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Remember that the N.A. Girls Softball League exists for instruction and recreation. Please be supportive of the players to help ensure they enjoy their experience and want to continue playing throughout the years.

Please cheer for both teams. This is particularly important for young players. Take a look at the children’s faces when they make a good play, or get a hit, regardless of the score or team, and you will understand what the league is about.

Do not cheer against the other team, or make disparaging remarks of any kind towards a player, coach, or umpire. The offending team can be penalized for this, and you may be asked to leave the field.

Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, and officials at every game and practice.

Encourage your children’s efforts after the game, regardless of the result.

Do not hesitate to ask questions of coaches or league officials. Please just wait until the proper time to do so, usually after the game.

Middle and Upper divisions – It is very important to have your child arrive at the field 15-20min prior to the start of the game as lineups have to be prepared and exchanged.

Please support our concession stand with your patronage, and by adhering to your scheduled work times.
Please enjoy the 2014 N.A. Girl’s Softball Season. And make it a fun and enjoyable one for our kids.