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  International Archives  

Tuesday, July 5
MVWC Third at Canada Cup 2011

Canada Cup is one of Canada's premeir events.  It is held at the beginning of their National Teams training camp.  All their National Team members participate from the Cadet, Junior and Senior divisions, as well as many of Canada's top wrestlers aspiring to be on the National Team.  The Tournament is also one of the few FILA recognized events held in North America, which draws other international teams.

This year 10 wrestlers from the MVWC competed and placed third.   Team Canada(National Team) placed first and Team Ontario( the top wrestlers in Ontario not on the National team),was second   MVWC was the highest finishing Club team.

Wesley Blanding at 63kg lead the MVWC with a Gold Medal performance, beating Canada's National team member, who didn't score a single point against him.  Cody Carbery placed second at 46kg.   Placing third was Anthony Finocchairo 63kg, and Aaron Prichard 69kg.  Fourth place finishers were Jon Crast 58kg, Sam Farfaglia 76kg and Pat Nasoni 85kg.  Connor Russ, Dan Smith, Alex Moss all competed and won matches.  Overall the MVWC wrestlers tabulated 26 wins and 15 losses.

Most of the Canada Cup wrestlers, as well as aditional MVWC wrestlers, will be in action  again on August 27-28 at the NYS Fair.

Wednesday, April 27
MVWC returns from Netherlands 2011

Eight days, three training sessions, two days of competition and lots of sights, made for a successfull trip to the Netherlands in April.  The team left on April 18 with an overnight flight to Amsterdam.  Upon arrival it was by train and tram to the Youth Hostel in Amsterdam.   Although tired after the flight, they briefly oriented themselves with the city, how to use the tram system and avoid the bicycles.  Tuesday also had a training session ar Bert Kops Gym, were they were surprised, when Jouni Rosenlof showed up for the training session.  Jouni, a member of the Finish National Team and an Olympic contender, spent time with MVWC in the early 2000's.   Wednesday had the group involved in an ART APPRECIATION DAY with visits to the Rijksmueseum and th Van Gogh mueseum.  They trained again at Bert's Gym in the late afternoon.   On Wednesday night the team made a trip to the Center of Amsterdam and toured the area around the Old Church.  On the last day in Amsterdam the wrestlers visited the Anne Frank House,  the Royal Palace and concluded with a training session at Kops Gym. Everyone was on weight.

Friday was weigh-ins in Utrecht and a quick tour of the city with a climb up the tower.

On Saturday at the tournament, The MVWC wrestlers started with a fairly strong 2 rounds.  However as the tournament advanced wrestling became tougher.  In the end on Sunday the Club had 2 silver medalists:  Zack Zupan and Cody Carbery.   Mike Vreeland finished 5th, with Kasey Proper and Lon Palmer placing 6th.   Others winning matches included: Tyler Hegglelke, Connor Russ, Anthony Finocchairo, Matt Fisher and Wes Blanding.   Just under 600 wrestlers competed with 18 countries represented.   The tournament claims that for its 40 year history virtually every European Champion and European Olympic place winner has participated at the Utrecht Easter Tournament.  This event by far is the toughest Tournament MVWC participates in.

The team had the opportunity to interact with many wrestlers from many countries.  They made friends  and traded with the Italian team.  Four friends from Holzgerlingen visited the event.  We roomed with the Mexican National Team for 3 days, and beat them in a game of Football.  On the last night the MVWC was the only team invited to the small after tournament party with our hosts from De Halter, at their club house.

After a gruelling flight home with unbelievable delays from Newark to Syracuse the team arrived back at about 11:30 pm on Monday April 25 

Tuesday, July 6
Canada Cup 2010

Seven senior wrestlers as well as 4 high school wrestlers traveled to Guelph, Ontario for the annual Canada Cup International wrestling tournament.  This prestigious event had most of the members of all the Canadian National Teams competing.  They were joined by the Korean National team, the Puerto Rican National team and a number of USA wrestlers from the northeast and Hawaii.  The USA womens cadet National team also competed.

The competition is always top notch.  The MVWC senior team included  Ryan LeBlanc who was 4-2, along with Dustin Moss, Zeke Thompson, Alex Meyers and Cortland St. wrestlers Sean Kemph, John Conroy, and Carl Korbi. 

The high School Team wrestled Sunday July 4.  The team, of four, was the smallest group MVWC has ever taken to Canada Cup.   Wesley Blanding took the silver medal, barely losing to the Canadian National Champion in the finals.  Alex Moss took Bronze.  Conner Russ placed 4th, with a 2-2 record.   Cody Carbery was also placed 4th.  These four wrestlers along with about 25 additional club wrestlers will compete next at the Empire State Games in Buffalo.


Sunday, October 11
MVWC Defends Cadet Title in Puerto Rico

On Saturday October 10,  in Salinas Purto Rico with 21 wreestlers the Club defended a title they have held for the past several years in the prestigious Cadet(high school ) division.  This was the largest division and has traditionally been the most competitive.  MVWC was first, Carolina(Puerto Rico) second and North Carolina third.  MVWC had 3 individual firsts, 4 seconds and 2 thirds.  Most wrestlers won at least a match or several, which added to the team title.  This years team was young and only included 3 seniors.  However the younger wrestlers pulled together for a good performances, to overcome some surprising loses in several divisions.

Gold:  Cody Carbery,  Dylan Kavanaugh, Brian Ervin

Silver Barney Prince, Brandon Delmonte, Lon Palmer, Greg Williams

Bronze:  Ian Colican,  Aaron Prichard

On Friday the Schoolboy division was contested. This is for those born 94-95.  The Club was second to Carolina  PR. 

Gold;  Anthony Finocchairo, Brian Irvin    Silver:  Matt Fisher      Bronze: John Regan  4Th  Alex Potts, Alex Moss.

The Club was also represented by Jeremy Brodfuehrer in the Junior division (18-20).  He finished fourth.

Monday, July 6
Canada Cup 2009

Seven wrestlers from the Club  traveled to Guelph on July 4-5 to compete in the prestigious Canada Cup.  This is a FILA recognized international event on the World Wrestling Calender.  In the Senior division a number of Olympians were in the competition, including the entire USA womens National team with Gold Medalist, Clarrisa Chun.

The club has entered a high school team to represent Central New York consisting of Brandon Delmonte, Ian Coolican, Wesley Blanding, Dustin Moss, Sean Hennigan, Matt Rees and Alex Meyers.  In this years tournament, they competed against the Best in Canada, as well as another USA team representing New England and the Korean National Junior team.

The Club was lead by Dustin Moss who took the Silver Medal in th 76k class, losing to one of Canadas top wrestlers from Alberta.  Alex Meyers placed third with a Bronze Medal in the 85k class.  Sean Hennigan place fourth,  Brandon Delmonte was 5th along with Matt Rees at 5th.  Delmonte in the semis lost a compettive match with the current FILA Cadet World Champion.  Coolican and Blanding did not place.  The competition was on a very high level, with the local MVWC wrestleras representing Central New York well, with an overall good performance.

Wednesday, April 22
Turkey 2009

The very tired members of the Club returned from Turkey on Monday night at Midnight.  The trip overall was a great success.  The team wrestled in competition 2 times, while practicing daily during the 10 day trip.   The wrestlers had the opportunity to learn technique from some of Turkey's top coaches, including a former World Champion.  They also had the opportunity to see some truly amazing sites while visiting 5 cities.

Culturally, there are few countries that can rival Turkey.  The country is a cradle of our civilization and the team were able to experiance that history.  The team began the stay in Milas, an ancient city in the mountains which has a strong wrestling history. It is not a great tourist destination so the wrestlers had achance to experiance "real Turkey".  They traveled to some small villages in the mountains where the were more donkies and horses used than autos.  Based in Milas for 3 nights the team also trvelled to the resort city of Bodrum, where they visited a Crusader Castle/Mueseum.  After wrestling a match in Milas on Monday the team left Tuesday for The great site of Ephesus.   Ephesus is one of the worlds most renowned acheological sites.  It was a high point for the trip.  The city is in ruins, but the ruins are magnificent.  While in Ephesus, the team also had a truly moving experience with a visit to Mary's last home, in the mountains out side the ancient city. 

The team arrived in Izmir and Yamanlar school on Tueday night and would stay at the school for the remainder of the trip.  Day trips were made to the bazaar in Izmir, where the team played "let's make a deal" while shopping.  On Thursday they traveled to Manisa, where they visited an old mosque and briefly walked around the City before practice.  Friday was competition day.  The last full day for the team inTurkey, had the group at the Agean sea in the City of Cezme, where the wrestlers swam in Agean.  On Sunday MVWC sadly left Turkey where many friendships had been made both in Milas and Izmir.  The trip concluded with an overnight in Munich, Germany and a brief trip to the City center on Monday.

The Wrestling was outstanding with all the Turkish wrestlers and our fellow visitors from South Africa.  The opening competition was in Milas on Monday.  The Turkish team was made up of regional wrestlers from the area, many of whom had just returned from the Turkish Nationals.  The mvwc wrestlers prevailed winning 9 matches and losing 6.  The wrestling was exciting with an overflow crowd in the sports hall.  The crowd took the matches very seriously, making noice that some times was deafening.  The last weekend had the toughest competition.  Many wrestlers from the Turkish Junior-Cadet National made the trip to Izmir to take on the Americans.  The Turks were determined not to lose. The final tally for the exciting match was Turkry 10 MVWC 5. Most of the matches though were close, several MVWC lost and won decisions in the last few seconds.  After wrestling Turkey the team took on the South African team.  MVWC prevailed  9-2.   The teams Captain Ryan LeBlanc also led the team on the mat.  During the week he beat the National champion of both Turkey and South Africa.      Individual records will follow.

Tuesday, October 14
Copa Sparta Results 2008

On October 10-11 eighteen wrestlers from the Club competed at the Copa Sparta Tournament, in Salinas Puerto Rico at the Olympic Training Center.  The MVWC wrestlers won both the Cadet and Schoolboy divisions.  Points are awarded for each entry and then each win as well as additional points for placing.

In the Schoolboy division, 6 wrestlers entered.  Anthony Finocchairo took silver, with Dylan Kavanaugh and Mike Sardo taking Bronze.  Ian Coolican finished 4th.  Also competing at the Schoolboy level was John Regan and Wesley Blanding, who both contributed points.  The Schoolboy division is the International divisio for those born in 1993-94.

The High School division is the FILA Cadets born 1991-92 and is wrestled on Saturday with the Open division, Both are the tournaments markee events.  The Club was able to add the Schoolboys, if they were on a high school team to the division.  Therefore everyone wrestled on Saturday.  Winning Gold was Dylan Kavanaugh.  Taking Silver were Anthony Finocchairo and Pat Cost.  Claiming Bronze were :  Mike Sardo, Stefano Iodice, and Greg Williams.  Placing fourth were:  Brandon Delmonte, Wesley Blanding, Kurt Chappell, and Troy Benjamin.  Many of the points scored by the MVWC wrestlers were by wrestling back in the consolation rounds, as many of the Club wrestlers had first round loses against tough draws.

In the Junior Diuvision for 1989-90 the club entered John Carver and Dan Hicks.  John Carver took the silver medal with a loss in the finals to a division 1 college sophmore.

Results:   Dylan Kavanaugh 4-1, Ian Coolican 3-4, Mike Sardo 4-2, Brandon Delmonte 2-2, Anthony Finocchairo 5-2, John Regan 2-4, Jason Heggleke 0-1 injured, Wesley Blanding 3-4, Pat Cost 2-1, Tyler Sirota 0-2, Stefano Iodice 4-1, Sean Hennigan 0-2, Kurt Chappel 2-2, Greg Williams 3-1, Troy Benjamin 2-2, Andrew Giromini 1-2,      Dan Hicks 2-2, John Carver 2-1   Coaches  Tom McGee, Terry Kavanaugh,  Dan Minton    Statistics Mike Ferguson.     Referees:  Rick Spicer, John Ahern

Wednesday, October 10

On October 5-6, 17 members of the Club competed in the Puerto Rican tournament, held at The Olympic training center. On Friday in the School boy division the younger wrestlers earned a second place finish in the Schoolboy division.  Saturday the major competition was held , with MVWC winning the largest FILA Cadet division, with Canada second and Club Sparta of Puerto Rico third.  There were several other USA teams in this division as well as numerous Puerto Rican teams.  The FILA Cadet division includes all wrestlers who compete at High School ages.

In the Schoolboy division Greg Williams won a Gold Medal.  Winning Silver medals were Anthony Finnochairo and Jeff Evanciew.

Todd Hagger led the Cadet division wrestlers with a Gold medal in the largest weight class in the tournament.  Taking Silver medals were  Anthony Finnochairo, Zeke Thompson, and Greg Williams.  Bronze medals were won by Mike Miranda, Pat Cost, Dave Minney,Kevin Ritch, amdSean Hennigan.  Most of the other Cadet wrestlers had wins which contributed to the team score.  They included: Talon Sotherdon,Alex Petroff, Stefano Iodice, Carlos Santiago, Aaron Wilkinson, and Matt Pellenz.   Chris Snow took Bronze in the Junior(18-20) division for College aged wrestlers.   Danny Minton contributed greatly to the teams efforts as an athlete-coach.

The team also had the opportunity to enjoy some beaches and see some great sites on the Island during their brief stay.

Now preparation begins for the next International trip to Germany in April 2008.

Monday, April 16
After a gruelling flight back from Amsterdam, which included a bus ride back from Philadelphia on Thursday, the team is back in the USA. The 18 wrestlers had mixed results in one of Euopes toughest Greco Tournaments,which included 16 countries. Dustin Moss turned in the best performance of the group with a strong third place finish. he was 3-1 for the tournament. Zeke Thompson place second in a small weight class, with Kyle Hutchinson placing 5th with a 3-2 record. Most wrestlers on the team won atleast a match. Mick Letcher was 2-2, Ryan LeBlanc 2-2, Branden Olsen 1-2, Matt DeMichael 2-2, Jose Cruz 1-2, Brett Adams 1-2, Jesse Marshall 1-2, and Nick Sullivan 1-2. Wrestling two matches witout winning were Matt Letcher, Brian Brodfuerher, Kurt Whittemore, Matt Pellenz, Lucas Wonderly, and Mitch Berry.
While at the Utrecht tournament, the team stayed with our friends from Hlzgerlingen, Germany. They also had the opportunity to tour the city of Utrecht and visit a Castle in Harr.
At the conclusion of the tournament, the group traveled to Amsterdam for a three day stay. While there, they visited the Rijksmueseum, the Van Gough mueseum and teh Ann Frank house. There was also time for shopping and enjoying the other cultural and interesting parts of this unique city.
The Netherlands team along with the rest of the MVWC will now be preparing for the NYS Freestyle and Greco championships in May.

Tuesday, April 3
Team leaves for Netherlands on April 5 2007
Eighteen wrestlers depart for the Utrecht tournament on Wednesday. This tournament Europe's largest youth tournament will be held on April 7-8. This year the event will be televised live on the Internet. You can go to MVWC Links and click up UKV de Halter for the connection.
There were several changes made to the team since it was selected. Dustin Moss will replace Kevin Smith on the roster. Coach Tom McGee is also being replaced by Mike Letcher. Overall the group looks solid, with all the wrestlers having extensive experience with Greco -Roman wrestling. Four years ago The MVWC had 5 finalists at this event. This years team hopefully will be up to the challenge to duplicate those results.
We will try to report results as soon as we are able to gain access to a computer.
Some of the wrestlers on the Netherlands trip will be joined by others who will be training with Coach LeBlanc, to travel to the Canadian Nationals on April 14-15, in Whitby, Ontario.

Sunday, October 8
Results from Copa Sparta 2006
Sixteen MVWC wrestlers competed in Coamo On Friday and Saturday at the annual Copa Sparta tournament. The team was young with most of the wrestlers having limited experiance in wrestling outside the USA. They were justly led by the youngest in the group who competed in both Schoolboy and Cadet divisions. Freshman Dustin turned in the best results for the team. He was the Gold medalist in Schoolboy and finished fourth in Cadet. Several competing coaches said he ahd the best Headlock, of the competitors, at the event. Dave Minney finished third in his schoolboy division, with Josh Evanciew taking fourth. FILA Schoolboy has differant age requirments than Schoolboy in the USA.
In the Cadet division which is maninly the High School division, Zack Biesada turned in the best performance with a Silver medal. Zack actually lost 6pounds the day of weigh-ins tomake his weight class in the 90 degree Puerto Rican heat. He was joined by Vern Thompson with a silver medal. Scott Rutledge, who served as team captain, took a Bronze medal at his class. Nick Sullivan als took a Bronze at heavyweight. Finishing fourth were Dustin Moss and Matt Pellenz.
Those not placing included Kurt Whittemore(1-2), Jim Bates(1-1), Nate Sullivan, Terry Creamer, Kevin Ritch, Bryce Tallini, Manny Nieves, and Aaron Southerdon.
Team results: Schoolboy: Sparta PR first, Mohawk Valley second, and Massachusets third. Cadet Orchard New Jersey first, Massachusets second, Mohawk Valley third. This was the first time in several years that the MVWC has not won the Cadet division.
On Sunday the team will tour Old San Juan and swim at Isle Verde beach. Monday they will visit the rain forest, go to another beach and return home to Syracuse at 11:15 pm.

Monday, April 16
Club finishes up Competition at Beijing Sports University 2006
Many of the wrestlers put up a competitive showing. Most of the team wrestled two matches today.
Kyle Brisson   started off with a 5-5/1-1/3-6 lose winning the second period on criteria. His second bout went 0-3/06
KEVIN SMITH went 7-1/7-0 for a win in the first bout and 0-2/2-5 in the second.
Matt Cosgrove went 0-6/0-6 in the first and 4-4/0-2 in the second.
Mike Smith went 1-2 / and LBF in a bout were he wrestled well in the first period.
His second bout was 2-4/LBF
MICK LETCHER won his first.His second bout went 0-6/2-8
Matt Pellenz was 0-6/0-7 in the first and wrestled well in the second but lost.
Bob Best wrestled well but lost 1-2/3-4 in the first and 0-7/0-6 in the second match.
Carlos Cruz wrestled well but lost 8-1/1-3/2-4 and LBF.
Branden Olsen, after winning Thursday, met their best guys and lost both.
Aaron Southerden lost 0-6/0-7.
Rob Hopkins, wrestling up, lost both.
Will Brodfuehrer lost both.
Matt DeMicheal lost 0-6/2-3 and 0-2/1-3.
JOSE CRUZ lost 0-7/2-8 and won 5-3/6-0.
Kyle Chase lost 2-4/1/8 and lost his second match.
MARK ADAMS WBF in a short match.
Kyle Hutchinson went 0-7/1-1/0-2
MARQUES JAQUIN won 1-3/5-3/6-3

    We will try to have copies of the tape and a CD of photoes next week at practice. Any of the boys that have a disc burned of their pictures and want to have them included on the disc for others, please bring it to practice Thursday.
            Boys have been great and parents and sponsors would be proud of their behavior. They have been timely for meetings and interested in the sites and history of Beijing. This will be our last report, Sorry about not being able to provide pictures on hotel computer(Screen is in Chinese and software didn't mesh.) Most of this had to be fit in when hotel computer was available and our schedule allowed.
Sincerely, Mr. G.

Thursday, April 13
Bejing Practice
   It's our first practice at the Beijing Sports University. It ranks among the top practice facilities we have used. FILA Jrs. are up to 21 years old. Our hosts were ready for us with members of their A, B, & C teams. After a light 2 hour practice a spirited rope climbing exhibition was put on by our hosts. The Chinese are trying to put on a good showing for FILA prior to the Olympics. The Number 2 official in international wrestling was on site to inspect them and check on the progress as 2008 approaches. Beijing is a city with construction everywhere. The Hutongs (Low income housing)are being dozed under, as highrises go up. Much has changed since our last visit.
    The weather has cleared and the boys are wearing shorts. It has warmed up quite a bit. Free time was scheduled and most of the club wandered back to the silk market in search of bargains and lunch.
   The boys "dressed up" for dinner of "Peking Duck". It was proceeded by a trip to see Chinese acrobats. the trip proved China has a multitude of athletes. We mingled with service families on vacation from Korea, Some Danes, and a few Irish tourists. We also have met locally employed people from California, Utah, New Hampshire, Alabama, Washington state, and Freeville, New York.
A full day was planned before the Competition Thursday. The team subwayed to the Llama Temple home of the Dali Llama and to Teininmen Square. I will try to add some pictures.

Wednesday, April 11
Mowhawk Valley Wrestling arrives in Beijing.2006
   Sorry for the delay in the report. We had a security problem with the website. We are now okay and I will try to add pictures after today's practice session.
   A 13 hour planeride out of Newark took us up the Hudson River, over Greenland and the Northpole. We arrived in the middle of Beijing's fourth sandstorm of the year. After a little delay at the airport, the team boarded a tourbus for the forty minute ride to the Gloria Plaza hotel.
   Monday evening the boys recieved a lesson on how to navigate the subway system. It is a simple loop around town. We took it to a local shopping area, were they dined and bartered their way into the night. The wrestlers chose an early 8 PM curfew and all of them were at the designated site with their shopping bargains. The staff would not let them keep the little street orphan that they found and wanted to care for.
   Tuesday's plan was to tour the Tenimien Square, Forbidden City(Palace), and Summer Palace of the Chinese Royalty. Many questions were asked of our guide, Jayson. The weather has been very overcast with much sand in the air.
   The evening was topped off by a walking tour to the "Silk Market". This is "Knockoff City" folks. A mall with hundreds of counterfit bargains. All the boy's again met at the designated time and were back at the hotel by 10:30 PM. Internet time is at a premium, as all the boys are using the hotel units.
       The wind came up last night but it calmed the sand storm. Today looks clear at ground level, but we are told the temp. has dropped to 50.
   Today started out with a trip to the Llama temple home of the Dali LLama and a trip shopping near Tienemen Square. Then it was back to the hotel to prepare for the match.
      We returned too late last night and left too early to update on match.
      In a match against the Beijing Sports University, The MVWC team put on a spirited showing. BSU athletes train seven days a week for 6 hours. In a freestyle match of 18 bouts, MVWC was able to win four. Only a few of the bouts were mis-matches that can be accreditted to the Fila Age Span up to 21 years old, or a MVWC wrestler wrestling up a class to cover a weight group.The graduating seniors got a taste of college level Wrestling. The Chinese mostly counter wrestled and took advantage of any miscues on our offense.
The winners of the bouts are in Capitals and our scores first but not in order of matches:
Kyle Brisson    5-0/0-2/0-4
KEVIN SMITH      0-5/ Win by Fall
Matt Cosgrove    0-6/2-4
Mike Smith       0-1/2-3
Mick Letcher    7-3/0-4/1/4
Bob Best         0-3/3-3 Bob wins on crit/0-2 Great Match
Matt Pellenz    0-4/0-6
BRANDEN OLSEN    4-3/4-2
Carlos Cruz      6-0/1-5/3-6
MATT DeMICHEAL   1-4/8-6/6-2
Rob Hopkins      0-6/0-6
Jose Cruz       0-4/1/7
Will Brodfuerer 0-6/0-6
Kyle Chase       0-6/2-7
Aaron Sotherden 0-6/5-5 Aaron on Crit/2-4
Markus Jaquin    0-1/0-1
MARK ADAMS       4-6/ Win by Fall
Kyle Hutchinson 0-5/2-1/0-4

    An early day started out with a trip to a government ran Jade Factory store. The boys saw craftsman form the stone into works of art. This was followed by a trip to the Ming Tombs and lunch at a resturant at the Freindship Store ran by government.
    The afternoon was topped off by the trip to the Great Wall. Four of the boys raced together to the top and all went to the end of the section at Bad-A-Ling. We returned to the hotel about seven PM and the boys are doing well

See you all soon

Sunday, October 16
Copa Sparta results 2005
A very long tournament that ended at mid-night had the club earning a victory in the FILA cadet/ high school age division. Teams from Canada, the USA and Puerto Rico competed in the gruelling 2 day event. Marc Giordano and Matt Cosgrove turned in excellant results in each wrestling 2 divisions. From New york State, Shamrock, T-N-T, and Long Island competed.
After the tournament the team travelled to San Juan, where the toured the old city and swam at famous Isle Verde beach. On monday before leaving the team journied to El Yunque rain forest, for a hike to a waterfalls in the middle of the forest. Some wrestlers even hiked further-Jose & Josh.
       Matt Letcher 2-2 Fourth place
       Kurt Whittimore 2-1
       Matt Pellenz 1-2
       Nate Sullivan 1-1
       Marc Giodano   4-1 First place/Second place
       John Carhardt 2-2 Fourth place
       Brian Swete    1-1
       Kyle McGee   1-1
       Mick Letcher 3-2 Third place
       Matt Cosgrove 5-2 Second place
       Josh Hayden   2-1
       Marc JaQuin   0-2
       Aaron Sotherden 0-2
       Kieth Chappel 1-3
       Mark Adams   0-2
       Jose Cruz   3-1 Second place
       Nick Sullivan 2-2 Third place
       Anna Cummings 1-0 First place
       Kyra Norton   Injury
The clubs administration will now go to work to put together next years Spring vacation trip,in April 2006. The club is close to committing to China. The cost will be a bit higher than normal. Plans are for 2 dual meets, and 2 training sessions(one being at the national team training center, with members of their national team). The team will be housed in a Hotel in the center of Beijing. Tours will be arranged to the Great Wall and the old Imperial City.
The club is working with a list made last spring of intrested wrestlers. However that list was made for a projected trip to Europe. Any member who did not sign-up on that list, should contact Don McGee 315-633-9362 or Bob Rose 315-451-3020, as soon as posible. The team of current juniors-seniors,with possible sophmores will be chosen soon. This will allow those on the team to have time for fund raising.

Tuesday, April 24
Last match ýn Aydýn 2005
A týred team arrýved ýn Aydýn at about noon after a 2 hour bus rýde from Denýzlý. After a lunch and quýck tour of the cýty, they settled ýnto the hotel,just before weýgh-ýns and the match. The match wýth aydýn was set upto be freestyle,wýth an exhýbýtýon wýth a team from Anatolyýa to be ýn Greco. The team for the fýrst týme wrestled ýn front of less than a packed Arena. The match started late at about 8:30.
         Wýllýam Shepard       loses decýsýon       Abdulemet Wourlý
         Kyle Brýsson          loses decýsýon       Sýnon Kýleukvara
         Derrýck Smýth         wýns pýn             Sabala Varokay
         Matt Cosgrove         loses decýsýon       Batuhan Denýcult
         Paul LeBlanc          wýns pýn             Hýckýyet Tanrýkula
         Kyle Matuzczak       loses pýn            Erkut Aslan
         Rob Hopkýns          loses pýn            Saban Karazaj
         Matt DeMýchael       wýns decýsýon       Fatýh Demýrcý
         Tony Pýsano          wýn decýsýon         Fýrat Okucular
         Kevýn Smýth          loses decýsýon       Abdulýmet Upurlý
         Kyle LaPan            loses decýsýon       Ahmet Tacyýdýz
         Jose Cruz             loses decýsýon       Oktay Kahraman
         Sam Sýrota            loses decýsýon       Mýthat Boke
         Jeff Shantal          loses decýsýon       Turpay Cýfleý
         Rob Northup          loses decýsýon       Aslan Yamýn
After a ceremony and brýef break the nýght contýnued wýth second Greco Roman matches. Kyle Lapan won an excýtýng match. Matt DeMýchael lost by ýnjury default, wýth a shoulder problem,whých should be OK on hýs return. Rob Hopkýns, Tony Pýsano, Jose Cruz, Kyle Brýsson and Kyle Matuzczak all lost decýsýons ýn Greco. Rob Northup won a hard fought match whých went to 3 clýnches. Paul LeBlanc lost hýs only match of the tour, ýn a very close match. Derrýck Smýth lost a match to the same wrestler he beat ýn Freestyle,who ýs Turkey's natýonal champýon. Wýth a good Greco effort a hurtýng Wýnky Shepard won by decýsýon. The match concluded at 11:30. A very exhausted team returned to the Hotel.
On Sunday the team saw many of Turkey,s Natýonal team wrestle ýn a fýrst league dual match. In the Afternoon they were guests at a very unýque OýlWrestlýng tournament.
The team should return Monda ýn Syracuse at about 8;00.

Saturday, April 23
Results fromDenýzlý
The fýnal team score was 32-31 ýn favor of the Turkýsh wrestlers from Denýzlý. Even thogh the MVWC wrestlers only won 6 of the 15 matches, most were by pýns or major decýsýons. Those that lost all had close and eexcýtýng matches. The score truly reflects the closeness of the match.
Telývýsýon cameras agaýn were present as thýs match as well as the fýrst was telývýsed and wýdely reported by Natýonal newspapers. All matches were wrestled ýn Freestyle.
       Kyle Brýsson         wýns by decýsýon       Zepher Boakurt
       Kevýn Smýth          wýns by Pýn            Faýtaýh Zýfteý
       Wýnky Shepard       loses decýsýon         Resýt Senej
       Matt Cosgrove       loses decýsýon         Rýdyan Aycý
       Paul LeBlanc         wýns pýn             Mastafa Oktar
       Derrýck Smýth       wýns pýn             Jasýn Tekýn
       Kyle Matuszczak      loses pýn             Amullah Salým
       Rob Hopkýns          loses decýsýon         Ramson Faýtaý
       Jose Cruz            loses decýsýon         Cesým Akgula
       Sam Sýrota          wýns decýsýon          Sonar Aytekýn
       Jeff Shantal         loses decýsýon         Azýz Auyým
       Rob Northup          loses decýsýon         Ayelem Gencer
       Matt DeMýchael       loses decýsýon       Amullah Salým
       Tony Pýsano          loses decýsýon         Ramazon Bascýl
       Kyle LaPan          wýns decýsýon          Cesým Akgula
Kyle LaPan wrestled perhaps the most excýtýng match wýt a move ýn the last 10 second towýn from behýnd.
On frýday the wrestlers had a chance to výsýt amazýng Pammukale and Hýeropolýs.
Today wrestlýng wýll contýnue ýn Ayden

Wednesday, April 20
Match ýn Manýsa
In the maýn sports hall ýn Manýsa, wýth about 2000 people watchýng ýncludýng the cýty's Mayor and provýncýal dýgnýtarýes, the MVWC wrestlers had theýr fýrst match ýn Turkey. The host put together a rathergood team ýncludýng one Natýonal champýon and several natýonal place wýnners. The event was splýt wýth Greco matches fýrst and endýng wýth Freestyle matches. A total of 20 bouts were held. Matches were closely contested wýth the new FILA rules ýn effect.
RESULTS:                   Greco Roman
       76 Kenan Cam       wýns over         Jeff Shantal
       55 Akýf Sýmsek      loses to          Kyle Brýsson
       60 Ahmet Erým       wýns over         Matt Cosgrove
       66 Fatýh Dundar    loses to          Paul LeBlanc
       66 Atakun Yuksel    wýns over         Derrýck Smýth
       69 Cem Ozdal         loses to         Rob Hopkýns
       69 Ahmet Goze       wýns over         Matt DeMýchael
       85 Kenan Cam         wýns over       Rob Northup
       60 Gokham Hancer    loses to         Matt Cosgrove
       72 Kubley Akbas      wýns over       Jose Cruz
       66 Emreh Hakýn       loses to         Derrýck Smýth
       76 Ebubekýr Kurt    wýns over       Jeff Shantal
       55 Abdulazýz Demýrtýas wýns over    Kyle Brýsson
       56 Hasan Akkas       wýns over       Kevýn Smýth
       58 Ishak Capas       wýns over       Wýnky Shepard
       66 Oskan Kurt       wýns over       Paul LeBlanc
       69 Kenan Kartal      loses to         Tony Pýsano
       71 Erhan Kacmaz      wýns over       Kyle Lapan
       75 Ebubekýr Kurt    wýns over       Sam Sýrota
       66 OzKon Kurt       wýns over       Kyle Matuszczak
To the surprýse of the coaches, the club's Greco wrestlers dýd better than those wrestlýng freestyle. Many of the freestyle matches went the full 3 perýods, wýth the MVWC wrestlers beýng outmanuevard wýth the Turkýsh wrestlers better understandýng of the new FILA rules. Tony Pýsano wrestled perhaps the best match,usýng the rules to hýs advantage.
The match was well covered by the press and televýsýon statýons.
Shoppýng, and an ýmportant practýce wýth several of Turkey's top wrestlers and coaches wýll be held thýs evenýng ýn IzMýr.

Tuesday ýn Turkey
Today, club members are attendýng classes at Ozel Sehzade Mehmet Lýsesý. the ýnteractýon betwee the club's wrestlers and the students has been great.
Many new frýend are beýng made. Over the weekend the club wrestlers went to homestays and were accepted ýn every famýly as a member. Everyone returned on Sunday evenýng wýth smýles and many storýes.
On Monday, the tourýng hýghlýght of the trýp, ýncluded the trýp to Ephesus, a výsýt to Mary's last home and a trýp to the resort town of Kusadashy. In Ephesus the wrestlers stood ýnthe great Ampatheater, walked the same streets as the the Roman emperors, and saw the ruýns of the great lýbrary. Thýs was the same sýte that Býll Clýnton ýnsýsted to see when he výsýted Turkey as presýdent. In Kusadashy, the wrestlers surprýsed, theýr Turkýsh hosts by jýumpýng ýn the Aegean Sea, even though ýt was quýte cold and wýndy.
After School, the wrestlers wýll brýefly tour Manýsa, wearýng theýr MVWC coats. The Antýcýpatýon for tonýghts match ýs hýgh. Artýcles have appeared ýn all the local Newspaers as well as some of the Natýonal papers. The match begýns at 7:00 thýs evenýng and a good crowd of spectators are expected. there wýll be 20 matches wrestled, wýth some of the MVWC wrestlers wrestlýng two týmes.

MVWC arrýves ýn Turkey 2005
On Aprýl 15, the clubs 15 wrestlers and 5 staff arrýved at 3:30 pm at Izmýr aýrport. They were welcomed and transported to Manýsa by the Club's new frýends from Ozel Sehzade Mehmet Lýsesý. The group was týred from the long trýp whých began at 6:30, the prevýous evenýng. The fýrst nýght ýn Turkey the group stayed ýn the school's dorm rooms. They were also ýntroduced to theýr fýrst Turkýsh food. The reactýons were mýxed.         
Today Saturday,a practýce was held wýth the host team. It was good that everyone to get the workout ýn even though there stýll were manytýred wrestlers.
After lunch the members of the team wýll go to the homes of some of the students from the school, for the weekend. It wýll be a great opportunýty for new frýendshýps to develop. Plans for the wrestlers for the weekend are wýde open. On Sunday evenýng they wýll return to the school, for another traýnýng sessýon.
On Monday, a change was made to the schedule. The team wýll now výsýt Ephesus and Kusadasy. Upon theýr return they wýll weýgh-ýn and have a brýef workout. The match ýn Manýsa wýll be held ýn the maýn sports hall, ýn the cýty o 250,000. In the maýn sQuare of the cýty ýs a large banner announcýng the event. It should be an excýtýng event for the team, whých ýncludes many of Central Nee Yorks best wrestlers. The competýtýon wýll be ýn both Grco and Freestyle. A specýal dýnner wýth the Mayor and cýty offýcals wýll follow.
The next artýcle should be up on Monday before the competýtýon. Keep checkýng our Websýte for further updates.

Sunday, February 6
Turkey in 2005
Arrangements have been made for a trip to Turkey in April 2005. The Club's team will be made up of about 16 wrestlers, who will travel with a staff of 6 coaches and officals. The board has carefully and diligently worked on this trip. They look for it to be completely safe and one of the clubs most unique and culturally rewarding trips ever. Correspondence with our hosts is constant,and they are involving many people in Turkey to make this trip special.

The team will leave on April 14, and fly from Syracuse to Izmir. The return flight will be on April 25. The group will be hosted by one of Turkey's most exclusive private boarding schools in Manisa, which is 25 miles east of Izmir. The team will live with fellow Turkish students from the school. While there, they will train with the school wrestling team, under guest coaches from the Turkish National team. It should be noted that Turkey is one of the World's super powers in both Greco and Freesstyle. Instruction will be excellant. Three dual meets are scheduled to be wrestled, in Manisa, Denizli and Aydin. The matches will be well attended by many fans ,as wrestling's popularity is only surpassed by soccer in Turkey.
Culturally, the western region in Turkey, where the team will be, is one of the richest in the world. Our hosts have plans to visit Ephesus, Pammulkale[Hieropolis], Izmir, and Kusadasy. The MVWC wrestlers will see the great ruins of Ephesus, the home of Mary, the Natural wonder at Pammulkale, and Aegean beaches and resorts along with many other unique and world renouned sights.
The trip was open to any current member of the club, who is in grade 10-12. Previous club activity was a factor in determining the team. The cost of the trip will be $1000.00, which each member of the team, including the staff, must raise.
The Team selected represent some of the best wrestlers in section 3. Many of the members have been and/or will be sectional champions. Many are also State medalists at both the USA-NY freestyle-greco championships and the Empire State Games. The team consists of:
    Kevin Smith          Kyle Brisson          Matt Cosgrove
    Jose Cruz            Paul LeBlanc          Derrick Smith
    Tony Pisano          Matt DeMichael       Kyle Matuszczak
    Rob Hopkins          Jeff Shantal         
    Kyle Lapan          Sam Sirota            Rob Northup
    Winky Shepard
Most of the Turkey team will begin training in Freestyle and Greco immediately after the high school states. They will all be participating at the Mohawk Valley International on March 12-13.

Wednesday, October 17
Results from Puerto Rico 2004
On Friday and Saturday, October 15 & 16, Eighteen club wrestlers competed at the Copa Sparta tournament in Aguadilla. The Club finished 3rd in the FILA Cadet division and 2nd in the FILA Junior division.
Winners in the Junior division were Kevin Smith and Rob Northup. Placing second were Kyle Lapan and Derrick Smith. In the Juinior class, Both Smith brothers wrestled highly rated Puerto Rican ,wrestlers, Cesar Lopez (Kervin) and Pedro Soto (Derrick), in the tournament's two most exciting and watched matches.
In the Cadet Division, Matt DeMichael led the team with a gold medal in the tournament's largest class, with 16 entrants. Placing second was Ryan LeBlanc, who moved up a division for better competition and Kevin Smith who wrestled two divisions. George Burkinshaw,took a Bronze with Sam Quakenbush, Matt Cosgrove, and Wifredo Vasquez taking Fourth.
In the Schoolboy division, Winky Shepard finished Third, with Sam, Quakenbush taking fourth in his second division.
RESULTS:    Sam Quakenbush 5-3         Winky Shepard 2-1      
            Ryan LeBlanc   2-1         George Burkinshaw 2-1
            Matt Cosgrove 2-1         Mike Smith 1-1
            Anwar Goeres   1-1         Kevin Smith 6-1
            Matt DeMichael 4-0         Carlos Cruz 1-1
            Kyle Matuszczak 2-1       Wilfredo Vasquez 2-2
            Rob Hopkins    1-1         Jeff LaShomb 0-2
            Derrick Smith 3-1         Kyle LaPan    3-1
            Rob Northup    3-0         Brian Swete did not wrestle

Saturday, October 13
Copa Sparta Results 2003
On October 10-11 , 20 club wrestlers competed in Aquadilla, Puerto Rico at the annual Copa Sparta FILA event. For the second straight year the MVWC claimed the competitive FILA Cadet division as champions.. The FILA cadets are equal to our USA high school divisions. In addition by placing all the 5 FILA schoolboys, that the club had at the event, they added a second place trophy to awards. The tournament had great representation, from the United States, Columbia, and Puerto Rico. There were about 300 wrestlers in the Competition. Darrick Smith of S. Jefferson, lead the team with the best results by winning both Schoolboy and Cadet divisions. Derrick Smith of Mexico, had the most exciting match of the tournament, with a victory over Puerto Rico's national champion who finished 3rd, recently in the USA nationals in Fargo. Rick Spicer was voted outstanding offical for the tournament and recieved a special award.
Results:             Wins    Loses    Place
Winky Shepard         4       2         3rd
Kyle Brisson          3       2         2nd
Matt Demichael       3       1         2nd
Kieth Lobdell         1       2         4th
Darrick Smith         4       0         1st
Tyler Grinnell       0       2         3rd
Kevin Smith          3       1         3rd
Matt Cosgrove         0       2         -
Mike Karam            3       1         2nd
Brandon Heffernon    4       2         3rd
Derrick Smith         4       1         2nd
Jim Weber             2       2         -
Jose Cruz             0       2         -
Kyle Lapan            1       1         -
Jeff Shantal          4       1         2nd
Darrick Smith         4       0         1st
Zane Wooten          3       1         2nd
Eric Jones            3       1         2nd
Paul LeBlanc          2       2         4th
Marty Barletta       1       2         -
Trevor LeBlanc       3       1         3rd

Netherlands Results 2003
The 17 wrestlers and staff have returned from Utrecht, Netherlands with very respectable results. This tournament, one of Europe's premier Greco events, had about 800 competitors representing 14 countries. The club only entered wrestlers in the Junior division(ages 17-20),which is the highlighted division. The local wrestlers tied for second with the Polish National Junior team. The Austrian Brandenberg Team, which had about 1/2 of it's countries National Team members placed first by 14 points. The tournament was contested on Saturday and Sunday, after a Friday weigh-in. Varus , Austria placed fourth with the other half of their national team.
The Mohawk team had no champions out of the 9 weight classes that were wrestled,but managed 5 second places, with a additional 6th place. Silver medal winners were: Tyler Grinnell, Allan Boice, Paul LeBlanc, Travis Chase, and Todd Luther. Joel Ahern finished 6th. The level of wrestling was very good, with many contries National Junior champions competing. Practacly all the MVWC wrestlers had wins during the grueling 2 day event. Overall the club had about 40 wins to 20 loses. A quarter of the loses were to our own guys, who were bracketed together. The team received an introduction to Olympic Round Robin style bracketing. The English speaking Polish team assisted us in figuring them out. The Austrian who won the MOW and met Trevor Leblanc in the first round, had just returned from a year at Colorado Springs.
    A few members of the French teams (we were surrounded) bonded with our boys and were PRO- USA, as were some of the Austrians. A special bond was creatd with our Barracksmates from Sweden. May Red warmups returned to the US as the Swedes returned home wearing blue Mo Valley jackets.
    The Mohawk wrestlers also cemented a strong relationship with our British cousins during the tournament. "The Coalition" as even the tournament called them, resulted as the Club and the British Girls National team, joined in supporting each other during the competition. The two teams actually even spent Saturday night together on a trip into the city and "rocked" the the tournament ending social together on Sunday night. The Brits helped make this trip one of the Club's most enjoyable. Our hosts greeted us with chants of U S A and Mo Valley !
Photos of the trip should be up under PICTURES page of the site.

International Trip To Netherlands 2003
On Sunday April 13, members of the club will leave for the Netherlands to compete in the annual Utrecht Easter Tournament. This 2 day event features about 400-500 wrestlers from throughout Europe competing in Grco-Roman wrestling. The actual tournament is held on Saturday and Sunday, April 19-20. While in The Netherlands the team will stay in Amsterdam for several days and train with AC Hercules.
The team was selected by the MVWC board and coaches, based on a number of criteria. The team represents a number of communities involved with the club and many of central New York's best wrestlers.
The team consists of:
       Tyler Ginnell      Ryan Huther         Allan Boice
       Joel Ahern         Clayton Walsh       Jim Weber
       Paul LeBlanc       Don Cummings       Kyle Bome
       Derrick Smith      Marty Barletta      Trevor LeBlanc
       Charley Taylor    Rob Northrup       Travis Chase
       Eric Jones         Todd Luther

Club Team Arrives in Amsterdam
The team arrived safely in the Netherlands after a two hour delay in Newark. We started right out with a drive to the flower region. We practiced with the A. C. C. Hercules club and are now at a youth hostel for the next few days. Tomorrow we will tour museums and the Anne Frank House. We will again practice Weds. in prep for the upcoming tournament. We will try to put pictures up as soon as we get an access site. Reports from the tournament are 800 pre entries.
The team enjoyed the time at the National Museum. We were suprised that Rembrandts "Night Watch" was life size. Our history books do not do it justice. At six, Coach Rose led the team on a long run outside our hostel. The boys spent the evening shopping for friends back home and enjoying the sites of Amsterdam. After a three hour practice Weds. AM the team split up on various tours. A large group went to one of the hidden churches in the attic of canalside homes. This was from a time in Holland when the Catholics had to hide or die. This group also toured the marintine museum and took a canal boat tour. The other group also did a factory tour. A few of the guys stayed to catch up on laundry and shopping. Tonight is our last in Amsterdam and it is Disco club night with our Finnish friends who came down to tour with us. The next morning is free time with an optional tour of the Van Gogh Museum. We leave for the college town of Utrecht at noon Thurs. Our Hostel there is outside of the city in the woods. It is the same area Napolean hid his troops during the Battle of Auslitz. It is also the same area as in the movie "A Bridge to far." We were unable to tour the old church tower. They have a limit per of tourists per day. We did get to see the old cathedral on Good Friday.   

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