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Mr. Man Memorial Hockey League
Terry Dunbrack
(902) 485-1524
70 Palmerston St.
Pictou, Canada
B0K 1H0

The Mr. Man Memorial Hockey Tournament is one of the most anticipated events every year, if not the most. Held in Pictou, Nova Scotia, the Tournament offically began in 1995. A time when the country was young, the world was idealistic and the dream of a tournament so intense that only one person could strive above all others and become - Mr. Man.

Saturday, December 29
The Kings Are Dead; Long Live the Senators

As the wise Abraham Lincoln once said just before being shot by John Wilkes Booth, "No Mr. Man Champion shall win more than four years in a row.  Should such an instance occur, a man of Senate shall rise up and take the torch to greatness.  This will be my greatest speech.  As soon as this play is over I shall write this down.  What?  No I won't take my hat off."

How prophetic those words have become in Mr. Man lore.  For the second time in the existance of the Mr. Man, the Ottawa Senators have ended a competitors attempt at winning fieve championships in a row.

After Michalek and Carter traded off irst period tallies, both netminders stonewalled their opponents efforts until the third period.  5:25 into the third period, Daniel Alfredsson scored the winning goal while the Senators were on the power play.  Ottawa's defense took over from there and held on for the 2-1 victory.

"It's about time someone of great importance finally brought you down," yelled a jubilant and gracious Terry Dunbrack into Ashley George's ear.  "Wooooooo!!!!"  The rally cry became a favorite of everyone in attendance. 

Furthermore, the crowd, thoroughly impressed with Dunbrack and George's seemingly easy task of making it to the finals year in and year out, appeared quietly optimistic that the two combatants would be able to revisit the finals next year to mark their fifth anniversary.

Saturday, December 29
Ottawa Wins Roy Hattie; Aims sights on Mr. Man

After Trailing 2-0 and 3-2 in their final round robin match of the day, the Ottawa Senators stormed back to score the controversial game winner short handed with six seconds left in the game to clinch the Roy Hattie Cup.  The winning marker came amidst a flurry of falling bodies that seems to have made it difficult for the refs to recognize that Jonathon Quick had been knocked out of the net by an Ottawa attacker.

 These comeback kids have been making it their persona to give up the lead early before marching back to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat having beaten both Montreal and Detroit 3-2 after trailing 2-0 going into the third.  The only team that they've managed to have and hold onto a second period lead against was Pittsburgh.  In their only loss so far, they stormed back from a 5-1 deficit against the Rangers only to fall short 5-4.

Along with staking their claim on the Roy Hattie Cup, the Senators joined the Kings in earning a bye through to the second round of the playoffs marking the 15th year in a row that Terry Dunbrack has made it past the first round.

Thursday, December 27
Tie Breaking Procedure

In recognition that this year's game looks to bring parity to the forefront, the Mr. Man rules committee felt that the tie-break procedures should be on the front page of the site.  All these are in the instances where teams are tied in points for a position:

1) Most wins

2) Most regulation wins

3) Ties over OT Losses

4) Head to head between tied teams

5) +/- between tied teams

6) Most GF between tied teams

7) Overall +/-

8) Overall GF

9) Best overall GFA

10) Best overall GAA

11) Best combined record of teams that each tied team has beaten

12) Top point getter

13) Continue down the point scorer list to break tie

14) Pin the tail on the donkey

Thursday, December 27
Snow Storm Pins Maritimes; Thursday's games moved up

The major snow storm that is wreaking havoc throughout eastern Canada has precipitated a change in game times for Thursday's games.  Montreal vs. Toronto will begin at 1:30pm with the Montreal at Ottawa game to follow at 2:15pm.  The games were originally slated to be evening matches.

The Mr. Man Memorial Tournament organizers apologize for the inconvenience.  According to the league refund/exchange policy, tickets for tonights games can be exchanged for future games.  In the event that a customer has purchased the Deluxe Platinum or Gold Pass, these patrons will be reimbursed the $37.50 cost of each purchased ticket.  Any handling charges incurred through online purchase or telesales will not be reimbursed.

Tuesday, December 25
Broadcast Game a Huge Success! Terry Dunbrack First to 90 Wins

The first game of this year's Mr. Man was aired on the youtube channel Gamingfusion5 and all early reports has shown that this game has already become the most watched game in Mr. Man history.  For the executives in charge on both ends of the agreement, this is a strong indicator that they may opt to air more games in future campaigns.

"We already had a decent fan base and the attendance numbers for key games each year has proven that world at large takes notice of the excitement that is the Mr. Man," Media Liason Terry Dunbrack said at a recent press conference.  "With this step, we've shown that there is an audience out there beyond the walls of the main battle grounds." 

Early numbers have the debut game for this year's Mr. Man have been viewed by at least 18 people.  The previous record for most viewed game is believed to have taken place in 2009 when attendance peaked during the tournament at 15 people.

In other news; the 3-2 victory by Ottawa over Toronto gave Terry Dunbrack his 90th victory making him the first competitor to reach that plateau.

Monday, December 24
Presley Has Left the Building; Tourny Down to Seven Teams

Due to a recent bout of Trentitus, Presley Langille has withdrawn from this year's competition.  The news has come as quite a shock to the Mr. Man community on many highly cerebral levels both attacking the frontal and backal cortexes.

"I was really hoping to play this year," Presley commented during a recent tour of his Graceland Estate.  "I have to work, it has nothing to do with whatever Trentitus is."

The Mr. Man Medical Society had believed that they had obliterated the terrible disease as it has not reared it's head since the early 2000's.  According to Mr. Man Medical Journals, the Trentitus virus 'amplifies the nervous system in a manner that causes its host to become really nervous about playing in the Mr. Man.  Due to the severity of the ailment, competitors were required to take Trentnus shots to help prevent its spread.

"An excuse like this 'I have to work that day' is usually one of the early symptoms of the bug," explained Mr. Man Medical Resident Ryan Dunbrack.  "It quickly spreads and attacks the courage genes and creates the inability in a human to compete in the Mr. Man.  It's really quite tragic."

The community at large is hopeful that this is a fluke incident and that it doesn't spread.

Sunday, December 23
Montreal Canadiens

OwnerAlex Baillie
2011 Record0-5-0
2011 Playoff Results6-1 Loss in 1st Rd
Highest FinishFifth 2010
Mr. Man Championships0
Theme SongGirlfriend by Justin Beiber


After unsuccessful runs in his previous three years, Alex Baillie will be making his quest for Mr. Man Glory this year with the Montreal Canadiens.  The decision to go with a team with a stronger goaltender seems to be a wise choice given this year’s game physics.


“If the ride is more fly, you must buy,” Alex waxed during his recent interview with Q’s Jion Ghameshi or however you spell that.  “I like going into areas where the murder rate is high and dropping it.”


Fun Fact:  With his brother Daniel not competing this year, this could be the first year where Alex picks up more wins than his sibling – but likely not.

Saturday, December 22
Detroit Red Wings

Detroit Red Wings
OwnerNick Munroe
2011 RecordDid Not Play
2011 Playoff Results Did Not Play
Highest Finish2nd in Div. 2004
Mr. Man Championships0
Theme SongSinging In The Rain by Gene Kelly


Returning to the fold for the first time since 2006, Nick Munroe wanted to prove he was a sucker for punishment by deciding to go with the infamously cursed Detroit Red Wings who’s only successful playoff experience came thanks to a system glitch in 2002.


“The only curse that Detroit has is the curse of having losers who were humans running their team,” Nick was over heard commenting at a local charity that brings cheap gardening equipment to sex trade workers at a yearly event called ‘Hose and Hoes for Hos’.  “This year is Detroit’s year.  This year the greatest hockey crown comes to Hockeytown.”


Fun fact:  In 2002, the Red Wings who went 2-1 in the playoffs were en route to winning the championship when horror struck and they blew the biggest lead ever in a Mr. Man Championship game 7-6 after being up 6-1.  In all other years combined Detroit have a playoff record of 0-12.

Friday, December 21
Los Angeles Kings

LA Kings
OwnerAshley George
2011 Record4-1-0
2011 Playoff Results3-1 Gold Win over Ottawa
Highest FinishGold 2008, 09, 10 and 11
Mr. Man Championships4
Theme SongCall Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson


Having tied the record for most consecutive championships, Ashley George is setting his sights on complete ownership of one of the tournaments most coveted accomplishments.  Ash has chosen to not to make the same ill-advised move that cost Christian his chance and is sticking with the team that won him his first four titles.


“He deserved to be ousted after such a boneheaded move,” Mr. George said during his yearly address to the Arcade Gamers for Change Club.  “I may not be the brightest person in the world but… what was I talking about again?”


Fun Fact:  Christian’s consecutive championships’ run came to a halt with a first round loss in 2002 after deciding to use the Vancouver Canucks as his team instead of the Colorado squad that gave him four straight titles.

Thursday, December 20
Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Penguins
OwnerChristian Poirier
2011 RecordDid Not Play
2011 Playoff ResultsDid Not Play
Highest FinishGold; 1996, 98, 99, 00, 01, 03, 07
Mr. Man Championships7
Theme SongAquarius by Ren Woods


After teasing us with his possible return, Christian Poirier is returning to the Mr. Man for the first time since 2009.  Citing Ashley George’s run to break the record that they share of most consecutive titles, Mr. Poirier felt it was time to take matters into his own hands.


“Obviously it takes a real man to stop this freak,” Christian stated at the recent gathering of Presbyterian Nuns For Tots campaign.  “I am that real man – not like those chumps that have been handing out championships to that ‘outsider’.


Fun Fact:  In preparing for his attempt at Mr. Man Gold, Christian has slimmed down to his 1996 competitive weight – the year that began a run of 5 our of six years of championships.

Wednesday, December 19
Toronto Maple Leafs

OwnerRyan Dunbrack
2011 Record2-3-0
2011 Playoff Results9-6 Loss in Bronze Game
Highest FinishFourth 2011
Mr. Man Championships0
Theme  SongScary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex


After advancing to the Bronze Medal match in just his second season, Ryan is hoping that a change in team may bring better luck.  Going with Toronto this year shows that he must be going with luck and foregoing the popular concept of using a good team to try to win.


“I’m that confident in my abilities this year that I felt that I had to handicap myself so as not to embarrass everyone too much,” said Ryan Dunbrack at a local dog show where he took first prize.  “This will be Toronto’s best chance to have a hockey championship in anything.”


Fun Fact: The Maple Leafs haven’t won a playoff game in the Mr. Man since 1995 when they lost to the Rangers in the semi finals.

Tuesday, December 18
Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators
OwnerTerry Dunbrack
2011 Record2-3-0
2011 Playoff Results3-1 Loss to LA Kings in Finals
Highest FinishGold 2002
Mr. Man Championships1
Theme SongLoser by Beck


Having lost in the title game seven times in the last eight years, the Ottawa have a rich history of coming up short.  Rumours abound that their ownership group is losing patience and have been looking for answered.


“Don’t look at me, I don’t have any answers,” Mr. Dunbrack commented during his most recent bikini waxing.  “Honestly, if I had any clue as to why I can’t win I’d do cartwheels.


Fun Fact:  With last year’s appearance in the finals, Terry set the mark for most appearances for a participant at 10 and the most by one team at 9.

Monday, December 17
New York Rangers

NY Rangers
OwnerTroy Rankin
2011 Record5-0-0
2011 Playoff Results9-6 Win Over Pittsburgh Bronze Game
Highest FinishGold 1995, 2004 and 2006
Mr. Man Championships3
Theme SongU Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer


Is there a new Mr. Man curse to go along with the curse of the Detroit Red Wings?  The once powerful NY Rangers have not competed in the championship game since winning gold in OT in 2006.  Last year’s Roy Hattie Cup champion is looking to expand on that accomplishment and finish higher than 3rd for the first time in six years.


“Beating an 11 year old for bronze was quite an accomplishment,” Troy commented while auditioning for the Price is Right.  “But this year, I hope beat 11 year olds for gold.”


Fun Fact:  The 2011 Rangers’ Bronze medal win was the worst finish in Mr. Man history for a team to finish with a 5-0 record or better.

Saturday, December 15
5 Greatest Teams of All-Time

The Mr. Man Historical Society has compiled the list of the greatest teams in Mr. Man History.  The main criteria when this process started was to choose solely from the undefeated teams that won the Mr. Man.  Unfortunately this has only occurred four times.  Here is the final list.

5) 2004 Ottawa Senators (Terry) - The Senators came within a lucky bounce of the championship game of having one of the most dominating seasons ever.  They finished the round robin with a 4-0-0 record outscoring their opponents 25-5 while becoming the only team to score more than half the total goals scored in their pool.  They dispatched with their playoff rivals 5-2 and 8-3 before bowing the NY Rangers 4-3 in the title tilt.

4) 2008 LA Kings (Ash) - The only blemish on the Kings 2008 campaign (4-0-0-1) was a 4-3 OT loss in the round robin with 1:15 remaining in the extra frame to the San Jose Sharks.  Their 5-1 victory in the crowning match kicked off what would become a dynasty.

3) 2000 Colorado Avalanche (Christian) - With the 3rd best comparative defense, a 1.29 GAA and the 7th best comparative Offence, the Avs bullied their way through the round robin to a 7-0-0 record en route to defeating Philadelphia 6-2 to claim its third straight championship.

2) 2009 LA Kings (Ash) - The Kings lay claim to the 2nd best comparative defense and the top comparative offence through the round robin where the finished with a 6-0 record.  Their solid play carried through the playoffs as they defeated the NY Rangers 4-2 and won the Mr. Man with a commanding 4-1 victory.

1) 1999 Colorado Avalanche (Christian) - The '99 Avalanche defined dominance.  The closest match in the round robin with a human resulted in a 10-4 victory over the NY Rangers.  The assault continued throughout the playoffs with early round victories of 13-2 over Detroit and 17-4 over the Rangers before white washing Buffalo 8-0 in the finals.  This was the only team in Mr. Man that had the aura where beating them would be impossible.

Honourable mentions go to the 1996 Champion Quebec Nordiques who finished the round robin with a 6-1 record scoring a record 96 goals including a record 35 in one game and the 2011 Champion LA Kings who finished 4-1 in the round robin boasting the 4th all time comparative offense and the 8th all time comparative defence. 

Friday, December 14
5 Worst Teams of All Time

The Mr. Man Historical Society have compiled their list of the 5 worst teams of all time.  In order to Qualify, a team had to have lost all of their games in regulation and any playoff games if applicable.  Criteria that the MMHS took into consideration included total offense and defense, overall plus/minus and year by year comparative offense and defense.  The comparative data takes into account the bias on a year to score goals as well as how many games a team played.

5) 1999 Detroit Red Wings (Trevor) - Finishing the season at 0-7, Detroit went on to lose it's only playoff game 13-2 at the hands ofChristians High Octane Colorado Avalanche.  Detroit finished with the 11th worst comparative offense as well as a PM of -45

4) 2006 Tampa Bay Lightning (Jody) - The Lightning finished the round robin at 0-6 and were rolled over in 10-4 route to the Daniel's Vancouver Canucks.  The Lightning boast the 10th worst comparative offense in a year that saw 312 goals scored which was the highest in a 7-team year.

3) 2002 San Jose Sharks (Daniel) - One saving grace was that the round robin was short.  The Sharks finished 0-4 and did not qualify for the playoffs.  San Jose managed to go the entire round robin without scoring a goal; the only team to do so.

2) 1996 Philadelphia Flyers (Computer) - The Flyers at 0-7 were so bad that they kept Trent MacLean's Montreal Canadiens from holding down the top two spots for worst teams by managing to lose to the Habs 12-7.  It's 7 goals in that game accounted for half of their entire offense.  In their playoff game they made a quick first round exit losing 21-1.

1) 1995 Montreal Canadiens (Trent) - Where to start.  First off, they finished 0-7 and lost their playoff game 10-0 to Christian's Toronto Maple Leaf.  The 10-0 loss actually marked improvement as they had lost their round robin game to the Leafs 25-0.  Their PM of -60 is the second worst of all time.  They had the 2nd worst comparative offense and defense.  They finished with just 4 goals over 8 games being shutout a league record 5 times.  Their leading scorer was Patrick Roy with 2 assists.

As cited above, the 'honourable' mention goes to the 1996 Montreal Canadiens who managed just one win against the second worst team of all time on its way to finish 1-6 and setting marks of futility with the worst GAA 11.71, Most Goals allowed 82, 3rd least goals scored 4, and 3rd worst PM -59.  Their 35-2 loss in the round robin to the Quebec Nordiques is the most lopsided loss in Mr. Man History.

Thursday, December 13
Dunbrack SilverDome Winning Name

In the Mr. Man Name That Venue contest, the former TerryDome has been renamed the Dunbrack SilverDome.  The winning entry was chosen from the tens of thousand entries that were received.  Since the winning entry was suggested by more than one entrant, the official winning nomination was drawn from a hat and the winner, Justin Herrman from Queen's New York, has been notified.

"I'm thrilled to be the winner; I've become a local celebrity because of it," Mr. Herrman said at the press conference.  "Once in a while all of the gears in life come together and you hear that magic click.  Well, this is my shining moment.  Now I know how Jesus felt when he first realized that he could turn water into wine."

Being the humanitarian and not being able to take advantage of all of the opportunities associated with the top prize - the Platinum Pass to all Mr. Man events - Mr. Herrman has decided to give the magic ticket over to a local orphanage to allow a disadvantaged child the opportunity of a lifetime.

When contacted about this transaction, contest CAO Presley Langille explained, "Unfortunately the tickets are non-transfirable.  At least, not to some unfortunate child who's presence would be bringing us done all day.  If he gave the ticket to some hot chick, then sure, that's fine.  The day is for winners, not losers.  We just can't have some loser kid running around."

Tuesday, December 11
Mr. Man Organizers Hold Discussions About Playing Part of Tourny Online

In wake of 10-year vet Daniel Baillie moving out west, Mr Man Organizers held discussions to include Daniel through online play.  The decision was made that this would not happen.

"Really?" asked Sherry Baillie who begat Alex Baillie, younger brother of Daniel while reading the story on the Mr. Man website, "You call this a newstory?  It must have been a slow day.  This story sounds like nonsense filler."

It truly was.

Monday, December 10
NHL Opts to Postpone Season Until After Mr. Man

In a move that has been expected ever since the NHL realized that they were losing its early season followers to the Mr. Man, Gary Bettman has decided to postpone the start of the season to at least New Year's Eve. The move, regarded in the sport as integral in sustaining it's relevance, is both daring and a little dimwitted.

"I'm not a very smart man but I work hard at trying to kill this sport," Mr. Bettman told a crowd of people while he was shopping for an IPad on Black Friday.  "It's been a long hard road but as long as the owners are clueless to what I'm doing, I'll keep it up.  Hey lady!  I saw that first... get your fat mitts off of that!"

Mr. Man organizers appreciate the spotlight but were hoping that things wouldn't have gone this route.

"I think there's room for both forms of hockey in this madcap topsy turvy word," commented current four-time Champion and Mr. Man Publicity Director in Charge of All Things Machete Ashley George.  "I'm just glad we don't have Bettman running our organization.

Sunday, December 9
Name the Venue Contest Set to Open

This year's winning entry for hosting the Mr. Man cannot be named as of yet due to a change in the locations name.  The board of directors at the TerryDome have determined that since more than one human competitor uses the area as their home surface, that the name shouldn't be named after one participant.

"Personally, I don't see the issue," TerryDome's founder Terry Dunbrack said at a recent ribbon cutting ceremony to open the new 'Never Break Ribbon Factory' located in the Ribbon district of the greater downtown Pictou area.  "I don't see what all of the hubbub is about.

The directors of the hockey operations at 'All Things Hockey Inc' and their subsidiaries have decided to hold a contest to come up with a new name for the location.  First prize will be a covetted Platinum Tournament pass that includes all access to Mr. Man events as well as back stage and post tournament party privelages.

So far the leading entry is "New TerryDome".

Saturday, December 8
Kidfest a Blast

The 2012 edition of Kidfest will go down as one of the loudest on record as the Festival moved to a more interactive event organizers decided to make it a gamers delight.

Boasting gaming events on a multitude of consoles, no one went home feeling less than euphoric.  The event also involved a visit from two generations of Mr. Man competitors and plenty of dulacs.  Aside from the this being a Mr. Man celebration, the main focus was a Super Smash Bros. Brawl competition that saw Kyler Gratto winning with a perfect record.

"Taking a bigger hand in organizing Kidfest this year, I felt that adding some sort of video game competition was proper for setting the tone for the Mr. Man season," Mr. Man's Youth Co-ordinator Ryan Dunbrack said in his mid day address.  "Bringing people together and having them bring me gifts is truly my humanitarian vision for the day."

As, what has become the unofficial fan kickoff to the Mr. Man season, gets bigger and better everyone is looking forward to what 2013 will have in store.

Friday, December 7
NHL Work Stoppage Vaults Man's Importance

With the Gary Bettman hell bent on having the NHL skip the 2012/13 season, the most significant NHL event looks to be the Mr. Man Memorial Hockey Tournament.  The players and six owners are sitting down to avoid this situation, but it appears that the Mr. Man Championship may be the pinacle of this hockey season.

"It takes two sides to make a deal, two sides to negotiate and two sides to make it go bad," Bettman said in reference to negotiations.

"The Mr. Man Tournament regretfully appreciates the situation that we're in," public relations guru Christian Poirier said at a recent Pride Parade.  "We're willing and capable to pick up the slack.  Hopefully, there isn't a trickle down affect in terms of fan support."

Word on the talks should be coming forward sometime this weekend.  Donald Fehr of the players union believes that there shouldn't be an issue with coming to terms on a CBA but would acknowledge the importance of the Mr. Man in this dark hour of hockey if he heard of us.

Thursday, December 6
2012 Potential Milestones

Round Robin Player Milestones:

Troy: 4 games to reach 100; 2 Pts to pass the computer for third All-Time.

Christian: 4 goals to reach 600 scored; 5 goals to reach 300 goals against.

Terry: 4 games to reach 100; Placing 4 Pts higher than Christian in the round robin would place Terry first overall; 12 goals given up to reach 400 GA.

Ash: 3 goals to reach 150 GF.

Ryan: 13 goals to reach 50 GF.


Troy: 3 Wins to reach 80.

Christian: 3 Wins to 90

Terry: 1 Win to 90

Ash: 3 Goals to reach 200.


309 Goals to reach 5000

19 Wins to reach 500

Wednesday, December 5
Calendar of Events

The month of December is that time of year when the magic of the Mr. Man is in the air.  This is the Official Mr. Man-iacs guide to the plethora of dates not to miss.

Mr. Man Kidfest will take place December 8th.  This highly anticipated event is in its 10 year and never fails to delight the youth of today.

The full schedule will be released December 12th.

December 14th, the Mr. Man Historical Society will be releasing it's list of the top 5 worst teams of All-time followed on the 15th with the release of the top 5 Best teams of all time.

December 16th will be marked with the first ever Mr. Man parade.  The parade should be the biggest in the history of Nova Scotia in terms of length.  The scheduled route should have participants wowing crowds in a multitude of communities such as New Glasgow, Stellarton, Trenton and Westville just to name a few.  The other community will be Pictou.

The 16th will also mark the start of the release of the profiles for each of this year's competitors.

 Grab your white tails and canes and mark December 22nd as one of this year's 'don't miss' events as that evening plays host to the Mr. Man Gala.  This evening of wining and dining is always a hit with the ladies.

The tournament season will kick off on December 26 with a single game between Toronto and Ottawa that will be aired live on the gamingfusion5 youtube channel.  Other early round games will take place on the 27th and 28th as well with the main event taking place on December 29th with the highlight being the crowning of a NEW Mr. Man Champion.

Once again the Mr. Man Planning Committee has outshone themselves with their ability to give the month of December events that will ring out through the march of time.

Tuesday, December 4
Schedule Highlights

With the return of the Mr. Man to the full eight team format, the Tournament will no doubt be ripe with moments that will be memorable for decades to come.

Thanks to the eight team schedule, the first round of the playoffs will mark a return to the possibility of anyone being eliminated in the first round.  2001 saw the completely unpredictable turn of Christian Poirier's Vancouver Canucks being ousted in the first round in OT at the hands of the Edmonton Oilers.  1997 saw the entire first round ripe with upsets as each lower seeded toppled its higher seeded opponent.

The Mr. Man Media Squad has landed a deal with the Gamingfusion5 youtube channel to air the first game of the Mr. Man live.  Possible future arrangements depend on the ratings of this first airing but both sides are eagerly expecting a great success.

 The Tournament will see the 500th total win in the Mr. Man with the 19th win of the tournament.  Barring previous ties, this should occur in either the game between Toronto (Ryan) and the Kings (Ash) or in the match featuring the Rangers (Troy) and Nashville (Presley).  Both games take place on Dec 19th at 10:15am.

We will see two Winter Classic games this year to make up for what is being lost with the NHL labour dispute.  The first will feature Ottawa and the Rangers marking the 100th round robin game between both Troy Rankin and Terry Dunbrack.  The second will feature Toronto (Ryan) and Detroit (Nick).

Monday, December 3
2012 Mr. Man Draft

The most anticipated draft in Mr. Man history did not disappoint. Having the legends of the game in the draft this year brought crowds out in record numbers and caused a parking issue as the Palmerston St. Esplanade was lined with vehicles. The parking snafu lead to a delay in the start of the precedings but that didn't damper the mood for a draft that turned out to be legendary.



2012 Draft Results
Ottawa (Terry)NoneKevin ShattenkirkTyler SeguinJordan StaalJari Kurri
Nashville (Presley)NoneAdam LarssonJeff SkinnerJonathon TavaresJaromir Jagr
LA Kings (Ash)NoneAlex PietrangeloPatrick KaneLogan CoutureWayne Gretzky
Toronto (Ryan)NoneTyler MyersBobby RyanJonathon ToewsJeremy Roenick
NY Rangers (Troy)NoneJack JohnsonTaylor HallClaude GirouxMario Lemieux
Pittsburgh (Christian)NoneEric JohnsonJamie BennJordan EberleDominic Hasek
Montreal (Alex)NoneVictor HedmanSteve StamkosGabriel LandeskogDoug Gilmour
Detroit (Nick)NoneOliver Ekman-LarssonNicolas BackstromMatt DucheneTeemu Selanne

Sunday, December 2
Top 37 Mr. Man Moments

The Mr. Man Historical Society (MMHS) compiled a comprehensive list of the top 34 moments in Mr. Man history.

37. (2009) The Lost Arc. A treasure trove of stats is discovered deep in the archives of the Mr. Man Historical Society's Library. The stats found included the scores from all games from 1995-2000 which have been added to the site, the first year's scoring leaders and the fact that Christian was Toronto, not Quebec in the inaugural season.

36. (2010) Two humans pick up first wins in the same season with overtime victories. Ryan Dunbrack (Pittsburgh) opened up his first campaign with a 4-3 overtime win in his first game against Detroit. Alex Baillie (Detroit) picked up his first win in his 11th game with a 4-3 OT winner against the Rangers.

35. (2008) Ottawa 2 Vancouver 0, Bronze. For the third time in Mr. Man playoff history a playoff game finishes with just two goals scored. The last 2-0 game was also a bronze medal win for Ottawa defeating Atlanta 2-0 in 2001.

34. (2009) Ottawa 1 San Jose 0, semi finals. For the first time in Mr. Man playoff history a game ends in with a score of 1-0. Terry (Ottawa) and Jody (San Jose) took the same defensive minded, puck control philosophy to heart in this game as much of the game seemed to be a game of keep-away with Ottawa being able to break the stalemate. Despite the closeness of the score, the game also will go down as one of the most boring since neither team was willing to take a chance and saw a couple puck possessions by Ottawa in the third period being spent hiding behind their own net just trying to run the clock off.

33. (2005) For the first time since time since 2001, Christian regained top honours as Mr. Man Champ. This sixth championship did not come easy having gone 4-1 in the round-robin in one-goal games - four of which ended by scores of 7-6 - en route to not only reclaiming the ultimate prize, but taking home the Roy Hattie Cup as well.

32. (2008-2009) No Goals for you. The Ottawa Senators set a new standard for playoff defensive prowess in delivery three straight playoff shutouts. Starting with the 2008 Bronze Medal game, Ottawa (Terry) shutout Vancouver (Daniel) 2-0, Detroit (Alex) 4-0 and Jody (1-0) and ran their shutout streak to over 205 minutes before finally giving up a goal to Ash's LA Kings late in the first period of the Gold medal game.

31. (2004) System Freeze. In the Semis with the NY Rangers (Troy) leading 6-0
after two periods the Canucks (Daniel) attempted a ine change that froze the system. With the game having to be replayed, New York, on the momentum of their first near advancement, win convincingly 5-1 knocking off a Vancouver team that had just won four in a row.

30. (2007) Shades of the Buffalo Bills. After losing against Pittsburg 6-1 to the most dominant opponent (Christian) in Mr. Man history, Ottawa (Terry) managed to cement his place in the record books in the category of Finals Futility with his fourth consecutive title match loss.

29. (2005) Laying down the gauntlet. Terry Dunbrack shocked the Mr. Man World by having his name engraved on the trophies before the 2005 championship. Losing 4-2 to Vancouver (Daniel) set the tone that this audacious prediction was not to come to fruition. Although reaching the finals for the fourth time in five years, a lacklustre effort ensured that there would be no reward for such an infamous move.

28. (2009) Jody Gets off the Snide. After having lost the previous two quarter final matches in Overtime and having not winning a playoff game since 2002, Jody exacts some revenge on Vancouver (Daniel) who had defeated him in the 2008 campaign as his San Jose Sharks beat the Canucks 1:06 into OT in the quarterfinals en route to a Bronze medal victory over Troy's NY Rangers.

27. (2002) San Jose being shutout for an entire tournament. Daniel Baillie's inaugural campaign in the Mr. Man will always be remembered for what he couldn't do - score a goal. Mr. Baillie ended the drought using the Canucks in 2003, scoring a goal 243:57 after the puck dropped for his first game in 2002.

26. (2001) Martin Brodeur makes 100 saves. In a game where the Devils' backstop turned away 100 shots, the Ottawa Senators (Terry) crushed New Jersey (Jen) 8-0 in a round robin game. The 100 saves shatters the old mark of 55 saves set in 1995 by Patrick Roy, then with the Montreal Canadiens (Trent) in a 5-2 loss to the New York Rangers (Troy).

25. (1995) Toronto 25 Montreal 0. Christian's Maple Leafs white washed Trent's Canadiens by the biggest margin in Mr. Man History.

24. (2008) Vancouver 5 San Jose 4, 7:43OT. For the second straight year and third time in five, Jody loses in OT in the first round of the playoffs. This game was the second longest (now it's the third longest) in Mr. Man history and marked Jody's seventh straight playoff defeat. Jody has lost by one goal in five of those games.

23. (2009) Longest Mano a Mano Match. In the longest game involving two human opponents, the NY Rangers (Troy) topped the Pittsburgh Penguins (Christian) 4-3 with a goal at the 19:33 mark in the first Overtime period.

22. (2001) Colorado (Christian) 5 Philadelphia (Nigel) 4 - quarterfinals. In a first round rematch of the 2000 finals Colorado looked to be on the verge of their first playoff loss since 1997. Down 4-2 going into the third period against a Flyers squad that finished with a better round robin record, the Avalanche regrouped to score three third period goals to eke out the victory allowing Christian a chance for his fourth straight championship.

21. (1995) Jeremy Roenick scores 9 goals in a game. Despite 1996 being the year of the high scoring hockey games, Roenick still holds the record for most goals in a game with nine. The nine goals ended up giving Roenick the first scoring title. Mark Messier had the same point total, but Roenick had more goals to take the scoring crown.

20. (1996) Quebec 35 Montreal 2. The 1996 tournament was played on both the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo. While Sega scores were reasonable, the Super Nintendo version allowed for scoring on your opponent even if you were behind your own net. What made the game most entertaining was the constant apoligies from Christian (Quebec) to Trent (Montreal) over each of the final 30 goals as the Nordiques ran up the score.

19. (2007) Ottawa 5 Philadelphia 4, 5:53 OT. It what appeared destined to become one of the biggest upsets in Mr. Man history, ended up becoming the second longest. After leading by as many as 3 goals midway through the third perion, Ottawa (Terry) managed to rally to tie the score late in the third sending the match into overtime. A lucky goal that appeared to be kicked in by the Flyer (Jody) net keeper allowed Ottawa to escape the apparent clutches of a first round upset.

18. (2001) Atlanta 4 NY Rangers 3, OT - Bronze Medal Game. The Rangers' (Troy) organization hadn't metaled since 1998 and there had been a sense of urgency amongst the ownership group. With a 3-1 lead and only 5 minutes remaining it seemed as though a Bronze medal was a lock. But two goals later overtime was setup and a total Rangers' collapse was inevitable.

17. (2002) The controversy. After having lost their first 6 playoff game under their previous two ownerships, Detroit had become known as a cursed playoff team. With time running out and down 7-0 to Los Angelas (computer) the Red Wings (Jody) seemed destined for perpetual infamy until Jody noticed that the settings were wrong, not allowing him to make line changes. A quick conference between the Mr. Man Senior Executive allowed Jodes G. MacKenzie the option of replaying his quarterfinal matchup. After weighing the options of playing and winning over playing, losing and just delaying the end of the tournament drinking, Jody opted to play the game. The result was a 7-4 victory breaking the curse and eventually finding Detroit with their first medal (silver).

16. (2001) Ottawa 2 Atlanta 0 - semi-finals. In the lowest scoring game in Mr. Man playoff history, the Ottawa Senators (Terry) and the Atlanta Thrashers (computer) remained scoreless until their were 30 seconds left in the second period. Atlanta dominated the third period. After pulling their goalie with with 1:30 remaining, Atlanta spent the remainder of the game in Ottawa's zone. After Patrick Lalime stopped 5 straight quality scoring opportunities, Zdeno Chara flipped the puck the length of the ice just to get the puck out of the zone which found the Thrasher net to ice the game with one second left to play.

15. (2010) LA Kings 6 Ottawa 1, Finals. After a perfect record during a tumultuous week, Ottawa ended up finding themselves in familiar territory after blowing the championship game and winding up with their 8th Silver. Ashley George's finale upset set the stage for the Mr. Man community to start throwing around the word 'dynasty' for the first time since Christian Poirier's run at the turn of the millenium.

14. (1997) The Semi-Finals. In the year that saw a computer team win the Mr. Man, the Semi-final matchups marked the most intense portion of the playoffs in Mr. Man history. Carolina (computer) defeated Vancouver (Troy) 3-2 in overtime sending Carolina on to the finals to face Dallas (Dr. Chad) who defeated Washington (computer) 3-2 in double overtime.

13. (1996) NY Rangers 23 Toronto 22 - Semi-Finals. In the highest scoring semi-final in Mr. Man history, with shots that would seem to find the net from practically anywhere that they were shot, the Rangers (Troy) edged the Maple Leafs by a goal to earn a berth in the '96 finals.

12. (2008) LA Kings 5 Pittsburg 1, Finals. In a very lopsided game, Ashley George and his LA Kings take home the Mr. Man championship to go along with the Roy Hattie cup marking the first time that the trophies have left the possession of the charter members of the tournament ever.

11. (2011) Defensive Dominance. The LA Kings marched to their fourth straight Mr. Man Championship with a 3-1 victory over the Ottawa Senators. What made this accomplishment most impressive was the streak of 6 straight games where LA gave up one goal or less after an opening 7-6 loss to the Troy's NY Rangers.

10. (1997) The Year of the Upset. 1997 proved how the playoff round can be a new life for a team. In every game except the Vancouver's (Troy) Bronze medal win over Washington (computer), the lower seeded team took the matchup culminating in a 3-0 Gold Medal win for the eighth place Carolina Hurricanes (computer) who finished the regular season at 1-6-1 over the seventh place Dallas Stars (Dr. Chad) who had cumulated a regular season record of 2-5-0.

9. (2009) Ash is Perfect. Ashley George marched his LA Kings to both the Roy Hattie and the Mr. Man podiums with the first perfect record since Christian Poirier did it in 2000 with his Colorado Avalanche. Ash fell just short of this last year after losing to Jody's San Jose Sharks 4-3 in OT.

8. (2003) Carolina 3 Colorado 2, OT - Finals.   With a stunning victory overtime over the Carolina Hurricanes beat the Colorado Avalanche 4:22 into overtime to become the 2004 Mr. Man Champion. Ron Francis got credit for scoring the overtime winner, although it was Steve Konowalchuk pocketing the goal into his own net. This was the first Championship Game to go into overtime.

7. (1999) Colorado 8 Buffalo 0 - Finals. Christian capped off the first undefeated tournament in Mr. Man history, and his first of two consecutive perfect seasons, with an exclamation point with the biggest shutout and biggest margin of victory in a Finals match. The Colorado juggernaught steam rolled through the round robin and didn't slow down once it hit the playoffs besting Detroit (Trevor), NY Rangers (Troy) and Buffalo (Jody) by a combined score of 38-6.

6. (2001) Colorado 6 Ottawa 5 - Finals. After the first six years in Mr. Man history, the finals had never matched the intensity or excitement that was becoming routine during the semi-finals. 2001 would prove to be different. Ottawa (Terry) recovered from 2-0 and 4-2 deficits to knot the contest against the Avalanche (Christian). Colorado managed to go up 6-4 before the Senators got to within one goal with half of the game remaining. Despite a flourish of activity during the last five minutes of the second period and the first ten minutes of the third in front of the Avalanche goal, Patrick Roy stood on his head to ensure the victory giving its franchise its fourth straight Mr. Man and fifth overall.

5. (2004) NY Rangers 4 Ottawa 3 - finals. In a rematch of the Roy Hattie matchup earlier in the day where the Ottawa Senators (Terry) beat the Rangers (Troy) despite sloppy play by a convincing 6-3 margin, New York managed to exact revenge. In a nail biter that saw the lead change a couple of times, the Rangers tallied two third period goals including the game winner with under four minutes remaining by team captain and MVP Mark Messier. The Senators looked to be heavily favored with an offense that averaged more than six goals a game leading into the Finals, but were held to just three after a dominating third period by the Rangers. It marked Troy's first medal since 1998 and the Rangers first since 1996.

4. (2002) Edmonton 6 Vancouver 5, OT - quarterfinals. After winning four straight championships with Colorado, Christian Poirier decided that maybe the Avalanche were not going to be the powerful force that they had been in past years and decided to take on the Vancouver Canucks. After winning their division the Canucks were set to take on the Edmonton Oilers (computer). With Christian's having won four in a row the atmosphere was one of parasitic vultures ready to pounce on their prey in hopes of an Canuck early round exit. With the Canucks up by a goal in the closing minutes the tension built. When Alexie Morozov scored the game tying goal with under two minutes to play, the crowd grew hungry for Vancouver blood. After five quality scoring opportunities that were turned away by Tommy Salo and the Edmonton defence, Anson Carter took the puck up the ice where Ryan Smyth's harmless looking shot found the back of the net 1:32 into overtime to end Christian's bid at defending his title leaving the crowd in euphoric disbelief.

3. (1995) NY Rangers 6 Quebec 5 - semi finals. 1995 allowed higher seeded teams the choice in the playoffs to pick which system their playoff game was to be played. Despite having a perfect record on the Supernintendo, Christian (Quebec) feared that Troy (NY Rangers) had grown adapt at scoring on that system and chose to play their semi-final on the Sega Genesis. With the score tied at five and overtime looming the Rangers scored with just 32 seconds remaining to send them on their way winning the first ever Mr. Man championship.

2. (2002) Ottawa 7 Detroit 6 - Finals. With Vancouver having been eliminated in the first round, it was felt that this had left the door wide open for Terry Dunbrack to pick up his first Mr. Man title. In previous finals Terry's record was 0-2 with Jody (Detroit) being 0-1. In the 1995 finals, the Rangers (Troy) took a 6-1 lead midway through the second period to go on to a 7-1 victory. In the 2001 finals, Colorado (Christian) had scored 6 goals by the midway point of the second period to go on to win 6-5.
The 2002 finals was showing shades of '95 as Ottawa fell behind 6-1, eight minutes into the second period. Simon Lajeunesse replaced Lalime stopping all 12 shots that he would face. Gaborik and Arvedson netted goals to draw the Senators to within three by the close of the second and Martins and Hossa added tallies early in the third period. With 33 seconds left in the game, Martin Havlat scored the equalizer. Off the ensuing faceoff, Havlat appeared to have scored the game winner but the play had been whistled down as Daniel Alfredsson was injured behind the play. With overtime looking to be an inevitability, Radek Bonk scored the game winner with just 17 seconds to go to give the Ottawa Senators and Terry Dunbrack their first Mr. Man Title.

1. (2006) NY Rangers 5 Ottawa 4, OT. In a tournament that saw high scoring games with double digits common place, the general feeling was that the finals were going to be an offensive slobberknocker with one team easily outpacing the other. The previous 9 games had seen teams reaching double digit scoring peaking at a 16-10 Bronze medal win for Montreal (Christian) over Vancouver (Daniel). No one foresaw the defensive stalmate that played out over the first 60 minutes that sent the Championship to sudden death for the first time since 2003.
   In the final minute of regulation, both teams missed golden opportunities that included a half court breakaway by the Senators with about 28 seconds remaining and a Ranger post-ringer in the dying seconds of the third. After diffusing an Ottawa attack to start the overtime stanza, New York took the puck up the ice and tallied the winner as Martin Straka picked up the juicy rebound giving Troy and the Rangers their third Mr. Man championship and handing Ottawa their third straight and Terry's fifth overall silver medal.

Wednesday, December 9
Praises Sung of Choral Society

The Mr. Man Youth Choral Society and their presentation of Christmas was a complete success!

Many of the children of the area had been preparing diligently for the past couple of months to honour the 15th running of the Mr. Man Memorial Tournament in song and they did not disappoint.  The theme of the show was 'that special Man who comes around Christmas time'.  In attendance were a number of past and present Mr. Man competitors - 3.

The Future of Mr. Man gleaned in at least one pair of eyes at last night's show.  Prior to going on, one of the performers started practicing for a future Mr. Man demanding that he be allowed in this year's compeititon.  With tears in his eyes, he learned that he would not be allowed in this year's competition because he didn't know the game well enough and even though it is fun for the other competitors to have that one person that you know will be easy prey, that roll is already filled by Jody.

Saturday, December 1
Eight Is Great

For the first time since 2000 there will be eight teams in the Mr. Man competing in a full round robin to determine seedings for playoffs.  2004 was the last year that there were eight teams in the Mr. Man which went with a two divisional format from the years 2001-2004.

"I think we've been waiting for a more traditional format for some time," tournament Co-CEO Terry Dunbrack commented at a local convention to try to bring back the McDLT.  "Anything can happen in the first round of the playoffs with eight teams.  No one is safe."

This year's competitors include three charter members.  Troy Ranking and Terry Dunbrack are back for their 18th year while Christian Poirier is returning after a two year hiatus while he conducted his research work on the affects of oil sands development on his drinking time.

 Last year's Mr. Man Champ, Ashley George, is back to see if he can make a run at his fifth straight Championship.  Untilizing the Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings, Ash should have the talent to make a solid run.

 Alex Baillie is back for his fourth season; favoring the Montreal Canadiens this year over the cursed Detroit Red Wings who under five different owners have only made it out of the first round of the playoffs once.  In 2002 under Jody MacKenzie, the Red Wings had a 6-1 lead late in the 2nd period before the curse reared it's head only to fall Ottawa 7-6.

 Nick Monroe is back for his third year and his first since 2006.  After half a decade off, Nick has obviously washed off the pain of his 11-4 trouncing in the first round of the playoffs to the NY Rangers and decided to take another shot.

Ryan Dunbrack who advanced to the semi's for the first time in his short two year career is brimming with confidence and brash naivete that tends to land on the shoulders of younger competitors who have not yet felt the pain of having their dreams dashed year in and year out.  Only time will tell how long it will be before the pressure gets to him and leaves his ego as dead in the ditch as so many discarded hobos.

New to the Mr. Man this year is Presley Langille who has the added pressure in the form of his manager/girlfriend who says that she plans to "kick his ass to the curb" if he embarrasses her one more time.  Presley scoffs at the notion siting his rough upbringing in the mean streets of Philadelphia as his true inspiration in life.

 The Mr. Man organizers wanted to thank Daniel Baillie for his ten years of effort to win anything but Bronze.  Daniel has decided to head out west in search of Christian; not realizing that Christian has already agreed to return. The Mr. Man Committee on Player Relocation wants to wish Dan the best of luck until December 20th in hopes that he returns to this year's competition, loses and then his luck return for the next 365 days.

Tuesday, December 8
Class of '95

The inaugural Mr. Man season saw eight competitors (7 humans and 1 computer) representing 8 different clubs.  Of the players on those rosters, twelve of them are eligible to return with the seven clubs that are in this year's Mr. Man.

The following list will have the players names with their '95 club and '09 clubs in perenthesis.  Roenick (Chi,SJ), McCarty (Det,Det), Chelios (Chic,Det), Draper (Det,Det), Osgoode (Det,Det), Kovalev (NYR,Ott), Brashear (Mtl,NYR), May (Buf,Det), McKee (Buf,Pitt), Nichol (Buf,SJ) and Bannister (TB,Ott).

In addition to those twelve players, there are twenty other players from 1995 that would have been eligible had their teams been in this year's Mr. Man.

Sunday, December 6
The 00's

No team this decade could match the dominance that Christian Poirier put forth with the Quebec Nordique/Colorado franchise having set the bar pretty high going 31-4 and winning three of a possible five championships.  With the decade coming to a close, the honour of team of the decade still seems up in the air.

Using mostly Ottawa, Terry Dunbrack has garnered the most points (64) and the most wins (30) needing just two more wins to set the record for most wins in a decade.  Christian with 61 points and 29 wins is also a strong challenger for having the best regular season totals.

The tipping point has to be championships though with Christian winning five out of six finals appearances while Terry lost in five out of six finals.  Troy Rankin has the second most championships for the decade with two in his only two trips to the finale whereas Jody MacKenzie is 0-2.  2008 saw Ashley George pick up his first Mr. Man crown.

Records of the ‘00’s

Saturday, December 5
The 90's

With the decade coming to a close, the Mr. Man Historical Society wanted to take this opportunity to take a statistical look back at the 90's and 00's.

Records of the ‘90’s


Thursday, December 18
Mr. Man Welcomes Roast Suckling Pig Day

The Mr. Man Society, in conjunction with the greater population of the world, has decided to recognize December 18th as Roast Suckling Pig Day.

"It's a holiday that's celebrated around the world," announced Terry Dunbrack during the morning scrum.  "It's about time that we gave Roast Suckling Pig its due props.  It took us 14 years and a full committee working 60 hour weeks but we wanted to make sure that the first holiday officially recognized by the Mr. Man to be the most important of the year, and not some arbitrary holiday."

Two years ago the list had been narrowed to the six following holidays for Mr. Man recognition:

January 23 - National Measure Your Feet Day

April 6 - Plan Your Epitaph Day

June 19 - World Sauntering Day

September 23 - Dogs in Politics Day

November 7 - Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

December 18 - Roast Suckling Pig Day 

Thursday, December 25
Roenick Remembered; Other Milestones

This may be Jeremy Roenick's last Mr. Man, although no official announcement has been made.  JR is the last of the original class of 1995 to appear in the Mr. Man.  He hopes to go out with the same flourish that won him the first Mr. Man scoring title thanks to a record of 9 goals in a 13-1 win for Chicago that still stands today.

Other important fact about this year's Mr. Man are as follows:

Sidney Crosby has a shot at being the first back to back Scoring Leader/MVP since Peter Forsberg in the 1998 and 1999 campaigns.

50 wins - Terry Dunbrack needs 2 and Troy Rankin needs 4 to crack the 50 wins in a regular season mark.

Jody MacKenzie and Terry are tied with the all-time record for playoff losses at 14.

Jody is tied with Trevor MacLean for most consecutive round robin losses with 14.

San Jose is still searching for its first win.

Daniel Baillie is looking to break his own record for tallest Mr. Man participant.

Vancouver needs one win to get to 20 and Ottawa needs three to get to 30. 

Three wins would vault Ashley George from 11th on the all-time wins list to 8th.  His fourth win would move him into a tie with Trevor MacLean for 7th. 

Wednesday, December 5
Closest Confirmation that EA Could Give

The Mr. Man Historical Society once again attempted to make strides in determining whether the Mr. Man is currently the longest running video game hockey tournament in the known universe.  After contacting EAsports they recieved this response.


Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts.

Unfortunately those tournaments are player ran events and we are unable to know for sure weather or not there is a more active Hockey tournament for our game for sure or not. But you seem to have been playing for quite sometime, that sounds like the longest to my knowledge.

Should you have any further questions please take a moment to review our FAQ site
Take care,

Although the statement clearly says that EA can't officially determine that the tournament is the longest running, the Society has chosen to by-pass those comments and focus on the quote, "But you seem to have been playing for quite sometime, that sounds like the longest to my knowledge".  The society has also determined that the person responding must have been very intelligent because they used all of their knowledge in determining this.

 The MMHS has considered checking with the Guinness Book of World Records to discern whether the Mr. Man is the oldest tourny or not, but the process appears lengthy and the Society would rather succumb to their laziness and believe what they want to believe regardless.

Saturday, November 8
Mr. Man Helped Obama Win Historical US Election

CHICAGO - Becoming an instant election celebrity can be a burden - just ask Joe the Plumber - but "Mr. Man" is apparently ready to shoulder it. The man whose shoulder Oprah Winfrey cried on during an election day rally in Chicago will appear with Winfrey Friday on a live episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show," Chicago-based Harpo Productions said.

Colleagues have identified the man as Sam Perry, a Barack Obama campaign worker from California. Co-worker Karen Wark said Perry worked at the Silicon Valley for Obama office, but didn't give further details.  "There is a lot of mystery that shrouds this man.  I've known him a while and I'm not even sure it's his real name."

Winfrey thanked the guy on Wednesday she called "Mr. Man" for letting her cry on his shoulder, while noting that she didn't know him.

Sunday, October 14
Lasagna or Meat Pie

Since the beginning of Man, there has been the age old question - Will there be lasagna or meat pie?

I like both.

Wednesday, December 25
Who was Mr. Man?

Was he real or imagined? More importantly, was he man or beast? There are no true answers to these questions. Not here, anyways.

Myth and Legend have made reference throughout eternity to such creatures. The Yeti, Sasquatch, the Tow Truck Driver - Are they all really one creature? If so, why would he have three different alias'?

Some say that the appearance of Mr. Man dates back to pre-historic man. A short stocky man with wildly bushy hair who drove a tow truck throughout history was mentioned in the Bible in the book of Revelations as "a creature that was forged by God to bring peace and competition on to man as I bring down forth a smiting of smitness".

The twentieth century appearance of the Mr. Man came with little fan fare. In a baseball game between the Van Veens and the Gators in 1987, a strange 'Man' emerged from the smoke of a tow truck. When asked as to who he was Troy Rankin in a gasp of awe said, 'It's Mr. Man.'

Although this is the first siting on record in the space age, there is wide speculation amungst those in the scientific community that he has been around. One hotly debated moment in history surrounds the first Moon landing. It is believed that when Neil Armstrong reached the moon, he was actually commenting on the presence of Mr. Man already on the Moon when he said, 'That's one small step for Man, one giant leap for all man-kind'. Some believe that the comment was about the gait that the stocky man has when he walks and was bragging about the rest of man-kind being able to take much larger steps.

"Making a reference to 'man' the way that Neil Armstrong did would imply 'man-kind' Therefore the statement would have been 'One small step for man-kind one giant leap for man-kind' which would be redundant", commented Dr. Chad English, a noted illustrious rocket scientist. "There should be no doubt that Armstrong was refering to Mr. Man."

Perhaps no one will ever no from whence he came or his true purpose in this world, but one thing remains - Mr. Man is most likely the true evolution of man at some point

Monday, December 2
Christmas Too Christmassy?

An article circulated today in the British newspaper "The London Chatter" reported the findings of recent poll suggesting that people find the name 'Christmas' to be too religious for its modern meaning.

The article went on to say that 65% of Catholics and Protestance polled felt that commercialism has tarnished the Christmas name. 71% of respondents stating no religeous affiliation said that they would be in favor of a name change as well as a slight date change in respect of those practising a Christian faith.

London's acrchbishop Cornelius Peddlington was quoted as saying, "that realising that commercialism is firmly rooted in society, the church would be in favor of moving the commercialized date to between the 26th and 28th."

This move would be in cunjunction with a gradual name change. "I don't beleive that the name should be changed entirely, immediately", the archbishop spoke. "I believe that the name should be similar, perhaps Christman in the first year of change, to Christerman in it's second year before evolving into the more appropriate moniker of Misterman."

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