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  Divison III New Schedule - Last 100 Games
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  Fri 5/15/15 4:30pm Greece Athena vs. Gates-Chili Greece Athena HS
  Fri 5/15/15 4:30pm Brockport vs. Churchville-Chili Brockport HS
  Fri 5/15/15 4:30pm Spencerport vs. Hilton Spencerport- Bernabi Elem.
  Wed 5/13/15 4:30pm Hilton vs. Greece Athena Hilton (Quest Elem)
  Wed 5/13/15 4:30pm Gates-Chili vs. Brockport Gates-Chili (Middle School)
  Wed 5/13/15 4:30pm Churchville-Chili vs. Spencerport Churchville-Chili (Fairbanks Rd. School)
  Mon 5/11/15 4:30pm Greece Athena vs. Churchville-Chili Greece Athena HS
  Mon 5/11/15 4:30pm Brockport vs. Spencerport Brockport HS
  Mon 5/11/15 4:30pm Hilton vs. Gates-Chili Hilton (Quest Elem)
  Fri 5/8/15 4:30pm Greece Athena vs. Brockport Greece Athena HS
  Fri 5/8/15 4:30pm Churchville-Chili vs. Hilton Churchville-Chili (Fairbanks Rd. School)
  Fri 5/8/15 4:30pm Spencerport vs. Gates-Chili Spencerport- Bernabi Elem.
  Wed 5/6/15 4:30pm Spencerport vs. Greece Athena Spencerport- Bernabi Elem.
  Wed 5/6/15 4:30pm Brockport vs. Hilton Brockport HS
  Wed 5/6/15 4:30pm Gates-Chili vs. Churchville-Chili Gates-Chili (Middle School)
  Sat 5/2/15 2pm Hilton vs. Greece Arcadia Hilton (Quest Elem)
  Fri 5/1/15 4:30pm Gates-Chili vs. Greece Athena Gates-Chili (Middle School)
  Fri 5/1/15 4:30pm Churchville-Chili vs. Brockport Churchville-Chili (Fairbanks Rd. School)
  Fri 5/1/15 4:30pm Hilton vs. Spencerport Hilton (Quest Elem)
  Wed 4/29/15 4:30pm Greece Athena vs. Hilton Greece Athena HS
  Wed 4/29/15 4:30pm Brockport vs. Gates-Chili Brockport HS
  Wed 4/29/15 4:30pm Spencerport vs. Churchville-Chili Spencerport- Bernabi Elem.
  Tue 4/28/15 4:30pm Greece Arcadia vs. Churchville-Chili Greece Arcadia HS
  Fri 4/24/15 4:30pm Spencerport vs. Brockport Spencerport- Bernabi Elem.
  Fri 4/24/15 4:30pm Churchville-Chili vs. Greece Athena Churchville-Chili (Fairbanks Rd. School)
  Fri 4/24/15 4:30pm Gates-Chili vs. Hilton Gates-Chili (Middle School)
  Wed 4/22/15 4:30pm Brockport vs. Greece Athena Brockport HS
  Wed 4/22/15 4:30pm Hilton vs. Churchville-Chili Hilton (Quest Elem)
  Wed 4/22/15 4:30pm Gates-Chili vs. Spencerport Gates-Chili (Middle School)
  Fri 4/17/15 4:30pm Greece Athena vs. Spencerport Greece Athena HS
  Fri 4/17/15 4:30pm Hilton vs. Brockport Hilton (Quest Elem)
  Thu 4/16/15 4:30pm Churchville-Chili vs. Gates-Chili Churchville-Chili (Fairbanks Rd. School)
  Mon 4/13/15 4:30pm Churchville-Chili vs. Geneseo HS Churchville-Chili (Fairbanks Rd. School)
  Fri 4/10/15 4:30pm Greece Arcadia vs. Brockport Greece Arcadia HS
  Wed 4/8/15 4:30pm Livonia vs. Churchville-Chili Livonia HS
  Wed 4/8/15 4:30pm Greece Athena vs. Irondequoit Greece Athena HS
  Tue 4/7/15 4:30pm Pittsford Mendon vs. Spencerport Pittsford Mendon HS
  Mon 4/6/15 4:30pm Honeoye Falls-Lima vs. Churchville-Chili HF-L Manor IS
  Sat 4/4/15 TBA TBA vs. Hilton Memphis
  Fri 4/3/15 TBA TBA vs. Hilton Memphis
  Thu 4/2/15 TBA Brockport vs. TBA Myrtle Beach
  Thu 4/2/15 TBA TBA vs. Hilton Memphis
  Wed 4/1/15 6pm Brockport vs. St. James HS Myrtle Beach
  Wed 4/1/15 5:15pm Christan Brothers HS vs. Hilton Memphis
  Wed 4/1/15 4pm Churchville-Chili vs. Corning-Painted Post, NY Churchville-Chili (Fairbanks Rd. School)
  Wed 4/1/15 TBA Spencerport vs. TBA Disney World- Fla.
  Tue 3/31/15 2:30pm Brockport vs. South County HS Myrtle Beach
  Mon 3/30/15 5pm Brockport vs. Proctor HS, NY Myrtle Beach
  Mon 3/30/15 TBA Spencerport vs. TBA Disney World- Fla.
  Mon 3/30/15 TBA Spencerport vs. TBA Disney World- Fla.
  Sun 3/29/15 TBA Spencerport vs. TBA Disney World- Fla.
  Divison III New Schedule - Next 100 Games
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