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  Divison II New Schedule - Last 100 Games
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  Divison II New Schedule - Next 100 Games
  Date/Time: Game (Home vs. Visitor) : Location:
    Tue 4/7/15 4:30pm Pittsford Mendon vs. Spencerport Pittsford Mendon HS
    Wed 4/8/15 4:30pm Pittsford Mendon vs. Eastridge Pittsford Mendon HS
    Wed 4/8/15 4:30pm Honeoye Falls-Lima vs. Webster Schroeder HF-L Manor IS
    Thu 4/9/15 4:30pm Canandaigua vs. Webster Schroeder Canandaigua HS
    Fri 4/10/15 4:30pm Pittsford Mendon vs. Webster Thomas Pittsford Mendon HS
    Mon 4/13/15 4:30pm Greece Arcadia vs. Brighton Greece Arcadia HS
    Mon 4/13/15 4:30pm Batavia vs. Honeoye Falls-Lima Batavia (Dwyer Stadium)
    Mon 4/13/15 4:30pm Eastridge vs. Canandaigua East Irondequoit (Eastridge HS)
    Mon 4/13/15 4:30pm Greece Olympia vs. Irondequoit Greece Olympia HS
    Mon 4/13/15 4:30pm Greece Odyssey vs. Pittsford Sutherland Greece Odyssey Academy
    Wed 4/15/15 4:30pm Batavia vs. Pittsford Mendon Batavia (Dwyer Stadium)
    Wed 4/15/15 4:30pm Honeoye Falls-Lima vs. Greece Arcadia HF-L Manor IS
    Wed 4/15/15 4:30pm Irondequoit vs. Eastridge Irondequoit HS
    Wed 4/15/15 4:30pm Pittsford Sutherland vs. Greece Olympia Pittsford Sutherland HS
    Wed 4/15/15 7pm Brighton vs. Greece Odyssey Buckland Park- Brighton
    Fri 4/17/15 4:30pm Pittsford Sutherland vs. Brighton Pittsford Sutherland HS
    Fri 4/17/15 4:30pm Canandaigua vs. Honeoye Falls-Lima Canandaigua HS
    Fri 4/17/15 4:30pm Pittsford Mendon vs. Irondequoit Pittsford Mendon HS
    Mon 4/20/15 4:30pm Greece Arcadia vs. Pittsford Mendon Greece Arcadia HS
    Mon 4/20/15 4:30pm Batavia vs. Canandaigua Batavia (Dwyer Stadium)
    Mon 4/20/15 4:30pm Greece Olympia vs. Brighton Greece Olympia HS
    Mon 4/20/15 4:30pm Eastridge vs. Pittsford Sutherland East Irondequoit (Eastridge HS)
    Mon 4/20/15 4:30pm Greece Odyssey vs. Honeoye Falls-Lima Greece Odyssey Academy
    Wed 4/22/15 4:30pm Irondequoit vs. Brighton Irondequoit HS
    Wed 4/22/15 4:30pm Canandaigua vs. Pittsford Mendon Canandaigua HS
    Wed 4/22/15 4:30pm Honeoye Falls-Lima vs. Pittsford Sutherland HF-L Manor IS
    Fri 4/24/15 4:30pm Irondequoit vs. Canandaigua Irondequoit HS
    Fri 4/24/15 4:30pm Pittsford Mendon vs. Pittsford Sutherland Pittsford Mendon HS
    Fri 4/24/15 7pm Brighton vs. Honeoye Falls-Lima Buckland Park- Brighton
    Mon 4/27/15 4:30pm Canandaigua vs. Greece Arcadia Canandaigua HS
    Mon 4/27/15 4:30pm Irondequoit vs. Batavia Irondequoit HS
    Mon 4/27/15 4:30pm Honeoye Falls-Lima vs. Greece Olympia HF-L Manor IS
    Mon 4/27/15 4:30pm Pittsford Mendon vs. Greece Odyssey Pittsford Mendon HS
    Mon 4/27/15 7pm Brighton vs. Eastridge Buckland Park- Brighton
    Wed 4/29/15 4:30pm Pittsford Sutherland vs. Canandaigua Pittsford Sutherland HS
    Wed 4/29/15 4:30pm Honeoye Falls-Lima vs. Irondequoit HF-L Manor IS
    Wed 4/29/15 7pm Brighton vs. Pittsford Mendon Buckland Park- Brighton
    Fri 5/1/15 4:30pm Canandaigua vs. Brighton Canandaigua HS
    Fri 5/1/15 4:30pm Pittsford Mendon vs. Honeoye Falls-Lima Pittsford Mendon HS
    Fri 5/1/15 4:30pm Irondequoit vs. Pittsford Sutherland Irondequoit HS
    Mon 5/4/15 4:30pm Greece Arcadia vs. Irondequoit Greece Arcadia HS
    Mon 5/4/15 4:30pm Batavia vs. Pittsford Sutherland Batavia (Dwyer Stadium)
    Mon 5/4/15 4:30pm Greece Odyssey vs. Canandaigua Greece Odyssey Academy
    Mon 5/4/15 4:30pm Eastridge vs. Honeoye Falls-Lima East Irondequoit (Eastridge HS)
    Mon 5/4/15 4:30pm Greece Olympia vs. Pittsford Mendon Greece Olympia HS
    Wed 5/6/15 4:30pm Honeoye Falls-Lima vs. Canandaigua HF-L Manor IS
    Wed 5/6/15 4:30pm Irondequoit vs. Pittsford Mendon Irondequoit HS
    Wed 5/6/15 7pm Brighton vs. Pittsford Sutherland Buckland Park- Brighton
    Fri 5/8/15 4:30pm Pittsford Mendon vs. Canandaigua Pittsford Mendon HS
    Fri 5/8/15 4:30pm Pittsford Sutherland vs. Honeoye Falls-Lima Pittsford Sutherland HS
    Fri 5/8/15 7pm Brighton vs. Irondequoit Buckland Park- Brighton
    Mon 5/11/15 4:30pm Honeoye Falls-Lima vs. Brighton HF-L Manor IS
    Mon 5/11/15 4:30pm Canandaigua vs. Irondequoit Canandaigua HS
    Mon 5/11/15 4:30pm Pittsford Sutherland vs. Pittsford Mendon Pittsford Sutherland HS
    Wed 5/13/15 4:30pm Pittsford Mendon vs. Brighton Pittsford Mendon HS
    Wed 5/13/15 4:30pm Canandaigua vs. Pittsford Sutherland Canandaigua HS
    Wed 5/13/15 4:30pm Irondequoit vs. Honeoye Falls-Lima Irondequoit HS
    Fri 5/15/15 4:30pm Honeoye Falls-Lima vs. Pittsford Mendon HF-L Manor IS
    Fri 5/15/15 4:30pm Pittsford Sutherland vs. Irondequoit Pittsford Sutherland HS
    Fri 5/15/15 7pm Brighton vs. Canandaigua Buckland Park- Brighton
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