Montana District 1 - Baseball: Welcome

Monday, July 11
Montana District 1 Little League - Baseball

Welcome to the Montana District 1 Baseball and Softball eteamz site.
Please join us Tuesday August 23 for our ceremony to have the big field at Centennial Park renamed to Musburger field. The event will begin at 9:30 AM.  Brent Musburger will be in attendance.  
FALL BALL!!  Please reach out to your leagues and they will get you signed up.  We will start playing games the 3rd week of September.  We will have 9/10, 11/12, Juniors and Seniors for Baseball.  Saturday games at 4 and Sundays at 2.  Call me with any questions. 
All of these things could not take place without the hard work of all you volunteers out there.  THANK YOU!!! 
Jim Sommerville
Little League has completed the Little League University.  Please go to and sign up.  This is for parents, coaches, umpires, board members, etc.  It has everything.  Go out now and sign up!!!