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  Divison IV New Schedule - Last 100 Games
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  Fri 4/18/14 3pm Bristol HS, Pa.: 9 - Greece Odyssey: 1 Myrtle Beach
  Fri 4/18/14 12pm Greece Athena: 16 - Greece Olympia: 2 Monroe Community College
  Fri 4/18/14 9am Greece Olympia: 3 - Canandaigua: 15 Monroe Community College
  Thu 4/17/14 8:30pm Greece Odyssey: 4 - Holley: 1 Myrtle Beach
  Thu 4/17/14 4:30pm Batavia: 2 - Honeoye Falls-Lima: 15 Batavia (Dwyer Stadium)
  Thu 4/17/14 1pm Eastridge: 3 - Canandaigua: 13 East Irondequoit (Eastridge HS)
  Thu 4/17/14 11am Webster Schroeder: 10 - Greece Arcadia: 7 Webster Basket Road Park
  Wed 4/16/14 2pm Webster Thomas: 10 - Greece Arcadia: 6 Webster Basket Road Park
  Tue 4/15/14 4:30pm Batavia vs. Akron, NY Batavia (Dwyer Stadium)
  Tue 4/15/14 2pm Greece Arcadia vs. Clarence HS Batavia (Dwyer Stadium)
  Tue 4/15/14 9am Greece Odyssey: 9 - Jeb Stewart HS, VA: 1 Myrtle Beach
  Mon 4/14/14 4:30pm Greece Arcadia: 11 - Greece Olympia: 1 Greece Arcadia HS
  Mon 4/14/14 2pm Webster Schroeder: 9 - Eastridge: 4 Webster Basket Road Park
  Mon 4/14/14 10am Greece Olympia: 5 - Wilson/ ECHS/ SWW: 14 Monroe Community College
  Mon 4/14/14 9am Dayton Christian School, OH: 0 - Greece Odyssey: 5 Myrtle Beach
  Sat 4/12/14 11am Greece Arcadia: 3 - Rush-Henrietta: 1 Greece Arcadia HS
  Thu 4/10/14 4:30pm Greece Odyssey: 1 - Brighton: 3 Greece Odyssey HS
  Thu 4/10/14 4:30pm Greece Olympia: 1 - Brockport: 11 Greece Olympia HS
  Thu 4/10/14 4:30pm Batavia: 5 - Medina: 2 Batavia (Dwyer Stadium)
  Wed 4/9/14 4:30pm Greece Olympia: 4 - Eastridge: 15 Greece Olympia HS
  Thu 4/3/14 4:15pm Greece Odyssey: 7 - Byron-Bergen: 1 Greece Odyssey HS
  Tue 4/1/14 4:30pm Medina: 2 - Batavia: 10 Medina HS
  Divison IV New Schedule - Next 100 Games
Export: Date/Time: Game (Home vs. Visitor) : Location:
  Mon 4/21/14 4pm Eastridge vs. SOTA/ College Prep East Irondequoit (Eastridge HS)
  Mon 4/21/14 4:15pm Greece Odyssey vs. Northstar Christian Academy Greece Odyssey HS
  Mon 4/21/14 4:30pm Greece Arcadia vs. Churchville-Chili Greece Arcadia HS
  Mon 4/21/14 4:30pm Greece Olympia vs. Monroe HS Greece Olympia HS
  Tue 4/22/14 4:30pm Greece Arcadia vs. Spencerport Greece Arcadia HS
  Tue 4/22/14 4:30pm Greece Olympia vs. Livonia Monroe Community College
  Tue 4/22/14 4:30pm Aquinas vs. Batavia Aquinas
  Wed 4/23/14 4pm Eastridge vs. Monroe HS East Irondequoit (Eastridge HS)
  Wed 4/23/14 4:30pm Greece Olympia vs. Greece Odyssey Greece Olympia HS
  Fri 4/25/14 4:30pm Greece Odyssey vs. Greece Arcadia Greece Odyssey HS
  Fri 4/25/14 4:30pm Eastridge vs. Batavia East Irondequoit (Eastridge HS)
  Sat 4/26/14 TBA LeRoy HS vs. Batavia LeRoy HS
  Sat 4/26/14 TBA Batavia vs. TBA LeRoy HS
  Sat 4/26/14 12pm North Rose- Wolcott HS vs. Greece Olympia North Rose- Wolcott HS
  Sat 4/26/14 3pm Eastridge vs. Irondequoit East Irondequoit (Eastridge HS)
  Mon 4/28/14 4:30pm Eastridge vs. Brockport East Irondequoit (Eastridge HS)
  Mon 4/28/14 4:30pm Greece Arcadia vs. Hilton Greece Arcadia HS
  Mon 4/28/14 7pm Brighton vs. Greece Olympia Buckland Park- Brighton
  Tue 4/29/14 4:30pm Irondequoit vs. Eastridge Irondequoit HS
  Wed 4/30/14 4:30pm Batavia vs. Greece Odyssey Batavia (Dwyer Stadium)
  Wed 4/30/14 4:30pm Eastridge vs. Wilson/ ECHS/ SWW East Irondequoit (Eastridge HS)
  Thu 5/1/14 4:30pm Livonia vs. Eastridge Livonia HS
  Fri 5/2/14 4:30pm Greece Olympia vs. Batavia Greece Olympia HS
  Fri 5/2/14 4:30pm Eastridge vs. Greece Odyssey East Irondequoit (Eastridge HS)
  Sat 5/3/14 TBA Greece Arcadia vs. TBA Irondequoit HS
  Sat 5/3/14 TBA Eastridge vs. TBA Irondequoit HS
  Sat 5/3/14 TBA Greece Olympia vs. TBA Irondequoit HS
  Sat 5/3/14 1pm Eastridge vs. Greece Arcadia Irondequoit HS
  Sat 5/3/14 3pm Irondequoit vs. Greece Olympia Irondequoit HS
  Mon 5/5/14 4:15pm East Rochester vs. Greece Odyssey East Rochester HS
  Mon 5/5/14 4:30pm Eastridge vs. Pittsford Mendon East Irondequoit (Eastridge HS)
  Mon 5/5/14 4:30pm Brockport vs. Greece Arcadia Brockport HS
  Mon 5/5/14 4:30pm Spencerport vs. Greece Olympia Spencerport- Bernabi Elem.
  Wed 5/7/14 4:30pm Batavia vs. Greece Arcadia Batavia (Dwyer Stadium)
  Wed 5/7/14 4:30pm Eastridge vs. Greece Olympia East Irondequoit (Eastridge HS)
  Wed 5/7/14 7pm Batavia Notre Dame vs. Greece Odyssey Notre Dame-Batavia HS
  Thu 5/8/14 4pm East High vs. Eastridge East High- Rochester
  Thu 5/8/14 7pm Livonia vs. Greece Odyssey Livonia HS
  Fri 5/9/14 4:30pm Greece Arcadia vs. Eastridge Greece Arcadia HS
  Fri 5/9/14 4:30pm Greece Odyssey vs. Greece Olympia Greece Odyssey HS
  Sat 5/10/14 TBA Batavia vs. TBA Batavia (Dwyer Stadium)
  Sat 5/10/14 TBA Greece Arcadia vs. TBA Aquinas
  Sat 5/10/14 1pm Hilton vs. Greece Olympia Hilton (Quest Elem)
  Sat 5/10/14 1pm TBA vs. Greece Arcadia Aquinas
  Mon 5/12/14 4:30pm Greece Arcadia vs. Greece Odyssey Greece Arcadia HS
  Mon 5/12/14 4:30pm Batavia vs. Eastridge Batavia (Dwyer Stadium)
  Wed 5/14/14 4:30pm Greece Olympia vs. Greece Arcadia Greece Olympia HS
  Wed 5/14/14 4:30pm Greece Odyssey vs. Batavia Greece Odyssey HS
  Fri 5/16/14 4:30pm Batavia vs. Greece Olympia Batavia (Dwyer Stadium)
  Fri 5/16/14 4:30pm Greece Odyssey vs. Eastridge Greece Odyssey HS
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