Montana District 1 - Baseball: Welcome

Monday, July 11
Montana District 1 Little League - Baseball

Welcome to the Montana District 1 Baseball and Softball eteamz site.
Thanks to everyone for a great regular season and TOC tournament. 
Congratulations to all of your District One Baseball TOC Champions for 2016:
9/10-Boulder Arrowhead LL
11/12-Boulder Arrowhead LL
Juniors-Burlington LL
Seniors-Lockwood LL
We still have a long way to go.  We have started All-Stars and will start with a Congratulations to our first State Champion for 2016 in Baseball.  
Boulder Arrowhead LL won the  Seniors State Championship today and qualified to represent Montana in the Regional Tournament in California. Great Job and Good Luck!!
Hats off to Laurel LL as well as they competed in the State tournament and played great as well. 
We will be sending Burlington LL and Lockwood LL to Missoula this coming weekend to participate in the Juniors State Tournament.  Good Luck!! 
All of these things could not take place without the hard work of all you volunteers out there.  THANK YOU!!! 
Jim Sommerville
Little League has completed the Little League University.  Please go to and sign up.  This is for parents, coaches, umpires, board members, etc.  It has everything.  Go out now and sign up!!!