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2010 - 2011 Mystics!
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U14/U15 Fall Mystics

Sept-11, 2010

The U14 Mystics took on the Belleville-New Glarus squad at Honey Creek Field and came away with their first win of the season!  With this being the opening game of the fall, and many of the girls playing their first game together, we didn't know exactly what to expect.  But the Mystics came out and played very well as a team in game number 1!

At the 7 minute mark, little Sammi Curtis won the ball on left wing and made a pass to an open Emily Frankowski.  Emily took a nice shot and beat the keeper for the Mystic's 1-0 lead!  At the 15 and 18 minute mark, BNG scored two times to take a 2-1 lead.  But the Mystics kept battling and at 31 minutes, Emily assisted Kelley Baumann who beat the keeper and scored to tie the score at 2 at half time!

The second half continued to go back and forth for both teams.  At 42 minutes, Hayley Keene made a strong move down the right side and beat her mark.  She made a nice cross to Emily, who shot on goal.  The ball rolled to the left where Monica Sefick was there to put the ball into the net and break the tie at 3-2.  But BNG club kept attacking and knotted the score at 3-3 at 50 minutes.  Twenty minutes remained.  Play went back and forth, but at 63 minutes, Hayley made another strong run down the right side and crossed it to the middle where Emily finished the play and gave the Mystics a 4-3 lead.  That lead held up at the end of the game and the Mystics ended up winning 4-3!

Great first game ladies!

Minutes Played (not available: Kathryn, Maddie) 

Alyssa Engerman 35
Alyssa Heidenreich 35
Amy Gogin 46
Emily Frankowski 70
Gwen Ambrose 60
Hayley Keene 40
Holly Morton 42
Jenna Crook 35
Kelley Baumann 70
Kelsy Vestin 49
Kylie Kundert 35
Lauren Curtis 35
Mckenna Nall 35
Molly Gross 50
Monica Sefcik 35
Samantha Curtis 35
Shannon Rabotski 64


Sept-25, 2010

The U14 Mystics traveled to High Point Field and took on the Magic Fusion.  This game started out very even as most of the play was between the 18 yard lines.  All the Mystics were working hard, but Kelley Baumann was earning her stars back at sweeper.  She stopped the opponent time after time after time.  With a couple minutes left in the first half, she and Emily Frankowski swapped spots to allow a breather for Kelley standing at midfield.  But seconds later, the ball came out to midfield and the attack was on.  The Magic kicked the ball out of bounds setting up a Mystics' corner kick.  Our birthday girl, Gwen Ambrose, took the corner and served it right into the box.  Kelley was there to blast it into the net and give the Twisters a 1-0 lead at the half! 

Shannon Rabotski (playing keeper) kept the Magic out of the goal in the first half.  Marking Backs (by committee) were Alyssa Engerman, Kylie Kundert, Holly Morton, Gwen Ambrose, Molly Gross and McKenna Nall.  Jenna Crook and Kathryn Anderson were solid players at Stopper.  Forwards were Emily, Lauren Curtis, Hayley Keene, and Sammi Curtis.  The midfielders were Amy Gogin and Monica Sefcik, but the girls played various positions during this game! 

A 1-0 lead was nothing to write home about, as a strong second half would be needed to win this game.  Monica volunteered for keeper, and the second half began.  At times the girls looked a little lathargic out there, but they were able to keep the Magic from tying the game.  Then with 11 minutes remaining in the game, Sammi worked the ball from the right side and made a nice cross to the middle of the field where Molly Gross blasted the ball into the net and gave the Mystics a 2-0 victory.  Congrats Girls - you earned it!  Get ready because you play them again tomorrow!

Minutes played, Game 2 (not available:  Kiki, Alyssa H, Maddie)

Emily Frankowski 70
Kelley Baumann 70
Shannon Rabotski 58
Gwen Ambrose 53
Alyssa Engerman 51
Amy Gogin 48
Hayley Keene 47
Monica Sefcik 54
Holly Morton 45
Jenna Crook 45
Kylie Kundert 42
Molly Gross 42
Lauren Curtis 38
Kathryn Anderson 36
Mckenna Nall 36
Samantha Curtis 35

Sept-26, 2010  

The U14/15 Mystics had their second home game of the season and took on the Magic (same opponent they beat yesterday).  All the girls were able to make this game giving Coach Al many subs - a good thing!  Would the girls be able to defeat a team they had already played just one day earlier?  You betcha!

The team was determined to play hard at home and give their families something to cheer about!  Molly Gross started at goal, with her defensive diamond made up of Kelley Baumann, marking backs Shannon Rabotski and Kiki Vestin, and stopper Jenna Crook.  Alyssa Engerman and Gwen Ambrose solidified the center mid position, with Hayley Keene and Kathryn Anderson playing wings.  Emily Frankowski and Maddie Kallgren led the way at forward!

Five minutes into the game, Jenna sent a nice high ball over the defense where Maddie was fast enough to run under the ball and head toward the goal.  She slowed the pace up just long enough to freeze the keeper.  Her shot found the back of the net and gave the Mystics a 1-0 lead!  Nine minutes later, the Magic were able to score a goal and tie the score at 1-1.  At 21 minutes into the game, fresh players were substituted in including:  McKenna Nall, Kylie Kundert, Monica Sefcik, Sammi and Lauren Curtis, Alyssa Heidenreich, Holly Morton and Amy Gogin.  At 25 minutes, Monica made a solid soccer move and beat her defender on the left side.  She then thread the needle with a pretty pass to Maddie, who finished the play with the 2-1 Mystic's lead!  And that was the score at the half.

The girls came out in attack mode to start the second half.  After a couple corner kicks, Gwen served another kick into the box.  The ball seemed to bounce every which way untill Maddie got her foot on the ball to gain the "hatrick" and increase the lead to 3-1!  At this point it looked like the girls were destined to win their third game in as many starts!  At 57 minutes, Kiki was taking a corner kick.  She served the ball into the box where Sammi got her knee on the ball and sent it into the goal for the Mystics winning final score of 4-1!  Great effort girls!

Minutes Played:

GAME #3  
Emily Frankowski 56
Kelley Baumann 55
Madeline Kallgren 51
Molly Gross 48
Kelsy Vestin 48
Shannon Rabotski 46
Holly Morton 40
Hayley Keene 39
Gwen Ambrose 38
Amy Gogin 37
Alyssa Engerman 35
Monica Sefcik 35
Jenna Crook 35
Kylie Kundert 35
Lauren Curtis 35
Kathryn Anderson 35
Samantha Curtis 35
Alyssa Heidenreich 35
Mckenna Nall 32

October 2nd, 2010  

The Mystics traveled on the road in the cold to take on the Miss Fits from Stoughton.  From the start of the game, the Mystics applied immediate pressure and it paid off early!  As Stoughton attempted a clear, the ball came out to center mid Holly who blasted a ball into the goal from about 25 yards away!  Great blast Holly!  So it looked like this would be a runaway, but not so fast!


The game went back and forth with both teams having opportunities, but the score stayed at 1-0 until the 33rd minute.  That’s when Holly did her scoring trick again to make the score 2-0 Mystics at the half!


Don’t get too comfortable, girls!  Two minutes into the second half, the Miss Fits scored to make the score 2-1.  Was the lead going to disappear?  Nah!  At 40 minutes, Gwen took a free kick from about 24 yards and blasted a rocket off a defender into the goal to get the two-goal cushion back at 3-1.  Then at 47 minutes, Emily found herself on a breakaway towards the Miss Fits goal.  Just inside the 18 she blasted the ball to the corner and scored to put the Mystics up 4-1.  Stoughton added a late goal, but the Mystics prevailed 4-2 and are now 4 wins 0 losses in the Fall season!


You gals play two games next weekend.  Have a good week and we’ll do it twice at home next weekend!


Gwen Ambrose

Emily Frankowski 70
Kelley Baumann 70
Kelsy Vestin 70
Molly Gross 65
Amy Gogin 61
Holly Morton 56
Hayley Keene 54
Kylie Kundert 51
Samantha Curtis 51
Monica Sefcik 47
Kathryn Anderson 43
Alyssa Heidenreich 41
Maddie Kallgren 21

October 9th, 2010

Mystics Game #5 – Home against the top team Dodgeville


October 9th is usually getting into some cooler fall temperatures, but not today!  Temperature on the way to Honey Creek was 88 hot degrees.  That was the bad news.  The good news is that we had a bench load of subs allowing for frequent substitutions against the top Dodgeville team.


At 13:30, Maddie Kallgren scored an unassisted goal to give the Mystics a 1-0 lead.  She had participated in a cross-country meet earlier in the day, finishing 4th!  Way to go Maddie!  While both teams would have opportunities, the score went to half time 1-0.  Amy Gogin did a great job in her first opportunity at playing goal this fall season.  Kelley Bauman, Kiki Vestin, Gwen Ambrose, Shannon Rabotski, Jenna Crook and McKenna Nall solidified the defense in the first half.  Holly Morton, Molly Gross, Alyssa Heidenreich, and Alyssa Engerman anchored the midfield.  Hayley Keene and Lauren Curtis worked the right mid position while Kathryn Anderson and Monica Sefcik worked the left side of the attack.  Emily Frankowski, Maddie Kallgren, Sammi Curtis and Kylie Kundert took their shots at forward!


The Mystics were substituting 7 fresh players every 5-6 minutes and wore down Dodgeville in the October heat.  This paid off in the second half!  At 48 minutes, Maddie set-up Kelley who scored to make it 2-0 Mystics.  At 55 minutes, Hayley made a sweet pass to Emily who scored to make it 3-0 and put the Mystics in control.  At 67 minutes, Maddie notched her second goal of the game to make the score 4-0.  Dodgeville added a late goal on Shannon who nearly saved the blast, to make the final score Mystics 4, Dodgeville 1.  That brings the girls’ fall record to 5-0!


See you at Honey Creek tomorrow at 4:00 (be there at 3:35 ready to warm-up) as you take on the Mt. Horeb Jaguars!

Minutes Played

Kelley Baumann 62
Shannon Rabotski 53
Gwen Ambrose 52
Emily Frankowski 52
Amy Gogin 52
Kelsy Vestin 49
Molly Gross 38
Alyssa Engerman 38
Hayley Keene 35
Kylie Kundert 35
Samantha Curtis 35
Monica Sefcik 35
Kathryn Anderson 35
Alyssa Heidenreich 35
Maddie Kallgren 35
Lauren Curtis 35
Jenna Crook 35
Mckenna Nall 35
Holly Morton 24  Injured

October 10th, 2010

Game #6 – Mystics Host Mt. Horeb


The Mystics finished off the weekend by battling the Mt. Horeb soccer team.  Since they only had 10 players, the Mystics also played with 10 players, but it did not matter.  The Mystics seemingly scored at will, pounding the Mt. Horeb squad by the score of 10-1.  The Mystics had 9 different goal scorers in this lop-sided affair.


Congrats on your 6th win without a loss, and way to go to the following goal scorers:

@ 5 Min – Emily          @ 7 Min – Maddie          @ 14 Min – Kelley

@ 21 Min – Emily        @ 24 Min – Alyssa E.     @ 32 Min – Monica

@ 40 Min – Lauren      @ 45 Min – Amy             @ 50 Min – Hayley

@ 67 Min – Kiki


Minutes Played

Gwen Ambrose

Molly Gross 52
Kelley Baumann 49
Emily Frankowski 49
Amy Gogin 49
Kelsy Vestin 49
Alyssa Engerman 49
Hayley Keene 49
Kylie Kundert 49
Samantha Curtis 49
Alyssa Heidenreich 49
Maddie Kallgren 49
Lauren Curtis 49
Shannon Rabotski 42
Monica Sefcik 42
Mckenna Nall 42

October 16th, 2010

Game #7 – At Stoughton!


The Mystics traveled to Stoughton and were expecting to win (like they had doen in their previous 6 games).  Thing is, Stoughton was looking to put a blemish on the Mystics perfect season.  From the start of this game, Victory was written all over it.  The Mystics controlled play and peppered the Stoughton goal with shot after shot after shot.  But at the end of 35 minutes, this game was still scoreless!


The second half started and looked like the first – Mystics dominating but no goals scored.  A couple posts were hit, a crossbar and numerous shots and save, but the game remained scoreless.  Then at 63 minutes, Maddie drove the right side, beat her defender and passed to an open Molly who finished the play with a goal!  Way to go…  What?  Wait!  Referee ruled that Maddie was out of bounds before the pass was made.  I don’t know about that call!  Nonetheless, the game remained tied with less than 5 minutes to go.  With less than 40 seconds to go, Monica did a throw in deep in the Stoughton end.  A defender tried to clear, but Gwen kept the ball moving forward.  Another Stoughton defender tried to clear, and this is where the game went into slow motion.  The ball came over to Kylie Kundert at center mid who NAILED the kick high into the air and over the goalie’s hands to find nothing but net!  Kylie’s blast came with 10 seconds left in the game!  And Kylies blast gave the Mystics another win – win #7 – and kept the team’s record perfect at 7-0!  Wonderful, exciting game to watch!


Note:  The U19s last game is at 1:00 at Honey Creek on October 31st.  At about 2:00, the players from both teams are invited to join me at Vince’s for Pizza to celebrate two awesome soccer seasons.  The Twisters are 5-1 and the Mystics are 7-0 right now.  Let me know if your daughter will be able to attend (from about 3 until 4:30).

Kelley Baumann 63
Kelsy Vestin 58
Gwen Ambrose 56
Amy Gogin 56
Maddie Kallgren 56
Shannon Rabotski 54
Jenna Crook 51
Emily Frankowski