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Monroe Lady Swarm Basketball, Ohio

Monroe Lady Swarm Basketball, Ohio  
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Monroe Lady Swarm Basketball, Ohio
230 Yankee Road
Monroe, Ohio

Monroe Lady Swarm Basketball. Monroe Local Schools Youth basketball for girls grades 3rd-6th.                

Blue Teams participate in the Dayton Metro League.
Gold Teams
TBD for 2009-10 season based on numbers and interest at tryouts.

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2009-2010 Registration Form and TryOut Information

Handout: 2009-10 Registration Form

2009-10 Season 

Dayton Metro League:

  • Who: All 3rd thru 6th grade Monroe Students
  • What: 8-10 girls per team will be selected from tryouts
  • When:
    • 1st Tryout - Oct 24th (Saturday) 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
    • 2nd Tryout - Oct 26th (Monday) 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
    • Games - Primarily Saturday & Sunday, some weekdays
    • Start - Targeted to start first weekend in Dec
  • Where:
    • Practice/Home games - New Monroe School, Elementary Gym
    • Away Games - surrounding Dayton area
  • What to bring: womens size ball 28.5", water bottle, and a "hustle" attitude
  • Cost: $70 - Includes league fees, jersey, shorts, & sweat shirt
             (please make checks payable to Monroe Lady Swarm)

After our Season - Other opportunities

AAU Tryouts -

Take your daughter to a game!!!

It's a little different watching a game, than on the floor. Most people watch the ball and the shot, try not watching the ball and look at the other players trying to get open and set up the play. Or watch the defense and how they communicate and guard the person or a zone.

Article - Watching Basketball like a Pro

High School Girls Schedules are below

Heres some local colleges schedules.
Dayton Flyers Womens Schedule
Wright State Raiders Womens Schedule
Xavier Musketeers Womens Schedule
UC Bearcats Womens Schedule

What can my child do at home?

How to help your child:
  • conditioning - a big thing, have them do laps around the house. It is hard to concentrate on the skill at hand if they are working too hard to keep up. I usually tell them to run around the house 5 times without stopping everyday when they get home from school.
  • dribbling - have them dribble the ball for 10minutes or so instead of watching TV. 70% of the game is ball movement, being able to handle the ball well is a must. Just walking around dribbling and not looking at the ball will increase their skill (even if its only 5 minutes)
  • passing - pass with them for a few minutes, chest pass and bounce pass. SSP (squeeze, step, push)
  • shooting - you don't need a hoop to develop your shooting muscles, just pushing the ball up(with proper form) in the air improves their control and strength.
  • bottom line - every little bit helps, you don't have to set aside an hour, just when there is 5 minutes of "being bored" pick the ball up and dribble.


    • Rim height - 9ft for 3rd/4th grade (10ft is regulation)
                        10ft for 5th/6th grade 
    • foul line - 13.5ft for 3rd/4th grade (15ft is regulation)
                      15ft for 5th/6th grade 
    • ball size - womens size 28.5" for all ages
    • rules - play by National Federation State High School Association
            Rules with exceptions of
      • defense - man to man (zone allowed last 2 minutes)
      • no-press (offense allowed bringing ball to half court)
        • 3rd grade - full court press allowed last 2 minutes
        • 4th grade - full court press allowed last quarter
        • 5th grade - full court press allowed 2nd half
        • 6th grade - full court press allowed whole game

      • no spread offense (aka making offense move with just a 1 on 1 situation) -
    • Main exception rules:

    Girls HS Basketball

    Support the Lady Hornets!!! and also take your daughter to see where she could be one day(also, they might pick up a few pointers..."OH that's what the coach is trying to get us to do").

    Print Schedule

    Print Schedule

    State Tourney -

    Monroe Lady Swarm Basketball, Ohio
    Monroe Lady Swarm Basketball, Ohio

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