NFHCA: 2015 Harrow Sports / NFHCA Coaches Clinics


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Harrow Sports / NFHCA Coaches Clinic

November 21:  University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, Michigan


9 am - 2:30 pm


 Followed by the Victory Sports Tours / NFHCA Division I Senior Game



  Clinic is FREE for all 2015-2016 NFHCA Members

Cost for nonmembers is $150

Aerial Passing and Receiving


Clinicians will teach the rules of the aerial pass and when to use this skill in the field of play.  In this session attendees will learn how to execute an aerial pass and how to receive within the new rule that permits the stick to come above the player’s head.


How to Address Social Media With Your Team

Coaches know that student athletes are going to communicate with their friends through Facebook, Twitter, and a variety of other platforms, and that is not changing any time soon!  Attendees will learn how to establish team guidelines and help student athletes make responsible decisions when using social media.


Goalkeeping Fundamentals

The key to this year’s championship season is the goalkeeper! Key principles such as angles and footwork along with basic technical points such as kicking, lunging and diving will be covered.  Attendees will be able to take home numerous drills that you can hand to your players!  Clinicians will also cover specialty situations like strokes, corners and the NEW shoot-out situation!



Lunch on Own



Individual Elimination and 3D Skills


Ball control amped up!  Learn how players can take their individual stick skills to the next level.  Clinicians will introduce the three-dimensional aspect of the game as an effective elimination skill.


Defense Inside the 25 Yard Line


Let’s be honest, everyone loves to score, but we all know that defense is the key to winning a championship! Attendees will learn about the proper defensive footwork, body positioning and timing that are necessary to be successful.  Clinicians will focus on defense inside the 25 yard line and how to minimize fouls inside the defensive circle.


Off the Ball Movement


Where a player moves off of the ball is a key concept and an important skill to teach student athletes.  Clinicians will review how attacking players can move to support the ball or create space for their teammates.


Q & A / Clinic Dismissal


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