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Thursday, August 14

Introducing the NFHCA’s First Ever

eLearning Program

Do you want to learn new field hockey skills, tactics and drills from your home or the office? 

For a sneak video clip – click on the link below:

Sneak Peak Video Clip - Fundamentals

Sneak Peak Video Clip - Scoring Tactics


Six hours of video presentations with fully downloadable outlines and drills are available through March 31, 2016.  All of the sessions were filmed at the Harrow Sports / NFHCA Preseason Workshop at Connecticut College on August 23, 2015

The following seven topics are available through the NFHCA eLearning Program:

Formations - Presented by:  Chrissy Needham - Head Coach – Connecticut College

Proper formation is the foundation of any team.  Chrissy will review different formations as well as why and how to switch from one formation to another.  

Building on the Basics - Presented by: Patti Klecha-Porter - Head Coach - Wesleyan University

Solid fundamentals are the foundation of great players.  Coaches will learn the proper way to hold the stick, the correct placement of the ball in relation to the body, how to pass and hit with accuracy, and how to receive the ball with control.

Attack and Defensive Penalty Corners - Presented by:  Chrissy Needham - Head Coach – Connecticut College

Learn how to use your team’s strengths and weaknesses to your advantage in penalty corner situations.  Chrissy will show you attacking options that are based on defensive structures while also discussing the importance of defensive positioning.  Learn how to teach the basic corner skills including insertion, stick stops and primary and secondary shooting options.

Power of Yoga and Meditation - Presented by:  Bobbi Moran - Head Coach – Loomis Chaffee School

We all know that practicing yoga increases flexibility.  Did you know that yoga also boosts cardiovascular efficiency, increases endurance and energy levels, balances psychological stressors, and improves psychomotor function?  Learn from Bobbi Moran what this could this mean for your team and your season. 

Scoring Tactics - Presented by:  Chris Pothier – Director and Owner of Cape Ann Field Hockey Club

Learn the basics of shooting including: angles, deflections, rebounds and more. Chris will also cover how to develop a plan to move the ball into the dangerous scoring areas of the circle.

Goalkeeping Fundamentals - Presented by: Katie Jones - Head Coach - Bay Path University

Katie will review key goalkeeping principles such as angles and footwork while also covering basic technical points such as kicking, lunging and diving.  

Defensive Positioning and Decision Making - Presented by:  Tina McDavitt Mattera - Head Coach - Tufts University

A defender’s job is to keep the ball away from the goal and prevent the opposing attackers from passing and receiving. Tina will review the role of the defender as well as teach defensive positioning and smart decision making in the critical scoring area.

The presentations will be available online through TeamXStream - Total Game Access from October 13, 2015 through March 31, 2016

Access will be free to those that attended the 2015 Harrow Sports / NFHCA Preseason Workshops at The Pennington School and Connecticut College.

How to Access the NFHCA eLearning Program

Member Price: $50  / Non Member Price: $75

*Access will be available from the time you purchase through March 31, 2016

Make your payment using the following link:

NFHCA eLearning Payment

1.  Please allow 24-48 hours for the credit card payment to be processed.

2.  A confirmation email will be sent from the NFHCA once payment has been processed.

3.  A Registration email will be sent from  The subject will be TeamXStream Account Update.

4.  Once you have received the registration email you will create a password through Total Game Access.

5.  Videos will be available for viewing until March 31, 2016.  All outlines will be downloadable.

Inside Total Game Access

1.  Login to TeamXStream – Total Game Access

2.  To access Video Library go to Video – Video Library

3.  To access outlines and drills – click a video (access video)

4.  Once you have accessed the video, click on TXS Drive to access the outline for each topic