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01-18-17 04:13 PM
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Sunday, April 20
MVWC Wrestles last match in Holzgerlingen 2008

On Saturday the team wrestled two matches, each against the host Holzgerlingen team and the all-star team from Wurttenburg.  The match was wrestled in the Schonbuchsporthalle in Holzgerlingen.  The team represented the club and CNY with a good performance in front of a crowd of a hundred people from the community.  In keeping with tradition, a dinner and celebration followed.

Results: Holzgerlingen and MVWC

Freestyle-Martin Maier win by pin overr Ethan Childs 

Freestyle-Josh Evancieu wins 2-0 over Benjamin Schroder

Greco-Christian Bosinger wins 2-0 over Talon Sotherdon   

 Freestyle- Alex Petroff wins 2-1 over Robin Reissinger

Greco- Mick Letcher wins 2-0 over Manuel Schmid   

Freestlye-Sascha Kaltenbach wins 2-0 over Alex Meyers

Greco- Talon Sotherdon wins 2-0 over Benjamin Schroder 

Greco-Simon Prochazka wins 2-0 over Dan Smith

Greco-Brett Adams wins 2-0 over Mathias Drechsel 

Greco-Dustin Moss wins 2-1 over Alexander Renz

Freestlye- Anna Cummings wins 2-1 over Bianca Buch

Greco- Dan Smith wins 2-1 over Ben Schroder

Greco- James Chaplin wins 2-0 over Fabian Renz

Freestlye- Simon Prochazka wins 2-0 over Matt Letcher

Greco- Ethan Childs wins 2-0 over Mathias Dreschel

Greco-Christian Bosinger wins 2-1 over Zeke Thompson

Freestyle- Pat Cost wins 2-1 over Robin Reissinger

Greco- Dustin Moss wins 2-0 over Manuel Schmid

 Results: MVWC and Auswahlmannschaft Wurttenburg

Greco-Julian Bulgrin wins 2-0 over Brett adams  

Greco- Stefaw Moosmauw wins 2-0 over Talon Sotherdon   

Freestlye-Alex Petroff wins 2-1 over Robin Reissinger   

Freestlye-Michael Schulze wins 2-1 over Josh Evancieu

Greco- Mick Letcher wins  2-0 over Felix Rohtwasser 

Freestlye- Pascal Koch wins 2-0 over Alex Meyers

Greco-Claus Kopp 2-0 over Dan Smith

Greco- Vai Mertins wins 2-1 over James Chaplin

Freestlye-Matt Letcher wins 2-0 over Michael Schulze

Greco-Pascal Koch wins 2-0 over Brett Adams

Freestlye- Pia Mavia Weik wins 2-0 over Anna Cummings

Greco-Stefaw Moosmann wins 2-1 over Zeke Thompson

Greco- Dustin Moss wins by pin over Felix Rohrwasser   

Greco- Kai Mertins wins 2-0 over Ethan Childs   

Greco- Matt Letcher wins 2-0 over Claus Kopp

Greco- Julian Bulgrin wins 2-0 over James Chaplin   

Freestlye-Pat Cost wins by pin over Stefaw Moosmauw 

The 2008 trip was a success.  Two wrestlers from the Club were undefeated, Alex Petroff in Freestyle and Dustin Moss in Greco.  Unfortunately, State Champ, Ryan LeBlanc did not wrestle in competition.  He had a slight injury in an early practice, however he helped coach the team and participated in the practices. 

The team as well as having great competition, while in Germany, will have many cultural experiances to remember.  They learned many German songs...  Visited Erdinger brewery(it was closed).... Had a wild bus ride returning from Bavaria...Went to School met 1 or 2 girls.....Saw the unbelievable city of Rothenberg and became goat herders.... Welcomed spring in German tradition at Springfest.......Climbed a snowy mountain to visit a castle..... Visited Alex Meyer's ancesteral home town......Made candy at Ritter chocolate factory.......Played 9 pins.......and the farewell party(you had to be there to understand)!!!!!!!

The good news is Holzgerlingen returns to the USA in 2010.  Can't wait.

Wednesday, April 16
MVWC in Nordheim 2008

On Tuesday the team travelled to Rothenberg to visit Germany's old  completely intact medevil city.   The MVWC spent the afternoon exploring the city before leaving for the wrestling match in Nordheim.

The Nordheim team was really a regional all-star team, with many of the German wrestlers older than our High School wrestlers.  The MVWC did well representing New York, with 8 wins in the 20 matches.  The team was lead by Greco wrestler Dustin Moss and Freestyle wrestler Alex Petroff, who both won 2 matches. 

FS    Bianca Bush          2-0            Anna Cummings

GR    DarioSchmidthurer     2-0      Talon Sotherdon

FS    Felix Hagenbush    2-0            Brett Adams

FS    Elia  Low              0-2            Alex Petroff

GR   Jens Mack            0-2            James Chaplin

FS   Oguz Sabin           2´-0           Dan Smith

FS   Dimitri Domme       0-2            Ethan Childs

FS   Sergi Geit             2-0             Josh Evanciew

FS   Daniel Wagner      2-0             Mick Letcher

FS   Rando Sauter        2-0            Zeke Thompso

GR  Martin Somtag       0-2            Dustin Moss

FS   Dennis Eiselt         2-0            Matt Letcher

FS   Eduard Steiger      0-2            Alex Petroff

FS   Rando Sauter        0-2             Pat Cost

FS   Daniel Seegraber  1-2             Alex Meyers

GR   Waldemor Ermeer  0-2            Mick Letcher

GR   Daniel Vollmer       2-0            Brett Adams

GR   Andrj Bejfus         2-1            James Chaplin

FS   Kevin Hinkel          0-2            Zeke Thompson

GR   Klaus Herlein        0-2             Dustin Moss

The wrestlers  competed in front of Nordeim´s biggest wrestling crowd in many years.  German wrestler Rando Sauter is Germany´'s National Junior champion as well as third in last years world championships.  Many of the other German wrestlers were National place winners in Germany.´ Wednesday the wrestlers toured Daimler Benz museum and went to Springfest in Cannstat.



Saturday, April 12
MVWC arrives in Holozgerlingen 2008

After a long flight and a 2 hour bus ride from Frankfurt, the tired team arrived to a reception in the Sports hall.  Friday was difficult as the wrestlers stayed awake the entire day, in an attempt to get on German time.  On Thursday night an un-offical gathering took place at a small resturaunt ,for the sleepy wrestlers, to conclude the first day.

On Friday, the team toured the university town of Tiubingen.  The evening concluded with a 2 hour pracice in the sports hall.

Saturdays plans are for a tour of famous Erdinger brewery near Munich and a trip to Ulm.  The match with Hilbergmoss was cancelled because of a conflict with the German National Championships.  To compensate, additional competitions have been added to next  Saturdays final wrestling competition.

On Sunday we will attempt to upload pictures on the site.

Tuesday, April 8
Back to Germany 2008

On April 9, sixteen wrestlers and the adult staff leave for Hozgerlingen Germany.  This will renew a longstanding fiendship between the 2 Clubs, that has gone on for over 20 years.  The team will train with our German "Brother Club" while there, preparing for several scheduled competitions.  The  wrestlers will live in homes during the stay and will even attend a German school while there.

Cultural experiances will be many.  Trips to the cities of Rothenberg,  Tubingen, and Ulm are planned. The team will also visit Daimler Benz as well as a Castle.  They will experiance an Oktoberfest type spring festival in Stuttgart.

We will attempt to send back several reports on the trip via the web site.  Check in every few days and see how the team is doing.  Reports will be in the Site News section.

Wednesday, June 7
KSV Holzgerlingen Trip in Review
On June 6, the Holzgerlingen group left Syracuse to return to Germany, ending this years reunion of the two "Brother Clubs". It was sad to see them leave, but plans are under way to be together again in Utrecht, Netherlands in 2007, and for the MVWC to return to Holzgerlingen in 2008.
The trip was a busy one, for both the hosts and guests. Tours were conducted to Albany, Cooperstown, Rome, Waterloo(shopping), and concluded with a tour to Niagara Falls. Several wrestling events were conducted with Beach Wrestling on May 29, a match in Albany on May 31, with T-N-T, and a match with MVWC on June 3. The Holzgerlingen team which is returning to its' former strength won both matches with T-N-T and MVWC. They were extremely happy with the results. During this years match with MVWC and KSV, some of the MVWC's wrestlers were competing in OxFord at the Greco duals,where Mohawk finished second to Shamrock. Next time these 2 Brother clubs compete Mohawk Valley will have to be at full strength.
The social activities, were GREAT. Groups were together almost every day or night. The KSV got soaked in the rain during Ozfest, and were given the award for "best Unit" in the parade. The Sweeney's hosted a gathering for many of our quests after the June 3 competition. A welcome brunch was hosted by the Peaveys, followed by a party with the Costellos. The farewell eating feast was held at Chapman Park where our German freind were joined with many MVWC "oldies", who have travelled to Holzgerlingen in the past. The wrestlers had the opportunity to sailboat race, ride jet skis, play pool, play golf , go to a firemans field days, go to "Taste of Syracuse", and many other activities.
This relationship has now endured 20 years, and is quite special. Those that have been involved in the past and were envolved this year understand. It will go on!

Tuesday, February 7
Holzgerlingen Returns
On May 27 the KSV Holzgerlingen team arrives in Syracuse. They will stay for 10 days departing on june 6. This will be a chance for many friends from MVWC and KSV to be together again. This relationship dates back to 1987 and has been renewed about every 2-3 years in either Germany or here in the USA.
This year the Germans are bringing 15 wrestlers, both girls and boys. They will be led By Eberhard and Barbel Lange. Their new head coach, Oliver Stich will be assisted by former KSV wrestlers Klaus Malz and Volker Schmid. The Staff will also include Kai Platter and Hanna Renz who will be the offical. Team members include Jan Platter, Lars Platter, Jonas Lange, Jannick Malz, Max Landenberger, Mathais Dreshsel, Manuel Schmid, Alexander Rudolf, Fabian Renz, Michael Daubler, Lukas Zajonz, Julian Bulgrin, Fanziska Lange, Franziska Renz, and Lisa Sonder. Others on the trip will include: Joachim Landenberger, Gitte Platter, Tobias Lange, Benjamin Schroder, Claudia Stich.
Mamy social gatherings are being planned. The group will tour various sites including Thousand Islands, Albany and Perhaps Niagara Falls. They will wrestle in Albany and wrestle against some Mohawk Valley wrestlers at Chittenango's Oz Festival on Saturday June 3. Thje MVWC and KSV will also have at least 1 joint practice during their stay.
Many current and past members will wan t to be involved in this very special 10 days. A complete schedule will be listed here on the Web site, when it becomes available.

Holzgerlingen Visits in 2006
The end of May and first week in June, will be a very happy time in Central New York. KSV Holzgerlingen and Mohawk Valley Wrestling Club will be together again. This great relationship that is now approaching 20 years, brings wrestlers and friends together about every 2 years. Together the two clubs have watched each other grow over the years. Wrestlers who wrestled in 1989, are now adults with their own childern, who still are active in both clubs. Many people who have been involved in this special relationship, have remained in contact with each other, for many years.
When Hlzgerlingen visits they will be housed in homes with Mohawk Valley families. Their will be several joint wrestling practices, a friendship match, some touring and the PARTIES.

MVWC Returns from Germany
At 5:00, after a long bus and plane ride that took a total of 18 hours including a lay-over in Frankfurt, the team arrived in Syracuse. The trip will go down in the history of the Club as perhaps the finest ever. The team was represented by members with outstanding wrestling credentials, many of whom have been trvelling with the club internationaly for 3 years. The competition was excellant, as is usual in Germany. Many Friendships were renewed and many new ones made. Our hosts from KSV Holzgerlingen will return to the USA in 2006.
Overall the team was 46 wins and 30 loses against Allstar teams. Four wrestlers, Allan Boice, Derrick Smith, Don Cummings, and Paul LeBlanc
were undefeated for the entire trip,with five of the MVWC only having one lose. For Complete results Click to GERMANY sidebar.

Saturday, April 17
Final Match in Nendingen April 16,2004
On Friday the club left Holzgerlingen,by bus to tour the Black Forest region and compete against a regional team in Nendingen. The Black Forest has perhaps Germany's strongest wrestling and the sport is both popular and greatly respected, in the rural region. The members of the club expected a strong challange. All 20 matches were close and competitive. At the 10 match break, MVWC had won 6 and the Black Forest team won 4, however the teamscore was 21-17. During the second half of the match the MVWC wrestlers realizing that they were in a battle, stepped up their level, and took control. The small hall was packed with fans who cheered loudly all night for both teams. As is tradition a great party and celebration followed.
       Tyler Grinnell   loses    Johnes Evath    1-5
       Steve Wile       loses    Stefan Rutschman   pin
       Allan Boice      wins    Daniel Dreher    pin
       Mike Karam       wins    Stefan Bator    10-7
       Brandon Heffernon loses   Kiril Fedicel   pin
       Joel Ahern       wins    Michael Kalmbach 8-3
       Don Cummings    wins    Boris Dikso      16-0
       Paul LeBlanc    wins    Florian Schwarz 3-0
       Marty Barletta   wins    Mike Herzog      9-4
       Jim Weber       loses    Filip Roher      0-2
       Doug Laribee    loses    Dimitri Librecht 2-5
       Tevor Leblanc    loses    Joacham Schwedhelm 1-2
       Kyle Bome       wins    Jan Felix       15-0
       Rob Northrup    wins    Johannes Lerich 10-3
       Travis Chase    wins    Fabian Hofer      pin
       Eric Jones       wins    Thomas Muller    15-0
       Marty Barletta   wins    Tobias Schay    17-0
       Kyle LaPan       wins    Joachim Schwedhelm 13-0
       Mike Karam       wins    Andreas Belzler   15-0
       Derrick Smith    wins    Mike Herzog       14-4
The Club leaves on Sunday Morning and will return to Syracuse about 5:00 pm to Shoppingtown Mall

Results from Grotzingen April 15,2004
After a diappointing match last Saturday, the MVWC wrestlers,now on German time, well rested and now training,had a strong performance in Grotzingen. The host club, celebrating its' 100th season along with Berghausen and several other clubs from the Karlshrue region put together a regional team.
The match was held in a packed Sportshall, before an enthusiastic crowd of both local supporters and MVWC fans, from Holzgerlingen. The Berghausen group,is a strong nationally recognized program that MVWC has met previously in Utrecht Netherlands. After the competition a great celebration was held in the evening.
       Mike Karam    loses Christoh Ewald    6-4
       Travis Chase loses Florian Endeile   9-0
       Tyler Grinnell wins Benjamin Gaitner 15-0
       Joel Ahern    wins Piuria Ghadiri    12-3
       Rob Northrup loses Robert Kaufman    9-0
       Eric Jones    wins   Michael Kraub    pin
       Brandon Heffernon wins Martin Kunzmann 11-2
       Paul LeBlanc   wins Richar Frank      15-0
       Steve Wile    wins Daniel Walter    14-3
       Kyle LaPan    wins Andreas Fullsack   pin
       Trevor LeBlanc wins Nicholas Geibode   pin
       Mike Karam    wins Andreas Jekel    15-0
       Derrick Smith wins Gerhard lange      pin
       Travis Chase   wins Alexander Miller   pin
       Kyle Bome      wins Segej Schmidt    12-7
       Don Cummings   wins Puria Ghadiri    15-0
       Eric Jones    wins Michael Kraub      pin
       Marty Barletta wins Richard Frank    15-0
       Jim Weber      wins Andreas Fullsack   pin
       Doug Laribee loses Nicholas Gerbode 15-0
       Allan Boice    wins Fredric Koch      16-2
The next match will be in the Black Forest on Friday Äpril 16.

Sunday, April 11
First Match Results April 10 2004
On Saturday afternoon the MVWC wrestlers met the KSV Holzgerlingen and Wurtenburg Allstar team in a friendly competition. The Mohawk team was divided into an A & B team, with each team wrestling the two German squads. Both the A & B Mohawk teams won against Holzgerlingen, with both teams being defeated by the regional Allstar team. The Allstars featured a German National champion as well as several National place finishers. Competition was held in both Freestyle and Greco, with most of the Matches against the Allstars in Greco. The MVWC boys quickly found out that European Greco is at a differant leval than North American Greco.
Individual Results: W-L
Tyler Grinnell 1-1       Derrick Smith 1-0    Kyle LaPan    1-1
Steve Wile      1-1       Don Cummings   2-0    Doug Laribee 0-2
Allan Boice    2-0       Paul LeBlanc   2-0    Trevor LeBlanc 1-3
Mike Karam      3-0       Marty Barletta 1-1    Rob Northrup 0-2
Brandon Heffernon 1-1    Jim Weber      0-2    Travis Chase 0-2
Joel Ahern      1-1       Kyle Bome      1-1    Eric Jones    1-3

The Group will be touring on Monday and Tuesday, with a competition in Berghausen scheduled on Wednesday. A practice with the host club is also scheduled for Tuesday.

A very tired team arrived in Holzgerlingen after a 5 hour Bus ride to New York City, a seven hour flight to Frankfurt, and a two hour bus ride to Holzgerlingen. The MVWC boys were welcomed by their hosts and KSV club officals at the Sports Hall.
On Friday, a practice is scheduled for the afternoon as they prepare for their first match, to be held on Saturday. This match will involve the Host KSV Holzgerlingen team, a regional team from the Stuttgart area and 2 seperate teams made up of MVWC wrestlers.
The MVWC boys are all being housed with German Families. They will be spending time with their individual hosts for the next 2 days when not practicing or wrestling.
The next report will be after Saturdays match

Projected schedule for the 2004 trip
Our friends from Holzgerlingen have set up an ambitious schedule for this years tour. 2004 will be the 5th time that the MVWC has visited Germany. The group will enjoy the beautifull scenery, renew friendships and wrestle 3 times against some stiff competition.
Proposed Schedule:
   April 8 Arrival and reception at Holzgerlingen Gym

   April 9 AM family time, Practice afternoon, Swabian dinner evening

   April 10 AM Hiking, 4:00 Wrestling Tournament, Party-Dinner

   April 11 Easter, Fun day,Games with German Gladiators.

   April 12 Bus trip to Neuschanstein, Bavarian Dinner

   April 13 Ritter Candy Factory, Brewery tour, evening free
   April 14 Bus to Heidleberg, Wrestling in Berghausen

   April 15 Tour Porsche factory, Shopping, Wrestling practice night

   April 16 Bus to Black Forest, Wrestling match

   April 17 Free day time, Farewell Party

   April 18 Return to Syracuse

2004 MVWC returns to Holzgerlingen
Eighteen Club wrestlers along with a staff of seven will fly to Germany in April, 2004. Reservations have been made with Singapore Air to leave on April 7 and return on April 18. KSV Holzgerlingen acting as our hosts, will be scheduling 3 competitions in Germany for the Mohawk wrestlers. The matches will be with regional all-star teams and should result in some great competition. The MVWC boys will also have several training sessions with our hosts.
The 18 wrestlers were chosen based on a number of factors, chief of which is an active envolvement with the Club. The team will be one of the strongest groups, of the many teams who have travelled to Europe, representing MVWC. Six of the Eighteen, are former section 3 champions,with 11 of the 18 being former gold medalists at the Empire State Games.
The team will have representation from 12 differant school districts. It will consist of 14 seniors an 4 juniors, the greatest number of seniors ever taken by the club. Most of the team members have been active in the club for many years, with almost everyone having significant international wrestling experiance.
Coaching this years group will be Mark Peavey as head coach and Tom Mcgee and Mike Costello as the assistant coaches.
The team will consist of:   Tyler Grinnell, Steve Wile, Alan Boice, Mike Karam, Joel Ahern, Jim Weber, Brandon Heffernon, Derrick Smith, Paul LeBlanc, Don Cummings,Doug Laribee,Kyle LaPan, Kyle Bome, Marty Barletta, Trevor LeBlanc, Rob Northrup, Eric Jones, Travis Chase.
The members of the team will be actively Fund Raising, throughout the coming year to make this trip possible. This team should represent the Club, our Central New York region and the United States well.

2000 TRIP
It is fitting for the first year of the Millennium that we return to visit our first international friends in Holzgerlingen, Germany. This special relationship will be renewed, with our third visit. The first trip to Holzgerlingen was in 1987. The Holzgerlingen group has visited us twice. A group of 16 wrestlers and 6 adults will make the trip. We will also wrestle in Northern Germany. On the return trip a stop over in Iceland to wrestle in Reykjavik.

Team Members & Coaches

Sean McGee-------Chittenango
Justin Tracy-----
Jeff Costello----Herkimer
Duane Moss-------Ilion
Chris Horning----Baldwinsville
Justin Knapp-----Whitesboro
Matt Barnes------Marcellus
Steve Raulli-----CNS
Matt Allen-------VVS
Andy Boice-------VVS
Rob Doshna-------Marcellus
Aaron Costello---Herkimer
Chris Foley------West Genesee
Rich D'Amico-----CNS
John Tinker------Homer
Bill Yager-------Fowler
Ben Cornue-------Canastota
Pat Bennett------Marcellus

Don McGee--------Leader
Brian McGraw-----Manager
Bob Rose---------Coach
Mike Costello----Coach
George Peavey----Offical/Referee
Joan Peavey------Wife

Hello from Germany
On Saturday, April 15 we wrestled in Waldrich in the black forest, against a team that included wrestlers from Waldkich and "Freiburg2000". Several senior level division 1 wrestlers from Germany competed.

Sean McGee    WINS   7-0
Jeff Costello WINS   11-6
Matt Barnes    WINS   by pin
Matt Allen    loses by pin
Rob Doshna    loses 16-6
Chris Foley    loses by pin
Rich D'Amico   loses by pin
Justin Tracy   loses 10-7
Ben Cornue    loses 8-0
Justin Knapp   WINS   9-5
Steve Raulli   WINS   11-4
Andy Boice    loses by pin
Aaron Costello loses by pin
John Tinker    loses 6-0
Bill Yager    loses 10-0
Pat Bennett    WINS   6-5
Chris Horning WINS   15-5
Duane Moss    loses 15-5


Wednesday's Match
On Wednesday the club redeemed itself with a good match in Neckargartach. The club wrestled in a packed Sportzhall and wrestled 18 matches, winning 9 and losing 9.

Sean McGee             WIN   by fall
Duane Moss             WIN   by 9 points
Matt Barnes            WIN   by tech fall
Jeff Costello          WIN   by decision
Justin Knapp          WIN   by tech fall
Matt Allen             lost by tech fall
Rob Doshna             WIN   by decision
Andy Boice             lost by decision 5-0
Justin Tracy          lost by tech fall
Rich D'Amico          lost by tech fall
John Tinker            WIN   by 2 points
Bill Yager             lost by tech fall
Ben Cornue             WIN   by 3 points
Pat Bennett            lost by fall
Steve Raulli          lost by decision 1-0
Chris Foley            lost by decision
Aaron Costello         WIN   by 2 points
Chris Horning          lost by 4 points

MVWC & Waldkirch

Sean McGee
Sean pinning his opponent on sat.

Glima Results
The club participation on Saturday with the Glima Wrestling was very informal, and our wrsetlers competed with the Icelanders in their style of Glima, and also wrestled a style called BackHold. BackHold is a style that uses a lock similar to the clinch to begin the match. The MVWC wrestlers, by using Freestyle and Greco techniques did well.
Sean McGee
Rob Doshna
Aaron Costello
Andy Boice
Ben Cornue

Thursday, February 23
The Team is set for Germany

At this time 17 wrestlers are on the team selected to continue our relationship with KSV Holzgerlingen in April.   They will leave on April 5 and travel to Germany for the Spring school break.   There will be 2 days of multi match competitions as well as 3 training sessions.  The team will be coached by Mike Letcher and Paul LeBlanc.  It is a team which will represent our area well, featuring a number of section 3 champs and NYS place winners.   All the wrestlers have substantial Freestyle and Greco experiance.

Holzgerlingen is a village located south of Stuttgart in southern Germany.  The town is over 1000years old.   The wrestling team has been organized for over 100 years.   The location is in the middle of some of Germany's most beautifull countryside.  The Black forest, Lake Constance, the Romantic Road region are all within 1 hour of Holzgerlingen.  All the wrestlers will be housed with fellow wrestlers, from Holzgerlingen, for the entire stay.

The Team:  Cody Carbery, Kasey Proper,Tyler Heggleke, Nick Petroff, Connor Russ, Barney Prince, Wes Blanding, Anthony Finocchiaro, Mike Vreeland, Jon Regan, Jack Buell,  Matt Fisher, Tony Rafkis, Ben Honis, Alex Moss,  Brad Lucas,  Brian Ervin

Monday, April 16
Germany 2012

What a trip!!!!  We left April 5 by bus to JFK, plane to Dusseldorf, plane to Stuttgart, and finally a bus to Holzgerlingen.   Tired but excited, the team spent time with their hosts, making new friends.   On Saturday after some touring, they held the first practice session.  Sunday it was off to Natthiem for the first match.   Before that there was some touring to the Stief Bear factory, A castle and a monastary.   The match was tough, with MVWC losing by 3 points in the final score.  The young MVWC team found out that age wasn't really as important, as here in the USA as many of our wrestlers gave away a few years.  The next several days were a mixture of touring and practicing, before the last match on April 13.

The wrestlers traveled to Ludwigsburg to visit the Kings palace, to Stuttgart to shop, to Ritter Chocolate and a night tour of the old walled city of Wild der Stadt  There was also plenty of time to be with their New friends from Holzgerlingen.

On Friday the match involved KSV Holzgerlingen and The Stuttgart Regional Team.  Both teams were strong, with MVWC representing itself wel with anumber of wins and closely fought matches.  Wesley Blanding was the lone MVWC wrestler to go undefeated for the trip.

Results:   Cody Carbery  2-1, Kasey Proper 2-1,   Tyler Heggleke  0-3,  Nick Petroff 0-3,  Connor Russ  2-1,  Barney Prince 2-1,   Wes Blanding  3-0,  Anthony Finocchiaro  2-1,  Mike Vreeland  2-1,  Anthony Rafkis  2-1,   Jack Buell 0-3,  John Regan  0-3,   Matt Fisher  0-3,  Ben Honis  0-3,  Alex Moss 1-2,  Brad Lucas 0-4,  And Brian Ervin  3-1

Next International Trip is to Puerto Rico in October.

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