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Last updated
01-18-17 04:13 PM
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Wednesday, May 18
MVWC Results at 2011 NYS-USA Championships

Twenty six wrestlers committed to compete at the annual NYS-USA Junior Cadet championships in Binghamton, on May 13-15.   This tournament has all the top wrestlers in the State competing, with the exception of Section3.   Most of Central New Yorks wrestlers do not compete, with the exception of the members of the MVWC.   This is really unfortunate and reflects in Section 3's results at the annual High School championships.

The MVWC wrestlers represented our area well by taking many places in both Freestyle and Greco-Roman styles.  RESULTS:

Cadet                             Freestyle                        Greco  

Jacob White 91                  4                                Bronze

Conner Tine  98                 Bronze                           Bronze

Ryan Snow 112                    4                                   6

Jon Crast  130                 Gold                               Gold  

Cnnor Russ 130                 Silver                               4

Don Smith 145                         -                             Silver

Bernard McMillan 160       -                                      5

Brandon Lake 171                -                                     6

Joe Nasoni 189                Bronze                       

Alex Moss  189                        -                                5

Brad Lucas 264                  4                                  Bronze   


Cody Carbery 100            Bronze                            Silver

Dan Ciciarelli 119                4

Weley Blanding 135          Silver                             Bronze

Mike Sardo  135                                                     Silver

Aron Prichard 145              5                                   Bronze

Matt Grogan 171                                                        6

Pat Nasoni  189                  5                                   Bronze

Fred Sherman 215              5                     

Monday, May 11
NYS-USA State Championships 2009

Thirty-two wrestlers from the Club traveled to Binghamton for the annual State championships.  Many of the Clubs experianced Junior wrestlers were not able to compete due to proms and year end testing.  However the Juniors and Cadets that went, represented the Club well, with some fine results.  RESULTS:


GOLD:  Anthony Finocchairo 125#,  Nyquan Pringle 145#,  Brian Ervin 285#

SILVER:  Cody Carberry 91#,  Wesley Blanding 130#

Bronze:  Mike Sardo 112#

fourth:  Gregory Begaryian 119# 

Sixth:  Tial Thang 135#


GOLD:   Anthony Finocchairo 125#

SILVER  Cody Carberry 91#,   Wesley Blanding 130#,  Nyquan Pringle 145#, 

BRONZE   Nate Walts 145#,  Pat Nasoni 189#

fourth  Tial Thang  135#,  Brian Ervin 285#

sixth  Gregory Begaryian 119#, Zach Baslow 152#


GOLD:  Dustin Moss 171#

SILVER: Dan Walts 125#

fourth Josh Evanciew 145#

fifth   Lamont Flemming 152#

sixth:   Todd Hagger 152#, Greg Williams 171#, Mike Miescowski 215#


GOLD  Dan Walts 125#

SILVER  Todd Hagger 152#

BRONZE  Dustin Moss 171#

fifth  Talon Sotherdon 130#, 

sixth Jason Semararo 285#

Wednesday, May 20
NYS-Kids Championships 2009

A small group of Club wrestlers travelled to Nyak to compete at the annual championships in Freestyle and Greco, on May 16.   The tournament although small, had some quality wrestlers entered from the state.  The Club members represented CNY well with some great finishes.  RESULTS:

Lane Frost  152#    1 Freestyle    1 Greco

Gage Patry  160#    1 Freestyle    2 Greco

Zack Lagler 175#   2 Freestyle    2 Greco

Carter Kimball 220#  2 Freeztyle   2 Greco

The last event for the spring season will be the Northeast Regionals for Kids-Cadets in Binghamton on May 30-31.


Sunday, March 22
Super Six 2009

About 100 wrestlers from the club traveled to Niagara Falls to participate in the annual Tournament.  Results:

Open Freestyle:   132#  Steve Wile 2,  145.5# Gary Cook 1,  Tracy Norton 2,  163#  Dave Minney 2,   280#  Todd Luther 2,  James Chaplin 3

Schoolboy Freestyle:   84#  Connor Tine 2,  105# Jerrett Norton 2,  112# tyler Heggleke 2,  136# Spencer Norton 1,  144# Travis Reid 3,  152# Dalton Nyumah 1,  175# Alex Moss 1,  190# Zach Lagler 2,  210 Carter kimball 1, 

Cadet Freestyle:  91# Cody Carbery 1,  98# Ryan Cook 1,  105# Joey Shaheen 2,  112# Ian Coolican 2, JT Romangnoli 3,  119# Gregory Bagiryan 1, Alex Potts 3,  125# Kareeb Howard 3,  135#  Wesley Blanding 1, Akira Reid 2,  140# Tial Thang 2, Nate Walts 3,  152#  Dylan Perry 3,  160#  Sam Farfaglia 3,   171# Zach Zupan 1,  189# Pat Nasoni 1,  285#  Brian Ervin 1, Caleb Robinson 2 

Junior Freestyle:  112#  Mike Miranda 1, Anna Cummings 2, 125#  Anthony Finocchairo 1, Dan Walts 2, Talon Sotherdon 3,  135#  Mike Ferguson 1,  140#  Pat Cost 1, Josh Evanciew 2, Tyler Sirota 3,  145# Antonio Peck 3,  152# Todd Hagger 1, Lamont Flemming 2,  160# Dave Minney 1,  171# Dustin Moss 1,  189# Sean Hennigan 2,  215# Kyle Reeder 2, Nick Mieczkowski 3,  285# Jason Semeraro 2, Trevor Clement 3

Open Greco:  132# Steve Wile 2, Ryan Wile 3,  163# Dave Minney 2,  185# Aaron Sotherdon 3,  280#  James Chaplin 1, Todd Luther 2

Cadet Greco:   91# Cody Carbery 2, Arsen Bagiryan 3,  98# Ryan Cook 1, Joey Shaheen 2,  105# JT Romangnoli 2,  112# Ian Coolican 1,  119# Gunnar Brooks 1, Greg Bagiryan 3,  130# Kareeb Howard 2,  135#  Myquan Pringle 1, Wesley Blanding 2, 3 Mitch Howard 3,  140# Tial Thang 1, Nate Walts 2, Aaron Prichard 3,  145# Dylan Perry 1,  171# Zach Zupan 1,  Alex Moss 2,  189# Zach Lagler 1,  215#  Caleb Robinson 1, Carter Kimball 2,  285# Brian Ervin 1

Junior Greco:  105# Mike Davis 1,  112# Mike Miranda 1, 119# Talon Sotherdon 1,  125# Dan Walts 1, Anthony Finocchairo 2,   135# Pat Cost 1, Mike Ferguson 2,  140# Tyler Sirota 1, Josh Evanciew 2  152# Lamont Flemming 1, Todd Hagger 2, Dustin Cummings 3,  1603 Dave minney 3,  171# Dustin Moss 1, Greg Williams 2,  189# Sean Hennigan 1,  215 # Kyle Reeder 3,  285# Clancey Kemp 1, Jason Semeraro 2  



Monday, July 7
Canada Cup 2008 Results

Elevan MVWC wrestlers traveled to Guelph Ontario to compete in the annual Canada Cup pre-junior tournament on July 4-5.  This tournament concludes the Canadian National training Camp, which is held for all National team members (senior, junior,cadet, both men and women) as well as other top wrestlers who are invited to participate.  The Canada Cup senior tournament is held at the beginning of the camp, with the Pre-Junior tournament held at the end.  Most of the Canadian wrestlers who compete at he tournament will be going on to World Championships held later this summer.

The Mohawk Valley wrestlers who receive an invitation to compete at the pre-junior tournament, represnted the USA with 2 Gold medals, 2 Silver medals, 1 Brnze medal, 2 fourth places, and a fifth place.  Three wrestler did not place, but won matches at this high quality event.  Dustin Moss dominated his 76k class with a Gold medal.  He impressed many of the Canadian coaches and had one of Canada's top university coach talk to him about continueing his  wrestling in Canada, when he is finished with high school.  Jan Platter, from Germany, won gold in his 85k class.  In perhaps the best match of the tournament, he beat Canada's National Champ in the semi-finals.  Joining Platter, Alex Meyers received th silver medal in the 85k class.  Alex Petroff took silver in the 63k class, concluding a good spring-summer season which also included his undefeated record in Germany.  Wrestling 5 matches, Todd Hagger won the Bronze medal in the 69k class.  In the same 69k class, Stefano Iodice received a fourth place.   He was joined in fourth place with Zeke Thompson at 54k.  Placing 5th was Talon Sotherdon.   Also wrestling at the tournament was Mike Sardo 2-2 at 50k,  Pat Cost 1-2 at 54k and Mike Ferguson 0-2 at 58k.

The MVWC wrestlers will continue the summer season with the Empire State Games on July 23-26.  Practices will be held at Fowler.

Club wrestlers have also been wrestling on several New York State teams this summer.  John Regan and Anthony Finocchairo both won matches with the state schoolboy team at the schoolboy nationals in Indiana.  Greg Williams and Dan Secor competed with the State Cadet team.  Dalton Vilnave will be in Fargo with the Cadets at the Nationals.  James Chaplin was with the State Junior team in Virginia at the Eastern Duals.  State High School Champion Ryan Leblanc is spending his summer competing all over the USA in many National leval Tournament representing New York and Eastern Reginal teams. 

Wednesday, June 11
Empire Games Qualifier 2008

The Club members had a good weekend at Fowler High School for the Empire Games Qualifiers.  They won over 50% of the available positions for the scholastc styles and placed 11 wrestler in the open division.  Two wrestlers qualify for each weight class in each style.  The Games will be contested in Binghamton on July 23-26.  there will be several practices held prior to the Games.

Club members who Qualified:

Scholastic Freestyle :  98# Dylan Kavanaugh,  106# Mike Sardo,  115# Dan Walts, Talon Sotherdon,  123# Zeke Thompson, Wes Blanding,  143 Matt letche,  154 Todd Hagger,  165# Dustin Moss,  178# Troy Benjamin,  192# Jan Platter,  275# Elijah Graham

Scholastic Greco:  98# Dylan Kavanaugh,  106# Mike Sardo,  115# Talon Sotherdon, Anthony Finnocchairo,  132# Mike Ferguson,  143# Matt Letcher, 154# Dave Minney,  165# Dustin Moss, Dan Secor,  178#  Greg Williams, Andrew Giromini,  192# Alex Meyers, Sean Hennigan

Open Freestyle:  128# Joe Lanza, 139# Mike Smith,  152# Mick Letcher, 167# Paul LeBlanc,  187# Jose Cruz, 213# Bob Gentile,  275# Todd luther

Open Greco:  119# Anna Cummings,  152# Mick Letcher, 167# Jose Cruz, 213# Bob Northup


Tuesday, May 20
NYS Junior-Cadet Championships 2008

The Cadet greco team won this years state tournament, with a second also in the freestyle division.  The Junior team too third in both divisions.  About 30 teams (clubs) sent groups to this years Championships,held in Binghamton on May 9-10-11.

Individual results:

Cadet Greco

98#  Dylan Kavanaugh 3

105# Mike Sardo 3

119# Dan Walts 3

125# Wes Blanding 3

135 Tai Thang 6

140# Nathan Walts 6

152# Hunter Brown 5

160# Dan Secor 1

171#  Greg Williams 1


98# Dylan Kavanaugh 2

119# Dan Walts 4

125# Wes Blanding 4

152# Hunter Brown 3

1603 Dan Secor 1

189# Dalton Villnave 3


112# Mike Miranda 4

145# Matt Letcher 4

152# Chris Snow 6

160# Mick Letcher 3

285# Elijah Graham 1, James Chaplin 2


112# Mike Miranda 5

125# Zeke Thopmpson 5

152# Todd Hagger 5

171#  Ryan LeBlanc 3, Dustin Moss 5

285# Elijah Graham 4

Several wrestlers as a result of their performance at the championships, will be on several  State teams.  Dan Secor and Greg Williams will be tavelling on The Cadet Dual meet team to the National Duals.  Ryan Leblanc and James Chaplin are part of the Junior Dual  team and will be competing in several Dual events, including the National Junior Duals.

Wednesday, May 7
NYS Kids Championships 2008

Only 3 kids division wrestlers from the club participated in the state Championships held on May 3-4 in Amsterdam .  Those that went however had good results with Anthony Finocchairo receiving gold medals in both Freestyle and Greco.  John Regan was a siolver medalist in freestyle and a gold medalist in Greco.  Cody Carberry earned a bronze medal in Freestyle.   Both Finocchairo and Regan will go on to Indiana in June to compete as part of the New York State team at the Schoolboy Nationals.

There are still a number of major events remaining on the Mohawk Valley schedule.  Practice will continue untill June 5.  After a break for exams, a limited practice schedule will be in place for those continueing to train for Nationals, Empire State Games and Canada Cup.

Saturday, April 5
MVWC Wins Super Six Tournament 2008

A strong group of MVWC wrestlers traveled to Niagara Falls on March29-30 to compete in the annual tournament.  The competition was mainly between the Host team and the MVWC.  Other Clubs were competing, however none had numbers to vie for the overall score.  Results:

Schoolboy Freestyle;

84#   Cody Carvey 2,  Nick Petroff 3

91#    Kasey Proper 2

98#    Tyler Heggelke 2,  Mike Eighmey 3

105#   John Regan 1

120#   Travis Reid 4, Travis Regner 5

128#   Zach Vaerchak 1

152#   Alex Moss 1

Cadet Freestyle:

98#   Dylan Kavanaugh 1,  Ian Coolican 2

105#  Mike Sardo 1, Brandon Delmonte2

112#  Anthony Finocchairo 2,  Nick LaFlair 5,  Gunner Brooks 6

119#  Dan Walts 2,

125#  Jason Heggleke 1, Wes Blanding 2,

130#  Akira Reid 4

135#  Antonio Peck 4

140#  Nate Walts 4

145#  Adam Lockwood 3, Noah Sheperd 4

152#  Hunter Brown 1,  Jeff Evanciew 2

160#  Dan Secor 1

171#  Greg Williams 1

215#  Trevor Clement 2

Junior Freestyle:

112#  Mike miranda 1, Brandon Delmonte 3

119#  Talon Sotherdon 1

125#  Zeke Thompson 2, Isiah Wheeler 6

130#  Zach Merwin 1, Pete Cole 2

135#  Pat Cost 1, Josh Evanciew 2, Alex Petroff 3, Mike Ferguson 4

140#  Dan Smith 1, Brandon Colling 2

145#  Markeem Chaplin 5

152#  Chris Snow 2, Stefon Iodice 4, Dave Minney 5

171#  Dustin Moss 2,

189#  Jesse Marshall 1

215#  James Chaplin 1, AJ Berry 2, Clancy Kemp3

275# Elijah Graham 1


Monday, July 30
Empire Games 2007
The Bronx was the site of this years 30th Games. With a strong showing by Club members, the Central region won both Greco divisions and finished 2nd in The Scholastic Freestyle. The placings in Greco are a direct result of the emphasis the Club has put into Greco-Roman wrestling this season. Credit should also be given to Greco coaches Eric Rose and Trevor LeBlanc. MVWC wrestler of the tournament goes to Dan Walts, who won a rare double Gold in both styles.
Scholastic Greco
GOLD: Dan Walts 106, Matt Letcher 143, Mick Letcher 154, Brett Adams 178, James
       Chaplin 220
Bronze Anthony Finochairo 106, Chris Snow 143, Jesse Marshall 192
Fourth Talon Sotherdon 115,
Sixth   Elijah Graham 275
Open Greco
Silver Joe Lanza 119, Todd Luther 275
Bronze Steve Wile 139, Jose Cruz 187
Fourth Demetrious Hargrove 128, Larry Wright 152
Fifth Mike Defosse 275
Sixth Kyle Bome 167
Scholastic Freestyle
Gold   Dan Walts 106, Dustin Moss 154
Silver Chris Snow 143
Fifth James Chaplin 220
Open Freestyle
Gold   Pat Bennet 275
Silver Todd Luther 275
Bronze Jose Cruz 187
Fourth   Demetrious Hargrove 128
The Club will take some time off during most of August. Most of the wrestlers who competed at the Games, along with those going to Puerto Rico, in October, wiil compete at the State Fair Challange, on August 25-26. There will also be a team of College and Open wrestlers travelling to Montreal in October to compete at the Concordia Tournament.

Monday, July 9
Canada Cup 2007
Guelph, Ontario was the site of the Canada Cup competition, which featured the memvers of Canada's FILA Cadet national team. The National team was in training camp and they were joined by other top Canadian wrestlers and the MVWC wrestlers for the tournament. The tournament was held on July 7 at Guelph University. Fourteen wrestlers from the Club made the trip. There were 12 weight classe contested, with MVWC wrestlers winning 1, taking 3 seconds and 2 thirds. Overall MVWC wrestlers won 21 matches with 22 loses. Elijah Graham won Gold by pinning his 6'5" opponent. Anthony Fiachairo lost a heartbreaker in the last seconds to Canadas National Champion. Brett Adams was also second. Mick Letcher with a 2-1 record received a silver. Placing third was Pat Cost and James Chaplin. Placing fourth was Shaun Bohn, Lamont Flemming, Dave Minney, Kevin Ritch, and Nick Sullivan. Placing 5th was Jason Heggleke, with Dustin Moss in 6th
Most of the wrestlers who competed in Guelph will also be wrestling at the Empire State Games. Many of the Canadian wrestlers who competed will be trveling to Panama in August for the Pan-Am Games.
Arrangements were also made with Team Impact of Toronto to participate in the State Fair Challange on August 25-26 at the Fair. MVWC wrestlers who are interested in participating should contact Bob Rose.

Friday, May 25
Kids-Schollboy States 2007
Amsterdam NY was the site of this years annual championships for the younger wrestlers. Only seven wrestlers from the club made the trip to compete. The tournament included both Freestyle and Greco events. In the Midget division Caleb Wilkinson at 50# and Jerrett Norton at 87# claimed Gold in both Freestyle and Greco.
The Novice division had Spencer Norton 112# recieving Gold in both styles and Travis Reid 105# recieving silver. In the Schoolboy division Mike Sardo was 6th at 90# in Freestyle and Dylan Kavanaugh was 4th at 95#. Also competing at 115# was Akira Reid.
The club will be practicing for two more weeks, preparing for the Empire Games Qualifier, on June 9-10 at Fowler HS. There will also be the Daniel Minton Clinic with Rob Koll and the Cornell wrestlers on June 2, also at Fowler.
The season will continue for those who Qualify for the Empire State Games and those who are chosen for the Canada Cup competition during July. Those practices will be announced soon.

Wednesday, May 9
Cadet-Junior Championships 2007
Binghamton was the site for this years tournament, arguably, the toughest tournament in the state. About 43 wrestlers from the Club made the trip,on May 4,5-6 to compete with the best wrestlers in the New York. On Friday and Saturday Junior Freestyle and Cadet Greco was held. On Saturday and Sunday, the Cadet freestyle and Junior greco championships were held. Results:
CADET GRECO: 105 Dan Walts 3, 130 Pat Cost 6, 152 Dustin Moss 1, 285 Elijah Graham 1
CADET FREESTYLE: 105 Dan Walts 2, 130 Alex Petroff 4, 140 Carlos Santiago 6, 145 Greg Williams 5, 152 Jeremy Brodfueher 6,Stefano Iodice 4, Dustin Moss 3, 160 Derek Eason 4, 285 Elijah Graham 2
JUNIOR GRECO: 105 Anna Cummings 3, 112 Zeke Thompson 6, 145 Matt Sullivan 4, 215 James Chaplin 1, 285 Nick Sullivan 2
JUNIOR FREESTYLE: 105 Anna Cummings 4, 152 Mick Letcher 4, 285 Nick Sullivan 5,Dave Shortzel 6.
The club will continue practices until June 7, which is the last practice before the Empire State Games Qualifier on June 9-10.

Monday, April 23
Holland Patent 2007
About 50 MVWC wrstlers traveled to Holland Patent to compete in Sec. III's last Qualifier for the State Championships. Other particpant came from Section IV, Shamrock, and SecII TNT, ATWA, and other small clubs. Placing first were the following wrestlers:
JUNIOR: 103 Anna Cummings, 125 Lamont Flemming, 152 Kevin Ritch, 189 Ben Rinauto, 285 Sean Cookhouse
CADET: 98 Brian Delmonte, 119 Brent Valentine, 135 Josh Evanciew, 140 Todd Hagger, 152 Dustin Moss, 160 Sean Hennigan
NOVICE: 80 Kaisey Proper, 105 Lane Frost, 130 Loyatt Albanese
For the next several weeks Club members will be practicing to prepare for the two State Championships. Beginning this week, sign-ups for the fall trip t5o Puerto Rico in October will be available. The cost will be about $550.00. The team will be selected in June.

Wednesday, March 28
Mike Smith doubles at Brockport
A small group of MVWC wrestlers traveled to Brockport for the Northeast Regionals on March23-25. This national level tournament has wre4stlers competing from throughout the northeast. Mike Smith led the local wrestlers by winning both Freestyle and Greco competitions in the Junior division. Zeke Thompson placed third in Greco. Most of the other Juniors who competed won matches. In the Cadet festival portion, Dustin Moss was a Gold medalist.
Practice continues at Canastota in preparation for Montreal on April 7. there will also be a select group of wrestlers traveling to Whitby Ontario for the HighSchool Canadian Greco Championships on April 14-15.
There will be no practices held during Spring break on April 10 and 12.

Monday, March 19
The woman's division only had 3 entries in 3 different weight classes. The NYS
Women's tournament was the same weekend.

MVWC    61
NYSS    35
F10       7

132# Mike Smith-MVWC
145# 1st Tracy Norton-MVWC, 2nd Robert Best-MVWC
163# 1st Derrick Adams-NYSS, 2nd Chris Adams-F10, 3rd Christian Held-NYSS
185# 1st Tyrell Riley-NYSS, 2nd Jose Cruz-MVWC, 3rd Josh Carter-MVWC
211# 1st Miguel Pereia-NYSS
264# 1st Colby Jorden-MVWC, 2nd Nick Sullivan-MVWC, 3rd David Stoetzel-MVWC

MVWV    157
NYSS    113
GVWC      17
Apex      17
F10       15
Chin Cup 10

105# 1st Scott McGregor_NYSS, 2nd Nick Lazarony-GVWC, 3rd Daniel Walts-MVWC
112# 1st Taylor Golba-NYSS, 2nd Zeke Thompson-MVWC, 3rd Mike Carlo_NYSS,
    4th Jordan Stevens-NYSS
125# 1st Shaun Bohn-F10, 2nd Rob Broda-NYSS, 3rd Matthew Deinhart-NYSS
130# 1st Dansmith-MV, 2nd Matt Letcher-MVWC, 3rd Nick Lapierski-GVWC
    4th Mark Manganaro-NYSS, 5th Chandler Pool-NYSS, 6th Robert Hamilton-NYSS
135# 1st Matt Mariacher-NYSS, 2nd Mike Smith-M, 3rd Sam Damthongmivanh-GVWC
    4th Matt Cohen-NYSS, 5th Eric Velez-NYSS, 6th Matt Calari-NYSS
140# 1st Mike Tellier-NYSS, 2nd Russ Wontusiak-NYSS, 3rd Russ Wojtusiak-NYSS
    4th Charlie Marasia-MVWC
145# 1st Nick Stella-Chin Cup, 2nd Matt Pellenz-MVWC, 3rd David Minney-MVWC
    4th Kurt Whittemore_mVWC, 5th Matt Cowan-NYSS, 6th Brian Brodfuehrer-MVWC
152# 1st Kevin Ritch-MV, 2nd Chris Collara-Apex, 3rd Christopher Snow-MVWC
    4th Jacob Pfiefer-MVWC, 5th Jayson Dieckman-NYSS, 6th Chris Budzinski-NYSS
160# 1st Chris Vigliotti-Apex, 2nd Nick Joy-NYSS, 3rd Chris LaFlair-MVWC
171# 1st PH bbarno-NYSS, 2nd Ryan McGowan-NYSS, 3rd Corey Store-F10,
    4th Aaron Sotherden-MVWC, 5th Dave Jengo-MVWC, 6th Corey Buyck-MVWC
189# 1st Brett Adams-MVWC, 2nd Jesse Marshall-MVWC, 3rd Ethan Childs-MVWC
    4th Alex Meyers-MVWC, 5th Mitch Berry-MVWC, 6th Ossama Mere-MV
215# 1st James Chaplin-MVWC, 2nd Ben Wysokowski-MVWC, 3rd AJ berry-MVWC
    4th Bruce Sampson-MVWC
275# 1st Dave Stoetzel-MVWC, 2nd Michael Barker-MVWC, 3rd Sean Cookhouse-MVWC

MVWC    202
NYSS    121
GVWC    41
Wayne    5
Grand Island 5
WCF       1

91# 1st Nick LaFlair-MVWC
98# 1st Kyle McGregor-NYSS, 2nd Anthony Finocchiard-MVWC, 3rd Phillip Caparaso-NYSS
    4th Hoshue Mase-GVWC, 5th Brendon Delmonte-MVWC, 6th Harley Ruddi-Wayne
105# 1st Daniel Walts-MVWC,2nd Vincent Madierski-GVWC, 3rd Lance Zerniak-Wayne,
    4th Ben Mikal-NYSS, 5th tyler sirota-MVWC, 6th Joseph Kaunka-NYSS
112# 1st Kyle Reynolds-Southern Six, 2nd Talon Sotherden-MVWC, 3rd Ray Walker-MVWC
    4th Steve Weaver-MVWC, 5th David Rathbun-MVWC
119# 1st David Gallagher-MVWC 2nd Azchary Merwin-MVWC, 3rd Wally Maziarz-NYSS
    4th Rodney Offhaus-NYSS, 5th Jason Heggelke-MVWC, 6th Mitchell ojtasiak-NYSS
125# 1st Frank Day-GVWC, 2nd Mitchell Ferguson-MVWC, 3rd Jacob Beichner-NYSS
    4th Jeremy Ruiz-NYSS, 5th Alexander Petroff-MVWC, 6th Tyler Carter-GVWC
130# 1st Patrick Cost-MVWC, 2nd Josh evanciew-MVWC,3rd JT Mergenhagen-NYSS,
    4th Jacob Smith-MVWC
135# 1st Jordan Gelnett-NYSS, 2nd Aaron Wilkinson-MVWC, 3rd Zachary Revette-MVWC,
    4th Derrick Brooks-MVWC
140# 1st Hunter Brown-MVWC, 2nd Carlos Santiago-MVWC, 3rd Jeff evanciew-MVWC,
    4th John Duwell-M, 6th John Burton-MVWC
145# 1st Nathan Skiba-NYSS, 2nd David Minney-MVWC, 3rd Anthony Geuova-Grand Island
    4th Keith Jones-M, 5th Greg Williams-MVWC 6th Anothony Decausemaker-WCE
152# 1st Ryan Darch-GVWC, 2nd Derek Eason-MVWC, 3rd Dustin Moss-MVWC, 4th Matt
    Proven-NYSS, 5th Paul Incorvaia-NYSS, 6th Matthew Genzel-NYSS
160# 1st Jacob Winnie-NYSS, 2nd Kristopher Duge-NYS, 3rd Lucas Germano-NYSS
    4th Alex Mieczkowski-MVWC, 5th Jake LaBarre-MVWC, 6th Tyler Harris-MVWC
171# 1st Tim Reedy-MVWC, 2nd Dalton Villnave-M, 3rd Zack Marish-Southern Six,
    4th Matt McChesney-MVWC, 6th Cody McCormick-NYSS
189# 1st Luke Pariso-GVWC, 2nd Nicholas Mieczkowski-MVWC, 3rd Brandon Edwards-NYSS
215# 1st Sam Stagnetti-MVWC, 2nd Trevor Clement-MVWC

MVWC    74
NYSS    49
Wayne    25
GVWC    10

55# 1st Caleb Wilkinson-MVWC
60# 1st Jonathon Fannetti-MVWC
75# 1st Jon Hudson-MVWC
85# 1st Tom Page-NYSS, 2nd Jordan McGregor-NYSS, 3rd Sam Beichner-NYSS,
    4th Tyler Eason-MCWC
95# 1st Dylan Kavanagugh-MVWC, 2nd Ian Coolican-MVWC, 3rd Dolan Bielemeier-Wayne
    4th Dylan Cohan-NYSS, 5th Drian Kelly-NYSS
100# 1st Burke Paddock-GVWC, 2nd Lane Frost-MVWC
105# 1st Josh Rodriguiz-Wayne, 2nd Andy Kaye-NYSS, 3rd Zack Skiba-NYSS
125# 1st Eric Brooks-Wayne, 2nd Dylan Perry-MVWC
165# 1st Michael Sistrunk-MVWC
185# 1st Alex Fumerelle-NYSS

MVWC    37
NYSS    20
GVWC    10

70# 1st Ronald Rodrigues-NYSS
75# 1st Aaron Paddock-GVWC
80# 1st Kasey Proper-MVWC
85# 1st Jerritt Norten-MVWC
90# 1st Timothy Schaefer-GVWC, 2nd Michael Sardo-MVWC
100# 1st Lane Frost-MVWC
105# 1st Travis Reid-MVWC
112# 1st Anthony Liberatuse-NYSS, 2nd Spencer Norton-MVWC

MVWC    50
NYSS    33
F10      10

145# 1st Derrick Adams-NYSS
163# 1st Chris Adams-F10, 2nd Christian Held-NYSS, 3rd Robert Best-MVWC
185# 1st Jose Cruz-MVWC, 2nd Mark Miskovski-NYSS, 3rd Josh Carter-MVWC
211# 1st Nick Sullivan-MVWC, 2nd Randy Hill-NYSS, 3rd Miguell Pereira-NYSS
264# 1st Colby Jorden-MVWC, 2nd Sean Wahl-NYSS

MVWC    168
NYSS      65
F10       23
GVWC      10

112# 1st Taylor Golba-NYSS, 2nd Zeke Thompson-MVWC, 3rd Mike Carlo-NYSS
    4th Anna Cummings-MVWC
125# 1st Shaun Bohn-F10, 2nd Matt Deinhart-NYSS
130# 1st Matt Letcher-MVWC, 2nd Chandler Pool-NYSS, 3rd Mark Manganaro- NYSS
    4th Shaun Bohn-F10, 5th Dan Smith-MVWC, 6th ete Cole-MVWC
135# 1st Matt Maruacher-NYSS, 2nd Sammy Damthongmivanh-GVWC,
    3rd Eric Velez-NYSS
140# 1st Mike Smith-MVWC, 2nd Russ Wojtusiak-NYSS, 3rd Mike Tellier-NYSS
    4th Charlie Marasia-NYSS
145# 1st Matt Pellenz-MVWC, 2nd Matt Cowan-NYSS, 3rd Kurt Whittemore-MVWC
    4th Chris Beal-MVWC, 5th Brian Brodfuehrer-MVWC, 6th Trevor Showalter-MVWC
152# 1st Kevin Ritch-MVWC, 2nd Christopher Snow-MVWC, 3rd Jacob Pfeifer-MVWC
160#    none
171# 1st Carey Storie-F10, 2nd Aaron Sotherden-MVWC, 3rd Corey Buyck-MVWC
    4th Zack Green-GVWC
189# 1st Brett Adams-MVWC, 2nd Jesse Marshall-MVWC, 3rd Ethan Childs-MVWC,
    4th Alex Meyers-MVWC, 5th Mitch Berry-MVWC
215# 1st James Chaplin-MVWC, 2nd Ben Whsokowski-MVWC, 3rd Mitch Berry-MVWC
    4thBruce Sampson-MVWC, 5th AJ Berry-MVWC, 6th Osszma Mere-MVWC
275# 1st Dave Stoetzel-MVWC, 2nd Michael Barker-MVWC, 3rd Sean Cookhouse-MVWC

MVWC    225
NYSS    101
GVWC    27

91# 1st Nick LaFlair-MVWC
98# 1st Anthony Finocciaro-MVWC, 2nd Philip Caparalso-NYSS, 3rd JoshuaMaise-GVWC
    4th Brandon Delmonte-MVWC
105# 1st Daniel Walts-MVWC, 2nd Brandon Surfee-MVWC, 3rd Tyler Sirota-MVWC
    4th Williams Bivens-MVWC, 5th Garrett Gibson-NYSS
112# 1st Talon Sotherden-MVWC, 2nd Jason Hegglke-MVWC, 3rd Ray Walker-MVWC
    4th David Rathbun-MVWC, 5th Steve Weaver-MVWC
119# 1st Wally Maziarz-NYSS, 2nd Kyle Reynolds-NYSS, 3rd David Gallagher-MVWC,
    4th Rooney Offhaus-NYSS, 5th Jeremy Ruiz-NYSS, 6th Isaiah Wheeler-MVWC
125# 1st Michael Ferguson-MVWC, 2nd Alex Pertroff-MVWC, 3rd Tyler Carter-GVWC
130# 1st Josh Evanciew-MVWC, 2nd JT Mergenhagen-NYSS, 3rd Jacob Smith-MVWC
135# 1st Zachary Revette-MVWC
140# 1st Nathan Skira-N, 2nd Hunter Brown-MVWC, 3rd Carlos Santiago-MVWC,
    4th John Duwell-MVWC, 5th Clayton Whittemore-MVWC, 6th Jeff Evanciew-MVWC
145# 1st David Minney-MVWC, 2nd Walter Calhoun-MVWC, 3rd Gregory Williams-MVWC
    4th Jeremy Brodfuehrer-MVWC, 5th Matthew Genzel-NYSS, 6th Deith Jones-MVWC
152# 1st Dustin Moss-MVWC, 2nd Derek Eason-MVWC, 3rd Salvador Pagan-NYSS,
    4th Michael Sistrunk-MVWC
160# 1st Jacob Winnie-NYSS, 2nd Lucas Germano-NYSS, 3rd Alex Mieczkowski-MVWC
    4th Sam La Barre-MVWC 5th Tyler Harris-MVWC
171# 1st Cody McCormick-NYSS, 2nd Dalton Villnave-MVWC
189# 1st Luke Pariso-GVWC, 2nd Travis Teylor-GVWC, 3rd Nicholas Mieczkowski
    MVWC, 4th Brandon Edwards-NYSS
215# 1st Sam ?Stagnitti-MVWC
275# 1st Trevor Clement-MVWC

MVWC    52
NYSS    27

75# 1st Jon Hudson-MVWC
80# 1st Kasey Proper-MVWC
85# 1st Tyler Eason-MVWC
95# 1st Craig Howard-NYS, 2nd Dylan Kavanagh-MVWC, 3rd Ian Coolican-MVWC
100# 1st Lane Frost-MVWC, 2nd Zach Skiba-NYSS
105# 1st Andy Kage-NYSS

Monday, July 30
Good results at the ESG for Club wrestlers 2006
A large number of the Clubs wrestlers competed at this years Empire State Games. Most of the Scholastic team was however made up of the clubs younger wrestlers. The open team however had many Games veterens competeing. The results reflected the teams makeup. Overall, the Scholastic Greco and Freestyle teams finished second to a stong western team. In Open the Greco team won with the Freestyle team tieing for second. MVWC team members results:
Scholastic Freestyle:
GOLD : Kevin Smith 132
SILVER: Vern Thompson 98
BRONZE: Mick Letcher 143
sixth: Dan Walts 98, Brett Adams 178, James Chaplin 220
Scholastic Greco:
GOLD: Mick Letcher 143, James Chaplin 220
BRONZE: Dan Walts 98, Brett Adams 178
fourth: Vern Thompson 98, Matt Letcher 123, Lucas Wonderly 154, Kyle Hutchinson 275
sixth: Matt Pellenz 165
Open Freestyle:
GOLD: Pat Bennett 275
SILVER: Kyle Brisson 119
Bronze: Eric Jones 213
fourth: Jose Cruz 187
sixth: Jay Nicholas 139
Open Greco:
SILVER: Jay Nicholas 139, Jose Cruz 187
BRONZE: Rob Northup 213
fifth: Rico Bruner 139, Mike Defosse 275

Next Event for the Club is The State Fair Challange on August 26-27.

Monday, June 12
Empire Games Qualifier, 2006
The MVWC wrestlers showed very well,taking over 50% of the High School spots on the Central region team. The Open wrestlers also had good results with many MVWC representatives. This years team will have a number of dual style participants, as many of the Club's wrestlers opted to wrestle both styles. Several of our High School seniors, who have to wrestle open, qualified, led by double first place winner Jose Cruz. Anna Cummings became the first Girl to qualify for the games from the Central Region. Mike Defosse also came out of retirement, to win the open Greco unlimited spot. There will be many first time participants from the club, which speaks well of the instruction they have received this year.
Qualified wrestlers:
Scholastic Freestyle
98 Zeke Thompson, Dan Walts 106 Talon Southerdon 115 Anna Cummings 132 Kevin Smith 143 Mick Letcher 178 Bret Adams 192 Jesse Marshall 220 James Chaplin 275 Elijah Graham, Nick Sullivan
Scholasic Greco
98 Zeke Thompson, Dan Walts 106 Annaq Cummings Talon Southerdon 115 Mike Miranda 123 Matt Letcher 143 Mick Letcher, Dustin Moss 154 Lucas Wonderly 165 Matt Pellenz 178 Brett Adams 192 Jesse Marshall 220 James Chaplin 275 Kyle Hutchinson, Elijah Graham.
Open Freestyle
119 Kyle Brisson 139 Jay Nicholas, Matt Cosgrove 152 Rich Hart 187 Jose Cruz 213 Eric Jones, Rob Northrup 275 Pat Bennett
Open Greco
139 Jay Nicholas, Rico Brunner 152 Carlos Cruz 187 Jose Cruz 213 Rob Northrup 275 Mike Defosse.
Practices will be held at Fowler, see the home page for complete schedule. Complete results are also listed on the Section III website.

Wednesday, May 10
Freestyle-Greco State Championships 2006
On April 29-30 the kids and Girls competed for their championships at VVS High School, with a small group of MVWC wrestlers competing. The following weekend, the Cadets and Juniors traveled to Binghamton for their championships with about 60 MVWC wrestlers. The club has several NYS champions in all the divisions. Most wrestlers won matches at the Tournaments, after training for several months for these 2 prestigious events. Below are listed the placings:
Gold: Ryan LeBlanc 171
Bronze: Elijah Graham 275
fourth: Jesse Marshall 189 Dave Minney 125
fifth: Dustin Moss 140 Cody Frost 145
sixth: Zeke Thompson 98 Ben Wysokoski 189 AJ Berry 215
Gold: Anna Cummings 105
Silver: Mike Smith 135 Mick Letcher 145 Matt DeMichael 152
fourth: Mark Adams 189
fifth: Carlos Cruz 152 Will Brodfueher 160 Marc Jaquin 189
sixth: Kyle Brisson 125
Gold: Jesse Marshall 189
Silver: Manny Nieves 135 Elijah Graham 275
Bronze: Dustin Moss 140
fourth: Zeke Thompson 98 Pat Cost 119 Dan Smith 125 AJ Berry 215
Fifth: Kevin Ritch 152 Osama Mere 171
sixth: Matt Letcher 130 Bruce Sampson 189 John Sgroi 215
Gold: Jose Cruz 171
Silver: Matt DeMichael 152
fourth: Kyle Brisson 125 Josh Hayden 152 Mark Adams 189
fifth: Mick Letcher 145 Nick Sullivan 275

Midget 1 Caleb Wilkenson 50
Novice 1 Dylan Perry 120
Schoolboy 1 Hunter Brown 125, 1 Derek Eason 145, 3 Nick Mieczkowski 185, 4 Greg Williams 145, 5 Alex Mieczkowski 145
Midget 2 Caleb Wilkenson 50
Novice 1 Tyler Eason 80, 1 Dylan Perry 120
Schoolboy 1 Derek Eason 145, 2 Hunter Brown 125, 3 Greg Williams 145, Nick Mieczkowski 185, 4 Dave Galagher 110, 4 Dalton Vilnave 165, 6 Kareb Howard 85

Monday, March 20
Super Six 2006
The club took 140 wrestlers to Niagara Falls this past weekend to participate in the Annual Super Six Tournament. Needless to say with those numbers the Club dominated the tournament. They won every division except the Open and Schoolboy Freestyle, which were won by the host Club. The Value of this event is to bring the diverse club together for the event. For all the new members it is the first trip and the first insight to how the club operates.
The coaches saw a lot of good technique from many of the new wrestlers as they are becoming more comfortable with freestyle. Most of the MVWC wrestlers also competed in the Greco portion of the tournament, many for the first time. The club now has a number of new Greco converts.
For the next 2 weeks practices will continue. A possible competition night may be held at Fulton. On April 8, the club will compete at the Holland Patent Qualifier. This event will be followed by the Montreal International, with an overnight stay.
Schoolboy FS
85 Ian Colligan 4, Kareeb Howard 5
95 Dan Walts 2, Dylan Tuttle 4, Mitch Howard 5
100 Tyler Sirota 2, Dave Rathbone 5
105 Emanuel Chanelo 1, Chris Leoniso 2, Pat Perry-Zasa 4
110 Dave Galliger 2, Andre Bennet 3, Joe Sullivan 5
125 Hunter Brown 1
145 Derek Eason 1, Kodi Napolitano 2, Alex Mieczkowski 3, Greg Williams 5 Collin Way6
185 Dalton Villanave 1, Niock Mieczkowski 2
Cadet FS
98 Zeke Thompson 3
105 Emmanuel Chanelo 3, Mike Miranda 5, Steve weaver 6
112 Lemont Flemming 2, Talon Sotherden 5, Joe Fanetti 6
119 Pat Cost 2, Aaron Wilkenson 6
125 Matt Letcher 1, John Bouchard 4, Josh Evaniew 5, Clay Whittemore 6
130 Dan Smith 1, Eric Jaquion 2
135 Manny Nieves 1, Kurt Whittemore 3, Ryan Wile 6
140 Dustin Moss 1, Brian Brodfeuhrer 3 Matt Pellenz 4,
145 Kevin Ritch 1, Pat Bennett 3, Steve Wendell 4, tim Mosher 6
152 John Wratten 1, Rich Bouchard 2, John Difato 3
160 Lucas Wonderley 2, Ossam Mere 4, Terry Long 6
189 Jesse Marshall 1, Ben Wysokowski 2, A Meyers3, B Sampson 4, AJ Berry 5,B Rinuto6
215 Jordan Farrar 1, John Sgroi 2
275 Elijah Graham 1, Tom Novak 2
Junior FS
98 Zeke Thompson 1
119 John Carhart 1, Aaron Wilkenson 3
125 Kyle Brisson 1, Jeff Martino 4, Terry Creamer 5
130 Tyler Lobdell 2, Anthony Marcrano 4, Jim Bates 5, Brian Swete 6
135 Mike Smith 1, Matt Sullivan 2, Matt Cosgrove 5
140 Josh White 3, Chris Snow 5
145 Mick Letcher 2, Bob Best 3, Nate Hopkins4
152 Josh Hayden 2, Carlos Cruz 3, Matt Loughland 6
160 Matt Demichael 1, Jose Cruz 2, Ryan LeBlanc 3, Will Brodfuehrer 4, Seth Teeter 6
171 Jason Sgarlatta 1, Scott Rutledge 2, Tom Zumpano 4, Josh Carter 6
189 Kyle Chase 1, Dan Failey 2, Mark Adams 3, Marcus Jaquin 5
215 Kyle Hutchinson 3, James Chaplin 5, Randy Hill 6
275 DJ Warner 2, Elijah Grahasm 3, Nick Sullivan 5, Chris Olney 6
Open FS
163 Andy Boice 2
211 Trevor LeBlanc 2
110 Anna Cummings 2

Tuesday, July 31
Mohawk Valley Wrestlers Do Well at the ESG 2005
This year many MVWC helped the Central region team win both styles in Scholastic and finish second in both styles in open. The Games in the past few years have been a contest between the Central and Long Island region for domination. Most of the Central region team is made up of members of the Mohawk Valley club and the Shamrock Club, with a few other individuals from smaller groups and independents.
Of all the clubs wrestlers, Jose Cruz posted the best overall performance, with 2 Gold medals. Mark Adams also doubled with 2 silvers.
Greco Roman Open
Gold: Don Cummings 152,
Silve: Trevor LeBlanc 187
Bronze: Larry Wright 152
Other: Allan Boice 4,128, Jay Nicholas 5,139,
Scholastic Greco Roman
Gold: Jose Cruz 165
Silver; Mark Adams 178
Other: Matt Palmer 5,143, Carlos Cruz 5,154, Dan Failiy 4,192,
Open Freestyle
Gold; Paul LeBlanc 152, Pat Bennet 275
Other: Steve Wile 5,128, Jay Nicholas 4,139, Rob Northup 4,213,
Scholastic Freestyle
Gold: Kyle Brisson 115, Jose Cruz 165, Marc Giordano 178
Silver: Kevin Smith 132, Mark Adams 178,
Bronze: George Burkinshaw 106
Other: Rob Hopkins 6,154, Kyle Hutchinson 4,275
The next event on the schedule has Club members at the State Fair on August 28. The club also plans to compete with some of its' Open and Older High School wrestlers at the Concordia Tournament in Montreal on October 30.

Wednesday, June 27
MVWC wins at Rhode Island 2005
A young MVWC traveled to Bristol for the annual Ocean State International Wrestling Festival. The tournament features both Greco and Freestyle team wrestling. 21 members of the club made the Trip. The results surprised the staff, as the club wrestlers stepped up for the challange and won both divisions. In the Greco half of the event MVWC dominated with the better technique. This is the sixth time the Club has won, in the 11 years of participation. They beat runner-up Connecticut Thunder 38-24. The club also beat Maine, Rhode Island and a second Connecticut team. Overall individual goldd medalists were: George Burkinshaw 105, Kyle Brisson 119, Sam Quakenbush 125, Matt Cosgrove 130, Matt Palmer 140, Mick Letcher 145, Matt DeMichael 152, Jose Cruz 171, Robin Calarese215, and Kyle Hutchinson 275. Second place individuals were Nate Sullivan 105 and Greg Hurd 160. Sam Quakenbush was named MOW light weight.
In Freestyle the Club members again won, over Connecticut Thunder, which is primarily the Conn. State team going to Fargo. Gold Medalists in Freestyle were: George Burkinshaw 105, Dan Smith 119, Sam Quakenbush 125, Mick Letcher 145, Matt DeMichael 152, Jose Cruz 171, Robin Calarese 215, and Kyle Huthinson 275. Silver medals went to Nate Sullivan 112, Matt Palmer 140, and Grg Hurd 160.
Also competing with the team in Rhode Island were: Matt Pellenz Bob Best, Matt Letcher, Carlos Cruz, Marcus JaQuin, Dan Filey, Jesse Marshall and Jim Doran.
Many of the team will continue the summer season, with the Empire State Games July 27-30 and The State Fair Challange August 27-28.

Wednesday, June 15
Empire State Games Qualifier.
The Club and Sec 3 had much better results than last year, at last weekends qualifier. Many more members of the Club participated on Saturday in Freestyle and Sunday in Greco. It was great to see many open wrestlers back from college and in competition. Results:
FIRST George Burkinshaw 106, Kyle Brisson 115, Kevin Smith 132, Rob Hopkins 154, Greg Hurd 165, Darrick Smith 178, Kyle Hutchinson 275
SECOND Jose Cruz 165, Marc Giordano 178,
THIRD Vern Thompson 98, Matt Cosgrove 132, Mark Adams 178, Robin Calarese 215, Mark Germano 275
Freestyle Open
FIRST Allan Boice 128, Rob Northup 213, Pat Bennet 275
SECOND Steve Wile 128, Jay Nicholas 139, Don Cummings 152, Chris Horning 187,
THIRD Paul LeBlanc 152, Kyle Bome 167

Greco Scholastic
FIRST Matt Palmer 143, Jose Cruz 165, Mark Adams 178, Kyle Huthinson 275
SECOND Kyle Brisson 123, Mick Letcher 143, Carlos Cruz 154, Marcus Jaquin 178, Dan Failey 192, Mark Sullivan 275
THIRD Vern Thompson 98, Dave Minney 106, Matt Pellenz 123, Matt Cosgrove 132, Chris Olney 275
Greco Open
FIRST Allan Boice 128, Larry Wright 167,
SECOND Steven Wile 128, Jay Nicholas 139, Don Cummings 152, Trvor LeBlanc 187, Rob Northup 213
THIRD Rico Bruner 128, Gary Cook 139, Kyle Bome 167, John Tinker 213

Practices will be held on Mondays and Thursdays, July 11,14,18, 21,25(monday) and 26. As of this posting, practices will be at Fowler in the wrestling room. Times 5:30-7:00. The Games begin July 27, Greco is July 28-29, with Freestyle on July 29-30.

Wednesday, May 9
NYS Cadet-Junior Championships 2005
On Sunday the MVWC wrestlers who participated in the State Championships returned to central New York, tired but with good results, after the grueling tournament. The annual event featured both Greco and Freestyle, wrestled over the three day period. Most MVWC wrestlers wrestled both styles. In Cadet Greco the local wrestlers finished 2nd in the team competition. RESULTS:
CADET GRECO Gold Winky Shepard 125
             Silver Mick Letcher 140, Jesse Marshal 189,
             Bronze Dan Smith 119, Vernon Thompson 91, Nick Sullivan 275
             5th Cody Frost 135, Dan Falth 171,
             6th Athony Maiorano 112, Mannie Nieves 119, Dan Minton 171, Mitch Berry 189
JUNIOR FS    Silver Matt Cosgrove 125, Anwar Goeres 140, Rob Northup 215
             Bronze Matt DeMichael 152
             4th    Jose Cruz 160
             6th   John Carhart 112

CADET FS    Gold Matt Sullivan 125
             4th Vernon Thompson 91, Nick Sullivan 275
             5th Mick Letcher 140
             6th Mannie Nieves 119
JUNIOR GR    Silver Kyle Brisson 119, Matt DeMichael 152,
             Bronze Matt Cosgrove 125
             4th John Carhart 112, Jose Cruz 160
             5th Carlos Cruz 152
             6th Marcos JaQuin 171
For the Cadet-Junior wrestlers there is still a lot of wrestling left in the season. The team Greco challange is scheduled for May 21 in Chenango Forks, with the Freestyle Club Cup scheduled for June 4 at Canastota. The Empire State Games Qualifier is on June 11-12 at Fowler High School. Concluding June, will be a trip to Rhode Island for the Ocean State Classic on the 24-26.

Kids- Schoolboy Championships
On Saturday-Sunday, May 14-15, at VVS High School, the Championships in freestyle and Geco were held. The MVWC had a small but determined representation at the event. Freestyle was contested on Saturday, with Greco competition on Sunday.Results:
FREESTYLE Midget 1 Lane Frost 80
          Novice 1 Nick Zupan 112, Austin Hayes 140
          Schoolboy 1 Josh Evanciew 125, 3 Dan Walts 85, Aron Wilkinson 115, G Schotzhauer
GRECO      Midget 1 Lane Frost 80
          Novice 1 Spencer Norton 87, 2 Bryon Hoffman 140
          Schoolboy 2 Josh Evanciew 125, Dylan Hoffman 165, 3 Dan Walts 85, J Brodfurher 125
                      4 Dave Minney 105, Clay Wettemore 110, Aron Wilkinson 115
This basicaly, concludes the season for the younger wrestlers. For the older wrestlers practise continues through the Empire State Games Qualifier on June 11-12. The Club Cup is scheduled for June 4 and is one of the premier events of the Freestyle season.

Monday, August 2
Empire State Games 2004
The Central region won both scholastic Freestyle and Greco divisions at Games in Binghamton. The open division wrestlers also won the Freestyle division and finished a close second in the Greco division. The strength of the Central team was definately from the southern tier and the Shamrock club. However, the Mohawk Valley Club members ,who did compete did well and contributed to the teams success.
Rob Northup led the the club wrestlers,with Gold medals in both styles. Placing for the Club:
SCHOLASTIC FREESTYLE: GOLD Darrick Smith 178, Rob Northup 192 SILVER Kyle Lapan 165 BRONZE George Burkinshaw 98 Winky Shepard 123
SCHOLASTIC GRECO: GOLD Rob Northup 192 SILVER Jeff LaShomb 178 Fourth Chad Hayden 220
OPEN FREESTYLE: GOLD: Andy Boice 167 Fourth Julian Nicholas Fifth Chris Horning 187
OPEN GRECO: SILVER Chris Horning 187, BRONZE Andy Boice 167 Fifth Allan Boice 128, Marty Barletta 152
Hopefully next year the clubs members will participate with greater numbers, and share equally with section 4, in the Central regions continued success.
The next event on the schedule is the State Fair Challange on August 28-29.

Thursday, June 28
Ocean State Classic 2004
The club concluded, a successfull season with a win inthe Greco-Roman portion of the Ocean State Classic. In the Freestyle portion of the tournament, the club finished 4th after losing the seniors who had to return for High School graduation. This years tournament after a two year layoff, while the new athletic facility was under construction, was down on team numbers, but still good with Quality. Five teams competed in Greco, with six teams in the freestyle competition. Next years event will have 10 teams, with Utrecht Netherlands committed to compete.
In the Gecco matches: MVWC 45 - Rhode Island 15
                MVWC 52   New Brunswick 4
                MVWC 50   Maine Trappers 11
                MVWC 42   Northeast Elite 19
Individual Results:
First: Kyle Fritz 3-1,Anwar Goeres 4-0,Matt DMichael 4-0, Don Cummings 4-0, Jose Cruz 4-0, Jim Weber 4-0, Marc Giordano 4-0, Ro Northup 4-0, Eric Jones 4-0, Chad Hayden 4-0
Second: Sam Quakenbush 3-1, Winky Shepard 3-1 Kevin Smith 3-1
Others: Mike Smith 0-2, Kyle Brisson 1-1
Don Cummings was named Most Outstanding Greco-Roman Wrestler. This is the second time he receiced the honor. He was the MOW in 2001.

Freestyle Match Results: Northesat Elite 36-MVWC 26
                         Maine Trappers 36-MVWC 26
                         MVWC 49-New Brunswick   7
                         MVWC 43-Rhode Island B 2
                         Rhode Island A 40- MVWC 18
Individual Results:
FIRST Matt DeMichael
SECOND Kyle Fritz, Kevin Smith, Anwar Goeres, Kyle LaPan, Rob Northup, Chad Hayden
OTHERS COMPETING: Sam Quakenbush, Mike Smith, Kyle Brisson, Winky Shepard, Steve Wile, Jose Cruz, Bob Hopkins, Kyle Matuczak, Marc Giordano, Jeff Lashomb.

The Club will now be somewhat inactive untill Empire State Games and USA Nationals at the end of July. The New York State Fair Challange is also set for August 28-29.            

Monday, June 7
MVWC stuns Shamrock with Club Cup win
For the 13th time Mohawk Valley Wrestling Club won the NYS Club Cup. This years win may be the sweetest in the long history of the event. The heavily favored Shamrock Club had a team composed of many Section 4 Champs and NYS champs. Mohawk countered with a team on a mission to retain the Cup, as the best freestyle team in the state.
The match was close and hotly contested; the lead shifted several times. In the end MVWC prevailed with a 32-29 win.
Results:98 G. Burkinshaw 3    Dayton      2
       105    S. Quakenbush 2    Jerome    12
       112   J. DeTraglia   6    Franklin   11
       119   K. Smith       5    Mumbulo    4 (ot)
       125   A. Goeres      0    O'Connor    5
       130   A. Boice       7    Franchi    3
       135   M. Letcher    4    Doughtery   9
       140   B. Heffernon   2    Hilliard   12
       145   D. Smith      10    Witman      0
       152   D. Cummings   10    Audinwood   0
       160   J. Weber    WBF
       171   M. Giordano    -    Loomis    WBP
       189   T. LeBlanc    4    Jones       3
       215   T. Chase    WBP    Johns       -
       275                      Deinhardt WBF
Undefeated for the Club were George Burkinshaw, Kevin Smith, Allan Boice, Derrick Smith, Don Cummings, Jim Weber, Trevor LeBlanc, Travis Chase, and Kyle Bome. Undefeated for the B team were Paul LeBlanc and Kyle LaPan,and Jose Cruz.
The other final matches had Gold Force beating Genesee Valley 40-21 for Third place. Placing Fifth, Mohawk Valley B was 41 to ATWA at 10. For seventh place TNT beat Fulton 32-28.

Wednesday, June 16
Empire Games Trials Results
The club had its' worst results in the Empire Games trials in the past 15 years. Normally the Central Region (Section 3-4) team is made up of 50-60% Mohawk Valley wrestlers. Those teams have virtually dominated the Games, the past several years by normally winning both High School freestyle and greco, and most recently winning both open divisions. The Club has been very proud of its' members contribution to achieving these results.
This year many members of MVWC decided ,to not attempt to qualify for the Games. Apparently these members felt that a local meaningless folkstyle tournament had more importance than the long established prestigious Empire State Games. A few high school wrestlers, did participate; with a fair number of former and active open members of the Club. Credit is deserved, and given, to those who did participate in both styles at the trials.
Competing at the Games this year are: (* denotes winner)
HIGH SCHOOL FREESTYLE: *George Burkinshaw, *Winky Shepard, Ryan LeBlanc, *Paul LeBlanc, *Kyle LaPan, Tony Pisano, Darrick Smith, *Rob Northup
HIGH SCHOOL GRECO: *Bob Best, Matt Cosgrove, *Jose Cruz, Kieth Lobdel, Tony Pisano, *Jeff Lashomb, Kyle Chase, *Rob Northup, Chad Hayden
OPEN FREESTYLE: Andre Young, Jay Nicholas, Pat Smith, *Andy Boice, *Chris Horning, Chris Cowen
OPEN GRECO: Allan Boice, Marty Barletta, *Andy Boice, Gary Cook, *Chris Horning, Trevor LeBlanc, *Chris Cowen
This year, the Empire Games will be held for the 27th year in Binghamton on July 28-31. This years team will be made up of about 35% Mohawk Valley wrestlers. The group will resume practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning July 13. Hopefully this small, but dedicated group of Club wrestlers will help Section 4 and Shamrock WC, as they carry the burden, for the Central Region honor.

Wednesday, May 26
MVWC second at The Greco Challenge
Saturday May 22 the club sent a team to Chenango Forks to contest the annual Greco Challenge. The club won 3 matches, beating Genesee Valley, A combined team, and Long Island team. In the Finals the Club lost to a stacked Shamrock team. Most MVWC wrestlers had winning records for the event. Marty Barletta, Paul LeBlanc, and Jose Cruz were undefeated.
The club will continue practises as they prepare for the Club Cup and the Empire Games Qualifier on June 12-13.

NYS Kids-Girls State Championships 2004
MVWC hosted the annual State Championships on May 15-16. The tournament drew a disappointing turnout of competitors, about 206 freestyle wrestlers and 120 Greco wrestlers. Although small in numbers, the quality of wrestling was good, with all areas of the stste represented. Schoolboy Marc Giordano led the contingent of local wrestlers by easily winning both styles.
In the freestyle competition, silver medals went to Cody Frost,and Tyler Sirota. Dan Smith took a Bronze medal. Matt Letcher placed 4th,with Chris Faga and Brian Brodfuher placing 6th.
In the Greco competition, Silver medals were won by Dan Smith, Cody Frost and Brian Brodfuher. Matt Letcher placed third with a Bronze medal. Kurt Wetmore and Andy Bates placed 6th.
The girls tounament had about 20 entries. Most matches were exhibitions. Both Jesse Pierce and Anna Cummings won all their matches with Kyra Norton also placing at the event.

Monday, May 3
NYS Cadet-Junior results 2004
A total of over 40 MVWC wrestlers traveled to Binghamton for the State Freestyle and Greco championships. This Tournament, may be the single toughest tournament held in the state,for all wrestling. All wrestlers are in one division, entries are unlimited, with some weights having 30 entries, and generally only the best wrestlers in the state attend. The club had some good results overall. Three wrestlers plan to go further to the National Tournament in Fargo: Don Cummings, Joel Ahern and Anwar Goeres.
Junior Freestyle: Don Cummings Gold, Travis Chase and Eric Jones Silver, George Burkinshaw and Anwar Goeres Bronze, Jay Nicholas 5, Rob Northrup and Brandon Heffernon 6.
Cadet Greco: Kieth Lobdell and Matt Demichael Gold, Darrick Smith Silver, Winky Shepard 4, Mike Smith and Kyle Chase 5, and Jeff LaShomb 6.
Junior Greco: Travis Chase Gold, Anwar Goeres and Rob Northrup Silver, Joel Ahern and Paul LeBlanc Bronze, Don Cummings and Matt Cosgrove 4, Steve Wile, Mike Karam, Jose Cruz, and Kyle Bome 5 .
Cadet Freestyle: Derrick Smith Gold, Matt DeMichael Bronze, Kyle Chase and Jeff LaShomb 4 and Kieth Lobdell 6(injury).

Monday, April 19
Montreal Results April 10,2004
Thirty wrestlers traveled to Montreal on Easter weekend to Compete at the Montreal International. Most of the group left on Friday with coaches Tim McGee, Duane LeBlanc, and Mike Letcher for the Saturday Event. The tournamrnt drew wrestlers from both Canada and the USA for a traditional festval of competition. The Group also had the opportunity to tour The city on Friday. Overall the MVWC wrestlers did well with 8 firsts, 5 seconds, 2 thirds and 2 fourth place finishes. Over 1/2 of the team placed . The Club won the High School division with 81 point to second place Shamrock who had 56.
Gold; George Burkinshaw, Winky Shepard, Kevin Smith, Jose Cruz, Wilfredo Vasquez, Ryan LeBlanc, Dan Smith, Jessica Pierce
Silver: George Burkinshaw, Kyle Brisson, Kyle Matusack, Matt Letcher, Jeff LaShomb
Bronze: Sam Quakenbush,
fourth: Dan Smith, Joe Wheeler, Kieth Lobdell

Monday, April 5
Outstanding Results at the Canadian Nationals
Twelve club members and coaches made the long trip to Windsor Ontario(close to Detroit) to compete with the best High School wrestlers from throughout Canada. The annual CAWA National tournament ends the High School season by crowning the National Champions in both frestyle and greco-roman. The freestyle portion of the event was open to only Canadian wrestlers, however our friends in Canada invited the MVWC to participate in Greco.
At Sundays tournament there were 12 weight classes contested. The club entered wrestlers in eight. The MVWC wrestlers,surprised even our own coaching staff, taking 5 gold medals and 4 silver medals. The club clearly dominated the competition. In a gesture of good will and graditude for the invitation to compete, the team declined any consideration for team awards.
Gold: Andre Young 54k, Joel Ahern 63k, Derrick Smith 68k, Jim Weber 74k, Eric Jones 90k
Silver: Mike Smith 50k, Brandon Heffernon 63k, Doug Laribee 74k, Rob Northrup 81k
Non-placing: Anwar Goeres, Kyle Brisson, Jose Cruz
For complete results go to LINKS on the site and key to Canadian Amatuer Wrestling Link.
Many of the wrestlers who competed in Canada will be leaving Wednesday for Germany, where they will again be tested with 3 tough competitions.

Super Six Results 2004
Eighty Six wrestlers made the trip to Niagara Falls to Compete at the annual Super Six Tournament. This over-night event brings the club together as a group and sets the tone for the rest of 2004's success. The club dominated the tournament with some great results,including many top place winners amoung the club's new members.
Schoolboy Freestyle:
110 1 Dan Smith, 2 Matt Letcher, 3 Ryan Wile
120 1 Cody Frost 3 Brian Brodfuerher, 4 Matt Pellenz
Cadet Freestyle:
105 3 Kieth Dement 4Sam Quakenbush 5Kyle Fritz 6Jon Carhart
112 4 Mike Bolt 5Ryan Fuerno 6John DeTaglia
119 1 Kevin Smith 2 Kyle Brisson 3Mike Smith
125 2 Winky Shepard 5 Joe Wheeler
135 3 Will Brodfueher 4Tom DePaut 5Matt Palmer
140 1 Matt DeMichael 3Justin Waterman 5Scott Rutledge
145 1 Kieth Lobdell 2Josh Brazell 4Mike Rice 5Robert Hopkins
152 1 Corey Mantell 2 Kyle Chase 3Tom Zumpano 4Seth Teeter 5Josh Heyden
160 2 Marc Giardino 4Logan Petrie 5Mark Adams
171 1Justin Jones 2Jeff Lashamb

Junior Freestyle:
105 1 George Burkinshaw, 2 Kevin Klee
112 4 George Burkinshaw
119 1 Andre Young, 3 Matt Cosgrove, 4 Justin Chase
125 2 Allan Boice, 3 Steve Wile, 4 Tyler Grinnell
130 2 Chris Murtaugh
135 5 dustin Jones, 6 Chris murtaugh
140 2 Mike Karam, 4 Barkeen Spencer, 5 James Goff
145 1 Brandon Heffernon, 6 Carlos Cruz
152 1 Trevor Torres, 3 Greg McGee, 4 Kyle Matusczak, 5 Jose Cruz, 6 Dave Sims
160 2 Jim Weber, 5 Doug Laribee
171 5 Mitch Woodall
189 1 Travis Chase, 5 Rob Northrup
215 1 Eric Jones, 5 Andrew Clark, 6 Jason Mowers
275 4 Brad Wells, 6 Tim Green
Open Freestyle:
127.6 1 Allan Boice
138.6 1 Joel Ahern
152   3 Larry Wright
167   1 Andy Boice
215   1 Todd Luther
Schoolboy Greco;
105 Kurt Whetmore
110 1 Dan Smith, 2 Matt Letcher
120 1 Cody frost 3Brian Brodfueher 4 Matt Pellenz
Cadet Greco:
105 1Jeff Hathaway 2 John Carhart 3Sam Quakenbush 4Kyle Fritz 6Jim Bates
112 2Ryan Fureno 3Mike Bott 4John Tartaglia 5Ryan Wile
119 2Kyle Brisson 3 Mike Smith
125 1Winky Shepard 4Brandon Rudy 5Mike Letcher 6Robert Best
135 1 Will Brodfueher 2 Matt Palmer
140 1Matt Demichael
145 1Keith Lobdell 2Josh Brazell 3Scott Rutledge
152 1Kyle Chase 2Josh Hayden 3Seth Teeter
160 1Marc Giardino 3Corey Mantell
189 1Jeff Lashomb 2Justin Jones
Junior Greco
105 1Kevin Klee
112 1Ryan Fureno
119 1Aundre Young 2 Tyler Grinnell 3 Matt Cosgrove
125 1 Steve Wile 2 Allan Boice
130 1 Anwar Goeres 3 Chris Murtaugh
135 2 Dustin Jones 3 B.K. Spencer
140 2 Michael Karam 3 James Goff
145 1 Jose Cruz 3 Brandon Heffernan 4 Carlos Cruz 6 Anthony Pernisi
152 1 Greg McGee 3 Trevor Torres 4 Jason Scarlata
160 1 Doug Laribee 2 Jim Weber
171 2 Kyle Lapan 3 Tony Pisano 4 Mitch Woodall 5 Mark Adams
189 2 Travis Chase 3 Rob Northrup 5 Brandon Perrault
215 1 Eric Jones 2 Chad Hayden
275 5 Jim Green

167   1 Andy Boice






MVWC wins New Jersey Duals
In Manalapan New Jersry on Saturday, April 5, 17 wrestlers from the club wrestled against the top freestyle clubs in New Jersey. Most of the Jersey wrestlers competing, made up the New Jersey National Cadet an Junior team that traveled to Fargo last year. There were a number of excellant individual matchs during the day. As a team the Mohawk Valley wrestlers beat every Jersey team. Finishing second was the Eclipse team, with the Shore Thing team taking third. Also competing were Team Gutwrench, the Seagull team and the Matrats. Individual results are as follows:
      wrestler       wins   forfit wins   loses
   Kyle Brisson       4                      1
   Mike Smith          1          1          1
   Tyler Grinnel       -          -          3
   Allan Boice         4          -          1
   Paul Leblanc       3          -          1
   Jim Weber          4          -          0      
   Clayton Walsh       2          -          1
   Don Cummings       3          -          0   
   Darrick Smith       3          -          0
   Marty Barletta      1          -          1
   Derrick Smith       4          -          0
   Doug Laribee       -          1          2
   Kyle Lapan          1          -          2
   Eric Jones          1          2          2
   Bob Gentile         2          3          0
   Travis Chase       2          3          0
   Chad Hayden         1          2          2

N. Y. Junior-Cadet Results May2,3,4, 2003
About 35 wrestlers from the club traveled to Binghamton for the annual State championships. The tourney which was the best run event in many years featured all the best high school wrestlers in the state. There were some great matches, some featuring Mohawk Valley members. The 3 day tournament feature both Freestyle and Greco-Roman Styles; many of the Club wrestlers wrestled both.
Junior Freestyle:
   First Allan Boice(125), Travis Chase(189)
   fourth Paul LeBlanc
   Fifth Jim Weber, Bob Gentile
   Sixth Don Cummings, Joel Ahern, Jeff Shantill,
Cadet Freestyle:
   First Chad Hayden(275)
   Second Kyle Brisson(105), Kevin Smith(112), Matt DeMichael(119),   
          John Perez(130)
   Fifth Jose Cruz
   Sixth Tony Pisano
Junior Greco:
   First Don Cummings(140)
   Second Brandon Heffernon(140)
   Third Allan Boice(125), Trevor LeBlanc(171), Travis Chase(189)
   Fourth Bob Gentile
   Fifth Rob Northrup
   Sixth Mike Karam, Doug Laribee
Cadet Greco:
   First Chad Hayden(275)
   Second Jose Cruz(140)
   Third Pet Napolitano(152)
   Fourth Kieth Lobdell
   Fifth Tony Pisano
   Sixth Mike Smith, John Perez, Carlos Cruz

New York State Kids Tournament
On May 10-11 about 240 freestyle wrestlers and 100 Greco wrestlers from throughout New York gathersd in Verona for the Kids (8-14) and Girls state championships. The tournament was hosted by the Mohawk Valley Club. Our Club only was represented by 12 young wrestlers and 3 girls. Although we were few in numbers, the results were good. Schoolboy wrestlers Winky Shepard and Marc Giordano led the local wrestlers by winning both freestyle and greco. Both these wrestlers are considering going opn to the National tournament in June.
The Girls Championship was small in numbers, but good in quality. Jessica Pierce and Anna Cummings finished first, with Jill Pierce taking second. Both Jessica and Jill plan to continue competition this year with a trip to the Nationals in Fargo. Anna joins brother Don as a state Champion; which is a first for the Mohawk Valley Club.
Freestyle First Winky Shepard, Marc Giordano, Jessica Pierce, Anna Cummings
          Second: Tom Zumpano, Jill Pierce
          Third: Chris Cruz
          Sixth: Jermiah Bennet
Greco    First: Winky Shepard, Chris Cruz Marc Giordano
          Sixth: Dan Smith

Sunday, June 1
The Club Cup Returns
On Saturday May 31, eight teams competed for the New York State Club Cup. This frestyle team competition, crowns the top club in the state for the 16th year. This year the Mohawk Valley Club reclaimed the Cup for the 11th time. The club fielded both an A team and a B team for the competition. The A team beat Fulton 54-5, Rockland WC 55-5 and Genesee Valley 51-8 to win it's Pool. In the Finals, Mohawk Valley A beat Gold Force WC 47-12 for the overall championships. Of a total of 60 individual matches wrestled, the team won 55,only losing 5 individual matches. Undeafeated for the A team were: Kyle Brisson, Tyler Grinnell, Kevin Smith, Jay Nicholas, Ryan Gadsby, Paul LeBlanc, Marty Barletta, Darrick Smith, Trevor Leblanc, Travis Chase, and Todd Luther.
The Mohawk Valley B team also had a good day, finishin 5th in the competition. They lost to Shamrock 38-12, lost to Gold Force 34-26, beat TNT WC 37-19, as they improved with each match during the day. In the 5th place match the B team beat Fulton 37-18, for a successfull conclusion. Undefeated for the team were, Brandon Heffernon and Winky Shephard.
The results speak well for the future MVWC teams. f all the wrestlers who competed over the weekend there was only one graduating senior on the clubs team.
                Final Results
First Mohawk Valley A 47 - Gold Force 12
Third Shamrock         29 - Genesee Valley 29 ( shamrock by Criteria)
Fifth Mohawk Valley B 37 - Fulton    18
7th    TNT (Albany)    41 - Rockland   19

Monday, October 27
Concordia Resilts
Eight wrestlers from the club traveled to Montreal for the annual Concordia University Invitational. This is the first Canadian University aged tournament of the season. Normally the club has done well, with a mixture of college and high school wrestlers. In past years the Mohawk wrestlers have won the tournament several times.
This years event had a good turnout in numbers and a very good turnout of high quality wrestlers. Five of the club's wrestlers placed with Clayton Walsh having the highest finish with a Bronze medal. Jim Weber and Leon Henrey finished fourth, with Chris DiMichael in fifth. Frank Petrucci was undefeated with 2 wins but due to an injury, was unable to continue and was placed sixth. Also with the team ,but noy placing were: Marty Barletta, Rob Northrup, and Bob Gentile.
The club will now be into a period of inactivity, untill March, while the High School and University Folkstyle seasons take place.

Monday, July 28
Empire State Games Results 2003
The Central Region continued their stong performances at the Empire Games, held this year in Buffalo. The team won both Greco-Roman Open and Scholastic divisions. In freestyle the Open division won a second team title, with the Scholastic team finishing Third, 6 points behind first place Western. The majority of this years team was made up of MVWC members. Most Club members placed.
Greco Roman Scholastic:
GOLD: Allan Boice(123), Jay Nicholas(132), Marty Barletta(154), Trevor LeBlanc(165)
SILVER: Tyler Grinnell(106), Jim Weber(143), Travis Chase(192)
BRONZE: Paul LeBlanc(143)
OTHERS: Steve Wile(5th), Ryan Gadsby(5th), Chad Hayden(5th)
Greco Roman Open:
GOLD: Chris Horning(167)
SILVER: Corey Farnham(119), Dave Clarke(152), Andy Boice(167),
BRONZE: Jim Pennisse(275)
OTHERS: Pat Smith(4th), John Tinker(5th)
Freestyle Scholastic:
GOLD: Allan Boice(123), Ryan Gadsby(132),
SILVER: Steve Wile(115),
BRONZE: Kyle Brisson(106), Derrick Smith(143), Zane Wooten(178), Travis Chase(192)
OTHERS: Mike Smith(4th), Paul Leblanc(4th), Eric Jones(6th), Chad Hayden(6th)
Freestyle Open:
GOLD: Chris Horning(167)
SILVER: Corey Farnham(119), Andy Boice(167)
OTHERS: Clayton Walsh(4th), Rich D'Amico(4th),Chris Cowen(4th)

Tuesday, July 2
Canada Cup 2013

The MVWC wrestlers, traveling to Guelph for the annual Canada Cup, rocked the event with 4 champions .  This is the most champs the club has ever had in a year at this prestigious event.  The Canada cup drew over 180 wrestlers in both boys an girls divisions which features Canada's best high school wrestlers as well as USA wrestlers from New York, New England, Michigan and Ohio.

Gold medalists at the tournament included  Ian McKenna at 42k, Kelen McKenna at 46k,  Jacob Woolson at 76k and Brad Lucas at 130k.      Third place was earned by Matt Fisher st 76k.  Fourth went to Jerrett Norton at 76k and Elijah Sambo at 100k.   Fifth place finishers were: Joey Barber at 50k and Katherine Sumner at 46k.  Sixth place went to Deandre Norman,  Sean McKenna, and Alex Moss.

For Complete results go to the Canada Amatuer Wrestling site(on MVWC Links page) and go to Canada Cup results.

The Next event for MVWC wrestlers will be the Fargo USA Nationals in July, with Jacob Woolson, Ben Honis and Ryan Snow representing the Club.  Coach Mike Letcher will be on the staff at Fargo.   That event will be followed by the NYS Fair Challange on August 24-25.

Wednesday, May 15
NYS Cadet-Junior Championships 2013

22 wrestlers competed in Binghamton on may10-12 for the State championships and the right to go on to Fargo ND for th National championships in July.   Both Greco and Freestyle are contested in both age groups.   The MVWC wrestlers although small in numbers, did well winning matches and placing as a team in both groups.   Most wrestlers won matches during the thee day event.   Placings:

Cadet Greco

GOLD:  Jacob Woolson (170),  Hoah Handy (120)  BRONZE:  David Ciciarelli (88), Elijah Sampo(220), Victor Palmer Ortiz(285),    SIXTH: Jason Colon (145), Bryce Cippilone (132)

Cadet Freestyle

GOLD: Jacob Woolson (170),   BRONZE:  Elijah Sampo (220),  FIFTH Victor Palmer Ortiz (285)

Junior Greco

SIXTH:  Alex Moss (182),  Ray Konvicka(126)

Junior Freestyle:

GOLD:  Joe Nasoni (220),  Brad Lucas (285),  BRONZE:  Sean McKenna (145), FOURTH Matt Fisher (160)

Monday, February 18
Turkey 2013

Eleven wrestlers and five club adults will travel to Izmir Turkey on Easter break for some Great wrestling, and a rewarding interaction with fellow Turkish wrestlers.   The team will be based at the prestigous  Yamanlar Private High School, in Izmir.   They will travel from there to several wrestling competitions and training sessions.   In Turkey wrestling is the country's National sport, so our MVWC wrestlers will experience large enthsiastic crowds where they compete.  The Team will also be treated as honored guests wherever they travel.

In addition to the wrestling the team will experience a country that is truly the cradle of civilization.  They will stand in the fortress remains of Alexander's citadel in Izmir.   Walk on streets that were used by Mark Anthony,  sit in an arena where Paul the apostle spoke to thousands,  see the remains of several of the ancient "Wonders of the World".   It is a memorable experience.

THE TEAM:  Alex Herringshaw,  Antonio Deluco,  Kasey Proper, Sean McKenna , Jerret Norton, Matt Fisher,  Tavis Reid, Alex Moss,  Ben Honis, Wyatt Morris, Brad Lucas.    Coaches: Eric Rose, Jim Collett.

Wednesday, October 10
Puerto Rico Copa Sparta Results 2012

Thuis years Copa Sparta tournament moved to San Juan as part of a special Celebration of Puerto Rico's first wrestling medal at the Olympics, a silver.  The entire PR Olympic team from 2012 London were in attendence along with many past Puerto Rican Olympians.  The tournament drew many wrestlers from the host nation as well as a number of USA teams and several Canadian teams.   Mohawk Valley WC's team was young (only 1 wrestler had ever travelled on an international trip), but stepped up and wrestled well. placing second at Cadet and third in the Schoolboy div. 

The wrestlers were housed along with the other international teams at the Olympic training center in Salinas.  It was a 45min  drive between the wrestling venue and the Olympic training center.   Both Friday and Saturday were long days of competition.  On Sunday the team travelled to SanJuan staying in a Hotel and had the opportunity to tour the Old City and swim at the Condado beach with big waves.  The trip ended Monday with a Early trip to the rain forest with a swim at La Mina falls, before boarding the plane.

Results Friday October 5 :

Novice division:   Gold  Antonio Cutrie

Schoolboy Division:  Silver  Noah Handy,  Silver Ray Sorensen, Silver Antonio Cutrie,   Bronze Joe Barber,  Bronze  Jerret Norton, 

Junior Division:   Bronze David Griglock

Results Saturday October 6

Cadet Division:  Gold Noah Handy,  Gold Matt Fisher,  Gold Spencer Norton,   Silver Joe Barber,  Silver Jerret Norton,  Bronze Ray Sorensen

The remaining team members wrestled well with most winning seveal matches.   Alex Ballinger(1-2), Jaimyson Burns (0-2), Shyhien Greene(1-2), Matt Lauro(1-4), Arik Prichard(3-3), Adam Travis(0-2),  


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