Montana District 1 - Baseball: Welcome

Tuesday, January 31
Montana District 1 Little League

Welcome to the Montana District 1 Baseball and Softball eteamz site.

Can you believe that we are only a couple months away from another Little League season.  I hope everyone had a great 2016 and is ready for another exciting 2017.   Check out the site and you will find the information you need for Baseball and Softball.  Registrations are just around the corner. You will find all the information under the 2017 Registration tab.
Please call me if you need any assistance or have any questions.  
Thank you!
Come join the Best game in town-"We are Little League" 
Jim Sommerville
District Administrator 
Montana District One  
Little League has completed the Little League University.  Please go to and sign up.  This is for parents, coaches, umpires, board members, etc.  It has everything.  Go out now and sign up!!!