North Gwinnett HS Cross Country: North Gwinnett Alumni

Keep up North Gwinnett alumni who have gone on to run in college

 Athlete  Class  College
Andres Littig
 Class of 2013
 Georgia Institute of Technology
Jessica Ursprung
 Class of 2013
 University of North Georgia
 Jordan Humphry
 Class of 2012
 Augusta State University
 Brianna Moring
 Class of 2012
 University of North Georgia
 Maggie Tindol
 Class of 2012
 University of North Georgia
 Matthew Ursprung  Class of 2011  University of Alabama - Huntsville
 Rose Howell  Class of 2011  Nova Southearn University
 Courtney Ragan  Class of 2011  University of Tampa
 Lauren Recchia  Class of 2011  University of Montevallo
 Laura Serres  Class of 2011  Georgia Institute of Technology
 Katie Vanover  Class of 2011  University of Montevallo
 Nicole DiMercurio  Class of 2009  University of Georgia
 Josh Albey  Class of 2008  University of West Georgia
 Taylor Cyr  Class of 2007  University of West Georgia
 Taylor Gupton  Class of 2007  Berry college
 Lauren Postma  Class of 2007  Georgia State University
 Roman Drankin  Class of 2006  University of West Georgia
 Tony Hamre  Class of 2006  Young Harris College
 Alex Kaas  Class of 2006  Kennesaw State University
 Brett Luna  Class of 2006  Kennesaw State University
 Adam Williams  Class of 2006  Kennesaw State University
 Candice Chumley  Class of 2006  North Georgia College
 Brian Postma  Class of 2005  Reinhardt University
 Barbara Garner  Class of 2005  Kennesaw State University
 Kim Garner  Class of 2005  Kennesaw State University
 Danielle Shaurette  Class of 2005  Western Carolina University
 Brian Langman  Class of 2004  Georgia State University
 Kathleen Turchin  Class of 2003  University of Tennessee - Chattanooga
 Michael Brannon  Class of 2002  University of West Georgia