Mountain Mustangs: Welcome

Welcome to Mustang Country


Welcome 2013-14 Hockey Season

Mustangs get 2nd place in the League, Way to go boys!

 Mustangs got the Wildcard position to go to Provincials in Russell. We play Thursday Morning at 9:00.

Go get em Boys. 

Come out and make some Noise! GO MUSTANGS!



 Game 1 in  Round 3 was not meant to be. Mustangs lost 4-1 to the Pembina Tigers. Will play them again Wednesday Feb 26 in Swan Lake at 7:30. Hope to see ya there.

Prairie Mountain Mustangs 1      CNMPM 4
1st Period
Tigers: Scott Stewart (Nathan Sanders) 4:58
2nd Period
Mustangs: Marc Vigier (Jeremie Goderis, Richard Lesage) 18:51
Tigers: Griffen McLean (Ty Enns) 17:21
3rd Period
Tigers: Ty Enns (Griffen McLean, Brad McLeod)  PP 19:00
Tigers: Colten Bamford (Nathan Sanders, Von Mullin) 5:31
Mustangs: Justin Gaudet (60MP, 35 shots, 4GA)
Tigers: Ted Lea (60MP, 31 shots, 1GA)
Mustangs: 6PIM, 1 minor 1 double minor
Tigers: 10PIM, 5 minors
Referee – Corey Derksen
Linesmen – Logan McGuire, Levi Taylor

Mustangs go into Round 3 against Pembina Tigers.

Game 1 is set for Monday Feb 24 at 7:30 in Pilot Mound.

Game 2 will be Wednesday Feb 26 at 7:30 in Swan Lake. 

Hope to see you there! Come out and make some noise! GO MUSTANGS! 



 Game 3 Round 2

Feb 21, Morden Arena

Mustangs vs Thunder

Both teams came out skating hard. Game was back and forth to both ends. The Mustangs scored first. The Thunder tied it up. Then the Thunder pulled ahead. After 1 waved off goal the Mustangs got fired up and at 5:39 left in the game the Mustangs tied it up.

Into Overtime we went. The Mustangs dominated. Finally a slap shot from the point made it through to the 5 hole to win  the game.

Game 3 of Round 2 is set. Mustangs will travel to Morden on Friday Feb 21 to take on Morden Thunder at 8:00 pm both teams are at 1 and 1 in the series.

Hope to see you there, Come out and Make some noise.  


Round 2 didn't start off well losing to Morden in Game 1 (6-3), But they made up for it on Wednesday night in Notre Dame. Beating Morden 3-2. Stay tuned for Time and location of Game 3.



Friday Feb 14 the Mustangs hosted W.C. Miller Aces. It was do or die for both teams as they were 1 and 1 in the series. The Mustangs came out hard and it didn't take long for the Mustangs to find the back of the net, at 18:32 in the first Braeden Beernearts scored fom Jared Vandevelde and Nathan Mazurat. Rest of the peiod was back and forth until :40 left in the 1st period Kevin Grenier scored with Dawson Lytle and Karl Conrad getting the assist.

Boys took a break between the 1st and 2nd period breathing a little easier with a 2 goal lead. But they knew that wasn't enough. In the 2nd they we able to get 4 more goals with the Ace's only answering back with 1 goal.

in the 3d the Mustangs got 3 more goals to win the game with a score of 9-1. 

Game Summary Playoffs Round 1

 Friday February 14, 2014:

W.C. Miller Aces MountainMustangs Game:#3 Aces 1 Mustangs 9

First Period:

1. MUSTANGS– Braeden Beernaerts (Jared VanDeVelde, Nathan Mazurat) 18:32

2.MUSTANGS - KevinGrenier (Dawson Lytle, Karl Conrad) 0:40

Second Period:

3. MUSTANGS – JeremieGoderis(Joey Delaquis) 16:20

4.MUSTANGS – Joey Delaquis(Marc Vigier) 15:42

5. MUSTANGS – Kevin Grenier (Braeden Beernaerts, Joey Delaquis) 12:34

6 ACES - JoshDriedger (unassisted) 11:06

7. MUSTANGS – Kevin Grenier (Marc Vigier) 0:35

Third Period: 8. MUSTANGS – Braeden Beernaerts (Joey Delaquis, JeremieGoderis) 18:51

9.MUSTANGS – Braeden Beernaerts (Marc Vigier, Bram Gates) 18:14

10. MUSTANGS – Braeden Beernaerts (Bram Gates) 0:58

Goaltender Results: Mustangs: Justin Gaudet–1 GA, 27shots Minutes Played: 60:00

Aces: Chris Friesen – 8 GA, 40 shots Minutes Played: 41:46 Aces: Dustin Bueckert– 1 GA, 9 shots Minutes Played: 18:10

Penalties: Aces: 10 PIM – 3 minors Mustangs: 10 PIM – 5minors 1 – 4 minute head contact – (Chris Friesen)

Referees: Corey Derksen (Matt Lemky, Stan Clark)

Wednesday Feb 12 the Musangs traveled to Altona to play Game 2 of the playoffs. Both teams started off playing hard. it was a hard fought fast game back and forth. Unfortunately did did not end well for the Mustangs. Mustangs lost 4-1 including an empty net goal.

Game 3 will be played Friday Feb 14 in Swan Lake arena at 7:30 pm. Come out and make some noise. Hope to see ya There!



What a Game! Those fans that braved the cold and came out to Swan Lake Arena to See the Mustangs play thier first game of 3 against Altona in the First round of League playoffs were not dissapointed. It was a hard hitting fast paced game. It looked like the Mustangs had thier work cut out for them. The score after the 1st was 1-1. Whatever the coaches said to the boys worked. They came out for 2nd period and got straight to work scoring 5 goals. By the end of the 2nd period the score was 6-1 for the Mustangs. In the 3rd the boys were firing on all cylinders. By the end of the game the Mustangs and scored a total of 7 goals and only let in 1. Way to guys and coaches.

Come out and Cheer on the Mustrangs Wednesday Feb 12 in Altona as they take on the Aces in Game 2 of the First Round. Good Luck Boys!



Friday Feb7 the Mustangs played thier last league game in Notre Dame against top placed team the Morden Thunder. It was an excellent game, fast and in both ends. No score  through the 1st and 2nd  periods. Finally with 7:12 left in the 3rd Jeremie Goderis scored to give the lead. Then with just 6:29 left in the game Jeremie scored again to give the Mustangs a 2 goal lead that secured the game for them. Come out and cheer on the boys as they start playoffs against Altona this week.

 Game Summary AWAY HOME Friday February 7, 2014:

Morden Thunder Mountain Mustangs Game: # 84

Thunder 0 Mustangs 2

First Period: No score

Second Period: No score

Third Period: 1. MUSTANGS – Jeremie Goderis (Derek Espenell, Marc Vigier) 7:12

2. MUSTANGS – Jeremie Goderis (Richard Lesage) 6:29

Goaltender Results:

Mustangs: Justin Gaudet – 0 GA, 23 shots Minutes Played: 60:00

Thunder: Jesse Ross - 2 GA, 31 shots Minutes Played: 58:30


Thunder: 2 PIM – 1 minor

Mustangs: 8 PIM – 4 minors

Referees: Darrel Van Den Bussche (Stan Clark, Brian Robidoux)




Wed Feb 5 the Mustangs travelled to Portage la Prairie to take on the Trojans. Mustangs started off with a strong start and resulted in 4 goals in the first period. The Mustangs took a break in the 2nd and got 1 goal but allowed Portage to get 3 goals.  After 2 periods the score was  Mustangs 5, Trojans 3.. In the 3rd the Mustangs rolled up thier sleeves and got to work. They scored 3 more goals without letting any in. At  the end of the game mustangs had won 8-3. Good job boys and Coaches.







            "                     / KARL CONRAD

            "                    /    "                  / COLIN DUPASQUIER






















Saturday Jan 25 the Mustangs travelled to Morris to take on the Mavericks.  The Mustangs showed up ready to play. within the 1st minute of play the Mustangs scored 2 goals. That was it for the rest of the period. In the 2nd  The flood gates opened up, Mustangs scored 4 goals with the Mavericks answering back with 2. At the end of the 2nd score was Mustangs 6 Mavericks 2. The Mustangs kept up their stride through the 3rd and scored 4 more Goals. Final Score Mustangs 10  Mavericks 2. Go Mustangs! Join us for our next game Friday Jan 31 as the Mustangs travel to Winkler to take the Nighthawks. Come out and Make some noise! Go Mustangs!

Mavericks (2) vs NDSW (10)

First Period
Mustang Goal -- Kevin Grenier (Richard Lesage) -- 19:47
Mustang Goal -- Karl Conrad (Colin Dupasquier, Braeden Beernaerts) -- 19:04

Second Period
Maverick Goal -- Brendan Keck (Ethan Loewen) -- 17:58
Mustang Goal -- Kevin Grenier -- 13:12
Mustang Goal -- Colin Dupasquier (Karl Conrad, Richard Lesage) -- 11:59
Maverick Goal -- Troy Lehmann (Brett Mazinke) -- 4:43
Mustang Goal -- Kevin Grenier (Breaden Beernaerts) -- 3:31
Mustang Goal -- Richard Lesage (Nathan Mazurat) -- 0:32

Third Period
Mustang Goal -- Marc Vigier (Kevin Grenier, Braeden Beernaerts) -- 17:18
Mustang Goal -- Karl Conrad (Joey Delaquis) -- 9:58
Mustang Goal -- Joey Delaquis (Richard Lesage) -- 4:31
Mustang Goal -- Karl Conrad (Richard Lesage) -- 1:43

Mavericks -- Eric Vermette (44 SH, 10 GA, 60 MP)
Mustangs -- Justin Gaudet (23 SH, 2 GA, 60 MP)

Mavericks -- 2 MIP (1 minor, 1 Game Misconduct)
Mustangs -- 2 MIP (1 minor)

Referee - Levi Taylor
Linesman - Marc Chartier
Linesman - Keenan Dreger



Friday Jan 24 the Mustangs hosted the Carman Cougars in St. Claude arena. The Mustangs came out strong and were up 3-0 at the end  of the 1st period. Unfortunately thr 2nd period belonged to the Cougars as they scored 4 goals. By the end of the 2nd score was Mustangs 3 Cougars 4. The  Mustangs owned the 3rd with 1 goal to send the game into overtime. Sadly the Cougars scored in overtime to win the game. But because of a tie the Mustangs still get a point.

Game Summary

                                                                                    AWAY                         HOME

Friday January 24, 2014:                         Carman Cougars      Mountain Mustangs

Game: # 72   Cougars 5      Mustangs 4

 First Period:

 1.  MUSTANGS– Joey Delaquis (unassisted) 13:34

2.  MUSTANGS – Jared VandeVelde (Richard Lesage, Kevin Grenier) 9:01

3.  MUSTANGS – Braeden Beernaerts (Karl Conrad, Jared VandeVelde) 5:51

Second Period:

4.  COUGARS – Mason Metcalf (Jordan Riddell) 18:47

5.  COUGARS – Jayden Cox (unassisted) 8:38

6.  COUGARS – Scott Owen (Jordan Riddell, #17?)

7.  COUGARS – Scott Owen (Jordan Riddell)

 Third Period:

 8.  MUSTANGS – Richard Lesage (Joey Delaquis, Kevin Grenier) 17:12


 9.  COUGARS – Jack Lotscher (Mason Metcalf) 4:32

 Goaltender Results:

Mustangs:  Justin Gaudet – 5GA, 29 shots              Minutes Played: 60:28

Cougars:  Rocky VandeVelde – 4GA – 59 shots     Minutes Played: 60:28


 Cougars:  6 PIM – 3 minors                         Mustangs:  4 PIM – 2 minors                                         


 Brian Robidoux (Dwayne Lytle, Eric Grenier)


The Mustangs couldn't contain the Thunder and lost 2-0 which kicked them out of the Gold medal game and ended up playing Hamiota for the Bronze.  They won the Bronze medal game with a score of 5-1.

Mustangs next game is Friday Jan 24 in St. Claude at 7:30 when they take on Carman. Hope to see ya there! 


The Mustangs Gallop  into the new year with a 5-3 win over Minnedosa. They are in the Carman Tournament this weekend. Their next game is Sat Jan 18 at 11:00 AM when they take on the Morden Thunder.

Go Mustangs! 

Congratulations to the Mustangs that made the Zone 4 All-StarTeam

Braeden Beenaerts

Karl Conrad

Richard Lesage

Joey Delaquis

Jared Van de Velde

Justin Gaudet 

The Zone 4 All-Star Game is Sunday Jan 19 at 3:00 at  Millenium Exhibition  Centre, in Altona


 Monday Dec 23, the Mustangs practice ended up being a scrimmage between the current Mustangs and past Mustangs.



The 2013 Annual Christmas game between Mustangs and Pembina Tigers was held in Manitou this year in front of a packed house. Fans were not dissappointed as it was a very good game. Back forth until the very end when the Mustangs pulled ahead for a 5-3 victory. Way to go boys and coaches!


Prairie Mountain Mustangs 5  CNMPM 3
1st Period
Tigers: Brad McLeod (Ty Enns, Griffen McLean) 12:17 PP

2nd Period
Predators: Marc Vigier (Richard Lesage, Joey Delaquis) 19:44
Predators: Joey Delaquis (Marc Vigier, Jeremie Goderis) 12:00 PP
Predators: Kevin Grenier (Marc Vigier, Richard Lesage) 7:04
Tigers: Scott Stewart (Griffen McLean) 18:54
Tigers: Colten Bamford (Griffen McLean, Scott Stewart) 5:44 PP

3rd Period
Predators: Kevin Grenier (Richard Lesage, Nathan Mazurat) 9:29
Predators: Colin Dupasquier (Karl Conrad) :22

Predators: Justin Gaudet (60MP - 3GA, 29 shots)
Tigers: Ted Lea (60MP - 5GA, 33 shots)

Predators: 10PIM, 3 Minors, 1 Double Minor
Tigers: 26PIM, 8 Minors, 1 10min Misconduct

Referee: Dean Buchanan
Linesmen: Chris Seymour, Dylan Sanders  



Monday Dec 16

Mustangs Hosted the PCI Trojans in Swan Lake. Mustangs came out on top with a score of 4-3.


Game Summary

                                                                                    AWAY                         HOME

Monday December 16, 2013:                             PCI Trojans             Mustangs

Game: #47   Mustangs-4   Trojans-3

First Period:

1.  MUSTANGS– Braeden Beernaerts (Karl Conrad, Colin Dupasquier) 11:15

Second Period:

2.  MUSTANGS – Kevin Grenier (Marc Vigier, Richard Lesage) 15:57

3.  TROJANS – Dreyden Cote (Jagger Barreault, Tyson Hofer) 9:12

Third Period:

4.  TROJANS – Carter Giffin (unassisted) 19:16

5.  MUSTANGS – Colin Dupasquier (Karl Conrad, Braeden Beernaerts) 10:05

6.  MUSTANGS – Jared Van de Velde (Jeremie Goderis, Derek Espenell) 6:53

7.  TROJANS – Tanner Wylde (Cody Reeves) 23.5

Goaltender Results:

Mustangs:  Justin Gaudet - 21/3                  Minutes Played: 60

Trojans:  Adam Lamblez – 46/4                 Minutes Played: 60


Trojans:  2 Minors                                        Mustangs:  3 Minors


Stan Clark (Dwayne Lytle, Gerald Mangin)

Friday Dec 13 Swan Lake Arena

Friday 13 was not an unlucky day for the Mustangs as the came out on top of the Carman Cougars 5-2 in front of a large turn out crowd. 


                                                                                    AWAY                         HOME

Friday December 13, 2013:                    Carman Cougars                Mustangs

 Game: #45   Mustangs-5   Cougars-2

 First Period:

 1.  MUSTANGS– Braeden Beernaerts (Karl Conrad, Colin Dupasquier) 15:32

 Second Period:

 2.  COUGARS – Mason Metcalf (Jordan Riddell, Tyler Livingston) 15:05

3.  COUGARS – Mason Metcalf (Jordan Riddell, Carter Janzen) 11:48

4.  MUSTANGS – Karl Conrad (Joey Delaquis, Braeden Beernaerts) 11:09

5.  MUSTANGS - Nathan Mazurat (Braeden Beernaerts, Karl Conrad) 2:20

 Third Period:

 6.  MUSTANGS – Braeden Beernaerts(Karl Conrad, Nathan Mazurat) 8:00

7.  MUSTANGS – Braeden Beernaerts (Brett Rey, Karl Conrad) 4:12

 Goaltender Results:

 Mustangs:  Justin Gaudet  -32/2                  Minutes Played:  60

Cougars:  Rocky Van de Velde - 53/5         Minutes: Played:  60


 Cougars:  3 Minors                                       Mustangs:  4 Minors

                   1 Double Minor                                              1 Double Minor


 Luc Mangin (Dwayne Lytle, Gerald Mangin)


  Tues Dec 10, Cartwright Arena

Call them the Mustangs, call them the come back kids, whatever you call them they are the winners of the game in Cartwright tonight. First half of the game was fast paced and back and forth, end to end.

Tigers made it on the scoreboard first, Mustangs answered back to even it up when Braeden Beernaerts scored with Karl Conrad and Colin Dupasquier getting the assist. The First period ended in a 1-1 tie.

In the 2nd period it was more end to end action as the Tigers scored 1 to end the 2nd period in a 2-1 score with the Tigers on top.

Then in the 3rd the Tigers blew the game wide open. scoring 3 goals to the Mustangs 1. Halfway through the 3rd the score was Tigers 5, Mustangs 2. It did not look good for the Mustangs. 

Then at 15:21 Karl Conrad on a pass from Jeremie Goderis.  With approx. 3:00 left in the game Karl scored again from Jeremie Goderis and Joey Delaquis to make it a 5-4 game.. Then the Mustangs and fans started to believe, The Mustangs played with all their hearts.  Mustang Coaches pulled the Goalie Justin "Juice" Gaudet and put another skater on the ice. It worked at  19:16 on the clock just :44 secs left in the game Joey Delaquis scored with a howitzer shot from the point on a pass from Karl Conrad to Tie the game. 

 Into overtime we went. Overtime started off just like the beginning  of the game, back and forth with Justin Gaudet back in the net,making some amazing saves. At one point we held our breath as the Tigers got a breakaway, but Juice stood his ground and made the save. Finally Mustangs got a break, the puck popped out of their end with 2 tigers players in hot pursuit of it, when out of nowhere a Jeremie Goderis  caught up and forced his way through them to get to the puck and while holding them off put the puck through the Tigers goalie's 5 hole to win the game, Mustangs 6 Tigers 5 . What A Finish


Mustangs 6        CNMPM 5

1st Period

Tigers: Scott Stewart (Brad McLeod) 15:15

Mustangs: Braeden Beernaerts (Karl Conrad, Colin Dupasquier) 18:24

2nd Period

Tigers: Griffen McLean (Scott Stewart) 7:11

3rd Period Tigers:

Scott Stewart (Griffen McLean) :32

Mustangs: Braeden Beernaerts (unassisted) 5:38

Tigers: Brad McLeod (Colten Bamford) 8:01

Tigers: Von Mullin (Logan Riglin, Devin Lowry) 9:14

Mustangs: Karl Conrad (Jeremie Goderis) 15:21

Mustangs: Karl Conrad (Jeremie Goderis, Joey Delaquis)17:06

Mustangs: Joey Delaquis (Karl Conrad) 19:16


Mustangs: Jeremie Goderis (unassisted) 4:42


Mustangs: Justin Gaudet (64:42MP- 5GA, 29 shots)

Tigers: Ted Lea (64:42MP- 6GA, 36 shots)


Mustangs: 2PIM, 1 minor

Tigers: 8 PIM, 2 minors 1 double minor


Ref – Justin Crawford

Linesmen – Chris Seymour and Ray McLaren


Saturday Nov 30, Cebtennial Arena Portage,

Mustangs vs Trojans

The boys headed to Portage la Prairie to take on the PCI Trojans. The Trojans came out playing a very physical came. Mustangs stepped up thier game  as well and gave it right back. It was a well played game, the crowd enjoyed it.

Trojans were first on scoreboard when they scored at 3:10 left in 1st, Mustangs answered back when Braeden Beernaerts scored with just :38 left in the 1st period on a pass from Karl Conrad. To end the 1st period in a 1-1 tie.

In the 2nd period  Mustangs pumped in 3 goals with Joey Delaquis get 2 of them from passing from Braeden Beernaerts and Richard Lesage getting the 4th with Jeremie Goderis and Kevin Grenier getting assists. While the Trojans only answered back twice to end the 2nd with Mustangs up 4-3.

3rd period didn't prove so to be prosperis for us. Trojans tied up the game 7:00 into the 3rd. Then with 2:26 left in the 3rd Trojans got the go ahead goal. Mustangs pulled the Goalie and at :34 left the Trojans scored thier final goal on an empty net. All and allI found it was a good game to watch.

Come out and make some noise when Mustangs travel to Morris to take on the Mavericks Wednesday  Dec. 4 at 7:30. Go Mustangs!


Friday Nov 29 the Mustangs travelled to Altona to take on Aces. Our boys scored 1st in the game when Kevin Grenier found the back of the net with Marc Vigier and Joey Delaquis getting the assist.

Unfortunately Aces scored 3 minutes later, and followed up with another goal a few minutes later. Then at 10:45 Colin Dupasquier put one in un-assisted. Aces answered back with another goal.

With 5:56 left in the period Joey Delaquis scored  with Bram Gates getting the assist. Then Altona scored again, ending the period with Aces up 4-3.

2nd period much the same, Nathan Mazurat scored unassisted early in the period to tie up, but Altona answered back with 2 more goals to end the period 6-4 for for Altona.

3rd period was much the same  Brett Rey and Joey Delaquis scored with Bram Gates, Braeden Beernaerts and Richard Lesage getting assists. again Altona 1 upped us again getting 3 goals in the 3rd.

Final Score Aces 9, Mustangs 6 


 Friday Nov 29, Altona

Miller 9 Mustangs 6
NDSW Kevin Grenier (Marc Vigier, Joey Delaquis) 18:06
Miller Tristen Dueck (Matthew Hildebrand #21) 15:52
Miller Tristen Dueck (Skylar Klassen) 11:16
NDSW Colin Dupasquier 10:45
Miller Tristen Dueck (Sam Friesen, Skylar Klassen) 6:22
NDSW Joey Delaquis (Bram Gates) 5:56
Miller Skylar Klassen (Josh Neufeld, Sam Friesen) 3:25
NDSW Nathan Mazurat 18:52
Miller Josh Neufeld (Tristen Dueck) 9:16
Miller Skylar Klassen (Sam Freisen, Jayden Bergen) 5:08
Miller Josh Neufeld (Sam Friesen, Tristen Dueck) 19:03
NDSW Brett Rey (Bram Gates) 16:09
NDSW Joey Delaquis (Richard Lesage, Braeden Beernaerts) 10:26
Miller Tristen Dueck (Josh Neufeld) 4:06
Miller (EN) Sam Friesen (Chris Friesen) 0:39
Miller Chris Friesen 38/44 60 MP
NDSW Justin Jamault 27/33 40 MP
NDSW Justin Gaudet 10/12 19:01 MP
NDSW 6 PIM (3 minors)
Miller PIM (2 minors, 1 double minor)
Josh Ginter (Ron Epp, Chris Wieler)


Monday Nov 25,

Mustangs vs Altona in Swan Lake


Game Summary

                                                                                   AWAY                         HOME

Monday November 25, 2013:                     W.C. Miller              Mustangs

Game: #29   Mustangs -8    W.C. Miller-1

First Period:

1.  MUSTANGS– Nathan Mazurat(Marc Vigier, Bram Gates)1:41

Second Period:

2.  MUSTANGS – Jeremie Goderis(Marc Vigier, Bram Gates)4:26

3.  MUSTANGS – Braeden Beernaerts(Kevin Grenier, Karl Conrad)0:26

4.  MUSTANGS – Karl Conrad(unassisted)0:19

Third Period:

5.  MUSTANGS – Colin Dupasquier(Braeden Beernaerts, Karl Conrad)18:43

6.  MUSTANGS – Joey Delaquis(unassisted)16:55

7.  ACES – Sam Friesen(Tristen Dueck, Josh Neufeld) 14:15

8.  MUSTANGS – Marc Vigier(Jeremie Goderis, Bram Gates)7:56

9.  MUSTANGS – Karl Conrad(Braeden Beernaerts, Richard Lesage) 4:33

 Goaltender Results:

Aces:            Chris Friesen – 49/6               Minutes Played:  43:45

Aces:            Dustin Bueckert – 11/2                       Minutes Played:  16:55

Mustangs:  Justin Gaudet  -20/1                  Minutes Played:  60


Aces:  3 minors                                              Mustangs: 4 minors

2-4 minute head check                                 1-4 minute head check

(Sam Friesen and Tristen Dueck)               (Jared Van de Velde)


Stan Clark(Brian Robidoux, Gerald Mangin)









Monday Nov. 18, Swan Lake Arena!

Those of you who came out for the game in Swan Lake against the Morris Mavericks were not dissappointed. The Mavericks got the First goal of the night and all it did was get the Mustangs fired . They answered back later in the First period to tie it up. But oh what a 2nd period. The boys came out and found the back of the net at just 1:30 into the period and never looked back. Through out the 2nd period they scored 3 more goals to end the 2nd period on top with a score of 5-1. Not to be outdone the Mavericks had 2 unanswered goals in the 3rd but it proved to be not enough as the Mustangs won 5-3

Good job Boys!

Come out and join us to make some noise and cheer on your Mustangs  Wednesday Nov 20 as the Mustangs take on the Pembina Tigers in Notre Dame at 7:30



  Friday November 15, Notre Dame Arena.

Mustangs took on 2nd place NPC Nighthawks. It didn't take long to set the pace for the night when the Nighthawks scored at 17:49 in the first period. Mustangs answered back 7 minutes later. Unfortunately the Nighthawks were able to score 3 more goals before the end of the 1st period. 2nd period wasn't any better, by this time the Mustangs were back on their heels and scrambling but couldn't put anything together. Nighthawks scored 3 times in the 2nd without any goals being scored by the Mustangs. Finally at 17:53 in the 3rd the Mustangs were found the back of the net, but it was too little too late as the Mustangs lost 7-2. I'm sure the boys will bounce back as they take on Morris Mavericks Monday Nov 18 in Swan at 7:30.

Come out  and make some noise.

See ya there!








Wednesday Nov 6

 Those fans that travelled to Carman to watch the Mustangs were not dissappointed. The boys showed up ready to play, and play they did. With a 4-2 Win over Carman. Way to Go Boys and Coaches.



Friday November 1 the Mustangs travelelled to Morris to take on the Morris Mavericks. Whether it was the long drive down or too much candy from Holloween the night before, they didn't have their best game. End result was a loss with a score of 5-3 


Mustangs had thier league home opener on Wednesday Oct 30 in Notre Dame and treated thier fans to another great game.

Boys came out of the gates skating hard and fast, Jared VanDeVelde scored the first goal with 5:42 left in the 1st period with Braeden Beernaerts and Nathan Mazurat getting the assist. The next goal was at 3:44 left in the first when Breaden Be