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Message from League President
Notice to all Managers and coaches,

   If a player is hurt in practice or a game no matter how insignificant it may be, YOU ARE REQUIRED to complete an accident report. They must be turned into Ron Kennedy, Safety officer. We are required to mail a copy to Little League within 10 days of the incident for insurance purposes. A folder will be placed in the Lyter field concession stand for reports to be turned in if you are unable to locate Ron.

   Gentleman and ladies,you must understand the seriousness and urgency of these reports. There have been documented cases of injuries that have lingering effects and leagues have been sued because of paperwork not being filed promptly or not at all. The last thing any of us want to see is that to happen here. I have been informed that there have been incidents already this year, some fairly serious and no reports have been turned in. If you need copies of accident reports either print it off the Little League website or see Ron or myself for copies. I only ask you take the 5 mins. to file the report and be safe rather than sorry later.   Thank you.                        
                   Scott Metzger
                   Montoursville Little League