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This is a site for players, parents and fans of the NCR Tigers Rinky Dink Football Team of Goldtrap/Gardner Boys Club in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Our mission is to teach the kids solid football fundamentals that will enable them to improve their skills and enjoyment of the game. Although we will attempt to be competitive in all our games, our number one goal is for the kids to have fun, whether we win or lose. Our second goal is to develop an understanding of the importance of being a TEAM. We want them to know that we win as a team and we lose as a team. Hope you enjoy the site!


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Tigers come up 2 yards short in City Championship :(


Wow what a championship game it was on Saturday between the Tigers and the Lions. In the end we came up 2 yards short but it was one of the best games I've coached in and I was so proud of our kids. They came so far from those first few practices of the season when I wondered if we would win a single game. This was a fun group to coach and to be a part of. I'm sure gonna miss these guys. Let's see how it all went down on Saturday.

We got the ball to open the game and you could tell early on that the Lions had made some changes on defense from the first time we played them. They had moved one of their very good running backs to defense and he was cause us all sorts of problems all game long. We were unable to get anything going on our first drive. We had a bad snap on one play and did a real poor job blocking the entire series. The Lions would take over the ball at our 48-yard line and it didn't take them long to score. Their great running back Trey Grant would take the ball and dart 48 yards for a quick TD and a 7-0 Lions lead.

We would get our offense going on the next drive. We cleaned up some of our blocking issues and mixed up the play calling a bit to keep the Lions off balance. We would put together an 8-play 60 yard drive that would be capped off by an Andrew Johnson 9-yard touchdown run. He got a great block from Andrew Reeder on the play and was able to get around the corner for the score. George Herrell would convert the extra point to tie the game at 7.

Our defense would really tighten up on the Lions next possession. A nice play from Jace Jackson and Andrew Johnson would force the Lions into a 3rd and long. Trey would then break free for a 35-yard run to move the ball to our 26-yard line. Andrew Johnson saved a TD on the play as he ran down Trey and was able to bring him down. After a couple of short gains the Lions tried to pass but Hayden Chaffey hit the QB just as he was throwing and we had forced a 4th down. Kaden Geddes then broke thru the line and would hit Trey in the back-field for no gain, giving the ball back to our offense with just a few seconds left on the clock before the half. We only managed to get off a couple of plays and was not able to get close to the end zone, so this one would remained tied at the half at 7.

After a 24-yard run by Trey to begin the 3rd quarter, our defense began to tighten up. Great plays from Hayden, Andrew Johnson and Kaden Geddes would force the Lions into a 4th and long. Brysten McLaughlin and Jace Jackson would them team up on a nice sack in the backfield and gave the ball back to our offense. We started at our own 42-yard line and begin marching down the field. On the final play of the 3rd quarter, George would rumble 9 yards to the 4-yard line. The first play of the final quarter would see George find a hole in the defense and dart 51 yards for his first touchdown of the day and it would give us a 13-7 lead. On the extra point, George would roll out and look to be headed t the corner of the end zone but he would get his feet tangled up with Tristan Morgan and would trip before converting the extra point. The score would remain 13-7. I was hoping that play would not come back to haunt us but it would.

The Lions started a drive of their own with a 25-yard scamper by Trey to our 25-yard line. A penalty and a sack in the back-field by Hayden would bring up a 3rd and long. Trey would then get around the corner and move the ball to our 15-yard line. The next play the Lions would fumble to ball in the back-field but would recover it. Boy what a chance we missed there! Trey would then dart up the middle for a 9-yard TD to tie the game at 13. On the extra point, our defense looked to have him stopped about a foot from the goal line as Trey's knee hit the ground while the ball was still not close to the goal line. But as he got piled on by a bunch of our players he fell over the gaol ine and the refs called the extra point good. Me and coach Dylan would argue but it did no good. The Lions would go up 14-13 on a very bad call. That's the way it goes sometimes :(

Instead of lying down and quitting our kids came right back fighting their little hearts out. Time was running out and our offense was having to go in "hurry up" mode. We had a couple of good runs by George and Andrew Johnson to move the ball to the Lions 34-yard line. Johnson the broke free around the corner and look to be headed to the endzone but was knocked out of bounds at the 12-yard line. With only one time-out left we tried a pass play that worled to perfection. George would throw a laser to Hunter Miller, who would be tackled at the 2-yard line with 2 seconds left on the clock. Our final play would be a sweep play to Andrew Johnson but the Lions defense would stop him and the game would end with us comig up a mere two yards short of a second straight city championship.

Wow, what a game by both teams. Both teams are champions and I could not be prouder of our kids than I was after the game. I always urge them to play their guts out and they did that on Saturday. Congrats to a great group of Tiger players and parents on a wonderful season. See you all at the party on Tuesday night! 




NCR Week 8 - Offensive Players of the Week - Andrew Reeder & Tristan Morgan

Our offensive players of the week for the final week of the season is Andrew Reeder and Tristan Morgan. Both of these guys had a good game on Saturday versus the Lions. They did a real good job blocking against a very fast Lions defense. These two guys have been our main blocking backs out of the back-field for most of the season and have done a great job all season long. Very proud of you both on an outstanding job this week and the entire season!



NCR Week 8 - Defensive Player of the Week - Tyler Robinson

Our defensive player of the week for the final week of the season is Tyler Robinson. Tyler had another really good game on Saturday versus the Lions. He has led us in tackles in most of our games this season. Tyler may be our most improved player from last season and he was a big reason our defense was the best in the league all season long. Great job Tyler, we are very proud of you!



Tigers bury Grizzles, 21-7.... advance to City Championship!


Well, if you would have told me after the first couple of practices of the season that we would be playing for the Rinky Dink City Championship this year, I probably would have laughed at you. But this group of kids have played their hearts out and have given us all they had all season long. They deserve to be in this game on Saturday versus a very good First Arkansas Lions team. It will be a fun game that's for sure, but let's see how this one went down first.

I want to say a giant thank you to Coach Dylan who filled in for me this past Saturday, as I was away on business in Florida. From the looks of the game film, Coach Dylan and the kids did not miss a beat and the offense performed well. We took the ball to open the game and after a 9-yard scamper by Andrew Reeder, George Herrell would go around the outside for a 51-yard touchdown run. We converted the extra point and would take a quick 7-0 lead.

The Grizzles would try to answer back but our defense was ready for them. Hayden Chaffey once again had an incredible game for our defense and he was a thorn in the Grizzles side all game. He would sack their QB in the back-field a couple of times on their opening drive. After a good play by Brysten McLaughlin, the Grizzles would face a 4th & 1 from our 23-yard line. Hayden once again burst thru the back-field and would get another sack, giving the ball back to our offense. George would start the drive with a 29 yard run to move the ball to the Grizzles side of the field. Andrew Reeder then took the hand-off from George and got the ball stripped from him as he went to the ground. Kevin Coats would pick the ball up and get and escort to the end-zone by our entire back-field. Wow, what a play by Kevin and it would give us a 13-0 lead. Brayedan Davis would convert the extra point and with 1:36 left in the half we had a 14-0 lead.

The Grizzles would try to get points before the half but a couple of good plays by our defense would keep them from scoring. Kaden Geddes and Andrew Johnson made good open field tackles and the 2nd quarter clock would expire with us still holding a two touchdown advantage. The Grizzles would get the ball to open the 3rd quarter and would finally get on the scoreboard, but our defense did not make it easy on them. They put together a 7-play 60 yard drive that used up all but 12 seconds of the 3rd quarter clock, to pull within 14-7.

Our offense would then go back to work and it wouldn't take us long. George would find a huge hole in the defense and got some really good blocking from Hunter Miller, Tristan Morgan, Andrew Reeder and Brayedan Davis to dart 60 yards for another Tiger touchdown. Brayedan once again converted the extra point to make it a 21-7 Tigers lead. Our defense went back out there with thoughts of shutting the Grizzles down on their minds and that's exactly what they did. Hayden would record another QB sack and a mix-up in the Grizzles back-field on 4th down would give the ball back to our offense at the Grizzles 38-yard line. We would have a couple of nice runs from Brayedan and Andrew to move the ball inside the 5-yard line. With only seconds left on the clock we would take a knee and come away with the 21-7 win.

The win moves us to 4-1-1 on the season and advances us to the City Championship against First Arkansas. Should be a blast at Northside Stadium on Saturday. Game starts at 11:45, please be there by 11am. It will be our third straight trip to the City Championship game. Hopefully we can come away with a win like last season. Go Tigers!




NCR Week 7 - Offensive Player of the Week - Kevin Coats

There was no doubt who our offensive player of the week this week was. Kevin Coats, who usually plays on the defensive line, had to play on the offensive line on Saturday. He made the play of the game and maybe the year for our team. He picked up a fumble by Andrew Reeder and carried it 43 yards for a Tiger touchdown. He was escorted to the end zone by a host of Tiger players. It was awesome! Great job Kevin!



NCR Week 7 - Defensive Player of the Week - Brysten McLaughlin

Our defensive player of the week for week 7 of the season is Brysten McLaughlin. He had a really good game versus the Grizzles, recording 4 tackles and was all around the football on every play. He has really done a great job for our defense all season long, while playing a really tough position for a 1st grader. He always gives 110% and is a pleasure to be around and coach. Great job Brysten, we are very proud of you!



FINAL 2013 FSBGC Rinky Dink Football Standings

First Arkansas Lions     5-0-1

NCR Tigers                    4-1-1

Police Cubs                     4-2

E-n-M Grizzles               3-3

Nat Family Bulldogs        3-3

Alford's Pirates             1-5

Simmons 1st Steelers     0-6



FSBGC Rinky Dink Football Scores

Week 1

First Arkansas Lions - 61       Simmons 1st Steelers - 49

NCR Tigers - 39                     Police Cubs - 28

E-n-M Grizzles - 27               National Family Bulldogs - 21


Week 2

Alford's Pirates - 21              Simmons 1st Steelers - 14

Police Cubs - 47                      National Family Bulldogs - 40

NCR Tigers - 20                     First Arkansas Lions - 20  


Week 3

National Family Bulldogs - 18     NCR Tigers - 13

First Arkansas Lions - 32          Alford's Pirates - 0

E-n-M Grizzles - 33                  Simmons 1st Steelers - 32      


Week 4

Police Cubs - 34                         Simmons 1st Steelers - 14

First Arkansas Lions - 26           National Family Bulldogs - 19

E-n-M Grizzles - 33                    Alford's Pirates - 13   


Week 5

First Arkansas Lions - 41           E-n-M Grizzles - 33

Police Cubs - 32                         Alford's Pirates - 7

NCR Tigers - 20                        Simmons 1st Steelers - 13


Week 6

NCR Tigers - 14                          Alford's Pirates - 0

National Family - 26                   Simmons 1st Steelers - 6

Police Cubs - 28                          E-n-M Grizzles - 13


Week 7

1st Arkansas - 45                        Police Cubs - 37

NCR Tigers - 21                          E-n-M Grizzles - 7

National Family - 33                   Alford's Pirates - 12


Optimist Day

Simmons 1st - 12                       Alford's Pirates - 6           (1/2 game)

National Family - 28                 Simmons 1st Steelers - 12  (1/2 game)

National Family - 21                 Alford's Pirates - 0             (1/2 game)


3rd Place Game

E-n-M Grizzles - 38                Police Cubs - 14


Rinky Dink City Championship

1st Arkansas Lions - 14          NCR Tigers - 13  




Tigers defense blanks Pirates, 14-0!


Our defense once again stepped up big time tonight and shut out the Alford Pirates. On a night were our offense struggled with penalities and missed blocks, our defense was up to the challenge. The Pirates got close to the end zone but never was able to punch it over as our defense refused to yield. We had a couple of players that had huge games tonight on defense. Hayden Chaffey had his best game of the season by far. He recovered a fumble and had 8 tackles, including several QB sacks. Let's see how it all went down tonight.

The Pirates got the ball to open the game and our defense went right to work. Hayden Chaffey sacked the QB on the very first play from scrimmage and it was a sign of things to come for Mr. Chaffey! Tyler Robinson then made a good play on a run up the middle. Jace Jackson would then stuff the running back for a short gain and forced the Pirates into a 4th down. Tyler and Brysten then stopped the running back just short of the marker and the ball would go over to our offense. We started out eating up small chunks of yards as George Herrell and Brayedan Davis got us going on offense. We were driving the ball and then 3 penalities in 4 plays would put us in a 4th and very long situation. Andrew Johnson would then break free for a 34-yd TD run but yet another flag and the touchdown was erased. The Pirates would then stop us and give the ball back to their offense. Our defense once again came up big. Hayden came up with another quarterback sack and Kaden Geddes made a good play on a 3rd and long. The halftime buzzer would sound and this one would be all tied at 0 heading into the half-time break.

Our offense finally got to rolling in the 3rd quarter. Once we stopped committing the penalities, we moved the ball at ease. Tristan Morgan got us going with a short gain and then George reeled off a 43-yard scamper to move the ball to the Pirates 24-yard line. George then completed a pass to Hunter Miller for a short gain and then Andrew Johnson darted around the left side for a 9-yard gain. George would finish the drive with an 11-yard TD run to give us a 6-0 lead. George would then hook up on a pass play with Hunter Miller to make it a 7-0 Tigers lead with 3:04 left in the 3rd quarter.

Alford's tried to get something going but Mr. Johnson and Mr. Chaffey would not let it happen. Both kids made great plays and would force the Pirates into a 4th and long. Hayden once again broke thru the line and stopped the running back in his tracks to give the ball back over to our offense. We wanted to make sure we put this game away on this drive. Andrew Reeder got the drive started with a 3-yard run. George would then break off a few runs to move the ball to the Pirates 24-yard line. Reeder would then fake everyone in the place out with a beautiful fake and strolled in the end zone for a 13-0 Tigers lead. Brayedan Davis converted the extra point on a nice run and with 3:31 left in the game we had took control up 14-0.

The Pirates would then fumble on the second play of their next drive and guess who was there for the recovery. You guessed it.... Hayden Chaffey! Our offense was not able to take advantage of Hayden's great play as we botched a hand-off exchange and gave the ball right back over to the Pirates. With time winding down the Pirates put together a nice drive to move the ball into the "red zone" but our defense refused to give up points on this night. They would stuff the Pirates and the game would end with us winning 14-0.

The win moves us to 3-1-1 on the season and a win over E-n-M Grizzles on Saturday would give us a berth in the City Championship on Saturday, October 26th at Northside Stadium. Please have your child at Hunts Park by 9:15 this Saturday for our biggest game of the season so far.




Tigers survive scare from Steelers, 20-13!


Well it certainly wasn't the best game we have played this season, but the kids really put out 100% and left it all on the field. We had two huge fumbles in the game that allowed the game to be much closer than it should have been. Our offense drove up and down the field with ease but those fumbles almost cost us the win in this one. Let's see how it all went down.

Simmons got the ball to open the game and put together a 5-play, 60 yard drive that was capped off by an Isaiac Gregory touchdown. Our d-line stuffed the extra point to keep it a 6-0 game. We then took the ball and began our march down the field. Andrew Reeder started things off right with a 17 yard rumble. Andrew then looked to be in open field on his next run but lost the ball and the Steelers would recover at our 33-yard line. Our defense really needed to step up and bail out the offense and that's exactly what they did. A couple of huge plays by Hayden Chaffey and Andrew Johnson would force the Steelers into a 4th and long. Jace Jackson then stepped up and made a big play, stopping the running back in the backfield, giving the ball back over to our offense. We would waste no time taking the lead in this one as George Herrell would dart 40 yards for a game tying touchdown. We converted the extra point to go ahead 7-6 with 3:20 left in the 2nd quarter.

Simmons tried to put together a drive before the half was over, but Kaden Geddes and Andrew Johnson made a couple of big plays for losses that resulted in the Steelers facing another 4th and long. It looked as if their running back may have picked up a 1st down but Andrew drug him down a couple yards short of the marker, giving the ball back to our offense with less than a minute to play before half-time. George once again worked his magic and sprinted 65-yards down the sideline for his second TD of the game. Tristan Morgan really made a great block on the play that allowed George to get around the corner and score. Great job Tristan! We failed on our extra point as Brayedan and George fumbled the hand-off exchange and we would go into the half with a 13-6 lead.

We got the ball to open the 3rd quarter and was looking to put this game away but the fumble bug got us again! Tyler Robinson made a good run but got the ball stripped from him just before he hit the ground. The Steelers picked the ball up and headed down the sideline. They did not score but would a few short plays later, tying the game at 13. We would then put together a 4-play 60 yard drive capped off by a 41-yard TD scamper from George. It would be his 3rd touchdown in the game and give us a 20-13 lead.

Our defense would step up and stop the Steelers on their next possession. We had some big plays by Andrew Reeder, Kaden Geddes, Andrew Johnson, Brayedan Davis and Zane Walters. Tristen Evans and Brysten McLaughlin also go tinto the act with a couple of good tackles on the drive. We would get the ball back with a few seconds remaining and let Andrew Johnson run the ball one time. He broke free for a 60-yard TD but there was a flag on the play :). The final would be a hard fought 20-13 win by the Tigers. The win moves us to 2-1-1 on the season and a big week of games ahead. Go Tigers!




NCR Week 5 - Offensive Player of the Week - Brayedan Davis



Our choice for week 5 offensive player of the week goes to Brayedan Davis. He had a very good game on Saturday versus the Simmons Steelers. He was responsible for blocking Simmons' best player on defense for most of our running plays. He did a great job of taking him out of the play and was a big reason we were able to move the ball so well on Saturday. Brayedan also played a few series on defense and was in on three tackles, including a great solo tackle late in the game, as Simmons was trying to drive for a game tying touchdown. Brayedan is a great kid and a pleasure to be around and coach.



NCR Week 5 - Defensive Player of the Week - Kaden Geddes



Our defensive player of the week for week 5 of the season is Kaden Geddes. He had a very good game on Saturday versus the Steelers. He recorded 5 tackles and recovered a huge fumble late in the 4th quarter to help seal the victory for the Tigers. Kaden is one of the leaders of our defense and is a big reason we have maybe the best defense in the league this season. Kaden has a great attitude and always gives 110%. Congrats to him for being named our defensive player of the week!




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