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Saturday, October 22
Select Green Jerseys Skating in Red/Blue Practice

As part of the development of our student/athletes, I will start a trial program this week in which I select a few Green Jersey players to join the Red/Blue practice. Each week I will select different players.

If your student/athlete is chosen one week, it does not mean they’ve move up to the Red/Blue group or that they’ll skate with the Red/Blue the following week. (Do not buy Red and Blue jerseys) The Green Jersey players will wear their Green Jerseys at the Red/Blue practice. The Green Jersey players are welcome to stay for the second session if they’re not too tired.

If your athlete is chosen to participate in the Red/Blue practice, please let me know by replying to my email and indicating if your athlete will or will not make the Red/Blue practice. If your athlete cannot make it to practice that weekend, please let me know ASAP so I can invite another player.

See you Saturday morning.


Head Coach, Montgomery Cheetahs

MV white house
Friday, March 18
Cheetahs Visit the White House

Fellow Cheetahs,

On Friday, March 11th, Maurice V. was one of the five players from the American Special Hockey Association (ASHA), among a group of 70 children, who joined President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama along with members of the Chicago Blackhawks and Washington Capitals as part of the Let’s Move initiative.

The day started of with a ceremony with President Obama honoring the 2009-2010 Stanley Cup Champion CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS. Following the ceremony, First Lady Michelle Obama, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and USA Hockey Executive Director Dave Ogrean presided over a street hockey workout and clinic on a rink set up on the South Lawn of the White House. The clinic for local youngsters, which was conducted by members of the Blackhawks and Washington Capitals, is part of a new collaboration between Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative, the NHL and USA Hockey to encourage American children to lead active and healthy lives.

American Special Hockey Association President Mike Hickey and myself, the Legislative Director of ASHA programs and Head Coach of the Montgomery Cheetahs also accompanied the five players.

I thought would share a few pictures from the event with you. Along with the great pictures of Maurice is a picture of Aiden from the Cool Cats giving the President a high-5. Aiden wasn’t able to make it to front row so I put him on my shoulders and bee-lined to the front line (through the crowd) in time to get the President’s attention for a high-5. Please share these pictures with your athletes.

I will not be at practice this Saturday, March 19th. I’ll be coaching my daughter Erica’s team at the Pony Tail Tournament in York, PA. She has a game tonight at 5:00 PM. Coach Kryan Kennedy will be leading the Cheetah Practice this weekend.

See you next weekend and have a great practice with Coach Kryan.

Coach David

Mrs Obama

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