, before you knew it, the Redskins took a throw-in from the right corner toward the Wildcat goal. After a brief scrum in front the goal, Hurricane’s Lovejoy smacked a grounder into the back of the net. The score was 3-3 at the break.

After scoring 2 goals in less than three minutes, the momentum was certainly on the Redskin side. The fans, including yours truly, were a bit concerned about how the team would react coming out in the second half. Well, as mentioned in previous reports, this team has and is certainly continuing to mature. Hustle, “NEVER GIVE UP” plays like the Miller-Jordan second goal, are becoming the norm and not the rare. The Nitro defense clamped down in the second half and shut out the Redskins for the entire period.

Nitro would add two more scores in the second half. The first with just 14 seconds ticking off the clock to start the period. The dynamic duo of Miller and Jordan hooked up again. Seth took a shot from the left of the Redskin goal about 10 yards out. The ball slipped under the Hurricane keeper and ricocheted off the left post right to Alec. The “Animal” tapped the ball in to give the Wildcats the lead for good. Score 4-3 Nitro.

Nitro would score one final time. With just under four minutes to play, Captain Kirk sent the ball from just inside midfield to Animal Miller sprinting down the right side. Alec, with the keeper charging at him near the right corner of the penalty box, shot the ball toward the Redskin goal. Seth Jordan caught up to the ball just to the left of the goal and swung it out to Fazzolari about 15 yards out. Dom made a beautiful shot over three Redskin defenders plus the keeper into the upper right corner of the net. Goal Nitro.

The final score was 5-3 Wildcats.

Nitro’s offense was the story line for this game. They put pressure on the Redskin goal the entire night. They were consistently attacking the net and putting themselves in position score. This writer cannot recall a previous game where follow-up hustle accounted for so many scores.

The Cats travel to Charleston’s Schoenbaum Stadium this Thursday night to take on the South Charleston Black Eagles. Please come out and support your hometown Wildcats, the game kicks at 8:00 pm. We hope to see you there!

Let’s go Cats! From your reporter John Jarrett

Team Shelters

Wildcat Soccer Report 09-27-14: the shelters are up! The galvanized steel supports are up thanks to a great volunteer effort today. We hope to install The metal roof next week. Thanks to Evelyn Klocke for some delicious blueberry muffins to start the morning and to Tom Bowden for a great Subway lunch.

Wildcat Soccer Report – 09-25-14: Winfield beats Nitro 3-0!

Your hometown Nitro Wildcat Boys Soccer Team (6-4-2) welcomed the unbeaten Winfield Generals (8-0-2) to a sun drenched soccer field at Nitro City Park this evening. The Cats took the opening kick at 5:30 pm with about 100 fans in attendance. John and Lisa Wibberg played host in the concession stand and served up some terrific hot dogs. Unfortunately, the Generals were the only other hot thing in the park. Winfield blanked the Cats 3-0.

The Generals are ranked #2 in the state behind the Big Reds of Parkersburg and 85th in the nation according to the website Maxpreps.

The Cats appeared to be relatively evenly matched with Generals. The first score came on a General corner kick. Winfield’s Nathan Keefe kicked from the left corner and the General’s Steven Taylor headed the ball right through normally sure handed Chris Klocke. The sun was playing havoc on Chris’ ability to see the ball. Chris returned to All-state from shortly thereafter, Taylor made a break away on the right side of the Wildcat goal and had a one on one shot against Chris about 5 yards away. Taylor kicked the ball like a rocket launching from Cape Canaveral and Chris stopped it dead in its tracks. The score was 1-0 Winfield at the break.

The Cats came out with more enthusiasm in the second half and their speed of play picked up significantly. The teams battled back and forth with neither obtaining a real advantage over the other. With 17:48 remaining in the game, Keefe received the ball on the Wildcat side of midfield about 35 yards out. He dribbled unchallenged down the middle of the field and passed to his left just beyond the outstretched leg of Wildcat co-captain Chase Jarrett. Winfield’s #10, Johns (sorry there was no first name on the Winfield roster) received the pass about 15 yards out and to the right of the Wildcat goal. He shot the ball into the left corner of the net just beyond a diving Chris Klocke. Score 2-0 Winfield.

The final score came with 2:56 left to play. Taylor received the ball in the middle of the field about 25 yards out and slightly to the left of center. Taylor beat three Wildcat defenders when, with his back to the goal, he pealed to his left and sent another rocket to the left corner of the net, again, just beyond a diving Chris Klocke.

Nitro’s usually rock solid defense was unusually soft this evening. There was no communicating heard between the players like we heard during the St. Albans game last Saturday. The Nitro offense was a bit stagnant as well and never really posed a serious threat to the General goal. One factor that I believe played a role in tonight’s less than stellar performance was the absence of two #1 subs. Sophomore Chris Bowden and junior Jeremy Young were sidelined with injuries this evening. Chris has a partially torn ligament that may keep him out for two weeks. Jeremy has a partial fracture in his toe; we didn’t receive word on how long he may be out. As previously reported, both of these players provide a spark and fresh legs when they enter the game and our hometown Wildcats surely missed them tonight.

The Wildcats return to action next Tuesday, September 30th at Nitro City Park to battle the Redskins from Hurricane. This should be a great game; the Cats haven’t defeated the Redskins in at least three years and are out to rectify that! Please come out and join the rest of the Nitro Nation in supporting the Wildcat Soccer Team, the game kicks at 5:00 pm. Let’s see if we can’t lay a little revenge on them for that other “football” game we had a couple weeks ago! We hope to see you there!

Let’s go Cats! From your reporter John Jarrett

Wildcat Soccer Report 09-23-14 by Nate Kahn and John Jarrett

Highlanders skin Cats 3-2 - tonight's report brought to you by the multi-talented Nate Kahn. Not only can Mr. Kahn record stats and do a fabulous job announcing soccer games, but he can also give detailed descriptions and recap of the entire event. Here then is Mr. Kahn's report on the game, just remember: Who can? Kahn Can!:

Our boys suffered a tough, hard-fought loss last night in Huntington facing the Highlanders. Proof positive that record does not always indicate level of play as Huntington proved on Tuesday night. Huntington scored first on a goal by McGuffin. Our team tied the score on a goal by Alec Miller on a very nice pass from Seth Jordan. We took the lead when Chase Kirk converted a penalty kick when one our players was fouled in the box. The Highlander’s Sasha Kessinger tied the score at 2 with a shot coming from Chris Klocke’s left. The Highlanders took the lead with about 6 minutes left when a free kick by Constantine Svingos found its way into the net. Chris Klocke recorded 7 saves and the Highlander’s goalkeeper recorded 5. The boys should be proud of the fact that they kept their poise in a game where the Highlanders received a number of yellow cards.

Not much time for the team to recover because we have another tough match up with the Winfield Generals at home on Thursday night. Come on out and support the team on Thursday.

Thank you Nate!

Folks, do remember your hometown Cats take on the Generals tomorrow (Thursday) night. Winfield is one of the best teams in the state and it will require a ferocious effort for the Cats to take them down. Come on out and cheer them on to victory!

Wildcat Soccer Report – 09-20-14: CATS SLAY DRAGONS 4-0!
Your hometown Nitro Wildcat Boys Soccer Team (6-2-2) hosted the dreaded cross river rival St. Albans Red Dragons (2-6-2) this afternoon in the “Battle of the Bridge – Soccer Style”. The Cats took the first half kick at high noon under a cloudy sky; game time temperature was about 70 degrees. By games end the sun had come out and the teams and their fans were blessed with yet another beautiful September day at Nitro City Park. An enthusiastic crowd of about 150 fans hooted and hollered for their favorite squad!

Both teams started the game with intensity and hustle. The ball went back and forth across the midline at an even pace for the first 35 minutes of the game. Then the Cats turned it up and took two or three shots on goal just before the first period came to an end. Score at the break was 0-0.

After each team received its halftime instructions from their respective coaches, the Red Dragons took the 2nd half kick. They battled evenly for the next 15 minutes with more pressure being applied to the St. Albans goal. Eventually, every pressure cooker explodes when heat is applied long and high enough and so did the Red Dragon goal. At about the 16:00 minute mark (24 minutes remaining) senior co-captain Chase Kirk scored from about 15 yards out; directly in front of the St. Albans goal. Two minutes later, BAM! senior co-captain Alec Miller added a nail to the Red Dragon coffin with a beautiful shot on a fantastic assist from freshman Seth Jordan. It would not be the last time this dynamic duo would pierce the Dragon’s eye! After another two minutes, Alec would add his second nail to the coffin for a 3-0 Wildcat lead. And finally, with 12 minutes to go in the contest, Miller and Jordan teamed up for the score that closed the lid to any hopes the Red Dragons had reaming. Miller passed to Jordan for the final goal of the afternoon.

Up until the Wildcat onslaught, freshman Red Dragon keeper Sayre had done an outstanding job defending his territory. The young man was solid the entire game particularly considering his youth and the number of attacks the Cats applied. Sayre defended 16 shots on goal, 5 corner kicks and made 7 saves. He reminded me of our own Chris Klocke. The Wildcat keeper turned in another terrific performance pitching the second shutout in row and four on the season so far. Klocke defended 8 shots and three corner kicks from the Red Dragons as well as making 7 saves. One stat that stands out upon review was the number of offside calls against the Cats. Nitro was whistled 8 times for being offside. This is something the Cats will have to work on before their game against Spring Valley. The Timberwolves got them for a dozen or more OS calls last year at their place. Thanks again to Nate Kahn for terrific stat recording!

The Cats have put together back to back shutouts and back to back complete team efforts. General Jackson’s, I mean Headband McKitrick’s defense was lights out again. Even facing the fiery breath of numerous Red Dragons, the defense did not yield. Senior co-captain Chase Jarrett continued his aggressive play, he and counterpart freshman Sam Click positioned themselves further up toward midfield when the Cats had the ball deep inside St. Albans territory. The result was several balls that “popped out” back toward mid-field were redirected back into the Red Dragon’s score zone. I think this strategy that Coaches Eich, Eich and Jordan employed worked well against this opponent. Sophomore Joseph “photo bomb” Humphrey continues to play beyond his years and juniors Dylan Cavender and Mat Kahn were strong on both sides of the ball, offense and defense. Kahn accounted for 3 of Nitro’s shots on goal. Fans could hear Jarrett and Headband directing their troops and the troops responding accordingly. It appeared and sounded like the Cats were communicating well. Folks, this is the mark of a mature team, one where the players know their rolls, respect each other and play as a single unit. And when they do this, they will be hard to beat!

As I mentioned, it was a complete team effort and I need to call out several Cats that played key roles in this afternoon’s victory. Sophomores Chris Bowden and Derek Waugh as well as junior Jeremy Young and freshmen Dom Fazzolari and Ben Douglas were all #1 subs in the game. All of these young men have tremendous foot skills and always provide a spark when they enter the game. This level of depth is something the Wildcats have not had since this writer has been watching their games.

After the fourth goal, several bench players for Cats entered the game and played with the same intensity as the starters. Sophomore Christian Legg entered for Klocke and maintained the shutout. Freshman Hunter Stamper also saw playing time.

Believe it or not, we have hit the midway point of the season. The Cats are 6-2-2 and have already won two more games than they did all of last year. They travel back to Cabell County this coming Tuesday, 9/23 to take on the Huntington Highlanders at 5:00 pm. Please come out and support your hometown Wildcats if you can! From you reporter John Jarrett

Wildcat Soccer Report – 09-18-14: CATS BLANK KNIGHTS 1-0!

Your hometown #11 ranked Nitro Wildcat Boys Soccer Team (5-2-2) traveled to Cabell County this evening to face the #13 ranked Knights of Cabell Midland High School (3-5-1). Another beautiful September evening awaited the Cats when they arrived. A crowd of about 70 fans cheered their teams on with the visiting team having about as many fans as the home side.

For the first time in a few games the Wildcats started strong with determination and hustle. There was a spring in their step that had been lacking against Beckley and other recent opponents. Chris Klocke, Nitro’s junior All-star keeper had another terrific night. Chris stopped at least two one on one scoring attempts that were within 10 yards of the goal. Austin “Headband” McKitrick played another solid game sweeping the field like no other defender we have watched this year. Headband took a hit late in the game and laid still on the ground for several minutes. He eventually walked off the field under his own power and returned to the game a few minutes later.

Wildcat Co-Captain Chase Kirk dominated the field of play. As one rambunctious fan hollered “Kirk carried his team tonight!” Indeed he did. With 2:35 remaining on the clock, freshman Seth Jordan received a beautiful slide kick pass from fellow freshman Dom Fazzolari in the deep left corner. Seth passed to Killer Kirk who was just left of the penalty box. Kirk, with a Knight defender on him like the skin on a potato, dribbled to his right and then peeled away and placed a laser swing kick into the bottom right corner of the net! It was the game’s only score.

It was a pleasure to watch this game tonight; it was a solid team effort. Senior Co-Captain Alec Miller and the rest of his offense, including Fazzolari, Jordan, Ben Douglas, Mat Kahn, Kirk and Dylan Cavender kept pressure on the Midland goal for a good bit of the evening. The defense was super solid again and recorded their third shutout of the season. Headband continued his tour of duty directing his troops; Senior Co-captain Chase Jarrett, Sophomore Joseph Humphrey and freshman Sam Click, in true Stonewall Jackson style. All three defenders played the entire 80 minutes. Click and Humphrey frustrated their opponents all night. Right back Jarrett stepped up significantly in the last two and a half minutes of the game. At that point the Knight’s pressure turned into desperation attacks and Jarrett redirected or cleared three passes in a row back to the Midland side of the field. Sophomores Jeremy Young and Chris Bowden were also instrumental in the win. Both underclassmen provided a spark and relief during the game.

The stats looked like this: shots on Goal: Cats = 9, Knights = 10, corner kicks: Cats = 3, Knights = 0, Saves: Cats = 7, Knights = 3. Master statistician Nate Kahn at the controls.

The Cats host cross river rival St. Albans Red Dragons this Saturday at noon at Nitro City Park. Please come out and enjoy the game and treat yourself to hot dog, BBQ or other delicious goody and support your hometown Wildcats if you can! From your reporter John Jarett

Wildcat Soccer Report – 09-16-14: EAGLES SOAR ABOVE CATS 1-0!

Your hometown Nitro Wildcat Boys Soccer Team (4-2-2) fell to the Beckley-Woodrow Wilson Flying Eagles (7-2) at Nitro City Park 1-0 tonight. A very nice crowd of about 100 folks saw the #10 ranked Flying Eagles and the #11 ranked Wildcats battle on a cloudy and cool September evening.

The visiting Eagles took the first half kick at 5:35 pm. They played aggressive against the Cats and scored the game’s only goal at the 9:57 minute mark (30:03remaining). The Eagle’s number #11 John Johnson took a pass in the center of the field about 10 yards from the Nitro goal box, dribbled to his right and forward two steps and shot a laser into the left corner of the Wildcat net, just past the outstretched arms of the diving Cat’s keeper Chris Klocke.

The Flying Eagles kept the ball on the Wildcat side of the field for the majority of the next 10 minutes, then Nitro started playing more aggressive and the game seemed to even out. Unfortunately it was too little effort too late. Nitro’s slow start hurt them tonight. The stats bear this out; the Eagles had 17 shots on goal to the Cat’s 3. Senior Co-Captain Alec Miller tallied all three shots for the Cats. The Eagles had 2 corner kicks to Nitro’s 1. Klocke, who spent the entire night in goal, had 9 saves. Beckley keepers only had to save two shots. Thanks again to statistician and announcer extraordinaire Nate Kahn for another outstanding job!

Kudo’s to Senior Co-Captain Austin “Headband” McKitrick who dominated the defense this evening and had several clears with headers and strong kicks.

The Cats travel to Cabell County this Thursday to take on the 13th ranked Cabell Midland Knights (3-3) at 5:30 pm. The game is at Cabell Midland High School. Please come out and support your hometown Wildcats if you can! Reporter John Jarrett


Wildcat Soccer Report – 09-13-14: WILDCATS WIN, WHIP WARRIORS 4-0!

Your hometown Nitro Wildcat Boys Soccer Team returned to the friendly confines of Nitro City Park today to play their first home game of the season. The Cats opened up game one of a two game home stand against the Riverside Warriors.

The day started with a little drizzle in the morning but there was no precipitation by kickoff and by the second half the teams and their fans were basking in a glorious sunny September afternoon.

The Warriors won the coin toss and took the first half kick. Both teams battled back and forth for the first 17:30 minutes of the game with no clear advantage for either squad. Then, sophomore Derek Waugh took a pass on the right side from teammate junior Dylan Cavender about half way between midfield and the Warrior goal. Waugh dumped the ball just inside the right edge of the Warrior goal box to Senior Captain Alec Miller. Miller beat a Warrior defender to the ball and immediately made a beautiful cross field pass to his left about 16 yards in front of the Warrior goal. A hand ball foul inside the box was called on a Warrior defenseman which resulted in a penalty kick for the Cats. Coach Eich called on sharp shooter senior captain Chase Kirk to take the PK. At the 22:29 mark of the first half Kirk spotted the ball and kicked a low line drive laser shot just to the right of the Warrior keeper; nothing but net! The score was 1-0 Wildcats and stayed that way until half time.

The Cats took the 2nd half kick charging from north to south towards the Riverside goal which happened to be on the river side of the field (ha ha). The scored remained 1-0 until about 9 minutes into the second half when Kirk took a throw-in from junior Mat Kahn from the left side about 25 yards from the goal. Chase then proceeded to dribble through and between not one, not two, but three Warrior defenders and shot the ball past the Riverside Keeper into the right corner of the goal; 2-0 Wildcats. Kirk’s skills and on field performance to date are solidifying his spot on the All-State team. He is clearly the team’s leader and I believe much of their future success depends on his continued outstanding play and his ability to maintain motivation and enthusiasm for himself and his teammates during challenging games.

The Cats next score came with 15:10 remaining in the game. Mat Kahn took a corner kick from the right side and shot a low grounder to #23 Dom Fazzolari 10’ from the right post. The pass seemed to catch the Riverside defenders off guard who I can only guess were expecting a high line drive or floater type pass from Kahn. Dom made a terrific sliding kick in front of the Warrior defense and past the Riverside keeper for the third Wildcat goal of the night.

Nitro’s fourth and final goal came at the 1:48 mark when Alec Miller took the ball down the left side of the field and dribbled inside the Warrior defense about 19 yards from goal. A Riverside defender deflected the ball to junior Jeremy Young. Young avoided one defender and promptly smacked the ball into the right corner of the net. That would finish the scoring for the day; Nitro 4 – Riverside 0.

The Cats recorded their 2nd shutout of the season. The defense anchored by senior Captains Austin “Headband” McKitrick and Chase Jarrett and freshman Sam Click have proved to be formidable against all Wildcat foes with the exception of that nasty team from Wood County. Headband is certainly making his own statement for All-State consideration. He is always near the ball on the back line, just what a “sweeper” should be doing. If he’s not heading the ball out, he’s clearing it with that devastating left foot of his. To date, through seven games, the defense has only allowed 9 goals, that’s less than 1.3 per game. This afternoon Chase Jarrett pestered Riverside’s 6’-4” Tamar Lawson the entire game. Lawson stayed on the Wildcat right side where Jarrett defends the wing for the Cats. And Sam Click, what can we say about this fab freshman. He is on the field 80 minutes per game; he charges the ball and frustrates any forward foe that comes down the left side of the field.

Today was a solid team effort, offense and defense played well. It was a beauty to watch; particularly on such a beautiful day. We estimate about 150 Wildcat and Warrior fans turned out for the titanic struggle; it was a great crowd. I want to give a shout out to the Volk family for coming down and rooting on the home team!

The Cats take on Beckley/Woodrow Wilson Tuesday evening at 5:30 at Nitro City Park. This should be a challenging game for the Cats, please come out and support your hometown club! From your reporter John Jarrett

Friday, September 12
Wildcat Soccer Report 09-11-14: By John Jarrett

Your hometown Wildcats traveled to Wood County, WV to take on Coach Don Fossleman's 6 time state champion Parkersburg Big Red squad. The Cats left rainy Nitro and ran into another beautiful autumn evening in Parkersburg, unfortunately they also ran into a buzz saw of soccer team.

The game kicked off at 5:30 pm after a moment of silence in remembrance of the horrific events that occurred 13 years ago today. It really puts things into perspective when we reflect on that day, how old our kids were then and what we were doing.

The Cats won the coin toss and elected to take the kick. As soon as senior Alec Miller kicked the ball back to center, Parkersburg's front line attacked and stole the ball. They were on the attack the rest of the evening.

The Cat's shining moment came just six minutes into the game when freshman Seth Jordan was fouled just inside midfield. Senior captain Chase Kirk took the free kick and lined the ball up at the Big Red 49 yard line. Nitro's front line positioned themselves about 20 yards in front of the goal. Kirk kicked the ball high and the front line charged the Parkersburg keeper. Junior Dylan Cavender leaped and headed the ball into the upper right corner of the net. GOOOOAAAALLLLL NITRO! It was an absolute beautiful play and the 2nd head-in shot that Cavendar has made this year.

Nitro's opportunities after that were few and far between. The team recorded only 7 shots on goal and 3 corner kicks. Most of these shots were late in the game when both teams had heavily substituted.

Parkersburg's first score was a few minutes later when the Big Red's Teddy Hutson scored during a scrum right in front of the Wildcat goal. The home team would go on to score two more goals in the first half and the period ended 3-1 Parkersburg.

The Big Red's would score three more goals in the second half. The final score stood at 6-1 Parkersburg.

Keeper Chris Klocke played much better than the final score shows. Between him and sophomore Christian Legg, Cat Keepers had 12 saves and defended 15 corner kicks. Thanks to Nate Kahn for another outstanding stat night!

It is this writer's humble opinion that our beloved Wildcats were intimidated before they ever took the field. Parkersburg is certainly a storied soccer program. Their school reminds me of small college and is home to 2,000 students; they have a multimillion dollar stadium they play in; in addition to their 6 state championships, they have been runner up state champions the last two years and Coach Fossleman has been coaching there for 27 years. Storied to say the least!

The Wildcats played tentative and reserved and I think this hurt their opportunity tonight. They let the Big Reds bully them on field with bumps and rubs that none of the previous 5 teams we've played have gotten away with. Yes, the Wildcats were not only beaten on the field but also in their heads before the game started. It is my hope that they use this game as motivation for the remainder of the season. Parkersburg was undoubtedly the better team tonight, but certainly not 5 points better.

The Cats return to Nitro for what will hopefully be their first home game this Saturday. They bring a 3-1-2 record in to play the Riverside Warriors at 2:00 pm with revenge on their mind. The Warriors have bested the Cats the previous 3 years. Please come out and support your home team Wildcats if you can. We hope to see you there!

Nitro Soccer Report 09-09-14 by John Jarrett

CAT FIGHT AT CAPITAL HIGH SCHOOL TONIGHT! Your hometown Nitro High School Wildcats traveled to Charleston this evening to take on the Capital High School Cougars in a matchup of MSAC foes. On this evening it would be the Wildcats caging the Cougars and sending them home with a 1 - 0 loss. The Cougars are three time state champions and one of the largest AAA schools in the state. They have been playing soccer there since 1989.

The first half kicked off at 5:30 pm on a beautiful autumn evening in the Kanawha Valley. Several Wildcat fans were in attendance and were surprised to see the Cats open up in what appeared to be slow motion. The first 40 minutes of play were not typical of what Wildcat fans have become accustomed to over the last 4 games. My personal thought is that the team's emotional tie with GW last Thursday may have taken a bit of wind out of their sails or stamina out of their legs. The first half ended in a 0 - 0 tie.

The game would prove to be a tale of two halves. The Cats came out with much more enthusiasm and determination to start the 2nd period. Senior Alec Miller turned his play up a notch and took an errant pass from a Cougar defender 10 yards inside midfield and dribbled and shot a soft grounder just inside the right post. The score was 1 - 0 good guys at the 26:30 (13:30 remaining) mark. Then the defense turned it up. Senior captain Chase Kirk took control of all sides of the field, playing monster defense and aggressive offense for the remainder of the game. Senior Captain Austin Headband Mckitrick swept the defensive line like a $1500 Electrolux! Anchoring the center back line, he was as immovable as Stonewall Jackson in the battle of Bull Run. Senior captain Chase Jarrett, and freshman Sam Click provided keeper Chris Klocke with protection on the wings. Sophomore Joseph Humphrey was key as well.

Chris Klocke played with enthusiasm and drive the entire night. He turned in what the Wildcat faithful have come to expect; another outstanding performance with 6 saves.

Sophomore Chris Bowden provided what little spark there was in the first half. His superior foot skills and hustle kept the folks in red and black cheering the first 40 minutes. His classmate Derek Waugh also helped deter Cougar strikers as they tried to advance the ball. Juniors Mat Kahn and Dylan Cavender spent much of the night defending and frustrating the Capital offense as well.

The report would not be complete without mentioning the play of our "fab freshmen" starters Seth Jordan, Ben Douglas and 1st sub Dom Fazzolari. These three young men play beyond their years and with great skill.

It was what some in the stands called an "ugly" win and I can't disagree as far as the first half is concerned. However, the team showed great resolve in coming back out the second half at full speed, getting the goal and then shutting down the Cougar offense. I believe this shows that our team is maturing and developing an ability to overcome poor starts. It also tells a lot about the coaching. The coaches provided the right encouragement and direction at halftime to focus the team and head them in the right direction. Which they will certainly need this coming Thursday.

The Cats travel to Parkersburg to take on the Big Reds, last year's runner up state champions.

Wildcat Soccer Report 09-04-14 by John Jarrett

From the banks of Trace Fork Creek comes this evening's soccer update. Your hometown Wildcats traveled to South Charleston to take on the George Washington Patriots in a titanic struggle amongst AAA soccer clubs. After a 50 minute delay due lightning, the teams kicked off and battled to what appeared was going to be a no score tie at halftime. However at the 39:46 mark of the first half (14 seconds remaining) Nitro's Chase Kirk was fouled hard 25 yards from the goal just right of center. After spending a minute or so recovering and finally getting to his feet, the senior striker set the ball up and directed his forward line where to be in front of the Patriot goal. The referee blew the whistle and Kirk struck the ball with laser sites sending it over GW's 3 man wall, past their keeper and into the upper left corner of the goal. A beautiful sight giving the Cats their first lead on GW in over 3 years.

 The Cats kept the lead for the next 15 minutes into the 2nd half. Then with a throw-in at about 10 yards in front of the Wildcat goal, GW's Walker tossed a beautiful pass all the way in front of the goal. There 6'-4" senior forward Jonah Cosby leaped above the rest of the field and headed the ball high into the right corner of the net just above the outstretched arms of Keeper Chris Klocke. It would be the last score of the night.

 It is this writer's humble opinion that the Cats had no business tieing the defending state champion Patriots on this beuatifil late summer evening in South Charleston. The Patriots were bigger, faster and frankly more disciplined. Their spacing and passes looked like semi-pro league. The Patriots play on a million dollar field at Trace Fork and are one of the larger AAA schools in the state. However, none of that mattered this evening. Tonight was not about strength, height, speed or any other physical attribute. No, tonight was about heart and determination. It was about matching your oponent step for step, regardless of size or speed, it was about guts and leaving it all out there on the field. Seniors Austin McKitrick, Chase Jarrett, and Chase Kirk as well as junior Dylan Cavender and freshman Sam Click played the entire 80 minutes. It was about Keeper Chris Klocke saving his team once again. The Patriots, full of travel team players, kept pressure on the Wildcat goal all evening. Klocke turned in another All-State performance with 13 saves. That's about as many as the three previous games combined. Tonight was about senior Alec Miller being the only offensive player in the second half and covering the entire back line of the Patriots. Miller, wearing #13 on his back, was the only dedicated offensive player the last 40 minutes of the game. Freshman Dom Fazzolari gave Alec a brief rest-bit at the midpoint of the second half. He or Fazzolari would sprint from one side of the field to the other pestering Patriot defenders and applying pressure on the Patriot goal whenever possible. A similar strategy was employed last year when the Cats and Patriots met at Nitro City Park. GW's senior laden team last year was able to pull out a 3-0 victory. This year would not be a repeat, Coaches Eich, Eich and Jordan had the Cats prepared and ready with the best passing I've seen in four years of watching the team play.

The statistics would tell you that Nitro was soundly beaten. Nitro had only 2 shots on goal while GW had 13. GW also bested the Cats with 8 corner kicks vs Nitro's 2. Thanks to Nate Kahn for keeping the stats and sharing them with me. Yes, GW won the stat battle (who cares??) and the game ended in a 1 - 1 tie. But some part of me still feels victorious. I think it was watching our Wildcats come together and giving it their all against what was supposed to be a better team.

 Yes, tonight was about why we play the game; when the deck is stacked against you, when David meets Goliath and when you battle against all odds. On a night when heart and determination made the difference, your hometown Wildcats left it all out there on field.

 The Cats travel to Charleston on Tuesday 9/9 to take on the Capital Cougars at 7:00 pm. Please come out and support the team if you can.

Let's go Cats!

Wildcat Soccer Report 8-28-2014 by John Jarrett
Outstanding! That is how Wildcat Keeper Chris Klocke played this evening. The junior keeper had 9 saves in the 1-1 tie at Memorial Stadium in Ripley. Ripley started the scoring at the 32:00 mark with a beautiful kick from the left corner. Nitro answered at the 8:00 mark off an outstanding corner kick by sophomore Derek Waugh to junior Dillon Cavender. Cavender soared above the Viking defense to head the ball into the goal. The score was tied 1-1 at halftime. The story of the second half was Klocke's dominating defensive play. The Viking offense was unrelenting in the last five minutes of the game. Klocke had one save where he dove to his left fully stretched out and cradled the ball like gold is protected at Fort Knox. The next save, with less than two minutes to play, came when the Vikings took a free kick from left center about 25 yards out. The junior keeper leaped up and with his hand just under the top rail of goal, deflected the ball over the rail saving what would certainly have been a goal. The Vikings received the first red card of the season when one of their defenders tackled senior Alec Miller from behind. Miller broke away at midfield and was charging ahead with a certain scoring opportunity when the defender hit him from behind. Senior Chase Kirk took the penalty kick, but it was deflected. The Wildcats return home next week after a 2-0-1 road trip. Please come out and support the Cats on Tuesday at 6:00 pm as they host the Princeton Tigers. We hope to see you there! Let's go Cats!

Thanks Work Team by John Jarrett
Work party.jpg
Wildcat work crew at the soccer field. We pulled up the sod, put 4 truckloads of dirt down, fertilized and replaced the sod. Many thanks to everyone, especially Skeeter Shamblin who was a tremendous help with his bobcat loader! Thanks Skeeter! We also want to thank Mayor Casebolt, A J Hill, and Chief Oxely for all the help they have been improving and maintaining the soccer field. Thanks guys!

Wildcat Soccer Report 8-26-2014 by John Jarrett
Your hometown Wildcats whipped the Sissonville Indians last night 6-1. Freshman striker Seth Jordan led all players with 3 goals for the first hat trick of the season. Freshman Dom Fazzolari added a goal in the first half to give the Wildcats a 2-0 lead at halftime. Senior co-captains Alec Miller and Chase Kirk each added a goal in the second half to round out the scoring. Junior Chris Klocke did another outstanding job saving four shots and allowing only one goal. The Wildcats travel to Ripley Thursday night to take on the Vikings at 6:00 pm. They shoot for their first 3-0 start in at least four years. Stay tuned for more info on your hometown Wildcats!

Wildcat Soccer Report 8-25-2014 By John Jarrett

Your hometown Wildcats traveled to Hamlin this evening to take on the Lincoln County Panthers. The Cats scored early and often with senior co-captain Alec Miller grabbing his first of two goals with only 2:06 gone in the first period. Junior Dylan Cavendar scored the second goal of the night with a beautiful free kick the sailed over and through several defenders from 30 yards out. Junior Joseph Humphrey scored his first of two goals at the 29:19 mark. Others scoring for the cats were junior Mat Kahn and Freshman Dominic Fazzolari.